TemTem: 4 BEST Ways To Make Money

Our guide covers the best 4 ways you can use to earn money in TemTem.

TemTem is an MMORPG that is inspired by the Pokémon series, developed by Humble Bundle. You will find 160+ creatures in the game, and you need to capture the best TemTems. You need money to survive in the game, and there are various ways to earn this money. This guide will cover TemTem’s Best Ways To Make Money.

Key Highlights
  • The in-game currency in TemTem is called Pansuns, which can be seen in the bottom right corner of the inventory screen.
  • Pansuns are used to buy various items such as Balms, Revives, TemCards, breeding items, clothing, accessories, and medicines.
  • Medicines manipulate players’ stats in the battle and can only be bought using Pansuns.
  • The fastest way to make money in TemTem is by collaborating with the FreeTem Organization. The more TemTems you release, the more money you earn.
  • Defeating NPC Tamers can also earn you money, but there is a limited number of Tamers available.
  • Selling rare or in-game items can earn you money, but only a percentage of the item’s cost.
  • Playing the PvP mode can earn you money if you have a strong team.

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What Money Offers In TemTem?

pansuns in temtem
Money In TemTem

The in-game currency in TemTem is Pansuns. These Pansuns look like an orange star that can be seen on your inventory screen. The exact location of these Pansuns is in the bottom right corner. 

Where To Use TemTem

Players require Pansuns to keep their squad in the best position to fight. In order to buy the items, be it Balms, Revives, or TemCards, you need to have plenty of Pansuns to be able to afford these. You can also buy breeding items using these Pansuns to hatch the TemTem eggs.

The money can also be spent on buying clothing and accessories. Moreover, a variety of medicines are there to help players thrive in the battle, as they manipulate the players’ stats. The medicines are available in the game most of the time, but if you need to buy more of them, you will be spending your Pansuns. 

Fastest Ways To Make Money In TemTem

You will be able to make money by beating Tamers and Dojo Leaders, but there will come the point in the game when you run out of NPCs that you can kill. However, the need for having Pansuns will not be reduced at all, as you will have to buy the TemCards.

If you are also confused about the ways you can use to earn money in TemTem, we have got you covered in this guide. There is more than one way to earn Pansuns, but some ways are faster than others. We have discussed the Best 3 Ways to earn Pansuns in TemTem. 

Release Captured TemTem

best ways to earn temtem
Release Captured TemTem

There are various ways you can rely on to earn money in TemTem, but it is extremely important to go for the way that makes money faster. The best option to earn money in the game is to team up with FreeTem Organization.

Collaborating With FreeTem Organization

You can locate FreeTem Organization on Superior Omninesa, which is the north-central part of the island. Speaking to the clerk there will give you the option to free the TemTems instead of capturing them. 

You may find this counter-productive, but the method always works out in your favor. This is the most effective and easy method to earn Pansuns faster in the game. The higher the level of the TemTem released, the more money you will earn.

The amount of money earned will also be dependent on the rarity of your recently captured critter. It is normal to find this method to be a little dull, but it will get you the most amount of Pansuns you will earn in the game. 

You can repeat the process of releasing the TemTems again and again until you have enough Pansuns on hand. Not only this, but you will be rewarded weekly for releasing these TemTems.

Weekly Rewards For Releasing TemTems

You will receive the weekly rewards based on the specific number of TemTems you will release. The following table mentions a list of prizes you will receive for releasing TemTems.

Number of TemTems Freed Rewards Earned
180 Flat Top Hair Cosmetic
200 5x Silicon Shards
200 Vigor DNA Strand
215 Engineered DNA Strand
250 Mighty DNA Strand
250 Immunity DNA Strand

Pansuns Earned From Releasing TemTem

Releasing different TemTems help; you earn different amount of Pansuns depending on the level of TemTems. A table below mentions a few TemTems, their level, andPansuns earned by releasing them.

TemTems Level Pansuns Earned
Hidody 16 46
Kaku 16 46
Spriole 16 47
Loali 17 57
Babawa 20 87

You will be able to catch all the temtems listed above outside FreeTem except for Babawa. Your preference should be to catch Loali, as it has a relatively higher value. Another thing to remember here is that you will not get more Pascuns for releasing many temtems together. Instead, you will be rewarded with a bonus. 

Defeat NPC TemTem Tamers

money in temtem
Defeat NPC TemTem Tamers

Defeating NPC TemTem Tamers is another way to earn money in the game. You can simply fight with these Tamers and earn money after winning the game. Although the fights with these NPCs are optional, it is highly recommended to fight with every Tamer. 

You can backtrack from any fight any time you want and go back to the ones you missed. The only drawback of earning money using this method is that you will run out of these Tamers, and then you will be left with no option to earn money using this method.

A Tamer that you have already defeated will not be available again for the fight. This show that you only have a limited number of Tamers to fight with. A small tip here is to trace back your steps to find the TemTems you have missed. Encountering one tamer will help you earn over 100 to 200 Pansuns. 

Sell Items

The final method of earning money in the game is by selling items. There are a lot of in-game items in the TemTem that are rarely found. Selling these items will help you earn money.

However, you need to remember that getting these items is only possible if you fight the Tamers. Other items that you can sell in the game are the ones that you picked from TemTem’s island. Selling these island items can also be a great way to earn money.

You should make sure to sell only the unwanted items, not the ones that you will need later to get going in the game. Lastly, you will get only a percentage of what the cost of the item is, but most items prove very useful when sold. 

Play PvP Mode

Lastly, there is another method to earn Pansuns in the game, and it is a simple one. You can play the PvP mode of the game and earn money. The challenge here is that this mode is very difficult to play. However, you can win the battles by having a strong team of players.

Just try to make a winning team with the most powerful monsters, and it will help you continue to play the game after you complete the story. To make a strong team, you also need to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the TemTems. 


You need to be aware of the ways to earn money in TemTem, as you need it to buy items, increase character stats, and various other in-game activities. There are various ways you can use to earn money, including releasing captured TemTems, selling items, playing PvP modes, and defeating NPCs. We have covered all the steps in detail in this guide to help you earn money faster. 

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