Stray Worker Hat & Jacket: Location & How To Get

Our detailed guide will help you find The Worker Hat and Worker Jacket so that you can complete Clementine’s mission in Stray.

The mission to get the worker hat and worker jacket begin in Chapter 10 of Stray called “Midtown”. It is one of the key objectives of Clementine‘s mission. Before we get to the location of the worker hat and worker jacket, let’s take a look at the mission’s details in Stray. 

Key Highlights
  • Clementine needs a disguise to get into Neco Corp. You will help her find the worker hat and worker jacket. 
  • The first step is finding Blazer the robot. Head to the main entrance of the Neco Corporation, and in a small alleyway of Main Midtown Street towards the end of the alleyway, you will find Blazer
  • To get the worker hat you need to head to the main Plaza in Midtown there, you will see a hat shop, and in front of the hat shop, a truck will be parked. 
  • You need to find an employee who has gone to the bar instead of working. 
  • Upon entering the bar, you will find him passed out on the table. Climb a ladder and spill the bottle on him to wake him up. 
  • Follow him back into the shop while hiding in one of the Neco Crops boxes. After you’re inside use B-12 to get the hat. 
  • Now, to get the worker jacket look for a clothing shop that will have a mannequin with a red worker jacket on the display. 
  • To acquire it, you need to distract the owner by using the cassette
  • You have to get the cassette from Simon by destroying the security cameras.
    After getting the jacket simply return it to Blazer.
worker hat and jacket in stray
Starting the mission

Worker Hat And Jacket Mission In Stray

Your mission will start once you enter Midtown. Firstly you will have to locate Clementine and her apartment. Clementine will ask you to help find a way to sneak into Neco Corp. To do so you will have to find the worker hat and worker jacket that will help disguise Clementine in Stray. 

Locating Clementine is a strenuous task since Clementine is one of The Wanted robots. Moreover, Midtown is under heavy surveillance as compared to the Slums or Antvillage. Clementine lives somewhere in Midtown’s housing area.

To find Clementine’s residence, talk to your Companions about her photo. They will give you clues and directions to where you can find her. 

Once you have found Clementine you will learn that she has been looking for a way out but the Sentinels won’t let her. She has a plan to start an old subway line that will only power up with an Atomic Battery. The Atomic Battery is located in the Neco Corporation.

But since Clementine cannot step out, she needs the cooperation of one of her contacts. Clementine will ask you to locate Blazer the robot that will help you infiltrate Neco Corporation. 

Finding Blazer 

Head to the main entrance of the Neco Corporation. It is located in a small alleyway of Main Midtown Street. Finding Blazer in Stray is important in order to get the worker’s hat and jacket. 

blazer will ask you to get the worker hat and jacket in stray
Finding Blazer

At the back of the alley, you will meet Blazer. He is wearing gold chains and a bomber jacket. Show him the note that Clementine gave you. He will guide you about his plans to enter the Neco Corporation. 

blazer will ask you to get worker hat and jacket in stray
Blazer will give you the mission details

You will learn that Neco Corporation is under high surveillance. Entering Neco Corporation without the necessary equipment is impossible. He will send you on a mission to find a worker hat and worker jacket, that will allow him to infiltrate Neco Corporation. 

Stealing The Worker Hat In Stray  

To get the worker hat in Stray, follow the steps below. 

Firstly you will have to make your way back to the main Plaza in Midtown. Look for a large hologram right in the center of the street.  You will see a hat shop. There is a delivery truck parked right outside the hat shop and the shop’s door will now be open. The owner of the shop will seem very angry and won’t let anyone in until he has restocked his shop.  

angry worker
Talk to the worker

Upon talking to the delivery robot, you will learn that they are angry about one of their co-workers who has gone off getting drunk in the bar instead of getting work done. His name is Oskoor and he informs you that his co-worker Stuplachee is probably in the bar with a glowing red neon sign right in front of the hat shop. 

The Nightclub

Finding Stuplachee

Head to the bar on the opposite side and enter the room at the back of the bar. You will see Stuplachee passes out on a low table. You need to find a way to wake him up. 

wake up the robot
Stuplachee, sleeping on the low table

There is a step ladder right beside the sleeping robot. Climb it up to reach the shelf above Stuplachee.

climbing up the stairs
Climb this ladder

You will see a box filled with bottles on the shelf. To push this box, press Y on Xbox and triangle on PlayStation. Doing so will spill the contents of the bottle onto the robot and wake him up.  

waking up the robot to ge worker hat and jacket in stray
Throw these bottles on the robot to wake him up

He will hurry back to work. Going across the bar, he will make his way to the hat shop. Follow the robot there. After you’ve reached the shop, you will learn that the owner is not letting anyone in. Therefore the only way to enter the hat shop is by jumping in one of the Neco Corps boxes.  

hopping in the box worker hat and jacket in stray
Jump in the box to go inside the shop

You will find one box lying between the two robots. To jump inside press A on Xbox and X on PlayStation. Eventually, he will carry you inside the shop and place the box down. Fortunately, the workers won’t care about you roaming the shop. 

stealing worker hat and jacket in stray
Get the worker hat

Approach the front window of the hat shop. There is a worker hat displayed in the shop in Stray.  Using the B-12, grab the hat and make your way out. 

Stealing The Worker Jacket In Stray  

After getting the worker’s hat, we need to find the worker’s jacket in Stray. First, make your way to the main plaza and look for a clothing store. The clothing shop will have a mannequin with a red worker jacket in the display window so you can locate it easily. 

However, if you just barge into the store in an attempt to take it, the owner will catch you. You will need something to distract the owner of the clothing shop in Stray so that you can get the worker jacket. 

You can distract him by playing a cassette in the changing room. First, make your way to the apartment complex in Midtown and look for some robot teens. 

simon will help you worker hat and jacket in stray
Find three teen robots

After you have found them talk to them and you will learn that they hate all the security cameras in the area. There are three security cameras nearby that you have to destroy. Doing so will help the robots get rid of the surveillance by Sentinels and you will get the cassette player as a reward. 

talking to simon
Talk to Simon

Destroying The Cameras

First, make your way to the second floor of the housing complex where Clementine is located. The cameras are on the edge of balconies. The first camera is on the top of a sign.

There is a yellow cable nearby. Breaking the cameras as a feline is not that hard. Jump on the camera as much as you can until it breaks. 

destroying cameras to get worker hat and jacket in stray
First camera location

The second camera can be found a little further ahead. You need to look for a doorway near the stairs. Climb on top of a wooden plank of the window. Repeat the process of destroying the camera by jumping on it.  

camera location
Second camera location

The last camera is located nearby that you can break easily as well. you will find it near the AC cooler.

getting the tape
Get the cassette tape from Simon

After completing the task, talk to one of the robots. You need to interact with the one called Simon who is sitting down. He will give a cassette tape as a reward for destroying cameras. The cassette has all the loud music you need to distract the shop owner. 

Stray worker hat and jacket mission
Play tape on the boom box

Now make your way back to the clothing store located across from the nightclub. Make your way inside and go straight to the changing room. Go to the boombox and put the cassette tape inside. Doing so will trigger the loud music. When the shop owner in Stray comes to check, sneaks away and steals the worker’s jacket from the display. 

stealing worker hat and jacket in stray
Get the worker jacket

Before you head on, slip out the side door into the alley. There is an Outsider Mural in the back of the Alley. Climb the platforms and pipe to reach the top. Search it carefully and you will find a barred window above a pipe. Here you will find a Police Badge on a dead robot. 

Completing The Mission 

When you have found both the worker hat and worker jacket, you need to go back to Blazer the robot in Stray. Give him both of these things to complete his disguise. He can then enter the Neco Corp with you inside a box. 

neco corp
Enter Neco Corp

When you have successfully infiltrated the Neco Corp, you need to look for an Atomic Battery and give it to Clementine. She can be found in the Nightclub. Your mission will be completed by giving Clementine the Atomic Battery. 


Stray offers you a variety of extensive quests that keeps you glued to the screens. This includes finding eight Music Sheets in Stray scattered throughout the map. As you progress, you will start unlocking many secrets that the world holds. You’ll be taking on missions like finding the Mysterious Password in Stray to crack open the safe. 

On your journey, you’ll make a lot of friends and enemies. You will get missions like finding Poncho in Stray to keep Elliot warm.

Finding a worker hat and jacket can be a strenuous task in Stray as you will have to face many Sentinels. However, it is important to complete the task in order to progress further. You will get many badges along the way. Additionally, there are many core memories of B-12 that you can unlock here. 

With this, we conclude our guide on finding the worker hat and worker jacket so that you can complete Clementine’s mission in Stray. 

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