Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Materials [Explained]

This Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Materials guide will showcase all materials that players can get in-game!

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  • The guide will talk about all the weapon upgrade materials that are required for players!
  • Players can get their hands on the weapon materials by purchasing, farming and grinding for them in-game!
  • The benefits of our guide will include allowing players to gain access to all the five materials that are essential!
  • If players aren't able to get the materials, then they might miss out on getting stronger, leveled up weapons.

The weapons wielded by players will require materials, and our Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Materials will tell you all you need to know, the materials required, where to find them, and all weapons that use them! If you keep feeling like your game is crashing on PC, then make sure to read up on our Steelrising Crashing on PC Detailed Fix guide that will go into full detail about how to fix the issue!

First, let’s start by introducing the actual weapons that players can wield in their hands and the weapons they can use while trying to farm for the upgrade materials to progress further in the game and become all the stronger. 

As of late, there are a total of 31 major weapons that players can use. All of them are insanely cool and have their weapon outlook, standing them out from the others and, in general, providing usability to payers in their unique way. 

Steelrising Weapons 

Steelrising All Weapons
All Weapons

First off, players will be able to wield weapons like the Armored Fans, starting with within one of the classes. Moving on, they can equip weapons like the Body of Work, the Boreas Wheel, and the Bulwark Chain.

Apart from that, the Charleville Bayonet and the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket are excellent weapons. The Discobolus Wheel should not be ignored as well, and neither should the Falchion and Sabre, Fire and Ice, Fire Chain, Foil, and Dagger, or the Frosted Fans weapon. 

Another solid option will be to use the Glass-core Batons, Gribeauval Halberd, Hephaestus Batons, La Perouse Wheel, Labrys, and Francisca or the Lady Macbeth Fans. 

You can also use the Leda Halberd, Nemesis Claws, Nemesis Fans, Porevit Chain, Requiem Mallet, Romas Partisan, 1789 Royal Musket, Saint Elmo Batons, Shield Claws, Thousand-Cut Claws, Volley Mallet, or the Wheel of Vengeance as well. You might find our Steelrising Bodyguard Build interesting!

Weapon Upgrade Process 

Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Process
Weapon Upgrade Process

Next up, let’s discuss how the upgrade process takes place. Players will be able to unlock and gain access to the Vestal pretty early on when they start as a newer player in Steelrising, and they will need to make their way over to the Vestal in the first place even to start the upgrade process. 

While you’re at the Vestal, there will be three options that will be displayed in front of the players, which will range from “Upgrades,” “Boutique,” and “Equipment.” Click on the Upgrade option, after which another window will appear where you will need to select the option known as “Weapons.” 

Once you click on that option, you’ll be provided with a precise list whereby you can see the weapons that are in your possession and can be wielded by you. Click on any one weapon that you want to upgrade fully. 

Each weapon that you want to upgrade will need a certain amount of materials that will be required to level and upgrade them up. Players will know the *sheer* amount of anima essence that they will need to have on hand at all times, no matter what. 

5 Level Upgrade Materials 

There will be a total of 5 materials that will be used simultaneously for each weapon, ranging from Anima Essence, Bronze Ingot, Cast Iron, Bismuth Black as well as Orichalcum Ingot. 

For level 2, players will need to expend a total of 1500 anima essence, while they will need to get their hands on one bronze ingot, and that’s it. 

For level 3, players will require 3000 anima essence, two bronze ingots, and one cast iron. For level 4, players will need a total of 5000 anima essence, three bronze ingots, two cast iron, and one bismuth block. 

Last but not least, for level 5 upgrading, players will need to get their hands on 7500 anima essence, three bronze ingots, three cast iron, three bismuth block, and a total of 1 orichalcum ingot. If you would rather main as a Dancer, then go for our Steelrising Dancer Build guide!

Buying Weapon Materials 

Steelrising Buying Weapon Upgrade Materials
Buying Weapon Upgrade Materials

Moving on, before actually getting to the most tedious part of knowing how to find weapon upgrade materials in Steelrising, which is probably having to head over to the open-world map. From there, players will typically need to farm their way through enemies and grind for hours before they can even get their hands on some basic Anima Essence. 

Therefore, buying a few weapon upgrade materials isn’t a bad option. To do that, players will need to first make their way over to Les Invalides, after which there will be an NPC named La Fayette, and the NPC will b able to grant the player the carriage. That is the key to being able to purchase any kind of materials. 

Players need to remember that the upgrade materials will require a lot of currency, which is why this should be kept as a last resort when you really need to save time and have the proper resource to buy upgrade materials. 

Upgrade Material Prices

There will be all four items that will be for sale, and those items will be the bronze ingot, cast iron bar, bismuth block, as well as orichalcum ingots. 

Players will need to let go of 2000 anima essence to purchase the bronze ingot, while the cast iron bar will cost a total of 3000 anima essence. With that, one singular bismuth block will cost a total of 5000 anima essence, while one orichalcum ingot will require players to let go of 7500 anima essence. 

So, unless you have ample anima essence of wasting, you should consider spending a bit of time to farm for the material fully. 

All Upgrade Material Resources 

Steelrising All Upgrade Material Resources
All Upgrade Material Resources

Now, the four main materials in Steelrising that players will need to upgrade their weapons can be found littered across the open world map. While it may not be the easiest and the most efficient way to farm the items, it is certainly more resource friendly as compared to spending thousands of anima essence for one piece of upgrade material. For players that want to go for the Soldier class instead, our Steelrising Soldier Class Build guide!

Anima Essence 

Starting things off with the anima essence, these can be found across the map. Typically, players will be able to encounter it by defeating enemies that they come across or by simply encountering it while exploring here and there. 

Bismuth Blocks 

As for the Bismuth Blocks, players will typically get them whenever they have crossed the mid-game and start to venture deeper into the late-game aspect. These will only be achievable after you come across the mini-bosses and fight them with vigor, and in return, the mini-bosses might give drops of the bismuth blocks. 

While the other chances are rare, players can also come across them in certain chests, though you shouldn’t have a high expectation. 

Cast Iron 

The upgrade material is the Cast iron, and players will be able to encounter it once they are brave enough to venture forth and aim to take on the higher level opponents. Killing these enemies with weapons you have wielded will grant you cast iron. 

Apart from that, players can also find cast iron in the chest at times, but like the bismuth blocks, the chances of that happening are insanely rare. Therefore it’s not worth it to go chest-hunting. 


Now, for the orichalcum, it has to be one of the most tedious upgrade materials that players will require to level up their weapons and make them stronger in combat. Players will need to head over to find the titan bosses and will then need to defeat them in order to get a chance at getting it. 

Bronze Ingot 

Perhaps the bronze Ingots will be the easiest to find, which you’ll be able to find in chests, as well as farming enemies, and will have one of the highest drop rates, making it easier to stack them and then use them later on in-game. With that, we will wrap up our Steelrising Weapon Upgrade Materials guide! Do not miss out on our Steelrising How Long To Beat The Story guide while you’re at it!

Steelrising is a game that is set in the old era of Paris in the year 1789. Aegis will need to go through a treacherous journey in the Action RPG, and players will have tons of fun trying to explore the open world and also beating down enemies.

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