Stray Digicodes Locations: All Safe Puzzle Solutions

A comprehensive guide on the locations of Stray Digicodes how to solve them!

Some of these puzzles contain locks. The locks need codes to open them. Such codes are called Digicodes. This guide explains what the Stray Digicodes of the puzzles are and where you can find them.

Stray Digicodes
  • Knowing the Digicodes in Stray is important as it will help you progress the game:
    • The Flat Digicode is 3748. 
    • Safe in The Slums Digicode is 1283. 
    • Doc’s Secret Room Digicode is 2511.
    • Midtown’s Safe Digicode is 8542.

All 4 Digicodes & Locations In Stray

As Stray is a platformer, the game has a lot of different puzzles. We have listed all four locations along with images for you to find the codes. Here’s a brief summary of all Digicodes and their locations:

No.ChapterCode DigitsPurposeLocation
1Chapter 3 : The Flat3748Used to escape the apartmentWall of the dark room on the right side of the main door
2Chapter 4 : The Slums1283Opens a safeBehind the picture above the neon sign at the Dufer Bar
3Chapter 6 : The Slums Part 22511Opens Doc's Secret RoomThe time on the stuck clocks in Seamus' room
4Chapter 10 : Midtown8542Opens a safeOpposite to the safe in the store

Let’s now look at these in a little more detail!

The Flat

Flat Digicode
The Digicode required to escape the Flat
Chapter no.Chapter 3
Code Digit3748
PurposeUsed to escape the apartment
LocationRight side to the main door of the dark room

In Chapter 3, you find yourself trapped in a small apartment with no one inside it. Your job is to simply escape that apartment. After finishing most of the puzzles in the apartment, you are awarded B-12. The little robot will be your companion throughout the game.

You can use the torch on B-12 to light up dark places. Go to the corridor next to the computer in the living room. At the end of the corridor, there will be a lock on the door which requires a digicode.

Go to the dark room on the right side of the main door. Use B-12 to light up that room. On one of the walls, you will see that there are a few scribblings on it. One of the scribblings will be the digicode to the lock on the main door.

The Digicode is 3748. Get out of the room and use this digicode on the lock to head outside. This Stray digicode is relatively easy to find since it is a tutorial to use B-12. Hence, similar puzzles can be seen in other places. 

Safe In The Slums

Slums safe
The mysterious safe in The Slums
Chapter no.Chapter 4
Code Digit1283
PurposeOpens a safe
LocationAt the back of the picture above the neon sign, Dufer Bar

After escaping The Flat, you will eventually reach The Slums. In the slums, you can find a safe lying in the trash. This safe has paper attached to it. This paper has some binary digits written on it. This binary code can not be translated by B-12.

So, you must find someone who can translate the code. Fortunately, there is someone near the safe that can do so. Go to Elliot who you can find in the house if you go past the Dufer Bar. Scratch the door and wait a few seconds. 

Once the door is opened, run past the robot on the door and go upstairs. Talk to Elliot who will then decipher the binary code for you. It translates to “DUFER BAR”. Hence your next location is the Dufer Bar. Once in the bar, jump onto the table and look at the neon sign.

There is a picture above the sign. Remove it to reveal the Digicode to the safe. Go back to the safe and unlock it. The Stray Digicode is 1283. This will award you with the Music Sheets in Stray which is necessary for the Music badge and Morusque’s quest. 

Doc’s Secret Room

Doc's secret room
The clocks showing the Digicode for opening the secret room
Chapter no.Chapter 6
Code Digit2511
PurposeOpens Doc’s Secret Room
LocationNear to the time on the stuck clocks in Seamus’ room

Just like The Flat Digicode, this Stray Digicode is required to progress in the story. You need to get Doc’s notebook from Momo to proceed. Once you get that go to Seamus and show him the notebook. Once you give him the notebook listen to his dialogue carefully. After that, you must do some platforming and jump to the shelves on the side of the room. You should see a few pictures hanging around the shelves. Go ahead and knock them off.

Once you have knocked them off you will be able to see a little note attached behind one of the pictures. The note reads as “Time will tell”. Talk to Seamus and listen to him. Behind Seamus, you can see a few clocks on the wall.

All these clocks do not move at all. They are stuck in place. Note the time of the clocks. That is the Stray Digicode of Doc’s secret room. The digicode is 2511. Enter this digicode to open the secret room. This will allow you to progress in the story.

Midtown’s Safe

Safe in Midtown
The safe containing the Cat Badge
Chapter no.Chapter 10
Code Digit8542
PurposeOpens a safe
LocationOn the opposite side of the safe in the store

In Midtown, there is a special badge that is hidden in a store. It is very easily avoidable. If you are trying to get all the achievements in the game then you must get this badge. It is the Cat badge. Once you enter Midtown, you can see a store in front of you. There will be one store owner and another robot talking to him. Go inside that store. 

The store will have a safe up on one of its shelves. You must jump up on the shelves to reach it. You won’t be able to do anything since there is no note attached to the safe. See on the opposite side of the safe. You will be able to see something scribbled on the wall.

Use the magnifying button to clearly see what’s written there. It can be read as “2458:edoC”. This is the digicode to the safe but backward. The actual Stray Digicode is 8542. Enter this digicode in the safe and be awarded the Cat Badge.

With that, the guide on Stray Digicodes comes to an end! Stray is a brand new 3D adventure platformer made by Annapurna Interactive. The main attraction of Stray is that you get to play as a Cat. Stray allows you to solve puzzles, do platforming, and meow as a cat.

The best part about the meows is a dedicated meow button. You can keep spamming the meow button as much as you like. Stray is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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