The Quarry All Clues Location [Chapter 1-10]

If you want to know The Quarry All Clues Location, then this guide is for you! They can be tricky to find, so let us help you!

From the developers of the well-known game Until Dawn, we’ve got a new horror adventure; The Quarry. The developer’s definitely did not fail to add enough spooky elements to keep you at the edge of your seat. On top of that, they’ve added various collectibles such as Clues, Evidence, and Tarot Cards. This guide will get you through The Quarry All Clues Location so you don’t miss out on a single collectible! There are 40 clues in total so sit back as we take you through the location of each and ever one of them.

Key Highlights
  • Clues in The Quarry game are collectible items that can be found throughout the game. They can include posters, trunks, broken cages, and more. 
  • Collecting all of these clues will allow players to gain a deeper understanding of the story and characters in the game.
  • Harum-Scarum Poster, Escapology Trunk, Broken Cage, and Bloodied Collar are clues that can be found in the prologue. Hunting Notice, Camp Plaque, and Camp Song Recordings are some clues from chapter 1.
  • Damaged Memorabilia, Lodge Renovation Plans, and Family Photo are some clues from chapter 2. No Swimming Sign and Old Camp Photo are some clues from chapter 3.
  • Box of Matches and Police Car keys are clues from chapter 4. Chapter 5 features Triggered Bear Trap and Letter to Camp Nurse. Chapter 6 includes the camper’s photos and spooky drawings.
  • Scrawled Limerick and Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast are clues from chapter 7. Chapter 8 includes Miner’s Lunchbox and Old Quarry Tools. 
  • Hunting Trophy Wall and Scrapyard Note are some clues from chapter 9. Chapter 10 includes inscribed jewellery and camp letters.

The Quarry Clues: Prologue 

There are a bunch of clues that can be found in the prologue. Make sure not to miss them as you cannot come back to them. Most of these clues will be found while Laura is exploring the woods.

Harum-Scarum Poster

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Harum Scarum Poster Clue

At the start of the “Investigate the Woods Objective,” you’ll be able to find a poster pinned to a tree. It’ll be on the right side of the main path that you walk down. In fact, it can be found right after you collect a Tarot Card as well.

Escapology Trunk

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Escapology Trunk Clue

The next clue can be found right after the Harum Scarum Poster. You’ll find a short path that goes toward your left. At the end of the path, you’ll find a discarded part of the show’s magic act; the Escapology Trunk.

Broken Cage

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Broken Cage Clue

After the Escapology Trunk, you want to get back on the main path. You’ll eventually reach a fork in the road and you want to take the path that takes you right. You will find a sign on the ground next to the broken cage of the Harum Scarum’s Sideshow, Silas the Dog Boy. Investigating the sign should get you the clue.

Bloodied Collar

The Quarrry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Bloodied Collar Clue

The Bloodied Collar is a clue that is automatically picked up. If you enter the storm shelter under the camp’s main building, you’ll find the collar on the floor. All you need to do is approach it.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, there will be 2 different characters that can find clues. These clues can span over multiple locations so ensure you’ve gotten all of them before moving on! Here are the characters and how many clues they can find:

  • Jacob – 2 clues
  • Abigail – 3 clues

Following are The Quarry all clue Locations in Chapter 1:

Hunting Notice

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Hunting Notice Clues

Kaitlyn will eventually tell Jacob to get the last of the bags. When she does that, check near the fence in front of the van, left of Kaitlyn. There will be a poster talking about the upcoming deer hunting season, just above the side fence.

Camp Plaque

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Camp Plaque Clue

When playing as Jacob, head up to the main Lodge entrance. It will be blocked but if you look to the left of the door, you will see the plaque. Interact with it before climbing through the window on the backside of the building.

Newspaper Headline Scrap

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Newspaper Headlines Scrap Clue

The game’s perspective will switch to Abigail. You’ll get the chance to explore the Camp Cabins and Emma will try breaking into Cabin Ten. Help her out and explore the cabin. Near the back, in the far right corner, you will find the Newspaper Headline Scrap. It will be on the ground beside a bed.

Camp Song Recording

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Camp Song Recording Clue

While you’re exploring the cabins, have a look at Cabin Eight. There will be a tape recorder below the stairs. Make sure to find it before talking to Emma and heading back to the lodge.

Information Signpost

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Information Signpost Clue

When playing as Abigail, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the circle of cabins that you can explore. In the middle of all of them, there will be a giant tree. Approach it and look towards the Information Signpost with arrows pointing to different world cities. If you inspect it, you will get the clue.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 introduces even more characters that can all find clues. Emma, Dylan, and Nick can find two clues each. However, Nick can only find clues in Chapter 2 if he and Abigail take the path through Shady Glade to rejoin the group and not Rocky Road. Rocky Road only has a Tarot Card. These are The Quarry all clues location in chapter 2

Damaged Memorabilia

The Quarry All Clues Location Chapter 2
The Quarry – Damaged Memorabilia Clue

When you enter the Camp Store, there will be a shelf directly in front of you. Head towards it and on the backside of the shelf, you’ll find the Damage Memorabilia.

Lodge Renovation Plans

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Lodge Renovation Plans Clue

You can find the Lodge Renovation Plans in the General Store. You’ll need to search the backroom of the General Store to find them. They’ll be on a shelf, right of the locked storeroom door. If you happened to break into the room beforehand with your shotgun, then you can find the plans on your left when you’re making your way back.

Family Photo

The Quarry All Clues Location Family Photo
The Quarry – Family Photo

There will be a part where Dylan and Ryan are in Chris Hackett’s offic. Look on the desk to find a Family Photo of Chris with his kids, Caleb and Kaylee.

Counselor’s Ledger

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Counselor’s Ledger

The next clue is in the same place as the Family Photo. After you’ve inspected the trapdoor in Chris’ office, Dylan will have a seat at the desk. You’ll get the option to check the drawers. The Ledger will be in one of the drawers and you’ll find it automatically as you play along.

Trail Camera

The Quarry All Clues Location Trail Camera
The Quarry – Trail Camera Clue

As mentioned earlier, when Nick and Abigail are on a walk, go back through the Shady Glade path. Take the path to the right to find a trail camera set up by Chris. It will be on a wooden pole on the opposite side of the grove.

Ranger Box

The Quarry All Clues Location Ranger Box
The Quarry – Ranger Box Clue

After getting the Trail Camera, you can find the Ranger Box in the same area, Shady Glade. Return to the path where you came from when getting the camera and head to the left path instead. When you get past the fence, you’ll come across a Ranger Box (on your right).

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 3

There are three total clues in Chapter 3. They all can be found by Jacob in the boathouse. You need to get all of them before returning to Emma. Following are The Quarry all clues location in chapter 3.

No Swimming Sign

No Swimming Sign Clue
The Quarry – No Swimming Sign Clue

The No Swimming Sign is the first clue that you can get right as you enter the Boathouse. It will be to Jacob’s left as soon as he enters. You will need to turn around to see it and can also be easily gotten when you’re heading back out to talk to Emma.

North Kill Gazette

North kill Gazette Clue
The Quarry – North kill Gazette Clue

Next to the steps, ahead and to the left of Jacob’s starting location, is a copy of the local newspaper.

Old Camp Photo

The Quarrry All Clues Location Chapter 3
The Quarry – Old Camp Photo Clue

When you’re on the far left side of the Boathouse, you’ll eventually have to go upstairs to get towels. But if you go to the far left wall on the first floor, you’ll find the Old Camp Photo on a wooden post surrounded by messily placed chairs. The photo will have the two Hackett brothers in it.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 4

There are two clues that can be found in chapter 4 when playing as Emma on the island. When Emma wonders which path to take, take the low road. Here are The Quarry all clues location in chapter 4.

Box of Matches

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Box of matches

When you’ve decided to stay on the ground, check for an abandoned campfire towards the end of the path. Next to it is a book of matches.

Police Car Keys

The Quarry All Clues Location Chapter 4
The Quarry – Police Car Keys

The Police Car Keys are one of those clues that are easy to miss. We recommend you get the Box of Matches first.

Once you’ve got the Box of Matches, don’t climb the ladder that leads up to the treehouse. Instead, you want to take the “high road” by going back to where you came from.

This will lead you through the boardwalk that will take you to the treehouse. Before going on, you can find the keys on the window sill. 

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 5

As Dylan, you can find two clues near the camp cabins. Additionally, if you missed any of the Abigail clues from chapter 1, you can find them here as well. With that said, let’s move on to The Quarry all clue locations in Chapter 5. 

Triggered Bear Trap

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Triggered Bear Trap

A short path can be found to the left of the pool house. There is a bear trap at the end that you can inspect for the clue.

Letter to Camp Nurse

Letter To Camp Nurse
The Quarry – Letter to Camp Nurse Clue

This Clue can be found lying on the ground between Cabins Three and Four.

You cannot find any clues during your encounter with the hunter when playing as Kaitlyn in the lodge. However, your actions there will determine whether you can get another clue or not later in the game. When Kaitlyn goes upstairs to spy on the hunter, there will be a QTE (quick time event). You want to succeed in the first one and then fail the second one. And then when the hunter picks up the table, shoot the table and not the hunter. Doing so will let Kaitlyn pick up the Ticket Stub in chapter 10.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 6

There are two characters that can find you clues in Chapter 6:

  • Abigail – two clues in the pool house.
  • Emma – one clue at the fire pit.

With that said, these are The Quarry all clue locations in chapter 6.

Campers Photo

The Quary All Clues Location Chapter 6
The Quarry – Campers Photo Clue

When playing as Abigail, in the main area of the Poolhouse, look in the corner to the left of where the entire group is sat. You will find a bulletin board on the wall with a picture of Ryan, Caleb, and Kaylee.

Spooky Drawing

Spooky Drawing Clue
The Quarry – Spooky Drawing Clue

When exiting the bathroom, turn left and follow the path. The path will lead you in the opposite corner of the pool house from the group. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find a single locker with a drawing by one of the campers.

Kid’s Letter Home

The Quary All Clues Location Kid's Letter Home
The Quarry – Kid’s Letter Home Clue

Check the tent when Emma returns to the fire pit before heading to the Lodge. In the pool house, you’ll find the other half of the piece of paper Abigail found.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 7

The Quarry All Clues Locations in Chapter 7 are found through Laura while she and max are in captivity. There are three clues in total.

Scrawled Limerick

Scrawled Limerick
The Quarry – Scrawled Limerick Clue

You’ll have plenty of chances to get this clue. It is a text that is carved into the right-hand wall of Laura’s cell when in captivity.

Charred Sheriff’s Badge

Charred Sheriffs Badge
The Quarry – Charred Sheriff’s Badge

Laura will get the chance to explore the station. You want to go upstairs and enter the second door where you’ll find the badge on your right inside the room. It’ll be on a cardboard box.

Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast

The Quarry All Clues Location
The Quarry – Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast Clue

When trying to access Travis’ computer, you will require a password. The hint will be that it is Travis’ birthday.

You’ll have to then go through the first door at the top of the stairs – leading to an empty room. You’ll find a birthday card on a bulletin to your right. Then, in the third room, you’ll find a calendar on your left as soon as you enter. If you inspect both of these items, Laura will be able to figure out that Travis’ birthday is July 7, 1965.

You can now use the birthday to log in to Travis’ computer.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 8

The Quarry All Clues location in chapter 8 can be found through Ryan and Laura. There are three clues in total.

Miner’s Lunchbox

The Quarry Miner's Lunchbox Clue
The Quarry – Miner’s Lunch Box Clue

Walk around the perimeter of the chamber to the far side of the pond after plunging into the water at the bottom of the quarry shaft. That’s where you’ll locate the lunchbox.

Old Quarry Tools

The Quarry Chapter 8 Clues
The Quarry – Old Quarry Tools

Look at the far left corner of the chamber from where you first dropped in before commencing the climb up the scaffolding. A pickaxe and a few other tools are stacked on the ground. They’ll be left to the stairs.

Rum Still

Rum Still Clue
The Quarry – Rum Still Clue

When playing as Ryan in the basement of the Hackett House, try looking for a room to the left. Inside the room, you should find old rusted Rum Still from the family’s bootlegging day. It can be found along the left side of the wall.

The Quarry Clues: Chapter 9

There are quite four clues in chapter 9, they can be found by Laura and Dylan.

  • Laura – two clues in Hackett House.
  • Dylan – two clues in the Scrapyard.

Here are The Quarry all clue locations in chapter 9.

Hunting Trophy Wall

Hunting Trophy Wall
The Quarry – Hunting Trophy Wall Clue

Look to the right as Laura enters the room with the piano. Inspect the bear skull on the wall amongst other animal heads.

Hackett Family Tree

Hackett Family Tree
The Quarry – Hackett Family Tree Clue

Go upstairs from the piano room (and the hunting trophy wall) to locate a mini-office. On the left-hand wall is a framed copy of the Hackett Family Tree.

Scrapyard Note

Scrapyard Note
The Quarry – Scrapyard Note Clue

When Dylan and Kaitlyn first arrive at the Scrapyard, walk all the way to the end and into the small building on the right. The green button on the table will allow you to enter the main area, but first walk upstairs. The Scrapyard Note may be found on the other corner of the chamber if you follow the trail all the way around. It’ll be on a table waiting for you.

Discarded Signage

The Quarry Discarded Signage
The Quarry – Discarded Signage

You’ll be able to spot signs from the Harum Scarum Show on the far side of the shipping containers in the main area of the Scrapyard. You can reach them using the open containers as tunnels or by simply using the stair to walk on top of the same containers.

There you will find a pile of old Discarded Signage, next to the large red shipping container. Look for the bright green color to spot it from the rest of the pile.

The Quarry Clues : Chapter 10

You’ve finally made it to the final chapter. Hopefully, you did not miss any of The Quarry all clues’ locations from the previous chapters. Over here there are five total clues that can be found before the final battle.

Chalkboard Doodle

Chalkboard Doodle Chapter 10
The Quarry – Chalkboard Doodle Clue

Go to the right side of the building after climbing the stairs to the second floor. This is the area in the far side of the lodge, the opposite end of the main door. Look for the doodle on the chalkboard in the classroom.

Inscribed Jewelry

Inscribed Jewelry
The Quarry – Inscribed Jewelry Clue

A set of stairs leading to the Lodge’s third floor can be found in the classroom. To find the Inscribed Jewelry, climb the stairs to find it near the couch.

Camp Letter

The Quarry All Clues Location Chapter 10
The Quarry – Camp Letter Clue

When you’re exploring the Lodge, look for the bedroom with the bunk beds on the second floor. The Camp Letter is found crumpled up on the ground next to the window.

Ticket Stub

Ticket Stub Chapter 10
The Quarry – Ticket Stub Clue

The Ticket Stub only appears if you followed the right steps during your QTE with the hunter (Bobby) earlier. To briefly highlight, you needed to succeed in the first QTE and mess up the second one by shooting the table.

If you did follow the actions correctly, then you can find the Ticket Stub at the top of the left-hand stairs that are the farthest from Kaitlyn’s starting position.

Ancestral Portrait

Ancestral Portrait Clue Chapter 10
The Quarry – Ancestral Portrait Clue

You can’t miss this clue as it is required to finish the game. The painting of Septimus Hackett hanging from the chimney can be seen from the second-floor landing. After inspecting it once, it will be added as a Clue and you will be given the option of starting Kaitlyn’s final battle. That is why you should keep this clue till the very end so that you can collect all other clues first.

With that, you now know all the clue locations in The Quarry. There are 40 in total and it can be tricky to get all of them. But through our guidance, we’re sure you’ll manage to get them all. Good luck!

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