Summoner War Chronicles: Best Starting Characters [All Ranked]

The best character in Summoner War Chronicles is one that works according to your playstyle.

As soon as you boot up Summoner War: Chronicles, you must choose one of the three main starting characters on the screen. All three characters have various strengths and weaknesses, and the key to building a formidable team is to select monsters that make up for your characters’ shortcomings and enhance their strengths. So it is very important to select the best character in the game that works according to your playstyle.

Key Takeaways
  • Summoner War Chronicles offers a choice between three summoners, each having different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and synergies.
  • Those three characters are Kina, Orbia, and Cleaf.
  • Kina is a healing-type summoner that specializes in healing and supporting her allies behind the enemy lies but severely lacks in attacking and defending.
  • To enhance Kina’s support skills and make up for her shortcomings, the monsters recommended for her are Chimera and Polar Queen.
  • Orbia is a mage-type summoner that is capable of buffing the team’s damage and debuffing her opponents by casting various spells. She is great in ranged battles but is lackluster in melee encounters.
  • To make up for Orbia’s lack of melee prowess and defensive capabilities, the best monsters for her are Monkey King and Archangel.
  • Cleaf is a tank and attack-type unit that doesn’t only excel in close-quarter combat but is also capable of providing decent support with the right skills unlocked, making him the best summoner in the game.
  • Cleaf’s lack of ranged attack and casting spells can be overcome by pairing him with Occult Girl and Vampire.
Important: There are three characters in Summoner War Chronicles named: Kina, Cleaf, and Orbia. Cleaf is Tank Class Summoner, Orbia is a Magic Class Summoner, and Kina is a Healing Class Summoner.

3. Summoner Of Healing – Kina

Healing summon
Kina – Summoner of Healing (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
Type Ranged
Class Support
Weapon Hammer, Trinket
Skills Light bless, Green swing, Stardust, Prometheus fire, Ice boost & more with respect to the element you choose
Ability  Healing Ability
Best Monsters for support  Chimera, Polar Queen

Kina is a support-type character, so naturally, the best way to utilize her is by keeping her away from the frontline and utilizing her healing capabilities to heal not only herself but also her allies and summons that are engaged with the enemy combatants.

Additionally, the skills recommended that should be unlocked for Kina are one’s that enhance her healing capabilities and makes her resilient. Hence, she is able to withstand battles for a longer duration. Due to her unorthodox playstyle and starter build, Kina can be a bit tough to control for new players, which makes it very essential to build her the right way from the very start.

Recommended Monsters

  • Chimera: As a support unit, you will need monsters that can stay in the front lines and dish out heavy damage, or in other words, DPS monsters. Chimera is one of the best Warrior Class monsters that can deal tremendous amounts of damage and can use his huge wings to guard nearby allies. He also can is capable of ranged attacks that wipe out enemy forces with ease.
  • Polar Queen: Making up for your shortcomings should never come at the cost of neglecting your main skillset. Polar Queen is a Mage Class Monster that prefers to fight from a distance and pretty much plays the same role as Kina, which provides support to other allies or monsters in the form of amping up their ATK to finish the fight swiftly and smoothly.

2. Summoner Of Magic – Orbia

Mage Summon
Orbia- Summoner of Magic (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
Type Ranged
Class Mage
Weapon  Staff, Marble
Skills Luck, Consecutive Evasion, Mental discipline, Concentration
Ability  Extraordinary ability to use various types of magic
Best Monsters for support  Monkey king, Archangel

Orbia is a mage-type unit whose playstyle also involves staying away from the front lines while shooting from a distance. Still, in contrast to Kina, Orbia is capable of applying various buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies respectively.

Her kit involves various ranged spells and debuffs, one of which even allows her to trap enemies into hallucinations, rendering them vulnerable. Orbia’s crowd-controlling prowess, combined with a range of buffing and debuffing spells, makes her an excellent mage-type unit, but her low DEF and ATK in the close range don’t make her a viable option for melee lovers.

Recommended Monsters

  • Monkey King: Monkey King is one of the best DPS units that have unparalleled ATK skill and is exceptional at shielding Orbia from enemies at the front lines. He wields a large stick that lets him deal huge amounts of damage and guard allies from any upcoming attacks.
  • Archangel: Archangel is a hybrid monster that is capable of providing both support and melee damage at the same time. One of the best units to fight alongside Orbia as she not only complements her abilities but also makes up for any areas she lacks in.

1. Summoner Of Protection – Cleaf

ATK Summon
Cleaf – Summoner of Protection (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
Type Melee
Class Knight
Weapon  Blunt Weapon, Shield
Ability  Exceptional ability to protect his companions
Skills Master of evasion, attacking & defending skills
Best Monsters for support  Occult girl, Vampire

Cleaf is the most commonly chosen starter character in Summoner War Chronicles, as he is the only summoner in the game capable of holding his own on the front lines. He is excellent in terms of close-quarter ATK and DEF and doesn’t have to rely on strong DPS units to make up for his damage.

Furthermore, he can be equipped with support skills later on that allows him to raise the defense of nearby allies and lower the defense of attacking enemies. His Tank type builds and attacking capabilities make him an excellent starter, and his beginner-friendly playstyle easily makes him the best summoner in the game right now.

So for those who are still getting the hang of the game and want to take their time to grasp all the mechanics, Cleaf is clearly the best choice.

Recommended Monsters

  • Occult Girl: As a melee fighter, Cleaf constantly needs cover fire from behind to make up for his lack of ranged attacks. Occult Girl has extraordinary defensive capabilities and supporting skills that not only allow her to back up the team from behind the enemy lines.
  • Vampire: Vampire is another support type that is capable of buffing and debuffing allies and enemies. His command over dark mystical powers allows him to make enemies vulnerable to devastating damage while also raising the DMG and HP of your team in the process.


While everyone may unanimously agree that Cleaf is the best summoner in the game right now, that doesn’t necessarily make him the best for you because, at the end of the day, his playstyle might be beginner-friendly for most but may not necessarily be suitable for everyone starting the game. So it is important to determine what kind of playstyle you opt for the most and how effectively you can use it.

As a Gacha game, you can use coupon codes in Summoner War Chronicles, too, to redeem a handful of rewards that range from normal items to exclusive rewards. With this, we conclude our guide on the best starting summoner in Summoner War Chronicles, and if you have any queries, let us know in the comments below.


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