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TemTem is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was inspired heavily by the Pokémon series. You play as a tamer who selects one of three initial TemTems. From there, you start your quest to battle other TemTems and capture the greatest TemTems among the 160+ other animals. We’ll be telling you all about the TemTems, including the basics and tier lists, and even help you make the best TemTem Team in Our Walkthrough.

There are six separate islands in the game, each of which represents a different region. You can challenge the dojo leaders of each of them. Additionally, Max, your opponent, occasionally bumps into you and is always attempting to defeat you.


Review of Temtem
Review (Image By: eXputer)

A review can help players decide if they want to get a better idea of the game and get the hang of it without playing it for themselves. We’ll explore every aspect of the game in our Walkthrough, helping you to be unbothered about playing through the whole game and get an idea of what to expect from it.

Basics Of The Game

Temtem Best Way To Level Up Leveling Up System
Basics Of The Game (Image By: eXputer)

Getting to know the basics of a game the moment you start playing is a big help, as not all players will know the core mechanics. If you want to be the best tamer, the guides in Our Walkthrough will help you out!

Tier List

Temtem choice tips and tricks.
Tier List (Image By: eXputer)

Becoming the best TemTem Tamer isn’t easy without having the best TemTem; our Tier List ranks all of the TemTem, so you can build successful teams by just using the top Temtem available with the help of our TemTem tier list in our Walkthrough.

Best Team

Elemental Temtems
Best TemTems (Image By: eXputer)

It is essential to build a team in which each Temtem balances out the flaws of the others. You might not have an idea of how to build the perfect team. Therefore, we’ll be helping you out with our guides.

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