Stray Poncho: How To Get It & Keep Elliot Warm

If you want to make Elliot warm in Stray then you will need a poncho for it & our step-by-step guide entails how & why you should get poncho.

What Is Poncho 

what is poncho
why do you need poncho

The player receives the Poncho as a reward after trading an Electric Cable with Grandma. However, the Poncho is not meant for the cat player character to use. Instead, it serves as a quest item that must be delivered to Elliot, a knowledgeable robot with expertise in technology.

The reason you need the Poncho is that when you reach Elliot’s Programming area, you’ll find him freezing and unable to provide assistance. To progress in the game, you need to complete various smaller missions, one of which involves helping Elliot repair a broken tracker found in a laboratory in the slums. Elliot will only assist you with this task if he has a Poncho to wear, as he requires warm clothing to function properly.

Key Highlights
  • To make Eliot available to assist you and make further progress in the game, You must provide him with a poncho
  • You need to get Super Spirit from the Washing Room, and in order to do that, you must distract the owner. 
  • Afterward, collect the Super Sprit Detergent
  • Visit Azoos the vendor, and buy the Electric Cable
    Then head to Grandma, give her the cable, and ask her to knit a poncho. Then give the poncho to Eliot.

That is why you must find a means to heat up the robot and move the game’s story further along if you want to make it through the latter levels of the Slums section. So, without further ado, let’s discuss all the steps involved in keeping Elliot warm in Stray.

How To Get Poncho – Step By Step

There are a few simple series of steps that you need to carry out so as to get Poncho and give it to Elliot so that the robot can be of any service to you. We have explained the steps in detail here along with images should you get confused by the instructions.

  1. Visit Super Spirit Laundry: You’ll need to acquire Super Spirit Detergent, which can be found in the washing room of Super Spirit Laundry. However, the laundry room’s entrance is initially closed.
    laundry visit poncho
    laundry stray poncho
  2. Create a Distraction: To enter the laundry room, go to the roof of the building where two robots, including Vapora, are playing a game. Interact with Vapora to initiate a minor event. Try to meow at the right moment to surprise Vapora, causing him to spill a paint bucket in front of the laundry room’s door. This will prompt the store owner to run out in anger, leaving the door open for you to enter.
    Vapora interaction Stray
    Vapora interaction to get into laundry
  3. Acquire Super Spirit Detergent: Once inside the laundry room, you’ll find Super Spirit Detergent on a table immediately to the left of the entrance. Collect as much detergent as you can.
    super spirit detergent acquired
    super spirit detergent acquired
  4. Purchase Electric Cable: Next, you’ll need to buy an Electric Cable from Azoos, a robot vendor in the Slums. Azoos can be easily spotted as he’s a robot wearing a cowboy hat and sitting on the street stairway. Azoos will exchange the Electric Cable for the Super Spirit Detergent.
    purchase cable azooz
    electric cable azooz stray poncho
  5. Give Electric Cable to Grandma: Head to Grandma’s tent, which is located a few hallways ahead. Give Grandma the Electric Cable.
  6. Request Grandma to Sew a Poncho: Grandma will use the Electric Cable to sew a Poncho for you.
    grandma robot sewing poncho
    grandma robot sewing poncho
  7. Give Elliot the Poncho: Return to Elliot’s place, which is on the first level near Grandma’s Place. The front entrance of his house is painted red. Give Elliot the Poncho you received from Grandma. Once he wears it, he will no longer be shivering.
  8. Fix the Broken Tracker: After Elliot receives the Poncho, he will fix the tracker for you. Retrieve the Broken Tracker, which can be found in Doc’s old laboratory in the Slums. Bring the fixed tracker back to Seamus.
    elliot poncho stray

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how and why you need Poncho in Stray. Was our walkthrough guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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