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2022 has been a lot of amazing game releases thus far. Every single gaming platform has seen great releases that have pushed the boundaries of graphics and storytelling. These games have also been well-received by players and critics all over the world.

Key Takeaways
  • Stray is a 3rd-person adventure game, released on 19th July 2022, that offers an open world with 12 chapters with many collectibles and puzzles to solve.
  • These are the different items that you will find in Stray: Music Sheets, Vending Machines, Energy drinks, and badges.
  • In each chapter, there will be a scratch that you have to do and also there are different kinds of memories to unlock.
  • Stray also has a total of 11 achievements that the players can try to unlock which are no easy task.

But among all the games that have been released thus far, none have surprised players and critics more than Stray. The game came out on 19th July 2022 and has quickly become a fan favorite since then. This is surprising because it is based on a simple and easy-to-understand premise.

In addition to a mind-blowing open world, Stray also features simple yet effective gameplay that attracts players to it. The game also includes several tasks and missions that you have to complete to make progress.

However, some of these missions can get a little tricky and difficult to finish. Because of this, our Stray Wiki features a series of guides that can help you along your journey.

Stray Wiki

A Comprehensive Stray Wikipedia

Stray is a third-person action-adventure game that was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was released on PlayStation 4 & 5 as well as on PC. As the name suggests, stray allows the players to take control of a stray cat.

The game sets your character loose in a large city where you can travel to different areas and complete quests. You can traverse different areas of the map by leaping across different platforms and climbing up obstacles and buildings.

Stray also includes a series of puzzles and missions that you can complete to make progress in the game. It also includes combat sequences where players can take out different enemies. The combat system allows you to either face the enemies head-on or take them out using stealth.

The game itself was highly anticipated and since its release has received a lot of praise and positive reviews. It was commended for its artistic design, gameplay, narrative, and the platforming elements that it included.

However, these puzzles and missions can be challenging for players as you are required to make split-second choices. Because of this, our Stray Wiki includes a series of guides that can help you get through these difficult portions of the game. They can help you;

Decide Whether You Should Buy The Game Or Not

Reviews are a great way to form an opinion about the game. They help you in deciding whether you should buy the game or not. A well-written review can help create a realistic image of the game for the potential players who are looking to purchase it.

However, most media outlets fail to provide a realistic review of the game. They focus on the wrong aspects of the game which can confuse a lot of people. Reviews like that can lead to players making the wrong decisions by either ignoring the games they should have bought or by wasting money on the wrong games.

This is where we set ourselves apart from others. Our Stray Review gives you a realistic look into the game. It covers all the important aspects of the game including the story, setting, gameplay, and the game’s overall performance.

It also provides a positive and negative list that highlights the best and worst features of the game. Finally, it also provides an honest rating for the game that can help you make the best-informed decision.

Solve Different In-Game Puzzles

Puzzles are an important aspect of Stray’s gameplay. They add a level of complexity to the game and challenge the player to think of their feet. These puzzles also encompass important treasures and items that can help you make progress in the game.

Stray includes a wide array of puzzles that can be located in different areas of the map. Each puzzle requires the player to complete a series of unique tasks. Once you have completed the essentials, you can access the items that are hidden behind them.

However, some of the puzzles featured can be particularly hard to solve. They either require players to locate different items or to crack a code. These challenges can be hard for a lot of causal gamers who are just looking to make rapid progress in the game.

Because of this, our Stray Wiki includes a list of guides that can help you solve different puzzles in the game. These guides cover every little detail about these puzzles including how can you locate and solve them. They also talk about the different rewards and items that can be found by completing the puzzles. They include;

Locate Hidden In-Game Items

In addition to puzzles, Stray also includes a list of hidden items that you can locate in the game. These items are scattered across the map and require you to explore all corners to find them. Some of these items are easy to locate while others are well hidden and require a more in-depth look.

A lot of these items are part of optimal quests so you don’t have to go out of your way to locate them. However, they are a must-have for players who are looking to 100% complete the game.

Additionally, some of these items are also essential to find as they are a part of the main storyline. This means that you cannot make progress in the game without locating and collecting these items. Finding these items can become a hectic ordeal especially if you have no idea where to look for them.

Our Wiki for Stray includes a series of location guides that can help you out in these situations. These guides provide a detailed walkthrough for locating all these items. They provide a step-by-step explanation of how and where can you find these items. The location guides include;

A Walkthrough of Different Quests

The main storyline of Stray includes a plethora of quests that you need to complete to make progress in the game. Some of these quests are simple and require minimal effort while others require you to complete a series of tasks. These tasks can get complicated if you don’t have a clear understanding of what to do.

The challenging and complex quests are an important part of Stray and are a key part of what makes the game great. Because of this, our wiki includes a long list of walkthroughs that can help you get through these quests.

All the walkthroughs that are included in our guide are extremely descriptive. These guides explain every single thing that you need to do in complete detail. They make sure that can follow a step-by-step process and complete the mission with minimum effort. The Walkthrough guides mentioned in our Stray Wikipedia include;

Find All Collectible Items

As stated before, Stray includes a large variety of in-game collectibles. Some are these items are necessary for the main storyline and are essential for making progress. However, other items can be found to unlock different achievements and bonuses.

Locating all these items can be particularly challenging as some of them are well hidden. If you are not deliberately looking for them, there is a chance that you might miss them. Because of this, multiple players find it difficult to locate all these items.

If you are also facing difficulties finding these items, consider going through our Stray Collectibles guide. This guide talks about every single collectible item that you can find in the game. It also a detailed description of the locations where you can locate these items.

Going through this guide will ensure that you can find every single collectible item in the game. This not only helps you progress the main storyline but also allows you to unlock different achievements.

Unlock Hidden Game Achievements

In addition to the main achievements, Stray includes 11 secret achievements that you can unlock. These achievements require you to perform specific tasks when you are playing through the game. Some of these achievements are also tied to specific chapters and can be unlocked by performing different tasks.

However, unlocking all these achievements can be tricky unlock you know exactly what to do. You need to know exactly How to Unlock All 11 Hidden Achievements to ensure that you get every single one of them.

Our Stray Wiki includes a guide that covers everything you would ever need to know about these achievements. It talks about all the different ways in which you can unlock them and the specific requirements surrounding each one.

Run The Game On Mac

As soon as Stray was announced, a lot of Mac users were asking if the game would be available on it. The question ‘Can I Play Stray On Mac? was answered on 19th July 2022 when the game was released. Stray can be fully played on Mac however the options to run it on the platform are very few.

Our instruction guide covers all the different ways in which you can run the game on Mac. You can go through all the available options and pick out the one that is best suited for you. This guide will also teach you how you can run the game on maximum settings so you get to play the game as intended.

An Explanation of The Game’s Ending

The ending of Stray left people with more questions than answers. A lot of players were confused by the ending as they weren’t able to fully comprehend the feline’s fate. This threw a large majority of the game’s fans in a loop as they tried to piece together what the ending meant.

Different people came up with different theories and ideas regarding what happened. If you are also looking for answers regarding what happened at the end of Stray, you will love our Stray Ending Explain guide.

This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the different in-game endings and how you can achieve them. It also talks about what the main ending means and our character’s fate in it. Finally, it also includes our theories on the ending and what we think happened. You can find all this and more in our Stray Wiki.

Learn More About The Main Voice Actor

Motion capturing and voice acting are important parts of the gaming industry today. They help make the game look and feel realistic. These performances are what attract the players to the games and make them come back for more.

This is also the case with Stray. The game received world-wise praise for its animations and voice performances. All the little quirks and sounds made by the cat give it a realistic feel.

However, you would be surprised to learn that every single detail of the protagonist was modeled after a real cat. You can learn more about the cat that played the main character in our Voice Actor Behind The Cat guide.

This guide provides us with an in-depth look into the cat that played the main character of the game. It also shines a light on the creative processes the developers had to use to capture the cat’s every single movement and sound. These processes helped make the game feel so realistic.

Lastly, the guide also gives us a background story of the cat in Stray. It helps you better understand the character’s motives and the different choices that are made throughout the game.  

Get News Regarding The Game’s Popularity

Since Stray has come out, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players all over the world. This trend could be observed on Steam as well. Since the game was released, it has been positively rated by almost all the players that have played it.

This is extremely surprising because Steam users are notorious for leaving bad reviews on good or even great games. These reviews were even more surprising when you consider that they made Stray the most popular game of 2022.  

These reviews were even more surprising when you consider the fact that they made Stray a more popular game than God of War. You can learn more about this in our Stray Beats God Of War To Become Highest-Rated PC Game Of 2022 news piece.

This concludes our Stray Wiki. More guides, lists, and news pieces will be added as soon as we find more interesting areas of the game to cover. Till then, Stay Tuned!

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