Stray Notebook Locations: Obtain All 4 Items

Our guide talks about how to find all four Notebooks in Stray.

Stray lets you take control of a Cat, and you need to survive in a mysterious world. There is plenty of stuff that you can do in the game, such as collecting Notebooks. And since it can get quite difficult to find all four of them, we have decided to create a Stray Notebook locations guide through which you can acquire all of them quickly.

Key Takeaways
  • The 4 notebooks belong to 4 robots, Momo, Doc, Clementine, and Zbaltazar and it contains information on how to get in touch with the outside world.
  • The first notebook belongs to Momo and it is accessible from Momo’s apartment found above the Super Spirit Laundry place. You will have to talk to him and he will hand you over the book.
  • The second notebook belongs to Zbaltazar found inside the building with the Outsiders logo that is on the left of Momo’s balcony.
    • You have to go through the spinning fan on the building which you have to stop first otherwise you will be killed.
    • Getting out may be confusing but you have to scratch a green curtain after which you can open the window and leave.
  • The third notebook belongs to Doc and his apartment is found on the rooftop with a sofa with a vending machine beside and in front of the sofa will be a building with an outsider logo where the book lies.
  • The final notebook belongs to Clementine and it’s inside the building that B-12 tells you about earlier the building will also have an outsider logo painted on it.
  • After acquiring all the notebooks, you will have to go back to Momo and after giving him the books he will award you with a transceiver which is also a collectible.

Stray has multiple chapters that you must complete, and each chapter will take you to a different location. When you enter Chapter 4, you will be able to explore the Slums. Right after you enter this area, you will meet Guardian, who will tell you about four robots named Momo, Doc, Clementine, and Zbaltazar.

All Notebook Locations In Stray

Here’s a quick overview of every Notebook Location in Stray:

1Momo's NotebookGiven by Momo inside his apartment
2Zbaltazar’s NotebookEnter Zbaltar's apartment through roof and find it among the pile of boxes
3Doc’s NotebookInside a safe in the L and M sections of the bookshelf in Doc's apartment
4Clementine’s NotebookInside Clementine's apartment next to a computer on the table

The Outsiders have only one purpose; to reach the outside world. They have written important information about how to get in touch with the outside world in their Notebooks, and your job is to go and get them. However, all four of them can be challenging for some players, as they are hidden in different places.

To help you out, we will talk about each Notebook’s location so that you don’t waste your time climbing the wrong roofs and entering the wrong alleys.

First Notebook 

The first Notebook is the easiest to get as you’ll get it while progressing through the story. It belongs to Momo, and you can find this robot in its apartment.

Momo’s apartment is located above the Super Spirit Laundry place. But for those who don’t understand where it is, the laundry place is located on the right side of the Slums. It is pretty hard to miss Momo’s apartment as it has a huge yellow neon sign that can be seen from far away.

To enter the apartment, you will need to climb up the Dufer Bar, which can be found next to the apartment. Then, you need to go all the way up to the neon sign, after which you’ll find an opening leading inside the first Notebook location in Stray.

Stray Notebook Locations

When you enter the apartment, Momo will talk to you and tell you how he feels alone. He will reveal that although he wants to go outside, he has lost contact with all the Outsiders. Furthermore, he can not contact anyone from the outside world as his transceiver is broken. 

After a while, Momo will give you the first Notebook and will suggest that you find the other three as well to solve the problem. He will reveal that the remaining Notebooks can be found inside tall buildings with an Outsiders logo. You will now need to make your way to the rest of the Stray Notebook locations. 

Second Notebook

Now that you have gotten your hands on the first Notebook, it’s time to go after the second one. While the first one was pretty easy to get, this one isn’t.

First, leave Momo’s apartment through the balcony and look to the left. You will be able to see a tall building with the Outsiders logo placed behind metal railings. This is the building where you can find Zbaltazar’s Notebook. 

Zbaltazar's Apartment
Zbaltazar’s Apartment

Go past the robots playing with paint cans and then climb all the way up to the roof of the building with the Outsiders logo. After reaching the roof, you will see that there is a hole that you can use to drop down to the apartment. However, the hole has a spinning fan, and you need first to stop it, as you will get killed otherwise.

To stop the fan from spinning, you will need to look around for a socket and remove a plug from it.

Stray Notebook Locations

After the fan has stopped spinning, you can jump down into the apartment using the hole. 

Stray Notebook Locations

After making your way inside the apartment, you will find a couple of boxes piled up. Now, you need to do what a cat does best; that is to make a mess. Start jumping on the boxes to make them fall over, and one of them will eventually drop the Zbaltazar’s Notebook on the floor. 

Zbaltazar's Notebook
Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Once you have added Zbaltazar’s Notebook to your inventory, it’s time to find a way out. Unfortunately, you can not use the hole through which you came inside to back up the roof again. Instead, you need to look around for a green curtain in the room and scratch it. After scratching it, you will be able to see an open window, which you can use to go outside. 

Stray Notebook Locations
Green Curtain

Third Notebook 

The journey to find all Stray Notebook locations hasn’t ended yet, as you will now need to go after Doc’s Notebook.

The third Notebook can be found inside Doc’s apartment. For this, you will need to go back to the rooftops and then go past the robots playing with paint cans again. You need to keep going forward until you find a rooftop with a sofa on top of it. You will also find a vending machine nearby that, from where you can grab an Energy Drink for yourself. Also, consider reading the Stray Energy Drink locations guide.

If you look at the front of the Sofa, you will see an Outsider sign on a building behind it. This is Doc’s apartment, and you need to make your way inside it to grab the Notebook. After you make your way inside the apartment, you will find rows of books everywhere. This will be an indication that you have entered the correct building.

Doc's Apartment
Doc’s Apartment

Inside the apartment, you need to enter a room found on the right side of the entrance. Inside this room, you will find a note from the librarian, which will reveal that there is a safe hidden behind a bunch of books. You will also pick up keys along with the note, which you can use to unlock the safe.

Stray Notebook Locations

After picking up the keys, exit the room, go left, and then take the first right. Here, you will find a stack of books under the L and M sections. You need to jump on these books and knock them over.

This will reveal the safe hidden behind them, and you can use the keys to open it. You can then pick up Doc’s Notebook from inside the safe. Talking about safes, you might want to check out our guide on how to find and unlock the Mysterious Safe password in Stray


Fourth Notebook 

Finally, coming down to the fourth and final Notebook location in Stray. To find it, you will need to make your way inside Clementine’s apartment.

Clementine’s apartment is located inside the first building B-12 will point out to you. You can find it by going to the rooftops from the Doc’s apartment and heading right. Clementine’s apartment has a big open window with the Outsider’s logo painted on the wall next to it. So it’s pretty hard to miss it.

Stray Notebook Locations
Clementine’s Apartment

After you use the window to get inside Clementine’s apartment, make your way to the back of the apartment through the door in front of you. Then, go left, and you will find Clementine’s office. You will be able to find the fourth Notebook on the table, next to a computer. 

Clementine's Notebook
Clementine’s Notebook

Once you have managed to reach the four Stray Notebook locations and have picked all of them, it’s time to return to Momo. We already mentioned earlier that Momo’s apartment is the one with the huge yellow neon sign. 

After you give the four Notebooks to Momo, he will try to fix the transceiver. However, while the transceiver will start working, you won’t be able to get any signals in the Slums. Therefore, your next journey will involve traveling to the Zurk. 

Final Words 

This marks the end of our Stray Notebook locations guide. As you can see for yourself, finding the first Notebook isn’t a challenging task, but the other three will have you traveling different rooftops. However, by using your guide, you can find all four Notebooks quickly.

An important thing to remember is that you can not skip collecting the Notebooks, as you can not progress through the story without them. 

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