16 BEST Temtem Tips & Tricks [Starter Guide]

A game like Temtem requires tons of Tips and tricks to become the Best Tamer.

Temtem has been in Early Acess since 2020, and recently it got released to the public. The game is available on different platforms. And what it means is that you’ll have tough competition in the game. To get above everyone else in Temtem, you’ll need to learn about the Tips and Tricks.

Key Highlights
  • The first choice of Temtem is between Crystile, Smazee, and Houchic; choose the one that you feel like using.
  • Keep your supplies stocked with Balms and Smoke Bombs for emergencies
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your currency, Pansum, and avoid buying unnecessary supplies. The main goal is to collect all 160 Temtems.
  • To upgrade storage, players must complete a side quest by talking to the Temdeck Manager on each of the islands, starting in Brical de Mar.
  • Players can use the Coward’s Cloak or the Coward’s Blanket to level up their Temtems without taking part in battles.
  • Combat in Temtem requires players to have a variety of Tems and knowledge of different types and matchups, so, keep an eye on your Temtem’s stats and stamina, to have an edge in battle.
  • Players should learn about their enemy’s stats and moves to better prepare for battles. Checking the logs after each battle is a helpful habit for players to become the ultimate trainer.

Tips And Tricks For Temtem

If you want to become the best Temtem breeder or the best master, then you’ll need to know the basics. But that’s not all, and even they won’t help you win fights or collect all of the Temtems. What you’ll to know is the best Tips and Tricks in Temtem.

These tips will help you understand how the game works or what its mechanics are. If you read through our guide, then you won’t be defeated easily in a battle. Or that the game won’t become boring at all. Because believe us, there are well over 160 Temtems that you can capture. And it won’t be easy to find them all.

The Real Choice

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be presented with 3 Temtems. You’ll have to choose one of them to start your journey. They will be Crystile, Smazee, and Houchic. If you’re wondering about their abilities, here’s what they are,

Crystile is of the Crystal class. It is strong against Mental and Electric types. But if you’re against Earth and Fire types, then it will be weak. It has strong defense stats, so it should be your priority if you want a tank Temtem.

While checking out the first 3 Temtems, Professor Konstantinos tells you that specific Temtem. It is helpful information if you don’t choose it, you can catch it there later on.

Smazee is a Melle temtem. You’ll find that it is fairly stronger against the Crystal and Earth type Temtems. But it is weaker when fighting against Mental and Digital types. It has decent strength and defense stats. As for its location, Temtem’s Professor will tell you that he won it in a pub in Lochburg.

The third choice, Houchic, is a Metal type Temtem. It will fare great against Melee and Neutral types. But if it is fighting against Crystal, it won’t be of much use. Houchic is great for players who want to hop into the fight and pack a punch, and then it is great for you.

It might be a hard decision for some of you players. And if you feel like you should research which one to choose, we believe that’s the wrong way to do it. Go with whichever you feel like using at that moment. Every choice is great here as they are all beginner-friendly Temtems.

Temtem choice tips and tricks.
First 3 Temtems To choose from.

Fill Up The Supplies

You’ll come across different shops while exploring the world of the Archipelago. These shops sell some great items that will definitely come in handy. Out of these, you want to make sure that you always are stocked up on Balms. Balms heal your injured Temtems and keep them longer in fights. If you talk to Aina, she will come to your home and heal you.

As for the Smoke Bombs, they are great if things turn south. They will transport you to your most recent safe spot. Or it can be handy if you just want to take a break from a tiring battle.

With that being said, keep an eye on your Pansum, the currency in Temtem, as money will be tight unless you’re specifically grinding for it. Make sure that you aren’t buying supplies that you won’t even use in the game. If you aren’t careful, you’ll run out of Pansum.

When that happens, don’t worry; just take a deep breath and hop onto our guide on Best Ways to Make Money in Temtem.

Gotta Catch ‘em All

Your main goal should be to collect all Temtems. Not only will it give you the satisfaction of having a collection, but you’ll also get different squad Synergies. These synergies will end up giving you an advantage in a battle (which can be powerful). If you have a few synergies, you’ll note that they end up as the reason for your victory or defeat.

Apart from that, collecting different Temtems will let you have a varied team. They will turn out to be helpful in Dojo Wars. Don’t worry if you don’t plan on using Temtems in your squad. If you capture them, you’ll get to check their strength and weakness. It will help you plan your strategy.

Upgrading Storage

If you want to breed the best Temtem types, then you’ll need to have tons of Temtems. Or if you’re not a breeder but want to collect all the Temtems available, then quickly find out that you don’t have enough storage. Don’t worry, your dream of becoming the best breeder or the Collector can still come true. But you’ll have to do a particular side quest.

For this side quest, you’ll have to go to each of the islands and talk to the Temdeck Manager. To start the quest, you’ll have to talk to the Temdeck Manager at Brical de Mar. However, it is a tedious quest but starts to reward as soon as you get into it. With each island you visit, your storage will progressively increase.

Leveling Up Your Temtems

There are two items in the game that increase the exp you’d get from battles in the game. The first one is Coward’s Cloak. And the next item is the Coward’s Blanket.

Coward’s Cloak allows the Temtem that has it equipped to gain exp without taking part in the battle. It is great for when your temtems are of a lower level, and you’re in a higher level region. That way, your Temtems can stay back while they get ‘passive’ exp.

You should always prioritize getting the Coward’s Blanket. Even though its name looks humiliating, it is the real deal. Coward’s Blanket lets the whole squad gain exp without taking any part in it. You can take a few lower-level Temtems and then use them to level them up.

Aside from that, there is the Learning Aid item. As the name suggests, it helps your Temtems learn faster and more efficiently. What it means is that the item will double the Exp your Temtems get. You can learn more about Leveling them up in our Best Ways to Level up Temtems guide.

Basics Of Combat

Temtem has a good combat system. Keep one thing in mind, behind every victory is practice, constant practice. And that is true with Temtem too. For Combat, here are our TemTem tips and Tricks that will work flawlessly.

Because the Combat that you’ll get to experience in Archipelago will be challenging, and if you want to win it, you’ll have to train your Tems. Although, you can’t just have one single type of Tem, as it will be defeated by its counter. You’ll need to have a variety of Tems available in your Arsenal.

Combat in Temtem.
Basic Tips and Tricks for combat.

Talking about the Variety, you’ll have to learn about the different types of Temtem available. You should know about their matchups as it will help you win the battles. Most players in such games believe the RNG factor will help them win almost all of the time. Temtem has no such concept, if you win, it’ll be because of you, your Tems, and the knowledge you have gained.

Keep An Eye On The Stats

As we’ve mentioned before, the game doesn’t have an RNG factor. You’ll have to ensure that you’re doing everything correctly. While you’re in the battle, keep an eye on your Tem’s stats. Make sure the necessary Status Conditions are in effect. Knowing what other Tems are carrying as gear can also help you out in the battle. 

One last thing, make sure you have enough Stamina before attacking the enemy Tems. Because if your Tems run out of stamina, they will be over-exhausted and will retreat. It will happen even if that Tem is full of health. That’s why in battle, you shouldn’t think twice if you need to switch a Tem.

Also, once the battle finishes up, you can recheck all your moves and what the enemy did using the logs. Making a habit of checking them will make you the Ultimate Trainer.

Look At The Enemy’s Stamina

As important as it is to keep an eye on your own Temtem’s stamina, it is equally important that you should check out your enemy’s too. If their Tems stamina is low, they can’t attack you in the next turn, and it will give you an edge.

To play with it, you’ll have to learn to swap out your Temtems whenever you can. Your Tems will always have enough stamina, whereas your enemy will be running dry.

Combat Stats.
Keep an eye on your and the enemy’s stats.

If you happen to come across Luma in the world of Archipelago, don’t go on and attack it if you want to tame it (which you’ll obviously want to) then here’s what you should do. Use the Status Condition that increases the chances of taming a Temtem. And then work on switching your Temtems to keep them alive. Next, you’d want to make sure that the Luma damages itself through overexertion. Then you’ll be able to tame it.

Know Your Enemy In Advance

If you’re in story mode, then you’ll have to go through all of the islands in the game. By progressing through each of these islands, you’ll be able to finish the story. These islands each have a specific set of Temtem types. If you’re able to exploit it, it will almost all of the time ensure that you come out victorious.

The starting island, Deniz, consists of Water and Wind Type temtems. If you use the Electric types against them, then the battles will be a lot easier. If you’re going through the islands in order of the story progression, here’s what they are

  • Deniz – It has the Water and Wind Type Temtems.
  • Omninesia – The island has Fire and Nature Temtems.
  • Tucma – At Tuckman, you’ll come across Crystal and Toxic Temtem types.
  • Kisiwa – You’ll find Earth and Neutral types at the Kisiwa Island.
  • Cipanku  – Here you can find Electric and Digital Temtems.
  • Arbury – Mental and Melee-type Temtems are found here.

Go In Adventures With Friends

You can complete the whole campaign mode of Temtem solo, all by yourself. But did you know that you can play the whole campaign mode with your friends in cooperative mode? That’s right, unlike many multiplayer games, you and your friend can play the whole story mode together. It gets much more interesting when you’ll find out that Temtem supports cross-play. If you’re on your PS5, your friends can play with you using their Nintendo, Xbox, or even computer.

The game lets you communicate with your friends or other players using chat or a variety of emotes. Apart from that, the game lets you access the friends list. There, you’ll find options to Trade with them, inspect, or even spectate them, among many options.

You and your friends can join any club of your choice. If you believe that your club has what it takes, then you can take part in the fruitful Dojo Wars. From there, you’ll get to control a Dojo.

The World Of Archipelago To Explore

The world of the Archipelago is huge. If you decide to stick with the campaign part of the story, then it’s totally fine. It is filled with an interesting story of Temtem. But we’d advise you to venture off from the beaten path and give a try to the new undiscovered areas. That’s where the real fun is. 

And if you’re a fan like us that loves to spend hours trying to learn the lore of the game, then you should do it because the lore of Temtem is interesting and fun. Also, visiting those different regions will help you complete Kudos (the name of Achievements in Temtem).

To make the exploration of the huge world easier, the game allows you to unlock a Mount when you reach Arbury. It makes exploring Archipelago’s world easier. With your mount, get onto exploring it. You’ll find several secrets, easter eggs, and many more. But for that, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled open.

Training Courses

If you properly explore the World of Archipelago, you’ll come across what is known as Training Courses. They all provide specific moves for your Temtems to learn. If the Temtem can learn it, then they can use infinite times. It isn’t something revolutionary, as Pokemon has the same concept. But there, they are known as TM.

To get training courses, you’ll have to go through any and all of the branching paths that you come across. Search each of them thoroughly, and you’ll easily find them all.

Look For Lumas

Although Lumas are a part of the late game of Temtem, we feel that you should know about them early on. For all Tamers in Temtem, Lumas are the ‘Ultimate Goal’. They are the Different colored versions of Tems that have at least three perfect stats. They have a Sparking color on them, so it feels great even owning them.

Luma Temtems.
A Luma Temtem is hard to find.

Lumas are fairly rare, but if you follow our strategies, you’ll be able to get your hands on a few early on.

When you’re in Tamer’s Paradise, the Endgame Island, you’ll be able to obtain Radars. Radars will give you a total of 300 encounters with a Temtem species as you progress, the bonuses to their SVs, and getting Luma chances to increase with each one of these. 

Apart from that, on Deniz Island, there is the Saipark. Each week, it features two different Tems that have better stats. If you visit it regularly, there’s a chance that you’ll come across a Luma there. Once you get your hands on a Luma, you can use the Luma Fertility to make other eggs. When you’re using a Luma to make eggs, the chances of hatching a Luma greatly increase.

Last but not least, in Tamer’s Paradise, there’s a challenge, ‘The Lair’. If you were to overcome this challenge, then the game would let you obtain eggs from a Temtem of your choice. The egg has a higher chance of hatching into a Luma.

That being said, although you are free to choose any one of the options to get Luma early on. But we recommend that you try each of these. That being said, if you can’t get a Luma with any of these methods, go easy on yourself. Getting a Luma is luck based in Temtem.

Different Playstyles

In Tamtam, you get to decide how you want to play. You can play PvE all the time if you want. We tried that, and to be honest, and we didn’t get any feeling of fulfillment or achievement. That’s where the PvP mode comes in, or as they like to call it, the Tamer vs Tamer combat system. In Tamer vs Tamer, the game has a lot of options to offer to the players.

For a start, you can always challenge your besties or in-game friends. These are friendly battles that you can have anywhere you want. If you are confident enough, then you should give a shot fighting against other players. These will be the ranked matches in the game. The placement matches in the game will inform you of your level compared to other players.

If you get a relatively higher level, then congratulations. But if your rank is in the lower levels, you’d want to get the best Temtems that you can find.

Do you feel that the ranked matches aren’t challenging? Then you can try the Weekly Tournaments. They are available for a limited time every week, join them and fight against foes. It is a great chance to prove your mastery to everyone in the game.

If you are a part of a club, then you should know about the Dojo Wars. That’s where the best of the best Clubs clash between themselves. It is a great opportunity to prove your clan’s competitiveness.

Expressing Yourself Using Different Methods

The next one isn’t one of the Tips and tricks, but this feature of Temtem made us include it in our list. So, here’s what it is.

When it comes to Temtem, players get endless customization options. What it means is that when the player build their character, they will have all the options to express themselves to their fellow players. Personalization includes choosing the preferred body type, different walking animations, clothes options (that can be dyed multiple times), and Pronouns.

Temtem character customization.
Different options to customize your character.

After the character customization, the game has several different Sprays to show off to your friends or foes. These Sprays can be of your Temtem or can describe your vibe. After that, you can select from a variety of different Temcard Seals.

Use these as they ensure that your Tems enter the battle with style. You’ll get a few Battle Outro animations as you’re playing through the game. They are perfect for making your victory even more rewarding.

The game lets you make your own House in the world of Temtem. If you complete the Housing quest, then you’ll get your own house in Atoll Row. Once you get it, the game will allow you to decorate it using different items.


When you finish the campaign of the game, you might wonder if the game ends here. But that’s not true, and it is just the beginning of the game. After the story ends, you’ll have tons of features waiting for you. There are repeatable and challenging activities like the Archtamers and Dojo challenges. 

Or, if you want to play with friends, there are co-op-friendly adventures such as the Digital Lairs and the Mythical Lairs. And when you get to the last Island in the world of Archipelago, that is the Tamer’s Paradise. There you’ll find different modes that will put you to the test. They are the best way to check your skills and brains.

Final Words

Temtem has a vast world that you will have to explore. In this world, there are tons of things to do. Some will be worth everything, whereas others will be for the 100% completion players. Whichever type of player you are, these tips and tricks will surely help your adventures in Temtem.

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