Temtem: BEST Leveling Spot & How To Use It

learn about the best leveling spot & how to exploit it

Leveling up is the core mechanic of Temtem, in fact, many players play it solely for the purpose of maxing out their Tems so they can show other players who’s the boss. Naturally, all Temtem players give their best efforts when trying to level up. However, many players find themselves in the dilemma of not being able to choose the best spot for leveling up in Temtem. 

Key Highlights
  • The best spot for leveling up Temtems in the game Temtem is the Melee Shrine located at Arbury Island.
  • It requires completion of the main story and defeating the four Shrine guardians using melee Tems, such as Melee Monko Tem, Melee Maoala Tem, and Melee Chromeon Tem
  • To access the Shrine, the player must first one-shot the Brocollem using Fire Koish with Lava Waves or War Drum and Fire Chip
  • To maximize the Fire Koishi’s ATK and SPD TVs, they must defeat Mushi and Orphyll in the Corrupted Badlands and Osukais in the Kisiwa Chinin Grotto
  • The player can then spam Lava Wave at the Melee Shrine to reach high levels.
  • A bonus tip is to use Coward’s Blanket to spread the XP earned from defeated Brocollem across the player’s entire squad.

So if you are reading this, chances are you are also one of those players, and if that’s true, then our Temtem Best Levelling Spot guide is written just for you. So strap up and get ready to max out all your Tems as fast as the game engine allows you to. The best spot for leveling up your Tems in Temtem is the Melee Shrine located at Arbury Island.

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Unlocking The Best Leveling Spot

Temtem Best Leveling Spot Melee Shrine
Melee Shrine

However, we must say that Melee Shrine is not unlocked from the beginning and requires you to do a bit of chore work first in order to gain access to it. The work can be tedious but believe us when we say, “it will all be worth it once you do unlock the spot”.

So without further ado, let us show you how to unlock this heaven-sent spot. Enjoying? You’ll also like our TemTem Tier List guide.

Temtem Best Leveling Spot Main Story
Main Story

Ok, so there are two things that you need to do in order to unlock the Melee Shine. The first one is that you need to complete the main story. Depending on your skills, speed, and efficiency, it can take you roughly around 20 to 25 hours to complete it. Our recommendation? Just enjoy the story and don’t complete the story just for the sake of completing it.

Temtem Best Leveling Spot Melee Shrine Guardians
Melee Shrine Guardians

Assuming you have completed the main story, we are going to tell you the next thing you need to do. Your next step for unlocking the best spot for leveling up your Temtems is to defeat the four Shrine guardians. Each of the Shrine Guardians has a melee Temtem of their own. It is also worth mentioning that you can only use melee Tems when fighting the Shrine Guardians.

Taking down all four of the Shrine Guardians can be a challenge, but that’s where our Temtem Best Levelling Spot guide comes into play. The best strategy for defeating the Shrine Guardians is to use the Melee Monko Tem, Melee Maoala Tem and Melee Chromeon Tem. Having all three of these Temtems in your squad should give you an edge over the Shrine Guardians.

How To Use The Best Levelling Spot

Well, congratulations, you just unlocked Melee Shrine, the best spot for leveling up in Temtem. But what’s the next Step? Like you can’t just unlock the Shrine and expect to level up magically. So we are also going to show you the best strategy that you will need to use to power level your Temtems.

One-Shotting The Brocollems


Ok, so once you enter the Shrine, you will be encountered by one (sometimes two) level 100 Brocollem Temtem. The goal here is to one-shot him so you can restart the process fairly quickly. So your best bet here is to use two synergy master Fire Koish with Lava Waves on them. Also, make sure that your Fire Koishi’s are at level 100 and their ATK and SPD TVs are maxed out.

Temtem Best Leveling spot Fire Koishi's location
Fire Koishi’s location

Alternatively, you can use the combination of War Drum and Fire Chip to knock out the Brocollems even if your Fire Koishis are at lower levels. As for finding the Fire Koishis, you can get them from the pool of water at the Hangroad in Ulterior Omninesia, as shown in the map above. However, getting them to encounter you can be a bit hard as their spawn rate is super low.

Overpowering The Fire Koishis

Fire Koishis
Fire Koishis

But once you get two Fire Koishis with the synergy master trait, then you’re all good to go. Now the next obstacle is upgrading their ATK and SPD TVs. Let’s start with the SPD TVs. In order to upgrade your SPD TVs, you need to go to the spot between Corrupted Badlands and Close call Point in Tucma. Once there, use your Koishis to defeat Mushi and Orphyll, who are waiting for you there until their SPD TVs get to 500.

Up next are the ATK TVs. To upgrade the ATK, bring your Koishis to the earth shrine in Kisiwa Chinin Grotto. When you enter the shrine, you will encounter one or two Osukais, and the drill is the same here as well. Just use your Fire Koishis to defeat them until they are both at 500 ATK.

Now that both of your Koishis are Tv trained go back to the Melee Shrine and start spamming Lava Wave until you reach the top levels.

Bonus Tips

  1. You can use Coward’s Blanket to spread the XP that you earned from the defeated Brocollem across your whole squad, even to the Temtems who were not participating in the battle.
  2. You can use Learning Aid to multiply the number of experience points you get by 2 for 30 minutes. It is a consumable item so use it wisely.

That about wraps up our Temtem Best Leveling Spots guide, now go and max out all your Temtems.

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