Stray Electric Cable: How To Get And Use

This Stray Electric Cable guide will showcase the exact location of the electric cable for players!

Stray is an interactive adventure game whereby players are spawned as adorable. With an intense storyline and captivating graphics, players can roam around the open-world maps and solve different puzzles to uncover the secrets hidden in the storyline. In our Stray Electric Cable guide, we will uncover a detailed guide on how to get your hands on the Electric Cable!

Key Takeaways
  • Getting an Electrical Cable is a quest that you can start by interacting with an NPC named “Grandma”.
  • Electrical cables are obtainable by a homeless NPC, who can be found near a vending machine.
  • The homeless NPC requires “Super Spirit Detergent” to hand you over the box of electrical cables.
  • Finding it is easy as it is near a flight of stairs and there will be a shop indicated with a lit sign saying “Super Spirit Detergent”. 
  • Finding the Detergent inside the shop is easy but to enter, you first have to interact with a Vapora NPC after which the door to the shop will hastily be opened.
  • After acquiring the Detergent, go back to the homeless NPC and he will give you a box of electrical cables for the Super Spirit Detergent.

Meeting With Grandma 

Stray Meeting With Grandma
Meeting With Grandma

Players will start by being near a grandma robot, who will be hunched over and sitting near a few rugs, and Stray players will be granted the opportunity to interact with her and communicate with her. When you trigger a dialogue with her, she will ask you to bring over some electric cables for her, essentially starting your quest. 

Starting The Quest

Stray Two NPC

Once you accept her quest, you will need to turn swiftly around from where you finished talking to Grandma and start sprinting, running past the two robots that seem to be clad in a few blankets to keep themselves warm and up the three stairs that appear in front of you. You will encounter a left turn from the stairs that you will need to take. 

Jump up the two stairs in front of you, and from the two air conditioning units stacked on top of each other, take a right turn, and keep heading straight, past the NPC leaning against a vending machine and up the flight of stairs. 

Stray Homeless Merchant
Homeless Merchant

After you cross the stairs, players can take a right turn, which will instantly bring them down another flight of stairs. Right beneath the stairs, there will be a small set-up where a homeless robot will be sitting, and a small box will be full of electric cables; interacting with the NPC will reveal to you that you can get these cables if you hand over some “Super Spirit Detergent.”

Getting The Super Detergent In Stray 

Stray Super Spirit Detergent Sign
Super Spirit Detergent Sign

From here, to get the Stray Electric Cable item, turn right back around from the merchant’s location, and start heading up the stairs. Keep heading forth until you cross a few garbage bags, before which there will be a left turn that you can take, so do so!

If you stop right before heading down the flight of steps, you will encounter a light-up sign that says “Super Spriit Detergent,” which is a solid indicator that this is the location that Stray players need to head towards! 

Go down the stairs, and start walking instead of sprinting now. Steer right, and start heading for the door to the shop, only to find out that it’s locked!

Opening The Door 

Take a second to investigate your surroundings, and then take a jumping start to jump onto the dark green Neco-labelled garbage bin. From there, jump onto the smaller tin roof, then onto the larger one, and players will encounter two or three AC units stacked on top of each other, jump onto them, and then up the tin roof. 

Take a left jump onto the Cooler unit placed in front of a few grills, and then take a few jumps to reach the top of the tin roofs. From there, pan your camera to the left side, and there will be a small jump that players will need to make. 

Stray NPC Throwing Tin Cans
NPC Throwing Tin Cans

Jump across the tin roof, and jump down onto the rooftop where a man is throwing some paint cans and a few plants are growing. Interacting with Stray Vapora NPC will tell you that he does not want to drop another tin onto the ground. 

Stray Angry NPC
Angry NPC

The second he says that and throws the paint tin to the man standing on the opposite end, it drops down and onto the ground and spills everywhere, which causes some ruckus to follow, after which the door to the super Spirit Detergent shop is hurriedly opened and out comes another NPC.

Entering The Shop 

Stray Heading Inside Shop
Heading Inside Shop

Now that the door is finally open, it is the perfect opportunity for players to go into the shop and take the detergent. The best way to go about it is to cross the NPC that seems extremely scared and then jump onto the smaller tin rooftop, after which you will encounter a connecting table on which you can balance. 

From there, there will be a small sign you can jump on, which will lead you down to another large tin coverup, after which you can simply hop on over to reach the ground. Turn back around, and players will encounter an angry NPC who had a tin of paint spilled all in front of their door. 

Stray Taking Detergent
Taking Detergent

Go around the NPC, and while the NPC is busy cursing, you can enter the shop. Once you are inside, players can take a small left and right beside the window; there will be a bottle of the Super Spirit Detergent that players will need to exchange to get the Stray Electric Cable prize.

Hop onto the table, and interact with the option “Take Super Spirit Detergent.” For our fellow try-hards, read our Stray Hidden Achievements guide and learn how to unlock 100% trophies of the game!

Going Back To The Merchant For Electric Cable In Stray

Stray Getting Electric Cable
Getting Electric Cable

Once you have it in your inventory, it is time to make your way back to the homeless merchant. To do that, head out of the shop, and start tracking your steps back, running through the empty alleyway, and taking the first right you can. 

From where you took the right turn, cross the two garbage bins and run past them and up the stairs. Right then, steer even further right, and start running into the dark street you come across, and once you are down the stairs, you will find the same Stray merchant NPC waiting there for you in the same location that he always is in. 

Interact with him, exchanging the detergent to get the electric cables, and with that, we will wrap up with our Stray Electric Cable guide! 

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