Temtem Best Way To Level Up [Explained]

Our Temtem Best Way To Level Up guide shows you the step-by-step process to level up your Temtem in the most efficient way possible.

What makes Temtem so addicting? Some of you might blame its massive online open world while some of you might say that the continuous pursuit of catching new Temtems for yourselves is the bone of contention. However, none of those answers are correct. In fact, the thing that makes Temtem so hard to forget is its challenging grinding system which makes the players want to come up with the best ways to level up in Temtem. Also, read our Temtem Review – Massively Multiplayer Pokemon to get a good idea about the game.

Key Highlights
  • The leveling-up system in Temtem is challenging and requires grinding, making players want to find the best way to level up.
  • The leveling-up system progressively gets harder as players level up, with higher levels requiring more experience points and reduced experience points from defeated foes.
  • The best way to level up is by defeating foes at the same or higher level, as trying to defeat lower-level foes is a waste of time.
  • Players need to obtain the Coward’s Blanket from Tarlae in Nanga on Arbury Island by completing her side quest. Coward’s Blanket distributes the experience from battles across your entire squad.
  • After that obtain the Learning Aid, a consumable item that adds a 2x multiplier to experience points. It can be found in various locations or obtained as a reward.
  • A level 100 Temtem is required to make the best use of the Coward’s Blanket and Learning Aid.
  • Go to the Melee Shrine and one-shot level 100 Broccolem with a Fire Koish with 100 ATK training value.
  • Now use Lava Wave to help you in the one-shot process. Using a Mimit Temtem alongside the Fire Koish will make the process even faster.

But the real question is “why do all players feel the need to level up in Temtem?”. Well, for one having a high level in Temtem satisfies everyone’s power fantasy which is to easily be able to kill everything that stands in your path. Another reason you could want to level up in Temtem is well you get to flex in front of your friends.

However, there’s a caveat, the challenging grind system in Temtem is exciting at the start, but it gets old pretty fast (especially when your end goal is the max level of 100). Like everyone wants to level up, but they want the fastest way to do so. If what we just said resonates with you or most probably defines you, then our Temtem Best Way To Level Up guide is written just for you.

Feeling excited? Well, you should be! as this was the best method we could come up with. So strap up, and let’s dive straight into it.

The Leveling Up System In Temtem Explained

Temtem Best Way To Level Up Leveling Up System
Leveling Up System

Ok, so first thing’s first. Before showing you how to level up it is crucial that you get a general grasp on how the leveling up actually works in Temtem, so let’s cover that up first. As much as we hate to break it to you, leveling up in Temtem progressively gets harder the more you level up.

Since higher levels not only increase the total number of experience points required to reach the next level. But the number of experience points you get from defeating each foe is also reduced exponentially, well this one is subjective.

Basically, the point is that you will only get a considerable amount of experience when you slay foes that are either the same level as you or higher than you.

However, if you do try to slay Temtems who are at a much lower level than you then you will just be wasting your time to be bluntly honest. Since the number of experience points you get from them is negligible. Now that you know how the leveling up works in Temtem, we think it is about time that we show you the best way to level up your Temtem.

Best Way To Level Up Your Temtem

When it comes to leveling up fast in Temtem there is not really a “hack” or glitch to do it. This means that sticking to the traditional methods for leveling up is your only option. However, this certainly does not mean that the traditional methods HAVE to be slow. There are a few tricks up our sleeves that can make the otherwise tedious process of leveling up, well a bit less tedious.

Completing The Pre-requirements

Before the fun part of this method begins, there are a few items that you need to be done so let’s cover how to obtain them first.

Coward’s Blanket

Coward's blanket
Coward’s blanket

Your first step to accessing the best way to level up in Temtem is to obtain the Coward’s blanket. In order to do that you first need to visit Arbury Island and then talk to Tarlae who is found in a house in Nanga. Obtaining Coward’s Blanket is part of completing the side quest given by her in which she asks you to be her “Eyes And Hands”.

Basically, she gives you different rewards for visiting different islands. And after informing her that you have been to Arbury Island and giving her a bunch of information about it. She will give you the Coward’s blanket.

Now, why do you need the Coward’s Blanket? Its effect is that basically, it distributes the experience you gain from battles across your whole squad. This means that some of the Temtems will not even have to join the fight to level up.

This is useful, especially for those Temtems who are too weak to even hold their own in a battle and love to die. Also, Coward’s Blanket only works on Temtems who are added in your squad. Lastly, the Coward’s Blanket is a togglable item meaning you can turn it on or off whenever you wish.

Learning Aid

Sewers of Properton
Sewers of Properton

Your second step towards accessing the best way to level up your Temtem is obtaining the consumable item called Learning Aid. This item is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to improve their leveling-up game. The reason for that is it adds a multiplier of 2 on all the experience points you earn while the item’s effect is active.

Yes, you thought right, Leaning Aid is a consumable item whose effect lasts for 30 minutes. As for how to obtain it you can either pick it up from Mac Aed’s Crags, the trash can in Konstantino’offfice, the professor at Arbury University and lastly Sewers of Properton.

You can also get Learning Aid as a reward from the Wishing Wells, Postal Service, Fishing (completion reward), completing a Lair and from FreeTem! Organization.

A Level 100 Temtem

Assuming that you have acquired the above-mentioned items we are going to tell you the best way to use them so you can level your Temtem up efficiently. But before that, there is a hard pill to swallow (well for some of you), it’s that you’re going to need a Temtem who is already maxed out to level 100 for this to work properly (preferably a Fire Koish).

However, if you don’t already have level 100 Temtem then we recommend that you stop reading for now and go and upgrade one of your Temtem to level 100 (preferably a Fire Koish) using the Learning Aid and Coward’s Blanket. But in case you do already have a level 100 then continue reading our Temtem Leveling guide.

Implementing Level Up Temtems

Temtem Best Way To Level Up Fire Koish
Fire Koish

Ok so after obtaining the Coward’s Blanket and Leaning Aid, you need to go to the Melee Shrine located at Chieftain’s Barrow. Once at the Melee Shrine, go into the tall grass where you will encounter a level 100 Broccolem.

Broccolem is melee Temtem and in order for this method to work you need to one-shot him. Also, sometimes there is a chance that 2 Broccolem might spawn instead of 1 so keep this in mind as well. And lastly, Broccolem only spawns at level 100 so now you know why the rest of this method only works if you already have a level 100 Temtem.

Like we said before, one-shotting the Broccolem is crucial for this method to work so lets you how to do that now. Ok, so you need a Fire Koish who is level 100 and also has a training value of level 100 in ATK. Lastly, you need to use Lava Wave on your Koish. Lava Wave has a synergy with water Temtem, which long story short means that you will be able to one-shot the Broccolems.

Also to make this method even more successful you can use the Mimit Temtem in contrast with your Fire Koish. Doing so will enable you to kill the Broccolem even faster consequently allowing you to make the process of leveling up even faster.

Well, there you have it, the best way to level up your Temtem. Now go and unlock all the evolutions you always wanted to unlock or simply level up your Temtem for competitive purposes. If you found our guide helpful then make sure to check out ourTemTem Tier List: BEST TemTems Ranked guide.

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