Stray Collectibles [All 12 Chapters Items With Pictures]

This Collectibles Guide will uncover all 88 collectibles that players can come across in Stray!

Stray has just been recently released, and with tons of collectibles, while players make their way throughout the open world, they will be able to come across several chapters, as well as different collectibles. In our Stray Collectibles Guide, we will uncover all collectibles that players can find in the chapters!

Key Takeaways
  • Like many games, Stray also has an activity where you can collect collectibles for 100% game completion.
  • You will be able to collect many different kinds of collectibles in each chapter.
  • The most common collectibles include:
    • Scratch spots.
    • Badges.
    • Memories.
    • Nuzzles.
  • Players can find these and plenty more while playing through the chapters of Stray.

All Collectibles In Stray

Here’s a summarized look at all the collectibles you can find in each chapter of Stray:

Chapter 1Stray Collectible 1ScratchObtain the first Scratch by scratching against a tree after running forward and up a ledge.
Chapter 2Scratch TwoScratchFind the second Scratch in Chapter 2.
Can’t Catch Me TrophyTrophyEarn the "Can’t Catch Me" Trophy in Chapter 2.
Stray Collectible 2CollectibleScratch under two rugs in a room to find a Scratch.
Chapter 3Scratch Number ThreeScratchScratch against a rug in a room full of computers to get the third Scratch.
Postcard Memory OneMemoryObtain the first Memory by following a rooftop route and triggering a cutscene.
Chapter 4Various CollectiblesScratch, Trophies, Energy Drinks, Sheet Music, Nuzzles, Memory, Notebooks, Badge, Story ItemNumerous collectibles including Scratches, Trophies, Energy Drinks, Sheet Music, Nuzzles, Memories, Notebooks, and more.
Chapter 5Scratch Number 5ScratchScratch against rugs near a red stop sign to get the fifth Scratch.
Memory OneMemoryInteract with a red neon sign to acquire the first Memory.
Memory TwoMemoryInteract with a Neco sign to obtain the second Memory.
Memory ThreeMemoryEngage with a bucket to unlock the third Memory.
Chapter 6Scratch Number SixScratchScratch a colorful rug in a room with stacks of books to obtain the sixth Scratch.
Chapter 7Badge TwoBadgeReceive the Outsider Badge from Seamus after completing a commission.
Memory OneMemoryFind a Memory in a closed garage.
Memory TwoMemoryLocate a Memory near a pile of wooden planks and a red Neco sign.
Memory ThreeMemoryGain a Memory by communicating with the robot doctor.
Scratch SevenScratchScratch a checkered tattered wallpaper for the seventh Scratch.
Chapter 8Memory OneMemoryAcquire a Memory while traversing through a tunnel and balancing on a plank.
Memory TwoMemoryObtain a Memory within an abandoned factory by interacting with a Neco sign.
Scratch 8ScratchScratch a tattered rug in a room near two crates for the eighth Scratch.
Chapter 9Memory OneMemoryGain a Memory by interacting with green and red crates in a dust-filled area.
Cat-a-strophe TrophyTrophyTrigger the Trophy "Cat-a-strophe" by jumping onto a table during a Mahjong game.
Scratch NineScratchScratch a scratchboard near a bunk bed to achieve the ninth Scratch.
Memory TwoMemoryTrigger a Memory near pipelines and wooden planks by interacting with a red Neco sign.
Badge ThreeBadgeObtain the plant badge by collecting three different colored plants.
Chapter 10Memory OneMemoryExperience a cutscene in an abandoned railway station for the first Memory.
Memory TwoMemoryInside train car, exit door, follow directions to find books and robot
Nuzzle FiveNuzzleNuzzle robot in distress near memory location
Nuzzle SixNuzzleNuzzle man sitting alone after certain path
Scratch 10ScratchScratch interactable box near man
Nuzzle 7NuzzleNuzzle man wearing white puffy jacket in Midtown
Badge FourBadgeObtain cat badge from safe using code 8542
Memory ThreeMemoryThird memory in alleyway near grey-colored garbage bin
Memory FourMemoryAccess next memory by taking a bucket elevator down
Memory FiveMemoryFifth memory above shop's ceiling
Nuzzle Eight and NineNuzzleNuzzle two robots outside shop
Nuzzle TenNuzzleNuzzle robot by blue-covered truck
Badge FiveBadgeObtain police badge from room with dead robot
Contact MessageContact MessageRetrieve contact message after cutscene
Cassette TapeCassette TapeGrab cassette tape and interact with Simon
Worker JacketWorker JacketObtain worker jacket by interacting with Blazer
Worker HatWorker HatSteal worker hat from sleeping NPC robot
Neco BadgeNeco BadgeObtain Neco Badge by following a sequence
Memory SixMemorySixth memory among posters
Memory SevenMemoryScratch trophy by fixing misplaced record
Scratch TrophyScratch TrophyObtain strange drink from drink-making area
Strange DrinkStrange DrinkGet lever handle from Fripp NPC
Lever HandleLever HandleFirst memory near teal garbage can
Chapter 11Memory One (Chapter 11)MemoryScratch tree after exiting crawlspace
Scratch 11 (Chapter 11)ScratchScratch circuitry board in Control Room
Chapter 12Scratch 12 (Chapter 12)ScratchMemory collection inside Control Room

Chapter 1

Stray Collectible 1
Collectible 1

To obtain it, keep running forward and up a ledge, and scratch against a tree to get the Scratch. 

Chapter 2

There is another Scratch and a Trophy known as “Can’t Catch Me” to get in Chapter two!

Scratch Two 

Stray Collectible 2
Collectible 2

After spawning in a room, stray players will need to scratch under the two rugs that are conveniently placed in the room to get their hands on the Scratch. 


Stray Collectible 3
Collectible 3

For the trophy, head over to the Dead City, keep running in zig zag positions to avoid being latched on by the Zurks, and keep making your way up the stairs. Steer left, and head into the next alleyway, and it will lead you to a cutscene after which you can get your trophy. 

Chapter 3

Next up, there will be Scratch number three as well as Memory One known as Postcard in Stray chapter three for players.

Scratch Number Three 

Stray Collectible 4
Collectible 4

Spawning in a room full of computers, make your way out, keep scratching against a rug and it will grant you your third scratch. 

First Memory 

Stray Collectible 5
Collectible 5

Use a bucket to zipline down a rope to get on top of a rooftop, and after you have done so, head straight which will trigger a cutscene to appear. B-12 will point to a postcard on the wall giving you your Memory. 

Chapter 4

Chapter Four has like 36 items, and they are as follows: 

  • Scratch Number Four 
  • Trophy is known as Boom Chat Kalaka 
  • Trophy Curiosity Killed The Cat 
  • Energy Drink Number One 
  • Sheet Music Number 8
  • Nuzzle One 
  • Nuzzle Two 
  • Nuzzle three 
  • Nuzzle four 
  • Energy drink two 
  • Energy drink three
  • Memory number five 
  • Sheet music number three
  • Memory number seven
  • Memory number three
  • Sheet music number five 
  • Sheet music number six 
  • Clementine’s notebook number four 
  • Memory number one 
  • Sheet number two 
  • Energy drink number four 
  • Trophy is known as Tele a Chat 
  • Sheet music number seven 
  • Doc’s notebook number three
  • Super Spirit Detergent 
  • Cable 
  • Poncho 
  • Zbaltazar’s notebook number two 
  • Memory number six
  • Memory number four 
  • Sheet music number one 
  • Momo’s notebook number one 
  • Sheet music number four 
  • Memory number two 
  • Trophy Meowlody 
  • Badge number one 
  • The story item is known as Transceiver 

Scratch Number Four 

Stray Collectible 6
Collectible 6

Head into the room after the cutscene ends, and you will be surrounded by computers (wrapped up in blankets?), and there will be a rug that you can scratch against to get your fourth scratch in Stray.

Trophy Boom Chat Kalaka 

Stray Collectible 7
Collectible 7

For the trophy, you need to talk to the guardian, and there will be a basketball which you will essentially need to push into a bucket to solve the trophy. After you do so, you’ll get the trophy. 

Trophy Curiosity Killed The Cat 

Stray Collectible 8
Collectible 8

For the Curiosity Killed The Cat trophy, players will need to run straight from where they originally pushed the basketball, head down the stairs, and there will be a paper bag leaning against two crates. Interact with it to get your trophy. 

Energy Drink Number One 

Stray Collectible 9
Collectible 9

To get the first energy drink collectible, players will need to make a U-turn, head over to the teal vending machine, interact with the keypad, and out pops an energy drink. Simply grab the energy drink and you have it in your inventory! 

Sheet Music Number Eight 

Stray Collectible 10
Collectible 10

For the eight music sheet, go to the far end of the alleyway from the vending machine, and use code 1283 to open the Digicode safe to get the eight-sheet music. 

Nuzzle One 

Stray Collectible 11
Collectible 11

Now, onto solving the for Nuzzles, make a U-Turn from the Digicode safe, turn right, and go up the stairs where the Guardian will be present. You can get the first nuzzle from there. 

Nuzzle Two 

Stray Collectible 12
Collectible 12

To nuzzle for the second time, players in Stray will need to go back from the Guardian’s spot, head down the stairs, take a left, and you will encounter two robot men laughing where you can nuzzle the man sitting on the couch. 

Nuzzle Three 

Stray Collectible 13
Collectible 13

The third nuzzle will be nearby as well, it will be done near the feet of the man who is standing by the barrel against the sofa. 

Nuzzle Four 

Stray Collectible 14
Collectible 14

For the fourth nuzzle, head down the alleyway and then steer left, and keep making your way forward until you reach a grandma who is sitting in a chair against a door. Players can nuzzle against the grandma’s legs to complete the four nuzzles. 

Energy Drink Two 

Stray Collectible 15
Collectible 15

For the second energy drink, turn right back around from where you nuzzled the fourth man, and head straight through the alleyway. Climb up a few boxes, and there will be a yellow vending machine from which you can get the second drink. 

Energy Drink Three 

Stray Collectible 16
Collectible 16

Jump down the vending machine and onto the floor, and take a small right into the smaller alleyway, up a small doorway, there will be a white vending machine through which you can get the fourth drink. 

Memory Five

Stray Collectible 17
Collectible 17

The fifth memory will be located right beside the vending machine from where you got the fourth energy drink. Clicking on “remember” will bring back a few memory, which will also indicate the fifth Stray memory.  

Third Sheet Music 

Stray Collectible 18
Collectible 18

Head back from the memory, go down the alleyway and steer left. Scratch against a person’s door, and once they open the door, and let you in, there will be a small portrait on the wall that will have the third sheet of music attached to it. 

Memory Seven 

Stray Collectible 19
Collectible 19

As for the seventh memory, you need to sit left, and start making your way up the stairs, and right by the stairs, there will be a pot that will be placed on a chair. Clicking on “Remember” once again will grant you your seventh memory. 

Memory Three

Stray Collectible 20
Collectible 20

Turn right, and open the teal curtains to reveal the window, and climbing on top of it will trigger a cutscene. Jump down the window, head into a door that is open to your right, and make your way over to the top floor. A small bowl will be placed on the table and you can get your third memory there. 

Sheet Music Five

Stray Collectible 21
Collectible 21

The fifth sheet of music will be found by jumping down the table, and the music sheet will be placed on a dining table that can be interacted with and found.  

Sheet Music Six 

Stray Collectible 22
Collectible 22

Plop down from the dining table, make your way out the window, jump up a giant box, and again up a few AC units. Head into the home and into the bedroom to interact with the sixth sheet music present on the bookcases. 

Clementine’s Notebook Four 

Stray Collectible 23
Collectible 23

Right beside the bedroom, there will be a small storeroom which can be accessed by simply entering it. With a bunch of computers being placed there, there will be an interactable box labeled “Take Clementine’s Notebook 4”. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 24
Collectible 24

The first memory can be accessed when you first make your way out the window and out of the house. Make a giant leap across the tin roofs, and there will be a man who will be sitting on top of the rooftops. 

Sheet Music Two 

Stray Collectible 25
Collectible 25

To get the second sheet music collectible in Stray, make your way back down the tin roofs, and head up the balcony which will have two chairs and a table placed on it. The second music sheet will be present on the table for you to grab. 

Energy Drink Four 

Stray Collectible 26
Collectible 26

Moving on, the fourth energy drink can be found by going down the pipelines, and keep walking down the tin roofs. Eventually, you will encounter a vending machine, and tinkering with it will give you your fourth drink. 

Trophy Tele a Chat 

Stray Collectible 27
Collectible 27

To get the Trophy, go back from the vending machine and leap over to the top of the roofs. Click on the tv remote until your flicker through all the channels to receive the trophy known as Tele a Chat. 

Sheet Music Seven 

Stray Collectible 28
Collectible 28

Turn back around, jump over to the balcony, and head into the library. Turn right, and then left until you come across the piano, which will have the seventh music sheet laid on top of it. 

Doc’s Notebook Three 

Stray Collectible 29
Collectible 29

To get the third Doc’s Notebook in Stray, go into the small sitting area which is hidden behind the library. There will be a small key there, take it to the safe hidden behind a few books and it will give you the notebook. 

Detergent + Cable + Poncho 

Stray Collectible 30,31,32
Collectible 30,31,32

Make your way back through the library, and go out of it. Keep heading forth until you encounter two men playing catch. The man will end up throwing a pouch on the ground that will cause it to spill, jump onto the ground, go into the room open, and take the super spirit detergent. 

For the electric cable, you will need to make a detour head out, and keep running across the pavement until you can find some stairs. Head down them, there will be a homeless robotic man sitting and there will be a box of cables, inspecting them will allow you to pick the Stray cables collectibles. 

Head back up the stairs, hit a dead end, and then take a left from the wall. Take a right, and keep heading straight until you can encounter a robot grandma sitting on a chair. Change the electric cables in exchange for the Poncho. 

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Two 

Stray Collectible 33
Collectible 33

To get the second notebook, turn right back around, go up the stairs, and keep moving forward. Stop when you come across a yellow vending machine, and take the boxes to climb up it.

Simply go on top of the roof by following the easiest route possible, and stop when you encounter an AC unit with the interactable box “Inspect”. The notebook can be found in the room by entering through the fan. 

Memory Six

Stray Collectible 34
Collectible 34

Take a left from the stack of boxes, and open the green windows to reveal the window. Jump out from it, and right in front of the robot graphic on the wall, there will be a small Remember button that will reveal the Sixth memory for players. 

Memory Four

Stray Collectible 35
Collectible 35

The next collectible in Stray that players can get will be the fourth memory. Turn around, head up the tin roofs, and go up the paved rooftop. Run straight, and across the tin roofs. Climb up the first AC unit you see, and up the balcony, head into the room and you will encounter the fourth memory. 

Sheet Number One

Stray Collectible 36
Collectible 36

Take a right turn, and go inside a room that can be entered by squeezing through the bars below a door. The room itself will be a storage room, and jumping up a few boxes will allow you to get music sheet number one.  

Momo’s Notebook One 

Stray Collectible 37
Collectible 37

Head right back outside the storage room, after which you will encounter a man who will appear incredibly sad, in front of a computer. Approach “Momo”, and after exhausting his dialogue, you will be able to get the notebook. 

Sheet Music Four 

Stray Collectible 38
Collectible 38

The fourth energy drink will be purchased by first getting an energy drink. Jump up the window and then head outside, go near the man who is standing on the rooftop, and then jump down. Locate the homeless man who is sitting on the ground in an alleyway, and he will give you the music sheet. 

Memory Two

Stray Collectible 39
Collectible 39

The second Memory will be bought using 3 energy drinks, and it can be retrieved by coming across it right beside the place where you found the fourth sheet music. Exchanging three energy drinks will essentially grant you a second memory.  

Meowlody Trophy 

Stray Collectible 40 + 41
Collectible 40 + 41

Go back up the stairs, and approach the woman who seems to be sitting near a few garbage cans. Clicking on “Interact” will allow you to talk to Morusque, and you will need to give her a music sheet, after which you will be able to get the Trophy. 

First Music Badge 

As for the Music Badge, that can also be obtained from the Morusque NPC. This will also involve a few sheets of music, and when you hand out all of the 8music sheets, the game will hand over the Music Badge. 


Stray Collectible 42
Collectible 42

Go back on the stairs, take a swift right turn, up the yellow vending machine, take a right turn while jumping up the AC units, and go across the man on the rooftop. Go back to the room where you originally found Momo, and they will lend you the Transceiver. 

Chapter 5 

Next up, chapter 5 in Stray will be the defining mid-game point for most players. It will feature four main collectibles, with them being a Scratch, and 3 memories for players.

Scratch Number 5 

Stray Collectible 43
Collectible 43

Spawn in front of a red stop sign, and then steer left from there, and don’t run anywhere. Instead, take note of the few rugs that will be placed in front of you, as it will give the players plenty of chances to scratch against it and achieve the fifth scratch. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 44
Collectible 44

Start by being on top of a crane, carefully balance yourself, and walk across the wooden plank being held in the air. Head up to the rooftop, and keep running forward.

All players need to do is to keep heading forth until they encounter a red neon sign, and interacting with the Remember button will solve the mystery of finding the first Memory. 

Memory Two 

Stray Collectible 45
Collectible 45

Go into an abandoned factory, steer right keep going forth, and jump across the pile of wooden planks that are blocking your path. There will be a small Neco sign that is interactable and it will give you your Second memory. 

Memory Three

Stray Collectible 46
Collectible 46

The third memory is not something that players can miss out on, considering it is a story-related collectible. It simply involves community with B-12 and encountering a bucket that will unlock the memory. 

Chapter 6 

As for the sixth chapter, there is only one scratch that players can come across. In order to collect all items in-game, most of them will require accessing a few Digicodes.

Scratch Number Six 

Stray Collectible 47
Collectible 47

Spawn inside a home, and right in front of two stacks of books, players will be able to encounter a colorful rug which they can therefore approach and use L2 and R2 to scratch. This will essentially complete the sixth scratching opportunity. 

Chapter 7 

The next chapter will feature five key items, with them being three memories, one badge, and one scratching opportunity.

Badge Two 

Stray Collectible 48
Collectible 48

Communicate while approaching Seamus, who will essentially be a man in an orange outfit and he will be wearing a white hat. He will essentially ask you to do a small commission for him and go talk to his father, but before you do, he will hand over the Outsider badge to you. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 49
Collectible 49

Make your way in front of a corridor, after which you will need to keep heading on, and keep going straight until you can take a swift left turn. Players will come across a garage that is permanently closed and they will gain their first memory here. 

Memory Two 

Stray Collectible 50
Collectible 50

Head down onto a sewerage system, jump over a broken-down generator, and then onto some pipelines. Head onto the 10 AC units in front of the pipelines, and go outside the mesh window, a dead robot will be placed against some wooden planks ready to be discovered bearing a memory. 

Memory Three 

Stray Collectible 51
Collectible 51

Going to see the robot doctor, a cutscene and a dialogue will appear that will need to be exhausted, and a tin man with a smiley face for a hat will have a memory for players. 

Scratch Seven

Stray Collectible 52
Collectible 52

Take a U-turn from the smiley face robot and you will come across a checkered tattered wallpaper. You will have an opportunity to scratch against it and it will count as the seventh scratch. 

Chapter 8 

Moving on, there will be two memories and a scratch to collect in chapter 8, making it a pretty simple chapter for players to clear.

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 53
Collectible 53

Head into the area which seems to be surrounded by nothing but dust and debris, and start traversing through the tunnel.

Jump onto the bridge, and take a left from there, which will lead you into a room from where you will need to take a swift right. Head into a tunnel, and hop onto the railing which will have the “Remember” button there.

Memory Two 

Stray Collectible 54
Collectible 54

The second memory can be found in the same building, however, the room will be very vast. Keep running forward and then leap down onto the ground. Carefully tread along the pipelines, up a barrel, into a tunnel, and the memory will be located there. 

Scratch 8 

Stray Collectible 55
Collectible 55

The eight scratches can be encountered by crossing two barrels over a sewage river, opening a door, and heading in. Run up the stairs and a tattered rug will be placed there which can be scratched. 

Chapter 9 

The next chapter that we will cover will feature 5 Stray collectibles, as listed below. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 56
Collectible 56

The first memory will be tied to the main chapter nine storyline, and it cannot be skipped over. After the cutscene ends, the player will come across two green and red crates where the memory can be remembered. 

Trophy Cat-a-strophe

Stray Collectible 57
Collectible 57

Climb up the ladder placed by the crates, and there will be two robots who will be playing a game called Mahjong. Jump onto the table, and it will cause the Mahjong pieces to fall everywhere, earning you the Trophy. 

Scratch Nine 

Stray Collectible 58
Collectible 58

The ninth scratching opportunity is located just beside the table where players practically ruined the Mahjong game. Besides the bunk bed where two robots are wrapped up in blankets, there will be a small scratchboard that can be used for the collectible. 

Memory Two 

Stray Collectible 59
Collectible 59

Turn right back around, find a ladder that you can climb, and make your way up the Air conditioners. Right beside the computers, a cutscene will play which will automatically highlight the memory for players. 

Badge Three 

Stray Collectible 60
Collectible 60

Go back down where you came from, and head up the branches, which will require players to go on a quest for three plants, all colored yellow, red, and purple. After handing them over to an NPC they will get the plant badge! 

Chapter 10 

Now that players in Stray have finally reached Chapter 10, they will need to rely on Stray Collectibles Guides for Chapter 10 collectibles, as there are tons of items in this chapter. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 61
Collectible 61

Start running into a room that seems to be a never-ending hallway, after which a cutscene will play which will entail B-12 and Stray entering the room. The actual room will be an abandoned railway station which will trigger yet another cutscene to play out. 

It will include B-12 telling players that the room that they are in is a subway station and that they have had incredible memories together here. 

Memory Two 

Stray Collectible 62
Collectible 62

For the next memory, take a swift leap and enter one of the carriages of the train, and immediately exit through the door that is open in front of you. From there, take a swift right and keep running until you can take a left again. 

Head onto the abandoned escalator through the broken mesh window, and take a right towards a small corner where there are tons of books and a robot cuddling up inside a blanket. Players will be able to interact with the books there and remember the joys of reading books. 

Nuzzle Five

Stray Collectible 63
Collectible 63

Right from the place where players got their second memory in chapter 10, they will be able to encounter a robot man who seems to be all cuddled up in a warm blanket trying to keep warm. The person will appear disarrayed and distressed. 

Players can nuzzle against their knees and legs to calm them down, as it will seem to calm down the robot. 

Nuzzle Six 

Stray Collectible 64
Collectible 64

For the sixth Stray nuzzle, turn right back around from where players nuzzled the robot and start heading out, and there will be a room that will be completely open for anyone to enter as the barred windows will be exposed. 

Take a right from there, head up the yellow stairs, and pan your camera to the left while taking a left turn as well. Jump up onto the railing and keep running ahead, and then once players turn right and jump down, they will find a man sitting alone. They can nuzzle the man to get their sixth nuzzle collectible. 

Scratch 10 

Stray Collectible 65
Collectible 65

The next collectible that players can get their hands on will be the 10th Scratch, (one for each chapter). The location for the scratching opportunity is insanely simple. It will simply be located near the man who players just nuzzled. 

There will be two green mattresses, and an interactable box labeled “Scratch” will allow players to scratch the mattes and tear them. 

Nuzzle 7 

Stray Collectible 66
Collectible 66

To get the next nuzzle opportunity, players will need to get off the green mattress and start making their way over to the corner of the balcony, and from there take a right turn and jump onto the railing connecting the mesh wiring. 

Jump back down onto the ground once you’ve crossed the bicycle, and keep running straight, until you can enter Midtown. Once you come across a man wearing a white puffy jacket, you will be able to get your seventh nuzzle in. 

Badge Four 

Stray Collectible 67
Collectible 67

To get the fourth Badge which is the cat badge, leap over the counter and hop onto the checkered ground. Turn right once you have successfully entered the room and hop on over to the boxes, and then onto the first shelf, taking a left and hopping onto the larger shelf. 

A small safe that will ask for a Digicode will be placed on the wall, and the code will be 8542, unlocking the safe and handing you your cat badge.

Memory Three 

Stray Collectible 68
Collectible 68

The third memory can be accessed by jumping over the counter and out of the shop and taking a right, players will want to enter an alleyway and take a left until they can see a grey-colored garbage bin. 

Hop onto it, and hop onto the rooftop, there will be a small setting area present where players can remember their third memory. 

Memory Four 

Stray Collectible 69
Collectible 69

The next memory that players can access will be accessed by getting into a bucket that is present near the rooftop that they originally climbed. Jump into the bucket and let it take you down as a sort of elevator. 

Turn around and start running into the red-colored street that connects to the bucket, and make your way onto the left side of the main road connecting with the small crossing street. Enter the shop that is located there through the open window, and climb up the ladder into the loft and the memory will be present there. 

Memory Five 

Stray Collectible 70
Collectible 70

Turn around from where you got your fourth memory, head back down the ladder, jump up on the couch to get better access to the window, and go outside the window. Head back onto the main road, and keep going until you encounter a small shop there. 

Enter the shop, go forward, and then take a small right, jump onto the counter, and onto the place where the potted plants have been placed. Go into the ceiling, and the fifth memory can be accessed there. 

Nuzzle Eight and Nine 

Stray Collectible 71 + 72
Collectible 71 + 72

To complete the eighth and ninth Stray nuzzle, jump back onto the potted plant area from the ceiling, making sure the height isn’t too steep to jump from. Jump back onto the ground, and head outside the shop. 

Right outside the shop, players will encounter a few tables and chairs placed carefully, and alongside those tables, there will be two robots, one sitting and one standing. Go towards the robots, and you will be able to get both your eighth and ninth nuzzles in with the robots. 

Nuzzle Ten 

Stray Collectible 73
Collectible 73

To get your 10th to nuzzle, go right under the bar against which the robot was leaning, and start running towards the truck that is parked conveniently in the middle of the main road. The truck is pretty easy to determine, as it will be covered with blue sheets. 

There will be a worker standing on the left side of the truck, and players can get close to the robot’s legs and nuzzle against it to get their 10th to nuzzle and add one more item to their collectibles collection in Stray. 

Badge Five 

Stray Collectible 74
Collectible 74

For players in Stray to get the fifth badge, which will be the police Badge, they will need to start heading in the direction in which the hologram is present in the middle of the roundabout. 

Steer right, start going down the stairs, take a sharp right turn, and head into the alleyway which is extremely narrow. Instantly jump up the AC units, and onto the roofs that are made of tin. 

Head inside the empty room which will have nothing inside it except a dead robot, and you can get the police badge from them. 

Contact Message 

Stray Collectible 75
Collectible 75

The contact message can be retrieved by the players by jumping back outside the window and making their way down to the ground. After that, keep heading forward and back up the stairs. 

Head into the main road steer right, and then go past the three men that will be blocking your path, take a U-turn, and go up the stairs. Turn right, and onto the next floor, steer right, and into the room, and a cutscene will play. You will need to help Clementine after which you can get the Contact Message.

Cassette Tape 

Stray Collectible 76
Collectible 76

Go back out the window from where you communicated with Clementine, and balance across the connecting pipes. Head down to the ground, and when you first turn around, there will be a man who will be sitting on a wooden bench near a plant. 

You can grab the cassette tape and Simon will start a dialogue with you, and players simply need to exhaust the dialogue and break the three security cameras to get the tape.

Worker Jacket 

Stray Collectible 77
Collectible 77

To get the Worker Jacket, go back onto the main road, and steer left until you can go down the stairs. From that point, take the first right that you can come across, and there will be an NPC by the name of Blazer reading a newspaper. 

Interact with him, and basically, players will need to place the cassette tape into the radio and take a worker jacket after which it will be added to their collection. 

Worker Hat 

Stray Collectible 78
Collectible 78

The Blazer NPC will ask you to also hand him a worker hat, and you will start to need to traverse back onto the main road. Go back to the hologram area in the downtown area, then steer right, and head towards the bar. 

Cross all the people sitting on the bar stools, and enter the room in which an NPC robot is fast asleep. Jump on over to the shelves, and drop the beer bottles onto the NPC. stealth is your best friend here, as you will need to hide in a box to steal the worker hat eventually. 

Neco Badge 

Stray Collectible 79
Collectible 79

To get your hands on the Neco Badge, players will need to essentially hand over some keys to the robot that is present in the factory. For that, you will need to follow the trash being carried while avoiding inspector drones. 

Jump over some barrels, grab the lost keys, and safely make your way back to the worker. Hand him the keys, and he will be able to give you the Neco badge. 

Memory Six 

Stray Collectible 80
Collectible 80

Start by getting into a bucket that will be connected to a zipline that can conveniently take you from point A to Point B. Zipline and hob opp the bucket and onto the grills, and then hop over the guarded rails and caution tapes. Take a left, up the stairs, and into the street. 

Go up the paved road, and turn left when you see a building that has pipes placed all over the walls. A photograph will be placed amongst many other posters with a lot of numbers on them. Clicking on Remember will let you get the memory back. 

Memory Seven 

To complete the task, players will first need to have collected a few clues that were required for Clementine’s apartment, and only then will they be able to enter the nightclub. 

Head out the window, and down onto the ground. Jump over the gates cross the bar and go down the stairs instead. Go up the grey garbage can, balance across the wooden plank, up some pipelines, and the seventh memory will be waiting inside the nightclub. 

Scratch Trophy 

Stray Collectible 81
Collectible 81

To get the scratch trophy, all players need to do it to go back up from the basement where they got the seventh memory. And go towards the turntable which will have a misplaced record on it. Place it back onto the record, and scratch it to get the scratch trophy. 

Strange Drink 

Stray Collectible 82
Collectible 82

Tog et the strange drink, go back down, onto the dance floor, and head towards the areas where the drinks are being made. Grab the Strange Drink, and it will be added to your inventory. 

Lever Handle

Stray Collectible 83
Collectible 83

The level handle can be acquired by going over to Fripp NPC and communicating with him. You need to hand over the Strange drink to Fripp so that he can give you the Lever Handle he originally stole.  

Chapter 11 

Chapter 11 in Stray will have a total of only two items. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 84
Collectible 84

Head outside the gate, and run across the courtyard, and behind some blocks to hide from the Inspector drone. Once safe, head back outside, close the door, take the NPC out from inside, and you will find a robot leading on the ground against a teal garbage can who will have the first memory. 

Scratch 11

Stray Collectible 85
Collectible 85

Head back out the door that is being opened by the NPC, and go into the next door in front of you. Head into the small crawlspace on the ground, head out and run straight to a tree to scratch it. 

Chapter 12 

Last but not least, the final late-game chapter in Stray will also have two collectibles. 

Scratch 12 

Stray Collectible 86
Collectible 86

Spawn in front of the Control Room, find a robot that has the On/Off button beside it, and position the robot in its original place beside the Control Room door. Find a way to open the door, and you can scratch the circuitry board. 

Memory One 

Stray Collectible 87
Collectible 87

Once the Control Room is open, head inside, and a small cutscene will play. And the entire room will be full of memories to relive. With that, we will wrap up our Stray Collectibles Guide! 

  • Guide and Photos Credit: PowerPyx on Youtube
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