Stray Subway Key & Atomic Battery Location

The Subway in Stray requires an Atomic Battery and the Subway Key. In this guide, we will inform you of how to obtain both of these items to progress further in the story

Stray has been the center of attention ever since it was released. The game offers the players to take on the role of a cat and explore the forgotten city to make its way back to its family. As you explore the world of Stray, you are bound to come across the subway, which requires a special battery and a key to operate. In this guide, we will inform you on how to get the Atomic Battery and the Subway Key in Stray

Atomic Battery In Stray

Players will find the Atomic Battery in Chapter 10 during Clementine’s Quest in Stray. They will be asked to infiltrate the Neo Corp Factory. Players can only get into the Neo Corp Factory with the help of Blazer.

Subway Key and Atomic Battery in Stray

Blazer will first ask the player to bring two disguise items so he can infiltrate the facility, consider reading our guide on how to obtain the Stray Workers Helmet & Workers Jacket for a detailed walkthrough.

Once inside the factory, players need to carefully navigate through the area since the factory is filled with sensors. If players get tased, they will have to restart from the last checkpoint.

As players make their way through the factory, they will come across a laser wall. In order to bypass it, simply get into the barrel and roll through it.

How To Obtain The Atomic Battery

Once inside the room, players will see the Atomic Battery enclosed in a glass tube. Three tiles on the floor need to be activated to retrieve the battery.

Atomic Battery and Subway Key in Stray
Atomic Battery in Stray

Players will need to find the robot box. Interact with it, and it will follow you. Go toward the metal cage wall, jump onto the robot box and climb the wall. Once you are on the other side, jump on the lever to open the door and interact with the second robot box.

Now place the two robot boxes onto the floor tiles. Roll the barrel onto the third tile and retrieve the Atomic Battery. Before we continue, consider reading our guide on How To Unlock All Eleven Hidden Achievements in Stray.

Where To Use The Subway Key In Stray

Once players reach the end of Chapter 11 (The Prison), they will obtain the Subway Key from Clementine after they escape from the prison. Players will need to use the Subway Key to start the Subway and proceed to the next area.

The Atomic Battery is also required to start the subway. Once players have obtained both of these items, then they only need to pass through the door of the subway and head right while following the power cable.

Subway key and Atomic Battery in Stray
Control Panel of the Subway

As players follow the power cable, they will come across the Control Panel where they need to insert the Atomic Battery.

Insert the Atomic Battery to power up the area, then head back to the subway. Use the Subway Key to start the subway and proceed to the next area.


The world of Stray is filled with secrets to uncover; consider reading our guide on Memory Locations, Collectibles, and Scratching Locations in case you are interested. 

Aside from secrets, the gameplay allows you to see the world and interact with its environment through the eyes of a cat and explore the forgotten city filled with dangerous creatures. Consider reading our Vending Machine locations and Music Sheet locations guides while you are at it. 

That concludes our guide on how to get the Atomic Battery and Subway Key in Stray. The game offers a one-of-a-kind adventure for the player in a neon-lit cyber city with an outstanding level design.

Stray has been a success throughout each platform and became Annapurna Interactive’s biggest launch on Steam, with the concurrent player count reaching as high as 50,000+ on Steam. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, and PC. If we missed something important, then let us know about it in the comment section below.

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