Stray Poncho: How To Get It & Keep Elliot Warm

If you want to make Elliot warm in Stray then you will need a poncho for it & our step-by-step guide entails how & why you should get poncho.

In the course of Stray’s narrative, you will eventually reach a moment where you are required to provide the robot Elliot with a poncho in order to keep him warm. Once you’ve done that, Elliot will become available to assist you in repairing the broken tracker. In this walkthrough guide, we will have entailed how to acquire the Poncho in Stray and progress the story further in the game.

The poncho that Elliot wears will be the topic of discussion in this Stray walkthrough. It seems that even robots are susceptible to the negative effects of cold weather, and because Elliot is now in this state, he will not be able to assist you with a tracker until he has warmed up. 

Key Highlights
  • To make Eliot available to assist you and make further progress in the game, You must provide him with a poncho
  • You need to get Super Spirit from the Washing Room, and in order to do that, you must distract the owner. 
  • Afterward, collect the Super Sprit Detergent
  • Visit Azoos the vendor, and buy the Electric Cable
    Then head to Grandma, give her the cable, and ask her to knit a poncho. Then give the poncho to Eliot.

That is why you must find a means to heat up the robot and move the game’s story further along if you want to make it through the latter levels of the Slums section. So, without further ado, let’s discuss all the steps involved in keeping Elliot warm in Stray.

What Is Poncho In Stray

what is poncho
why do you need poncho

The player in Stray receives the Poncho as a reward after exchanging Grandma an Electric Cable for it after completing the Electric Cable trade.

As the Poncho is actually a quest item, it cannot be used by the cat. Instead, it must be delivered to Elliot, a robot that is very well-versed about technology, so that he may use it.

Within a facility in the Slums known as Elliot Programming, Elliot may be spotted seated next to two robots that are both clad in ponchos and both sporting sitting positions. Nestor, a friend of Elliot’s, can open the door for the cat if it is scratched adequately.

Why Do You Need Poncho?

When you reach Elliot’s Programming area, you’d notice Elliot freezing and unable to offer any help. In order to make progress in Stray, you will need to continue performing a variety of different, smaller missions. You will need to assist the robot Elliot in repairing a broken tracker that you discovered earlier in a laboratory in the slums. 

This will be one of the missions that you must do. Elliot will assist you in repairing the tracker if you provide a Poncho for him to wear, but otherwise, he won’t do it.

The robot is shivering and has an immediate requirement for warm clothing. On the other hand, the poncho is obtainable much sooner in the game if you speak to the guard after entering the slums and requesting it from him.

How To Get Poncho In Stray

There are a few simple series of steps that you need to carry out so as to get Poncho and give it to Elliot so that the robot can be of any service to you. We have explained the steps in detail here along with images should you get confused by the instructions.

Visit Super Spirit Laundry 

laundry visit poncho
laundry stray poncho

You can acquire Super Spirit from the washing room, but the entrance to the laundry room is shut, so you can’t enter it immediately. You will first need to stir up some confusion or divert the attention of the store’s proprietor in order for them to open the door and allow you to get inside.

After your attempts to scratch, the store door is fruitless, proceed to the roof of the building where you will find two robots engaged in a game. They toss paint buckets back and forth amongst each other. You may initiate a minor event by pressing the action button while standing adjacent to the robot Vapora and triggering it.

Vapora interaction Stray
Vapora interaction to get into laundry

If you meow at exactly the perfect time to surprise Vapora, he will dump a pail of paint directly in front of the door to the laundry mat. The owner runs out of the building in an angry rage, but he forgets to close the door and this is your cue to get inside.

Acquire Super Spirit Detergent

super spirit detergent acquired
super spirit detergent acquired

If you are already inside the laundry, you may find the detergent on the table that is immediate to the left of the entrance. Gather as much of it as you can because the shop won’t have too much else to offer. That is pretty much everything you can do inside the laundry room and there is no hidden collectible to collect so you must move on. 

Purchase Electric Cable

purchase cable azooz
electric cable azooz stray poncho

The next important step in acquiring Poncho for Elliot in Stray is to buy electric cable. It shouldn’t be too difficult to track down the Electric Cable in Stray. Visit Azoos the vendor if you want to get the cable. 

You will have no trouble finding him in the Slums since he is a robot wearing a cowboy hat and resting on the street stairway. He is a seller there, and on the other hand, he will only accept a Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable.

You may now head on over to the merchant that is located to the right of the main plaza after you have the Detergent in your possession. The merchant will sell you a variety of products, but they will only have one Electric Cable available. 

You are able to make the switch from the Electric Cable to the Detergent at this time. The next step is to search for Grandma, who has established a modest tent some more hallways ahead.

Request Grandma To Sew A Poncho

grandma robot sewing poncho
grandma robot sewing poncho

When you’ve tracked down Grandma, you may hand the cable to her, and she’ll use it to knit you a cozy poncho out of it.

Give Eliot The Poncho

elliot poncho stray

What is the next action that you need to do in Stray now that you have the Poncho in your possession? Now, you need to go to Elliot’s place and give him the poncho. As soon as Elliot wraps himself in it like a blanket, he will no longer be shivering. Once the body temperature has returned to normal, he will be able to assist you with restoring the tracker.

Fixing The Broken Tracker In Stray

When you visit the slums again, you will quickly arrive at the laboratory that Seamus‘ father, Doc, used to work in. Within that location, you will find the Broken Tracker. After that, make your way to Elliot’s home, which is located on the first level close to Grandma’s Place. The front entrance of the house is painted crimson.

When you proceed with Stray’s narrative, Seamus will find his father’s old, broken tracker. Once Elliot gets the poncho, you will be able to track down the Doc by taking it to him to be fixed so that he may use it.

When Elliot receives the Poncho from you, he will fix the tracker for you and return it to you. You must now take the tracker to Seamus in order for him to let you through the gate and into the next section of Stray’s story. You will now be able to advance farther in Stray’s journey and discover another memory pertaining to B-12.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how and why you need Poncho in Stray. Was our walkthrough guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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