Stray Safe Mysterious Password: How To Find Safe & Code

In this guide we will look in detail how to crack the safe mysterious password in Stray.

When you begin exploring The Slums while playing Stray, you will eventually come across a safe. However, you can only open it after finding the code. The procedure can be a little tricky to figure out on your own. Therefore, if you’re short on time or too curious, here’s everything you need to know about the safe and its code in Stray.

Key Takeaways
  • Players will come across the Safe in the Slums Section where they will need to decipher the Mysterious Password attached to it in order to unlock the safe and acquire the rewards in it. 
  • Make your way to the slums where you will come across the robot who will flee away as you approach it. 
  • A damaged elevator is what you need to find where you will come across the guardian robot and decipher his message by using B-12. Alarms will turn off and you will be ready to enter the next phase of the mission.
  • Find the musician named Morusque by locating the mediating robots and making your way down the stairs through the left side. 
  • Find the alleyway and on the left side of the shutter is the only entrance to the sewers below where you will find the safe code.
  • “Follow the numbers”, is the text which you will see after you open the code which will be a set of binary numbers that you will not be able to decipher yourself.
  • Ask for help from the robots around you who will sadly not be able to decipher it. But they provide the information to locate a real nerd as they will be able to help.
  • Elliots Programming is the place you need to find in the slums where the real nerd who can decipher the binary code is located.
  • The deciphered text will be the Duffer Bar where you will need to head to next.
  • Find the picture that is above the Duffer Bar Neon Sign inside the Bar and interact with it which will provide you with the code 1-2-8-3.
  • Enter that code in the Mysterious Safe and acquire the reward which is One of the Eight Stray Music Sheets Locations.

Where To Find The Mysterious Safe In Stray?

So, if you want to know the easiest and most foolproof way to get across this puzzling situation, well follow this guide and we assure you that you will have it done before you know it!

One of the game’s very first major puzzles is The Stray safe code, which can be obtained once you reach The Slums section. Many players get frustrated with this code because they do not expect such a tricky situation very early on in their gaming journey.

You probably already know this but the way you get to this code is through good old exploration. So, if you think you will just casually happen to stumble upon it you are sorely mistaken!

During your exploration, you will come across a safe with a Mysterious Password attached. You’ll need to find someone who can crack it to help you find those crucial digits so you can open the safe and access the reward inside. While obtaining the safe code may seem pretty straightforward but like in this game, things are not what they seem. How to source the Stray safe code is not usually immediately clear.

One thing we want you as the player to be well aware of is that each and every stage in this process can be skipped if you would rather, just enter the Stray safe code to open it right away The Mysterious Password item will simply vanish from your inventory.

After reading all of this you might be getting a tad bit nervous about the whole finding the location ordeal, well don’t you fret. We have the area marked for your ease! Let’s look into what steps you need to take to find the safe

Find The Guardian

locate the guardian robot Stray safe mysterious password
find the guardian robot to find Stray safe mysterious password

 As soon as you arrive in the slums, you will see the first actual robot heading about its daily tasks. But as you get closer, it will begin to worry and run away while sounding an alarm.

The robot will close a gate behind it, requiring you to proceed ahead and to the right while navigating vacant storefronts and market booths. Continue upward and to the left until you reach a wide open area with a damaged elevator lift.

As you ascend, additional robots will disperse. A guardian robot will slowly approach you as other robots run into the elevator.

To understand what the uproar is about, approach it and utilize B-12 to decipher its language. The guardian will turn off the alarm when they realize you are not one of the animals you had previously fled from, and the robots will reappear outside.

Once this segment is done you are free to move forward toward your main goal which is to find the safe mysterious password in Stray.

Find The Musician

identify the Morusque to locate the Stray safe mysterious
find Morusque to locate the Stray safe mysterious password

The next major landmark that you need to be aware of during your journey is finding the musician. Yes, you heard that right! You will need to find a musician in the slums. A very odd place for a musician to be but that is beside the point.

Okay so how do you find this mysterious musician? Well just follow our lead!

After you are done chatting with the guardian to clear your name you will face a garage full of mediating robots. Yes, that is extremely meta-sounding, and it is probably one of the best sights you will see in the entire game. After you have located the mediating robots you should take a left and then swiftly go down the stairs.

It is here you will encounter the musician; their name is Morusque. You will see him sitting in the corner in a pile of pillows.

Find The Sewers To Reach The Safe

Now that you have found Morusque the musician just know that you are very close to your destination. Getting the Stray safe mysterious password is just within reach!

What we want you to do next is to locate the alleyway. After you have successfully found the alleyway move towards it and look towards the left of the shutter. This shutter should be blocking the only entrance into the sewers below.

It is here that you will finally find the stray safe code that will actually be attached to a particular unit. Now you may have taken a big sigh of relief. And might have even given yourself a pat on the back because you have found your code. But dear players be warned it is sadly not as easy as it may seem!

Why you may ask? Well, the thing is that as soon as you open the code you will find a glaringly obvious issue. It will say “follow the numbers”. which will be proceeded by a set of binary numbers. But that of course is not the main issue. What really makes this puzzle challenging is that you will not be able to decipher it yourself.

Now you have truly found yourself in a pickle, so the big question is what now?

Ask Around For Help

The most obvious and in fact the only thing you can do in this situation is to ask around the robots in the slum area to see if they know anything about the binary code. You may have to ask a few times, but the reward will be worth the hassle!

After you ask for help in the deciphering process you will come to learn something very interesting. The code that you have managed to get your paws on is in fact no ordinary code. This code is very old and antique, which is very cool. But that of course leads to a huge issue.

 The thing is that the robots do not know or remember how to aptly solve it, but do not be discouraged by this. The quest is still on. What the robots will tell you is that you should try to find a real nerd. They will be the knowledge that can help de-code.

Find The Geek & Get Safe Mysterious Password In Stray

locating the geek
Find the geek

Now you will have to locate this sought-after geek and doing that will actually be pretty easy. In fact, you will not even have to go that far. Why? Well, that is because the geek actually lives in the slums. All the stars are finally aligning!

By interpreting the signs surrounding in The Slums or pursuing the one with binary code on it, you can locate Elliot Programming, which is where the geek who can decipher the Safe’s Mysterious Password is located.

elliot programing door
door to Elliot programming area

When you reach the place, you will notice two robots idly chatting and another robot may also join them. Once you reach the door you will come across a notice that says the following “Knock on the door and wait for us to open.”

After this, you will need to do the Stray Scratcher with your adorable little paws which will actually count as knocking.

find elliot to decode
try to Locate Elliot to solve the code

Find Elliot up the stairs and present him the item with the Mysterious Safe Password, which he will swiftly decrypt as “DUFER BAR.” While you’re in this area, be sure to find one of the Stray Memories by scanning the plants at the top of the stairs.

Find The Duffer Bar

location of duffer bar
the duffer bar location

Now that you have had the help of Elliot to de-code the Stray safe mysterious password you will need to head towards the Duffer bar. Yes, we know it is getting a tad bit out of hand and you have already moved around a lot, but the reward is worth the effort!

This part of the course is pretty easy, you just need to go to the bar that has been illumined with a red neon sign. Believe us it is pretty hard to miss. But just in case you are a bit confused we have added a picture of what the bar looks like from the outside.

place of code at differ bar To Get The Stray Safe Mysterious Password
duffer bar code location To Get The Stray Safe Mysterious Password

As soon as you do inside the bar go towards the wall and you will see a picture right above another neon sign that says Duffer bar. Interact with the picture and you will find a code written on the wall. The code will be the following 1-2-8-3.

Go Back To Safe & Punch The Password

get the reward
take the reward

All that is left to do is go back to the safe in the alleyway and input the cryptic digicode passcode. Your reward will be inside.

The reward you get will be one of the eight Stray Music Sheets locations! So, what can you do with this? well, you should go back to Morusque.

When you give Morusque the reward inside you will hear him sing another of his songs and move one step closer to completing the Stray Badge collection by adding the Music pin to your collection.

Hope this guide was helpful in solving your issue with finding and understanding the mysterious code.

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