Can You Play Street Fighter 6 On Steam Deck?

Learn how to play Street Fighter 6 on the Steam Deck as Capcom ensures accessibility for all players, providing a consistent 60FPS.

Capcom aims to make Street Fighter 6 accessible to all players. SF6 is designed to run smoothly without requiring modifications to Proton versions or significant compromises, ensuring a consistent 60FPS performance. As the anticipation for Street Fighter 6 builds, the recurring question arises: Can You Play Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck?

Key Takeaways
  • Street Fighter 6 is playable on the Steam Deck.
  • Optimization of settings is recommended for the best possible experience when playing Street Fighter 6.
  • Specific adjustments in the “Basic” and “Detailed” graphical menus can enhance performance and achieve a solid 60FPS.
  • Disabling certain graphical effects like Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflection, Ambient Occlusion, and Depth of Field Effect can improve framerate.

Can You Play Street Fighter 6 On Steam Deck?

Street Fighter is playable on 6 Steam Deck

Yes, Street Fighter 6 can be played on Steam Deck and will indeed be playable according to the available information.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on various platforms, including PC, where it will be accessible through Steam. As the Steam Deck is designed to run games from the Steam library. Street Fighter 6 being a part of that library ensures compatibility with the device. Considering the feedback from the demo and reports from users participating in the closed beta, it appears that Capcom intends to cater to a wide range of players, including those using the Steam Deck.

Best Steam Deck Settings For Street Fighter 6 

Steam Deck does not support the 800p aspect ratio, resulting in the presence of black bars. However, considering the device’s performance, being limited to 720p is still commendable.

  • To optimize Street Fighter 6, focus on adjusting specific settings within the “Basic” and “Detailed” graphical menus.
  • In the “Detailed” settings, it is recommended to set everything to Normal, although you have the option to enhance graphical effects to High. Adjustments can be made to lower settings for those concerned about consistent framerates.
  • In the “Basic” graphical settings, disable Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflection, Ambient Occlusion, and Depth of Field Effect. Although these adjustments may slightly affect visual quality, achieving a solid and smooth 60FPS is the primary objective.
  • While the autodetecting of settings may be generous, the majority of graphical settings can be set to high or above. However, during intense sequences, this can result in framerates ranging from 45FPS to 55FPS, which is deemed unacceptable for optimal gameplay.

Street Fighter 6 heavily relies on players having similar performances for fair matches. Poor PC settings can lead to hitching and affect the overall experience, even with server assistance.

If you plan to play Street Fighter 6 on your PC, Capcom has released the PC Benchmark Tool from where you can test your rig. Furthermore, we have ranked All Fighters so you can find out the Best Characters and make them your main.


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