Stray: How To Get The Cassette Tape

A Complete Guide On How To Find The Cassette Tape In Stray To Progress The Storyline!

BlueTwelve Studio has freshly released their new game called “Stray“, in which the player embarks on a journey in a future-based long-forgotten city as a cat! As you fulfill your lifelong dream of being a cat, you will traverse around the city. In the robot-infested world, you will collect items like music sheets, badges, and energy drinks. You may even get stuck at some points of the game like on How To Get The Stray Cassette Tape.

While progressing your main campaign you will end up in Midtown, which features complex alleyways and many robots. This part can become a little daunting, and you could find yourself puzzled about what to do next. Also, consider reading our Stray Ending Explained guide and learn what happens to the cat at the end of the game.

Let us make things simple for you! In Midtown you will need an atomic battery for your friend Clementine to progress the story. However, to complete this task you will need to get a worker’s jacket and a hat for Blazer (an accomplice of Clementine).

The worker’s jacket and hat can be obtained from a nearby shop. However, to get the worker’s outfit, you will need to distract the shopkeeper by using the cassette player. For that, it’s essential to get the cassette tape so that you can continue with your Stray gameplay.

Stray is filled with puzzles and numerous tasks as you parkour around the city. You will come across many companions too even a robot named Elliot. While you’re at it, consider reading the Stray Poncho guide and learn how to keep Elliot warm.

Without any further ado, here’s How You Can Find The Cassette Tape in Stray.

How To Get The Cassette Tape In Stray

After you’ve located the shop with the worker’s jacket and hat in it, you will need to distract the grumpy robot who works as the shopkeeper. In the back room of the shop, you will find a cassette player with which you can distract the shopkeeper so that you can quickly snatch the worker’s jacket and hat with your innocent paws to help Clementine!

You don’t need to go explore Midtown cluelessly. We have curated a simple step-by-step guide on how to find and use the cassette tape in Stray.

Step 1: Talk To Simon

Step 1 Cassette Tape Stray
Talk to Simon

After exiting the shop you will need to find an apartment complex that has three robots chilling around in its central courtyard (one of them will be holding a cassette player). Simon is the one who is wearing a hoodie and sitting in front of a tree.

He will be willing to give you the cassette tape but will ask you to destroy three security cameras within the apartment complex so that they can continue to have fun without being bothered by the security. This will be the first step you need to perform to obtain the cassette tape in Stray.

Step 2: Destroy The First Security Camera

Step 2 Cassette Tape Stray
Destroy the first security camera

Right after talking to Simon overtake him and head upstairs to the apartment complex. Once you’re on the first floor wrap around and head towards where the central courtyard was. Here you can jump on one of the ledges and you’ll be able to see the first security camera right at the edge of a board sign. 

Simply jump on it until you hear a breaking sound and then you can hop right off as the security camera falls off.

Step 3: Destroy The Second Security Camera

Step 3 Cassette Tape Stray
Destroy the second security camera

The second security camera you need to destroy to collect the cassette tape is on the opposite side of Simon. Here you will notice a door with a yellow light next to it. All you need to do is get those paws into some parkour action. Jump on the box next to the door, then make another jump and land on the shelf right next to the security camera. 

After hopping on the security camera get comfortable until you hear the breaking sound again and quickly make your way back to the shelf.

Step 4: Destroy The Third Security Camera

Step 4 Cassette Tape Stray
Destroy the last security camera

The third and final security camera is on the opposite ledge of the first security camera. However, this one is attached to the ledge instead, unlike the other one which was attached to a board sign. You can easily spot the camera as one of the robots is standing in front of it waving its arms.

Climb the ledge and then make a quick jump onto the security camera until it breaks and just like that the Stray cassette tape is almost yours!

Step 5: Aquire The Cassette Tape From Simon

Step 5 Cassette Tape Stray
Getting the Cassette Tape in Stray

All you need to do now is make your way back downstairs and head over to where Simon was. Upon initiating a dialogue with Simon, he will thank you and hand over the Cassette Tape!

After acquiring the cassette tape in Stray, you can head back to the shop where the security outfit was. Once there, just insert the cassette tape into the cassette player to distract the shopkeeper!

We hope this quick and short guide on the Location Of The Cassette Tape In Stray was helpful for you to progress your story as a cat! Stay tuned for more guides on Stray and tons of other games on our website!

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