Stray Safe Mysterious Password: How To Find Safe & Code

In this guide we will look in detail how to crack the safe mysterious password in Stray.

When you begin exploring The Slums while playing Stray, you will eventually come across a safe. However, you can only open it after finding the code. The procedure can be a little tricky to figure out on your own. Therefore, if you’re short on time or too curious, here’s everything you need to know about the safe and its code in Stray.

Key Takeaways

To unlock the Safe in the Slums Section:

  1. Head to the slums and approach the robot, which will flee as you get close.
  2. Locate a damaged elevator, where you’ll encounter a guardian robot. Use B-12 to decipher its message, deactivating the alarms.
  3. Find the musician named Morusque by following the mediating robots and descending the stairs on the left side.
  4. Look for the alleyway, and on the left side of the shutter, you’ll find the entrance to the sewers below, where you’ll discover the safe code.
  5. The code will appear as a set of binary numbers that you can’t decipher yourself.
  6. Ask for help from the robots nearby, who will suggest finding someone who can decipher it.
  7. Look for Elliots Programming in the slums, where the real nerd who can decipher the binary code is located.
  8. The deciphered text will be “Duffer Bar,” your next destination.
  9. Inside the Duffer Bar, interact with the picture above the Neon Sign to get the code “1-2-8-3.”
  10. Enter this code into the Mysterious Safe to unlock it and acquire your reward, one of the Eight Stray Music Sheets Locations.

Step By Step Guide To Mysterious Safe In Stray

So, if you want to know the easiest and most foolproof way to get across this puzzling situation, well follow this guide and we assure you that you will have it done before you know it!

  1. Find The Guardian Robot: In the Slums, approach the first robot you encounter and use B-12 to decipher its language. This clears your name and allows you to continue.
    locate the guardian robot Stray safe mysterious password
    find the guardian robot to find Stray safe mysterious password
  2. Find The Musician, Morusque: After talking to the guardian, head left and go down the stairs to find Morusque, the musician, in a corner.
    identify the Morusque to locate the Stray safe mysterious
    find Morusque to locate the Stray safe mysterious password
  3. Locate The Alleyway: Look for an alleyway to the left of a shutter that blocks the entrance to the sewers below.
  4. Get The Stray Safe Code: In the alley, you’ll find the safe code attached to a unit. It will contain a set of binary numbers with the instruction “follow the numbers.”
  5. Ask Robots For Help: Since you can’t decipher the binary code yourself, ask robots in the slum area for assistance. They’ll suggest finding someone knowledgeable.
    locating the geek
    Find the geek
  6. Find The Geek: The knowledgeable person is located in the Slums, specifically at Elliot Programming. Knock on the door and wait for it to open.
    elliot programing door
    door to Elliot programming area
  7. Present The Code To Elliot: Show Elliot the code, and he will decrypt it as “DUFER BAR.” Also, find a Stray Memory in the area.
    find elliot to decode
    try to Locate Elliot to solve the code
  8. Locate The Duffer Bar: Look for a bar with a red neon sign. Inside, interact with a picture above another neon sign that says “Duffer bar” to find the code: 1-2-8-3.
    location of duffer bar
    the duffer bar location
  9. Return To The Safe: Go back to the alleyway safe and input the code to open it.
    place of code at differ bar To Get The Stray Safe Mysterious Password
    duffer bar code location To Get The Stray Safe Mysterious Password
  10. Claim Your Reward: Inside the safe, you’ll find one of the eight Stray Music Sheets. Take it back to Morusque, who will sing another song and give you the Music pin for your Stray Badge collection.
    get the reward
    take the reward

Hope this guide was helpful in solving your issue with finding and understanding the mysterious code.

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