Stray: The Voice Actor Behind The Cat

In our guide on Stray, the voice actor you will discover the face behind all those cute meows and little gestures.

The voice of the actor that portrays the cat in the game called Stray was disclosed recently, and so in this
guide, you will get to know who is behind all those cat voices; her wheezes and cute meows.

Key Takeaways
  • With the increase in popularity of the new game “Stray”, many players got curious about the cat’s voice actor who is in fact a real cat.
  • The cat’s name is “Lala” and she can be found on Twitter by the account name JANKENPOPP.
  • The developers decided to do this so they could bring a realistic point of view of how cats act and the types of sounds they make.

Meet Lala, The Voice Actor In Stray

Lala recently came into the eyes of players through Twitter, where JANKENPOPP threw in the picture of a
ginger cat sitting idly on a red carpet.

lala the voice actor behind stray
Lala The Cat

People are not only loving the mysterious moves of the cat, who is the voice actor in Stray but are also gushing over her cute,
and soft cat-voice that she uses from time to time, and also provides them with a bonus on 100 uses.
While playing Stray, you can push a button on your PC screen to turn on the voice of the cat and hear
meow whenever you feel like it.

The creators have kept in mind all the important things that were needed to give Stray a real touch and
let their players enjoy the things in a cat world. They even had real-life cats, one named Murtaugh, who looked very similar to the cat in Stray.

Then comes Oscar, who was present in the studio so that the game’s developers could give life effects to the game.

Lala’s Characteristics

A lot of real-life attributes are assigned to the cat in stray, such as scratching the furniture throwing
objects from the tables, taking naps, and then, of course, making cute meow sounds. Lala did not only give
voice to stray but also to a lot of other cat characters in the game.

voice actor behind cat in stray
Lala, The Voice Actor Behind Stray

A lot of work has been put into Lala in the game as the voice sounds very much real and gives the game a very real-life experience.

The game does not only give this experience to the players playing it but also makes the people who
own cats happy, making the game fun overall. 

The voice of Lala in Stray is very serene, and her vocal cords turn out to be very wide as well.
Not only that but you also get rewarded if you tap on the button to help the cat meow.

who is voice actor in stray
Lala The Cat enjoying Stray

Background Of The Cat in Stray

This game started developing in 2015 with the help of Colas Koola and Vivien Mermet-Guyenet, who discovered it initially. What influenced Strat was the Walled City of Kowloon. 

the game
The Cat in Stray

Playing as a cat in the game gave the developers a lot of opportunities and ideas to test Stray; even real-life cats were brought in to give the game a true touch. There were robotic creatures put in the gams to give it a mesmerizing, mystery touch. It was then finally announced in 2020 and then later on released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Windows in 2022.  

Stray is a game that revolves around a cat who loses its family and gets trapped in an alien world full of strangers. She then makes her way in with the help of a friend named B-12, who helps her escape the world of aliens. 

Later on, both of these friends find another Memo, who is a part of a group called Companions but is an outsider. With the help of the memo, B-12 and the cat find ways to run from this cyberpunk city and return to the cat’s family. 


With the reveal of the voice behind Stray, players are hooked to it now more than ever and are even
expecting Lala to win an award for her amazing voice in-game awards of Geoff Keighley’s as best
voice actor.

Stray is an adventure game created by BlueTwelve Studio, with a lot of thrill and mystery that
came out in 2022. The game focuses on a stray cat who gets lost in a city full of robotic creatures and
electronic devices and then finds her way out of the alien city with the help of her companion, B-12. We have curated a guide on how to get an Electric Cable in Stray as well that you can read. The cat’s voice actor in Stray has been finally revealed; read on to find out who it is.

With the most wholesome gameplay experience, it is no doubt that Stray is a game we needed. Don’t forget to get all the Collectibles in Stray to progress in your game. We have also curated a guide on all the Stray Scratching locations to make your journey more convenient.

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