Stray Energy: All Drink Locations & Uses

The Stray Energy Drink Locations guide shows in detail the locations of all the four energy drinks in Stray along with their uses.

The recently released game Stray has caught the attention of many gamers, mainly because of its unique concept of you playing as a cat. Another thing that makes this game so amazing is that it is filled with engaging side content. For example, Collecting energy drinks. However, searching for these Energy Drinks without knowing their Locations mostly results in failure. But that’s where our Stray Energy Drink Locations guide comes into play.

Key Highlights
  • There are a total of four Energy Drinks that you can collect in Stray.
  • They can be collected from vending machines.
  • Head to the area with the guard (who is in red clothes and holding a pole).
  • To the right is a staircase leading to the merchant sitting in his shop.
  • Head downstairs there you’ll see a blue vending machine. 
  • Afterward, head to the area where the robot guard is standing.
  • When you reach a wall take a right and then a left until you arrive at a staircase. Go up the stairs and take a left until you find a white vending machine. 

Stray Energy Drink Locations

Stray Energy Drink Locations
Stray Energy Drink Locations

Here’s a brief summary of every location you can find an energy drink at:

1st Energy DrinkInside the blue vending machine when you go down the staircase to the left of the Slums guardian
2nd Energy DrinkGo to the end of the alley where a robot is wiping the floor to find it inside a white vending machine
3rd Energy DrinkInside the vending machine beside a black railing which is below the rooftop with a grey barrel
4th Energy DrinkJump from the plank's edge beside the grey barrel to the building where you spot another vending machine

You will obtain Energy Drinks in Stray from vending machines in the Slums. Now, not all vending machines give Energy Drinks so keep that in mind. There are a total of four Energy Drinks that you can collect in Stray. Of course, finding the next one progressively gets more difficult.

And given the nature of Stray’s world design, it can make some players feel lost, to say the least. But our Stray Energy Drink Locations guide is written to solve exactly that problem so let’s head to finding your 1st Energy Drink.

1st Energy Drink

Stray Energy Drink Locations
This Will be your Starting Area

So the starting point of your journey for getting all four Energy Drinks should be the area with the guard (who is in red clothes and holding a pole) in it. To the right of the guard is a staircase leading to the merchant sitting in his shop. There are also two bright green trees in this area, now that you know you are in the right area you can follow the guide confidently.

Stray Energy Drink Locations first vending machine
first vending machine (the on on the right)

For your first Energy Drink, getting it is really easy, to be honest. Just go left from the guard in red and head downstairs, there you will see your first vending machine (the one in blue color). Head to the machine, once you are close enough you will be prompted to interact with the number pad. Upon interacting, a can will pop out, pick it up, and well, you just acquired your first Energy Drink in Stray.

2nd Energy Drink

Stray Energy Drink Locations Robot wiping
The floor wiping robot

After collecting your first Energy Drink go back to the area where the robot guard is standing. From here, head directly opposite the guard, when you reach the wall take a right then left. You might see a robot wiping the floor when you go left. Anyhow, after taking the left keep heading straight through the alley until you reach its end. At the end of the alley, you will arrive at a small staircase.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Stairs
Stairs at the end of the alley

Go up these stairs and to the left will be your target vending machine. This time, it will be a white vending machine and will look like it does not work but upon approaching it you will be prompted to interact with it showing that it indeed does work. You know the drill now, interact with the machine and pick up the can that it will launch behind you.  At this point, you have acquired two of the four energy drinks in Stray.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Second Vending Machine
Second Vending Machine

After acquiring the first two Energy Drinks you might be thinking that acquiring the last two drinks will also be as easy. Well, we hate to break it to you but the locations of the third and fourth Energy Drinks are tricky to reach (to say the least).

But if you follow the steps written in our Stray Energy Drinks Locations guide accurately then this too will be a walk in the park or slums in this case.

3rd Energy Drink

Stray Energy Drink Locations
The Two Outdoor Units

Before continuing, we would like to mention that to acquire the third Energy Drink, you have to travel upwards or vertically so this will put your platforming skills to the test. That said, go left from the white vending machine, then take another left followed by a right. When you take the right you will see two outdoor units on top of each other.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Second Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit fixed on the black grill

Jump onto the top of the outdoor units and pan the camera upwards. Here, you will see another outdoor unit fixed in a black grill, this is your next platform, jump on it.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Blue Metal Roof
The Blue Metal Roof

After landing on the outdoor unit, move the camera at a 180-degree angle and look for a blue metal roof. Head towards the end of the roof and jump onto the metal grill to the right. Then onto the iron terrace cover to the right.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Grey colored Barrel Building
Building where the grey-colored barrel is placed

Now climb the small wall to the right and you will end up on top of a building. Here you will see a grey-colored barrel at the edge, head towards the edge, look down at the ground and you will see a black railing. Jump onto the railing and then on the wooden cardboard just beside it.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Wooden Cardboard And the third Vending Machine
The Wooden Cardboard And the third Vending Machine

After landing on the cardboard, you can simply pass through the mentioned railing and interact with the vending machine. Interacting with the railing will cause it to launch the can consequently giving you your third Energy Drink.

Well congratulatrions! you just reached the location for the third Energy Drink in Stray, provided you followed the mentioned steps accurately.

The Last Energy Drink In Stray

Finally! The fourth Energy Drink, although we said before that the locations for the third and the fourth energy drinks are hard to reach. But if you were successfully able to acquire the third one then obtaining the fourth Energy Drink should be no problem.

Since they are actually quite close to each other. Ok, so in order to get the fourth and last Energy Drink, backtrack to the building where the grey barrel was put on the edge.

Stray Energy Drink Locations Last Vending Machine
The Last Vending Machine

Go to the barrel and just beside it you will see a wooden plank lying down under the barrel. Move to the edge of the plank and jump onto the building in front of you.

When you land on top of this building you will see another vending machine to the right. And well you know what to do here.  

Why Do You Need Energy Drinks?

Stray Energy Drink Locations Azooz
Azooz The Vendor

Now that you have successfully reached the locations of all the Energy Drinks in Stray. It is about time we fulfill the promise we made at the start and discuss why you need them.

You need these Energy Cans mainly for exhausting Azooz the Vendor and purchasing both the items he has to offer. One of these items is a memory for B-12 which costs 3 Energy drinks.

The second item is a music sheet that costs one Energy Drink and which you will need to complete another side quest in the Slums.

Do not make the mistake of trying to store these Energy Drinks for your cat as your feline protagonist cannot consume them. On top of that, the Slums is the only area where these drinks have use so make sure to use all of them while you are in the Slums.

That about wraps it up, if you found our Stray Energy Drink Locations guide helpful, then our Stray Safe Mysterious Password: How To Find Safe & Code guide will also interest you.

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