Stray: How To Unlock All 11 Hidden Achievements

So you have been playing Stray and you have had the urge to collect all the achievements/trophies in the game. Well, you might have succeeded halfway and collected the first fourteen achievements which are relatively easy to obtain. But obtaining the remaining eleven which are the hidden achievements in Stray is where things get tricky. Also, check our Stray Badge Locations guide to finding out their locations.

You might unlock some of these achievements automatically as you progress through the story. But some require you to do specific tasks in a specific order. So, if you are also having problems collecting the hidden achievements in Stray, then keep reading our guide.

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Stray Hidden Achievements 

Stray Hidden Achievements
Stray Hidden Achievements

Before continuing, we would recommend that you enjoy the game and play it at a slow pace during your first playthrough instead of hunting for trophies. Doing so will not only give you an enjoyable experience but also enable you to collect most of the achievements naturally without even realizing it. That said, let us jump straight into all the hidden achievements in Stray.

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Stray Hidden Achievements Sentinels
Stray Sentinels

The Sneakitty is a silver tier achievement that you will unlock during chapter 10. In order to unlock it, you need to bring out your inner ninja and sneak past the 15 sentinels in the factory which you reach inside a box. The sentinels basically are flying drones with blue searchlights.

When trying to sneak past one, make sure to keep an eye out for the color of their searchlights. While you are at it, give our Stray Vending Machines: Locations & Uses guide a shot.

Because if it turns yellow or red then you have been detected by them and continuing past this point in hopes of getting the Sneakitty is just pointless. So restarting the checkpoint seems like the only option here. But as long as you are careful and the Sentinels do not see you, you should have no problem in getting the Sneakitty hidden achievement in Stray.


Stray Bugs

Now the Pacifist is a gold-tier achievement and you will be able to unlock it during chapter 8. As you can tell from the name, unlocking the Pacifist requires you to be passive or not kill something.

Your target here is to not kill any glow-eyed bugs you will encounter during chapter 8 using your violet flashlight. Next, consider going through our Stray Worker Hat & Jacket: Location & How To Get guide.

Now, this is where you need to be very careful since some players actually end up killing the bugs accidentally using the flashlight. However, you still have the option to shake them off in case they become too much of a nuisance. That said, once you have successfully passed the whole area without killing any bugs, you will receive the Pacifist hidden achievement.

Can’t Cat-Ch Me

Stray Hidden Achievements Can’t Cat-Ch Me
Can’t Cat-Ch Me

The Can’t Cat-ch me is another gold tier achievement that is unlocked during Chapter 2. The concept of unlocking this one is similar to the Pacifist achievement but more difficult. In order to unlock the Can’t Cat-ch Me achievement, you need to stay miles away from the bugs in Chapter 2.

Since if they just even catch or cling to you then your chances of getting the achievement are over and you have to restart the checkpoint. Needless to say, if you see the button to shake the bugs off pop up, then that is your clue to restart your attempt. Also, try reading Stray Super Spirit Detergent guide.

This can seem hard at first but if you keep running fast in a criss-cross pattern then you will receive the Can’t Cat-ch Me achievement fairly easily. You will receive it the moment you jump out the window at the end.


Stray Hidden Achievements Nightclub

The Scratch is a bronze-tier achievement that is unlockable during Chapter 10. Here’s how to unlock it, at the end of chapter 10 you will enter a nightclub. In the nightclub, you will find a record laying on the table. Pick up the record and put it on the record player on the main stage. Now press the interact button to scratch the vinyl on it and you will unlock the Scratch hidden achievement.



Al-Cat-Raz is a silver tier achievement that can be unlocked during or at the beginning of chapter 11. In fact, unlocking this achievement is probably the easiest. All you have to do is go to jail at the beginning of chapter 2 and you will unlock Al-Cat-Raz hidden achievement in Stray. On a side note, props to the developers for coming up with this name for the achievement.

Missed Jump

Stray Hidden Achievements sewewrs
Stray sewers

The Missed Jump is a silver tier achievement and will be unlocked during Chapter 2. It is also among the easy ones to unlock. The description of the achievement states “Fall Inside The City”. Therefore all you have to do is exit the sewers and enter the city during Chapter 2 and you will have the Missed Jump hidden achievement. 

Not Alone

Stray Hidden Achievements B-12

The Not Alone is a silver tier achievement that you will be able to unlock during Chapter 3. This one is among those achievements which you will unlock naturally as you progress through the story. The moment you meet the B-12 robot for the first time is when you will unlock the Not Alone hidden achievement in Stray.

Again, make sure to enjoy your time in Stray and don’t go hunting for anything specific such as these trophies. While you’re at it, consider reading the Stray Memory Locations guide.

Cat Got Your Tongue

Robot in Chapter 4
Robot in Chapter 4

The Cat got your tongue is a Bronze Tier achievement and you will unlock it during Chapter 4 of Stray. This is another achievement that you will unlock naturally as you play Stray. The description of the achievement states “Have B-12 translate a robot”. Therefore to unlock it, just talk to the first robot you encounter in Chapter 4.


Stray Hidden Achievements Midtown

The Catwalk is a silver tier trophy and you will unlock it during Chapter 10 of Stray. the description of this one states to reach Midtown. So, when you enter the marker street decorated with neon lights, you will unlock the Catwalk hidden achievement in Stray.

Eye Opener

The Eye-Opener is a gold-tier achievement that you can unlock during or after Chapter 12 of Stray. You simply need to finish the game once, open the city and you will unlock it naturally. Also, confused about Stray’s ending? read Stray Ending Explained to get a clearer point of view on it.

I Remember!

Stray B-12’s Memories

I Remember!, your last hidden achievement in Stray. This is a gold-tier achievement and is unlocked when you successfully gather all of your B-12 memories. One thing worth mentioning here is that in order to unlock one of B-12’s memories you need 3 energy drinks as well. You need them for music sheets too.

So read our guide in case you cannot find them. Do that and you will receive your final hidden achievement in Stray. Your last step is to give yourself a pat on the back for collecting all the hidden achievements in Stray. 

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