Tales of Vesperia Password: Complete Guide (2024)

Navigate through the Fallen City of Caer Bocram and get that coveted password

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition brings the gripping characters, exciting story, and intense battle mechanics of the 2009 original to an entirely new audience, and it is among the best JRPGs you can play right now. It is full of compelling quests and elaborate exploration adventures. One of these Tales of Vesperia quests is finding the password for the vault in the Fallen City of Caer Bocram.

Key Takeaways
  • In Caer Bocram’s basement, there lies a vault that needs a password in order for it to be accessed.
  • There are a total of 3 hidden clues that players will need to find in order to get access to the password.
  • The 1st clue can be found by entering the Caer Bocram from the valley that is north of the Capua Torrim. 
  • The access switch for the warp blastia needs to be found and shot by the sorcerer’s ring a few times in order for it to work. On the far right building of the blastia the 1st clue can be found, which is Light.
  • For the 2nd clue, you will need to use the warp blastia and move in the forward direction. Follow a few steps till you encounter the 2nd warp blastia, which you will use to warp in the left direction.
  • There is a building located on the far right. In it lies the 2nd password clue, which is Sky.
  • Go back to the place where the 2nd blastia warped you and go to the building that contains the 3rd warp blastia on its roof.
  • Use it to warp forward and make your way to the left building where lies the 3rd password clue, which is Sphere.
  • From the following clues, which are Light, Sky, and Sphere, the password for the vault is Sun. Simply enter this password in the vault and get access to it.

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What is the Password for the Caer Bocram Vault?

There’s a mystery afoot in Caer Bocram. No, we’re not talking about the how all the buildings were perplexingly destroyed. We are, of course, talking about the passcode for that basement vault! The password requires you to find three clues that are hidden throughout the ruined town of Caer Bocram, and in this Tales of Vesperia guide, we’ll show you how to find all three clues, figure out the password for the vault and progress through the level!

Tales of Vesperia Password
The Fallen City of Caer Bocram introduction

The First Clue

As you enter Caer Bocram from the valley north of Capua Torrim on the continent of Tolbyccia, the first thing you’ll come across (after your brief but the hostile conversation with Nan from the Hunting Blades) is a warp blastia. However, you need to find the activation switch before you can use it.

First warp blastia in Caer Bocram
First warp blastia in Caer Bocram

To find the switch, go left through the archway and past the waterfall. Here, you will come across a door in the ground. Open it and go into the underground room where you will find the activation switch. The switch will need Aer, but shooting it a few times with the Sorcerer’s Ring you found from the Shakos Ruins will do the trick.

Tales of Vesperia Password
Door on ground leading to activation switch for warp blastia
Tales of Vesperia Password
Underground room containing activation switch for warp blastia

Return to the warp blastia and shoot it with your ring again to fill the core with Aer. The blastia is now functional. Before using it, however, go inside the building on the far right of the blastia, which was previously inaccessible. In here, tucked away neatly in a book cabinet, lies the first password clue for the Caer Bocram vault: Light. Simple enough, right?

Entrance to building of first clue for Caer Bocram vault password
Entrance of building containing first clue
Tales of Vesperia Password
First clue for Caer Bocram vault password

The Second Clue

Now return to the warp blastia. You can use it to warp in three directions: forward, to the left, and to the right. You need to warp forward. Now, go to the building on the left with a lamp post near the entrance, and go inside.

Building containing second warp blastia
Building containing second warp blastia

You will see two staircases, one leading up, and one going below. Right now, we’re interested in going above, since the staircase going downstairs leads to the vault where we will later input the vault password.

Inside of building containing second warp blastia
Inside of building containing second warp blastia

Once on the upper floor, proceed to the door on the right, which will take you to a balcony outside where a second warp blastia is located.

Tales of Vesperia Password
Door on upper floor leading to second warp blastia
Shows location of second warp blastia
Second warp blastia

Activate this with the Sorcerer’s Ring, and use this to travel to the left. After that, travel all the way to the far-right end of the space, where you will see another building. Go in, and go downstairs. Here, in a cabinet similar to the first one, you will find your second password clue: Sky. You are now another step closer to figuring out this Tales of Vesperia password and getting through the Caer Bocram vault!

Shows entrance to building with second clue for Tales of Vesperia Caer Bocram vault password
Entrance to building containing second clue
Tales of Vesperia Password
Second clue for Caer Bocram vault password

The Third Clue

Come out of the building, and go back near the spot where the second warp blastia landed you. To the left will be an event that introduces you to the Fatal Strike mechanic, but for now, we must continue our hunt for the password!

From where you’re standing, you should see a building with a third warp blastia on the roof. Go inside the building, and use the ladder on the left to get to the roof. Activate it by shooting it with your ring, and then warp forward.

Shows entrance of building containing third warp blastia
Entrance of building containing third warp blastia
Shows location of third warp blastia
Third warp blastia

Proceed into the building on the left, and go to the upper floor. Here, in the cabinet to the right, lies your third password clue: Sphere. Now, you’re all set!

Tales of Vesperia Password
Entrance to building containing third clue
Shows third clue for vault password in Caer Bocram in Tales of Vesperia
Third clue for Caer Bocram vault password

The Caer Bocram Vault Password

With this, you’ve collected all three clues: Light, Sky and Sphere. So, what is the password for the all-mighty Caer Bocram vault? Why, it’s Sun, of course! And now, it is time to get that vault door open!

To enter the password, return to the building where you came across the second warp blastia, and instead of going up, take the stairs that lead down, and make your way to the bottom of the elaborate and overly-long spiral staircase. Interact with the machine on the left, and it should eventually prompt you for the password.

Shows spiral staircase leading to Caer Bocram vault
Spiral staircase leading to Caer Bocram vault
Tales of Vesperia Password
Machine to enter password into for vault

Simply enter your painstakingly-obtained password, sun, and the vault will swing open!

Tales of Vesperia Password
Entering the password for the Caer Bocram vault

And just like that, you’ve conquered the mystery of the Caer Bocram vault. Next up is a boss battle with the Dreaded Giant, but that is a guide for another day!

What did you think of the stories and mysteries you came across in the Fallen City of Caer Bocram? Did you enjoy the quest for this Tales of Vesperia password? Leave your thoughts down below! And if you liked Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, be sure to check out our guides on Final Fantasy XIV!

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