The Quarry All Evidence Locations [Chapter 1-10]

The Quarry has different collectibles scattered throughout the game; the Quarry All Evidence Locations have been discussed in the game. Evidence is one of the important collectibles in the game, and they determine the game’s ending. We can also say that evidence determines whether your ending will be good or bad. You will find these collectibles as you progress through the game. Also, read our The Quarry Voice Actors guide and learn about the actors.

What Are Evidence Collectibles in The Quarry?

The Quarry has ten pieces of evidence that you can find in each chapter. They will assist you in painting a complete picture of the events in the game and will help to put together the last pieces of the puzzle. The next step is to know where these collectibles are found.

We have discussed the Quarry All Evidence Locations in our guide that will help you locate them way earlier than before. While you are at it, consider reading our guides on The Quarry Clues Locations and Card Locations

Important Decisions For All Evidence Locations

Before moving on to the exact location of evidence, there are a few decisions that you need to make. Some evidence can be collected in a single playthrough, and if you miss any, you can always collect them later.

However, we have also mentioned the decisions you need to make, as a few pieces are locked behind the right decisions. Make sure to collect them, as you will waste your time without making the right decision. After all, what is better than finding the collectibles in less time? Before reading further, why not give The Quarry Hard Pass Trophy guide a quick look. 

Decision in Chapter 1

You will be playing Jacob in the first chapter, and you will have a chance to sabotage the camp van. You should steal the rotor arm here if you want to collect Bloated Corpse later. However, if Jacob breaks the fuel line, you will not be able to collect Bloated Corpse in chapter 3.

Rotor arm in The Quarry
Decision in Chapter 1

Decision in Chapter 5

The evidence that you need to collect in Chapter 1 will also be available in Chapter 5. If you miss it in Chapter 1, collect it in Chapter 5. Empty Vial will not be available after Chapter 5.

The Quarry All Evidence Locations

We have mentioned the important decisions before mentioning the locations, so you can have an idea of where to make this decision. The locations of all evidence are given below.

Chapter 1 Empty Vial

You will find an empty Vial in the first chapter, and the location for the empty Vial is Camp Cabin. While you will be playing as Abigail, you will find a large tree in the center of the cabin circle. This tree will have a swing on it, and an empty Vial will be found near it filled with traces of pungent liquid.

empty vial evidence
Empty Vial

Chapter 2 Torn Bags

The location for Torn Bags is General Store. Emma and Jacob will go to the general store to find some food and water, and they will find a locked door here. They will break into a locked room at the back of the general store. Look at the right corner, and you will find the Torn Bags here.

Emma will search the room while Jacob will hold the door. You should inspect the room properly before leaving it. You will not be able to enter back again once Jacob stops holding the door. 

Evidence Location in The quarry
Torn Bags

Chapter 3 Bloated Corpse

Jacob should have removed the rotor arm in chapter 1. Now, Jacob will have two options to choose from, either swim with Emma in the lake to get back the rotor arm or save Abigail, whose scream Jacob heard. If Jacob chooses the first option, he will dive into the lake to get the rotor arm.

He will nearly die in the quick time event, but Bloated Corpse will be collected. You should be ready for this quick-time event, as Jacob will have to grab the rotor arm before it sinks. 

bloated corps the quarry evidence location
Bloated Corpse

Chapter 4 Attack Photo

The location for chapter 4 Attack Photo is Treehouse. Once Jacob and Emma reach the Treehouse, Emma will be given two options, either search the bags here or follow the sound she is hearing to investigate where it is coming from. You should opt for searching bags at this point.

Emma will find some clothes in the bag, and she will change from her bathers to these dry clothes. Right after it, she is attacked by a monster from the roof. She should snap the monster and be quick here. There is no chance that Emma is going to survive the encounter with the monster, so the best way is to snap it as evidence.

the quarry all evidence locations
Attack photo

Chapter 5 Claw Marks

To find claw marks, you will again have to go camping in cabins. This will not take too long, as you will just have to investigate the claw marks here. These claw marks will be seen at the extreme left by the door. You should investigate these marks before entering the radio hut. 

If you entered the Radio Hut in Chapter 1 as Abigail, you must have seen these claw marks where the crow was perched during chapter 1. This is how you get to the Evidence Location of chapter 5 in The Quarry.

claw marks in the quarry
Claw Marks

Chapter 6 Memory Card

Hackett Woods is the location for Memory Card. You will be playing as Jacob, and you should follow the wooden pathway to the island to find Emma. Keep moving along the path until you come across a large footprint. After discovering the footprint, you should go on the right path.

There you will find an old broken and dirty camera with a memory card in it on the floor. Jacob will remove the memory card to see if he can find anything interesting from this memory card. 

Memory card evidence location
Memory Card

Chapter 7 Cease and Desist Letter

The next location you have to go to is Sheriff’s Office. You will reach the police station as Laura and explore it. There will be the main office in the right corner of the station after moving up the stairs, and you will find a printer on the opposite side of the room. 

You will investigate this printer to see if you find something. You will find Cease and Desist Letter that provides instruction to the ones who are behind the podcast “Bizarre Yet Bonafide” to stop investigating Hackett’s Quarry. 

Letter location
Cease and Desist Letter

Chapter 8 Scarred Flesh

Move to the Quarry Mines to find evidence of Scarred Flesh. You will make your way through the abandoned mines after picking up the Lover Tarot Card. There will be a small cutscene of metal stairs collapsing. You will continue moving this path, and you will find the Scarred Flesh on the ground on the left. 

The exact location is a square-shaped catwalk with a pillar in the middle. The trick is to look for the pillar and then look to the left to find the scarred flesh.

The quarry all evidence locations
Scarred Flesh

Chapter 9 Kaylee’s Letter

The location for Kaylee‘s Letter is Hackett House. Once Ryan hides in the dumbwaiter, he will find himself in a bedroom. Continue exploring the room until you find a jewelry box near the windows on the far wall. The jewelry box will have a letter that Kaylee has written to her grandmother. 

letter evidence
Kaylee’s letter

Chapter 10 Trail Cam Footage

The last chapter’s location is Lodge Attic. After reaching the lodge, you will go upstairs. Enter the room and climb the stairs to reach the Attic. You will have to search Attic then. 

When searching the Attic that is on the far left of the lodge by a classroom, there will be a cardboard box that Kaitlyn will find. This box will have VHS tapes in it that have trail cam footage.

evidence locations
Trail Cam Footage


Evidence is not mandatory to find in The Quarry, but they help you build the complete picture of the story. You should find evidence, and we have provided the guide to collect them all in a single playthrough. Make sure to follow the important decisions mentioned in the guide about the Quarry All Evidence Locations, and you will be good to go. 

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