Stray Clementine: Location, Quest, & Secret Message

Clementine is one of the essential characters in Stray and in this guide, we will inform you of everything related to her quest.

Players are bound to come across numerous robots throughout their journey in Stray. Clementine is one of those robots and in this guide, we will inform you of Clementine’s location and how to progress further in the story of Stray.

Once your feline furball makes it to Midtown in Stray. The cat will be tasked to find Clementine in this bustling town. Seeing how this town is riddled with Sentinels. Finding Clementine is no easy task but we are here to guide you through it.

Key Highlights
  • To find Clementine In Midtown on Main Street, turn right from the hologram and keep following the path until you reach the Residency
  • Look for Blazer and find the Worker’s Hat and the Workeer’s Jacket to get into Neco Corp
  • Afterward, return them to Blazer and infiltrate the factory and get the Atomic Battery
  • Go back to the Residence and stealthfully reach Clementine’s room. To put together a secret message
  • After you have all the clues, B-12 will put them together, revealing Clementine’s location in Midpoints Nightclub

Clementine’s Location

As soon as you enter Midtown. The first thing you will notice is how much different and colorful it is compared to the slums. As you walk across the town taking in the beauty, and the variety you may forget the reason why you are there.

Finding Clementine in this lively town is surely a challenge. The only clue the game will give the players about Clementine’s whereabouts is that she hides in the Residency.

Clementine location

Players only need to stay on the main street until they come across a hologram. From the hologram, turn right and keep following the path and players will reach the Residency. Now reach the top floor and enter the apartment through a small gap in the window to find her. 

Clementine’s Quest

Once players have found Clementine, they will be tasked to break into Neo Corp Factory and obtain the Atomic Battery. The quest will start with Clementine giving you a note and you will have to deliver it to Clementine’s contact. 

He is located in an alleyway near the clothing shop that is located in the main square of Midtown near the hologram.  You can spot him with his gold chain and bomber jacket.

Once you have found Blazer (Clementine’s contact), then players will be tasked to find two disguise items so Blazer can enter Neo Corp Factory in Stray. 

  • A Workers Jacket
  • A Workers Helmet

Also, consider reading our Stray Worker’s Hat & Jacket guide for a detailed walkthrough.

Neo Corp Factory
Blazer in Stray

Workers Jacket

Remember the clothes shop you passed by in the main square of Midpoint in order to reach Blazer? Well, you can steal a worker’s jacket from that place. One of the mannequins in the shop will be wearing the worker’s jacket.

If you try to steal it then the shop owner will catch you red-handed so first you have to distract him by using the boombox in the backroom. In order to use the boombox, players will need to find a cassette tape.

Worker disguise in Stray
Workers Jacket

Cassette Tape Location

To obtain a cassette tape, players will need to complete the quest of three young robots found on the ground floor of residency. These robots will complain about being watched by three security cameras.

The three cameras are easily visible, you should not have any trouble spotting them. Now, players are tasked to climb onto these security cameras and destroy them.

Once the deed is done then players can grab the cassette tape from Simons and return to the shop to steal the jacket.

Workers Helmet

Worker Disguise in Stray
Workers Helmet

Players will spot a second shop in the main square that has a few hats and helmets on display. One of these helmets is the worker’s helmet. Your first instinct may be to enter the shop through the front door but the shop owner will not let you enter because it is being restocked. 

It is time to take on a stealthier approach. Entering the shop is extremely easy. You may notice a robot standing beside the shop with a cardboard box. The robot will inform you that his coworker is slacking off at the bar.

Players only need to go to the bar, wake their coworker up and then hop on into a cardboard box when it is on the ground and the robot will carry it into the shop.

Once inside the shop, players can simply just exit the box and steal the worker’s hat from the shop.

Once players have obtained both the Worker Helmet and Workers Jacket then the only thing left to do is to give them to Blazer and infiltrate the factory. Be wary of the sensors when you enter the factory. Stay out of their sight, if they tase you then you will have to restart from the last checkpoint.

Clementine’s Riddle Or Secret Message

Once players have obtained the Atomic Battery and escaped the factory. They may be surprised to see Sentinels outside the Residence and the same sensors they encountered at the factory inside the Residence.

Once players have stealthfully reached Clementine’s room after avoiding the sensors. They will have to piece together a secret message to learn of Clementine’s whereabouts again.

Clementine location In Stray
Clementine’s Riddle

Secret Message 1

The first clue/secret message is found in the living room of Clementine’s apartment. The clue is on the table in the main living room near the lamp. Players should not have any trouble finding this clue.

Clementine's clue
The first clue

Secret Message 2

The second clue is also found in the living room but not in plain sight. Players would first need to scratch on the cloth to open a drawer. Once it is opened then players need to jump on it and then jump on the upper level. The second clue is near the glowing stone.

Clementine's clue
The second clue

Secret Message 3

Players will spot the third clue in the bathroom of Clementine’s apartment. Inspect the mannequin wearing a hat and players will obtain the third clue. 

Clementine's clue
The third clue

Secret Message 4

And finally, players can find the fourth clue in the kitchen. The clue is near the lamp located on the top shelf in the kitchen.

Riddle answer
The fourth clue

Finding Clementine

Once you have found all the clues in Clementine’s apartment. Your companion B-12 will decipher them and reveal that Clementine is in Midpoints Nightclub which is now your destination. Also, read our Stray Memory Locations guide & learn about all 27 B-12 memories in the game.

Players can easily spot the Nightclub on the main street. If the players decide to take the front entrance then our feline furball will be turned away by the security guard of the Nightclub so it is time to use your feline instincts and take on a stealthier approach.

Now players need to climb on pipes and air conditioner units at the back of the club to reach the back window. Players only need to access the VIP room which is booked by Blazer.

How To Access VIP Room

Once players are inside the club, they need to talk to the bartender. The bartender will reveal that one of the levers was stolen by a robot in the club. Players can spot the robot with relative ease since he is on the same floor leaning against the wall beside another robot.

The robot will offer to give up the lever if we can get him a drink. Return to the bartender and grab the drink on the counter. Present it to the robot and the players will obtain the lever.

Lever location
The Robot who needs a drink

Now players need to head toward the DJs. One of the platforms besides the DJs is missing a lever. Attach the lever and jump on it. One of the platforms will be lowered. Jump on the platform before the DJ raises it again.

Once the DJ raises the platform. Players will be able to jump on a higher ledge. Now our cat can also access the control board. Press the appropriate buttons to lower the ceiling lights. Jump across the ceiling lights and players will finally be able to access the VIP room.

Path of VIP room in the nightclub
The Control Board


Exploration is highly recommended in a game like Stray. We have prepared guides such as Music Sheets locations, Energy Drinks locations, and Badges locations in case you are interested.

That concludes our guide for Stray Clementine: Location, Quest & Secret Message. In this guide, we have informed you of everything related to this character and her confusing quests so players can get through it with ease.

Stray has been a whopping success throughout the platforms with 50,000+ concurrent players on Steam at release, making it Annapurna Interactive’s biggest Steam release to this day. 

The game is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC. Let us what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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