Stray Super Spirit Detergent: Location & How To Get

Getting Super Spirit Detergent in Stray is vital to get electric cables which will help in fixing the tracker.

Stray’s gameplay revolves around a cat who wants to solve an ancient mystery to escape the city. In other words, it is a third-person game set in a murky environment and neon-lit alleys of a cyber city. That provides plenty of places for the cat to sneak in and get unique items. So, this guide will explain how to get Super Spirit Detergent in Stray.

Key Highlights
  • You can exchange Super Spirit Detergent for the electrical wires from Azooz
  • After you’re inside the Super Spirit Laundry you will find Super Spirit Detergent
  • To open the door, head to the rooftop and throw paint buckets at them while meowing. 
    After the door opens, get inside the Super Spirit Laundry and grab the Super Spirit Detergent.

Location Of Super Spirit Detergent In Stray

Before expounding on the location, we want to explain why getting Stray Super Spirit Detergent is essential. Super spirit detergent is crucial because you can exchange it for the electrical wires from Azooz. So that these wires can be used to get Elliot’s Poncho. Similarly, Stray will require other items to fix the broken tracker.

Find The Big Neon Sign

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
The first step is to find the Neon sign

After Meeting Azooz, you will have to find the Super Spirit Laundry. For that purpose, look for the big Neon Sign. When you go close to the sign, you will find the Laundry. There you will find a robot holding a cart. Pass through him, and you will reach Super Spirit Laundry.

Super Spirit Laundry

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
Use tactics to open this door

Inside, you will find Super Spirit Detergent that will help you fix the tracker in Stray. However, opening this door isn’t straightforward and will require technique and little patience.

Startle The Robots

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
Startle the robot to make him spill the paint bucket

Find your way up the rooftop and find two robots passing paint buckets. Now is the most fun part. You must startle the robot by throwing buckets and creating a Meow sound. It will terrify him, and he will throw the paint bucket in front of the Laundry.

Super Spirit Laundry Door Opens

Your technique worked and door is now open

When the paint spills, the door will open, and a robot will come out to clean up the mess in front of the Laundry. Once the door opens, you can pass through the robot and enter the Laundry.   

Get Super Spirit Detergent

Get Detergent
Finally, you have got your Super Spirit Detergent

When you enter the Laundry in Stray, you will find Super Spirit Detergent at a table on your left. Congrats! Now You have the Detergent, and you can barter it for the electric cables.

This wraps up the Guide for getting Super Spirit Detergent in the state-of-the-art game Stray. We have explained every single step to help you get the Detergent quickly. Have fun and enjoy.

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