Temtem BEST Team: Stats, Traits & Tips

This guide discusses the best team in Temtem and entails the best early game tips for building one.

For a game that is heavily reliant on its creatures, or Temtems, as the game likes to call them, it is crucial to have a team where each Temtem makes up for the other’s weaknesses. That is why in today’s, we will be covering the best team you can build in Temtem.

Key Highlights
  • Building a balanced team of Temtems is crucial for success in the game.
  • The best team should consist of creatures of different types to have an advantage in any situation.
  • One recommended Temtem to include in the team is Kaku, a Nature-type Temtem with the ability Urushiol and the trait Caffeinated. Kaku is resistant to Fire and Toxic and weak to Earth and Electric.
  • Nessla with traits Electric Synthesize and Hydrologist. It is a Water and Electric-type Temtem with resistance to Fire and Wind.
  • Ganki is a yellow and black colored Temtem, affiliated with Wind and Electric elements. Its traits are Botanophobia and Cold-Natured. It is weak to Crystal and resistant to Wind.
  • Tateru is white and green colored Temtem, affiliated with the Neutral element. It is weak to Mental elements. Soft Touch and Resilient are the traits of this temtem.
  • Skail is a brown-colored Temtem resembling a weasel, affiliated with the Neutral element. Its traits are Furor and Scavenger. It is weak to Mental elements.
  • To build an effective team, You should know your Temtem’s strengths and weaknesses, and you should build your team around your starter Temtem.
  • Build a team that includes TemTems affiliated with Water and Electricity and capable of performing Toxic moves to easily clear these islands.

Best Team In Temtem

Elemental Temtems
Various elemental Tems in Temtem

As you explore various islands of the Airborne Archipelago, you will not only come across Temtems you can tame but will also face other tamers from time to time. So the gameplay loop of Temtem is not just about hoarding Temtems but also building a team of ones you can utilize to take down other tamers. 

For that reason, finding and building an excellent team of Temtems is absolutely necessary if you want to beat other tamers. A good team of Temtems doesn’t necessarily mean having all the A-tiers or S-tiers of Temtems, but the team should consist of creatures of all types. In other words, having a team of Temtems comprised of different types of elements will allow you to have the advantage no matter the situation.

Below, we will discuss the best team of Tems you can build in Temtem. Speaking of tiers of Temtems, why not go through our best Temtem tier list before you read any further?

Best stats for the creatures: 

Creature NameStatsTraitsWeak AgainstResistant Against
KakuHP: 69
STA: 48
SPD: 35
ATK: 60
DEF: 60
SP ATK: 35
SP DEF: 50
- Caffeinated
- Mithridatism
- Fire
- Toxic
- Water
- Nature
- Electric
- Earth
NesslaHP: 58
STA: 58
SPD: 66
ATK: 76
DEF: 50
SP ATK: 76
SP DEF: 72
- Electric Synthesize
- Hydrologist
- Nature
- Crystal
- Toxic
- Fire
- Water
- Wind
GankiHP: 38
STA: 46
SPD: 61
ATK: 57
DEF: 38
SP ATK: 62
SP DEF: 73
- Botanophobia
- Cold Natured
TateruHP: 79
STA: 85
SPD: 60
ATK: 78
DEF: 66
SP ATK: 54
SP DEF: 66
- Soft Touch
- Resilient
SkailHP: 57
STA: 43
SPD: 60
ATK: 45
DEF: 50
SP ATK: 32
SP DEF: 41
- Furor
- Scavenger


Cute blue and red colored Temtem
Kaku’s height and weight

Kaku is a cute blue-colored Temtem covered with dark red flowers. It keeps those petals wrapped around its chubby, rounded body in order to keep itself safe. Kaku is a Nature-type Temtem that can be later evolved into Saku.

Now, let’s discuss what makes Kaku a great addition to your team. Kaku’s Urushiol ability is highly useful against Water and Nature type Tems. Secondly, Kaku can very quickly evolve into Saku in just about 13 levels. Furthermore, Kaku’s AoE attack, Allergic Spread, is great if you want to deal damage to all creatures of the enemy’s team.

The stats of Kaku are listed below:

69 48 35 60 60 35 50


  • Caffeinated: Kaku’s trait “caffeinated” helps it avoid sleep status.
  • Mithridatism: This trait makes Kaku resistant to poison status.

Weakness & Resistances

Before we list Kaku’s weaknesses & resistances below, you need to understand how weaknesses & resistances in Temtem work. Each element in Temtem is weak to some elements and strong to others. You can decide what elements it is weak or strong by analyzing the numbers.

If the value of the elements listed below is higher than x1, it means that those elements are strong against your creature, or in other words, your creature is weak to those elements.

Similarly, if the number is lower than x1, that means your creature is resistant to those elements. The weakness and resistance of Kaku below will give you more clarity on how this system works.

Kaku is resistant to Fire and Toxic and resistant to Water, Nature, Electric, and Earth type Tems.

  • x4: None
  • x2: Fire & Toxic
  • 0.5x: Water, Nature, Electric, & Earth
  • x0.25: None 


  • Prasine Coast in Deniz Island (level 2-5 with 40% spawn rate)
  • Thalassian Cliffs in Deniz Island (level 6-9 with 95% spawn rate)
  • Gifted Bridges in Deniz Island (level 7-11 with 30% spawn rate)
  • The Canopath in Superior Omninesia Island (level 16-18 with 75% spawn rate)
  • The Flywalk in Citerior Omninesia Island (level 18-20 with 50% spawn rate)


Blue colored Temtem
Tateru’s height and weight

Nessla is an eel-like-looking Temtem with red eyes and a blue body. Nearly half of its bottom is covered in yellow scales, with some yellowfins located under its mouth and behind its head as well. Unfortunately, Nessla can not be evolved, but it makes for it with its element types.

Nessla is composed of two elements, Water and Electricity, which is a devastating combination. Due to this combination, Nessla has very little difficulty coming out on top when faced with Fire and Wind types. All of Nessla’s stats are mentioned below:

58 58 66 76 50 76 72


  • Electric Synthesize: This is one of Nessla’s most advantageous traits and allows it to heal instead of taking damage whenever it’s hit with an electric attack.
  • Hydrologist: This trait increases the damage dealt by Nessla’s water attacks by 15%.

Weakness & Resistances

Nessla is weak and resistant to the following types of Temtems.

  • x4: None
  • x2: Nature, Crystal, Toxic
  • 0.5: Fire, Water, Wind
  • x0.25: None


It’s obvious that a Temtem with traits and stats this good cannot be found very easily, and Nessla is no exception in this regard. Nessla can be found in the following locations, with the highest spawn rate on Cipanku island.

  • Thalassian Cliffs in Deniz Island (level 17-18 with 10% spawn rate)
  • Sillaro River in Deniz Island (level 14-16 with 10% spawn rate)
  • Mines of Mictlan in Tucma Island (level 39 and can be obtained as a Gift)
  • Rice Fields in Cipanku Island (level 46-55 with 20% spawn rate)
  • Sacred Island in Cipanku Island (level 55-65 with 40% spawn rate)


Yellow and black colored temtem
Ganki’s height and weight

Ganki is a large, cute Temtem primarily consisting of yellow and black colors, with the ability to take flight. When it comes to body and facial features, Ganki borrows from both insects and bull cattle.

This species of Temtems is revered as a mountain spirit by Cipanki legends. Gaku is affiliated with both Wind and Electric elements and can be later evolved into Gazuma.

Ganki is a great early-game Tem and can still remain a force to be reckoned with later on in the game as it grows and evolves. Its electric nature is great for clearing Deniz Island. All of Ganki’s stats are mentioned below:

38 46 61 57 38 62 73


  • Botanophobia: This trait increases the damage taken by Ganki from Nature techniques to 50%
  • Cold-Natured: At low temperatures, this Temtem will freeze instead of going cold.

Weakness & Resistances

The element Ganki is weak and resistant to are mentioned below:

  • x4: None
  • x2: Crystal
  • 0.5: None
  • x0.25: Wind


Ganki doesn’t spawn in that many islands, but where it does, it’s very easy to catch it. Ganki is located in the following places:

  • Thalassian Cliffs in Deniz Island (level 5-16 with 80-100% spawn rate)
  • Windward Fort in Deniz Island (level 10-14 with 20-95% spawn rate)


White and Green colored Temtem
Tateru’s height and weight

Tateru is sea green and white colored, tall Temtem with a look that resembles hamsters. It has tall antenna-like ears, which helps them stay alert at all times. 

Even though it can’t be further evolved and is only affiliated with the Neutral element, it more than makes up for it with high base stats and strong resistance. Tateru is weak in Mental elements, but there is no need to worry about that early on in the game. Tateru’s stats are given below:

79 85 60 78 66 54 66


  • Soft Touch: This ability allows Tateru to attack targets without alerting or waking them up from sleep.
  • Resilient: Tateru cannot be knocked out during battles due to overexertion.

Weakness & Resistances

All of Tateru’s weaknesses and resistances are mentioned below.

  • x4: None
  • x2: Mental
  • 0.5: None
  • x0.25: None


Tateru has an average spawn rate but can be found in a plethora of locations. The locations where Tateru spawns in Temtem are mentioned below.

  • Thalassian Cliffs in Deniz Island (level 4-6 with 70% spawn rate)
  • Prasine Coast in Deniz Island (level 2-6 with 30-50% spawn rate)
  • Gifted Bridges in Deniz Island (level 4-6 with 40% spawn rate)
  • Windward Fort in Deniz Island (level 12-13 with 20% spawn rate)
  • Saipark in Deniz Island (level 37-40 with 50% spawn rate)
  • Aguamarina Caves in Deniz Island (level 14-20 with 20-30% spawn rate)
  • Jino Gap in Kisiwa (level 32-37 with 80% spawn rate)
  • Killima Peaks in Kisiwa (level 42-44, with 20 spawn rate)


weasel looking Temtem
Skail’s height and weight

Skail is brown-colored Temtem, bearing a striking resemblance with weasels. Most of its body is covered in yellow fur and has huge semicircular eyes with purple irises. Skail is known for its hot-tempered nature, and it takes a lot of skill to tame it. 

Skail can be evolved into Skunch and is affiliated with the Neutral element. What makes Skail a great addition to your team is its ability to learn Earth-type moves and its extraordinary speed. Even though its attack damage is low early on, it can learn melee attacks when it evolves into Skunch, which gives a great boost to its attack damage. The stats of Skail are given below:

57 43 60 45 50 32 41


  • Furor: At low hp (below 33%), Skail does 33% more damage.
  • Scavenger: Skail will heal by 20% whenever another Temtem in its party is knocked out.

Weakness & Resistances

All of Skail’s weaknesses and resistances are mentioned below.

  • x4: None
  • x2: Mental
  • 0.5: None
  • x0.25: None


Just like Tateru, Skail has an average spawn rate and can be found in various locations in Airborne Archipelago.

  • Prasine Coast in Deniz Island (level 4-6 with 5% spawn rate)
  • Thalassian Cliffs in Deniz Island (level 4-9 with 30% – 80%% spawn rate)
  • Gifted Bridges in Deniz Island (level 4-6 with 30% spawn rate)
  • Windward Fort in Deniz Island (level 12-13 with 50% – 80% spawn rate)
  • Aguamarina Caves in Deniz Island (level 14-20 with 30% – 65%% spawn rate)
  • Saipark in Deniz Island (level 37-40 with 50% spawn rate)

Team Tips & Tricks

Now that you are aware of the best team you can build in Temtem, let’s discuss some early game tips and how to avoid early game mistakes rookies usually makes. 

Be Aware Of Your Weaknesses

It’s just simply good enough to have a team of great Tems without having a good idea of what their weaknesses and strengths are. So even if you, for some reason, can’t find the Temtems in our guide, for example, Nessla, which is a very rare Temtem, you can still make a decision for yourself. You can do this by analyzing which elements you lack and what type of Temtems are effective against the opponent you are facing. 

By doing this, you will never fall behind, no matter at what stage of the game you are.

Build A Team Around Your Starter

This one is a no-brainer. When it comes to building teams, the first thing you need to analyze is the advantages and disadvantages of your starting Temtem. In other words, the Tems you catch later on should make up for the weaknesses of your starter. Similarly, you don’t need more Tems that will essentially do the same job as your starter.

This will help in making a robust team without having any useless Temtems lying around in your inventory.

Prioritizing Deniz And Omninesia Early On

Early on in the game, the islands you should be targeting are Deniz and Omninesia. This will help in not only acquiring some great Temtems early on but are also relatively easier to clear if you have built the team we recommend in our guide.

The Temtems in these islands primarily consist of Water, Wind, Nature, and Fire. So by having Tems, which are affiliated with Water and Electricity, while also having the ability to perform Toxic moves, it will take you no time to breeze through these islands.

This concludes our guide on the best teams in Temtem. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

Temtem is currently available for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

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