The Quarry: All Chapters Explanation

Our guide on The Quarry contains all the chapters you will go through in the game with a brief explanation of each of them.

Purpose of Chapters in The Quarry

Like many single-player narrative-style games, The Quarry is split into numerous chapters to maintain a thrill in the game. Remember that any choice you make in the chapters affects the storyline of the chapter ahead.

Key Highlights
  • The purpose of chapters in The Quarry is to maintain thrill and allow players to make choices that affect the storyline.
  • There are 12 chapters in total, and 10 chapters are story chapters. Rest involve epilogue and prologue
  • Players can replay a chapter, but doing so results in overwriting the current progress.

  1. Chapter One involves exploring the environment and making choices. Chapter Two involves raiding Hackett’s Quarry and playing Truth or Dare. Chapter Three involves Abi encountering the monster for the first time.
  2. Chapter Four involves navigating through the eerie environment and making choices wisely to avoid potential death while playing as Emma
  3. Chapter 5 involves getting Nick, Abi, and Kaitlyn safely out of the lodge and avoid the hunter, while Dylan and Ryan make their way to the radio station to get help and send an SOS. In Chapter Six, Jacob reunites with Emma, and the player must collect clues and Tarot Cards as the monster chases them. 
  4. Chapter Seven mainly focuses on Laura’s escape from prison and her story about the werewolves. Chapter Eight has Ryan and Laura hunting down Chris Hackett, who is revealed to be the werewolf behind all the events. 
  5. Chapter Nine has showdowns and decisions that will determine the fate of the characters. Chapter Ten is the finale, where the characters face the final showdown and try to escape. 
  6. The epilogue will depend on the choices made in the previous chapters and determine the ending for each of the nine playable characters.
chapters in the quarry
The Quarry’s visual

This gives players the authority to decide the outcome for themselves, as their choice will ultimately decide the fate of every character in The Quarry. Every chapter has its own choices, and it adds something to the main story depending upon the path you take. Make sure you take any decision wisely, or else the wrong choice you make in one chapter will affect you in the latter chapters of The Quarry.

How Many Chapters Are There In The Quarry?

There are 12 chapters in The Quarry. Ten chapters involve the actual story, while the rest of the two chapters involve an epilogue and prologue. Each chapter takes around 40 minutes to complete.

However, it might take more time if the players make the choices thoroughly with much reflection. The game itself will take seven to ten hours to complete if each chapter takes 40 minutes or an hour to complete.

How To Replay The Chapters in Quarry

The thing about Quarry is that you can not skip any chapter. However, you can make the duration of these chapters long or short depending upon the time you take to make the choices. 

When you’re done with all the chapters in The Quarry, you can visit the Chapter Select option and revisit the Chapter you like. You can even play the chapter again if you want to. But doing so will overwrite your current progress, and you will end with an entirely different outcome by replaying the Chapters. In this way, you can get to experience the different outcomes offered by The Quarry.

All Chapters In The Quarry

Below you will find all the chapters of The Quarry, along with a brief walkthrough to give you an idea of what The Quarry holds.


The Prologue sets the scene for the horror-filled adventure that you will be taking on in the game. You will see the main mystery of the game along with the game mechanics. In this part of the game, you will face your first QTE or Quick Time Event, where you would have to mash the action key or some other button repeatedly. Always keep an eye out for QTEs as they can come anytime in The Quarry.

prologue in the quarry
The journey begins

The Prologue will tell you about the main characters, Laura and Max, that seem to get lost while navigating the poorly lit roads. You will face your first choice here as you will have to either consult a map or a leaflet to find Hackett’s Quarry. Regardless of what you end up choosing, Max will get distracted and see a figure on the road ahead that will cause him to lose control of the vehicle and veer off into the woods. 

You will also face many interruptions, and after some events, you will finally reach Hackett’s Quarry. The Prologue will end after Max gets attacked by a strange creature, ultimately giving you a hint on what is next to come.

Chapter One: Hackett’s Quarry Forever

In the next chapter, you will find out the reason Laura and Max wanted to visit. The scene will be cut to the counselors named Jacob and Kaitlyn. After a conversation, you will play as Jacob. Now you will get to explore the environment in The Quarry as you investigate your surroundings in this chapter.

chapter 1
Making choices for the first time

Take your time in this chapter and look for the first clue. You will also get to interact with another character Ryan, as you look for the final bags. There is also a camp plaque clue nearby. The chapter also holds a Temperance Tarot card which you will find in the kitchen. After grabbing the bags, you will have to chat a bit more with Kaitlyn.

You will also get to explore cabins, where you’ll find your first piece of evidence. Due to Jacob messing with the car on purpose, the group will have to stay the night in the lodge.

Chapter Two: Truth Or Dare 

In the second chapter of The Quarry, you will raid Hackett’s Quarry in an attempt to get booze and other essentials for the bash planned by the group. Emma and Jacob will raid the store and grab some essentials. You will also experience your first jump scare here. 

truth or dare
A game of Truth and Dare

Emma will also stumble upon a shotgun that she will keep in order to be safe from the “bears” she heard a lot about. You will also see some fireworks that you can choose to leave or take. Your choice will ultimately unlock a new path called “Playing with Fire”. In this chapter, you will also learn about the combat system in the Quarry. The chapter will end on the scene where the group plays Truth or Dare.

Chapter Three: Trouble in Paradise 

The Truth or Dare session will not end well, and things will start to go downhill here. In chapter three, you will take on the role of Abi, and she will be on the Shady Grove path. You need to find the main path through the clearing. There will be many clues here as well as Tarot Cards lying around.

chapter 3
Facing the monster for the first time

You will also have your first encounter with the monster here. Abi will also be given a choice that will determine the future events. Jacob will also encounter some hunters in the chapter. When you visit the Fortune Teller, instead of reading fortune like in the previous chapters, she will make you choose between two cards.

Chapter Four: Don’t Panic

Now the group will start to realize that they have bigger problems to face than the bears in the forest. One of the group members would get infected due to the bite of an unknown entity. The chapter brings potential death too. One wrong choice, and you might end up losing a character here. There would be two combat scenarios here, so prepare yourself for that.

chapter 4
Exploring as Emma

From here, the outcome of the story will be determined. With another QTE and some Tarot Card findings, the scene will cut down to Emma. You will see her vlogging while exploring the eerie environment.

The scene is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. You will also get chased while playing as Emma. There can be a potential death here if you don’t make choices wisely.

The chapter will wrap up when the chase ends, and Emma goes back safely. After this, you will have another session with the Fortune Teller before moving on to the next chapter.

Chapter Five: White Noise

After the scary encounter with the horrifying monster, you will have more problems ahead of you. Nick, Abi, and Kaitlyn will be in the lodge as Nick tries to recover from the infection. Kaitlyn will also get to confront the hunter in the scene. Your goal is to get the three of them safely out of the lodge and avoid the hunter.

chapter 5
Dodging the hunter’s attacks

On the other hand, Dylan and Ryan will make their way to the radio station in an attempt to get help. Through an SOS, he will manage to send out a message for help. You will encounter the monster here, so keep an eye out for him. 

You will make some very hard choices in chapter 5 that will turn the story’s direction. Now the chapter will end after another session with the Fortune Teller.

Chapter Six: Prayers By Night

In chapter six, we will see Jacob reuniting with Emma, and you will also get SD Card Evidence here. A little further ahead, you will get the Tarot Card as well. The monster will also chase them as they make their way through the forest.

It’s definitely one of the scariest moments in The Quarry as we get to see the monster very aggressive as it tries to hunt Jacob and Emma down.

With life-threatening choices to make, the chapter gets on more difficult as we move ahead. On the other hand, we see the rest of the group facing the effects of infections.

chapter 6
The monster is chasing Jacob.

Collect all the clues as you take on the role of Abi in the Pool House. You will also find a Tarot Card, so make sure to do thorough searching. If you thought that fighting monsters was the only terrible thing that could happen, beware as you will see the characters turning into one. On the other hand, you will explore Emma as she makes her way back to the lodge. On your way, make sure to get all the collectibles to unlock trophies in the end.

We hope you haven’t forgotten about the couple we met in the Prologue earlier because they will debut again in this chapter.

Chapter Seven: The Past Behind Us

The Chapter seven is definitely the climax as there will be a huge reveal here. We will get to know the difficulties that Laura had to face as she got locked up. Collect clues and Tarot Cards here as you make choices that can potentially change the whole course of the story.

chapter 7 of the quarry
Finding Clues

As Laura tells the story to the gang, she convinces them that they are being attacked by werewolves which Ryan won’t seem to buy. Laura goes on to tell her escape story from prison. As you take on the role of Laura, you will get to explore the prison and collect Tarot Cards. It will be revealed that Chris Hackett was the werewolf that bit Max and is behind all this mess.

Back in the present as Laura explains everything in detail about how she went to find Chris but landed here. Want to know who voices Laura? See our article on The Quarry Voice Actors for that!

Chapter Eight: The Belly Of The Beast

Ryan being Chris’s favorite counselor, doesn’t seem to be on par with Laura’s story. But Laura is stern about her decision to end Chris for good. After she knows where he lives, she sets out to hunt him down with Ryan accompanying her in order to prove Chris’s innocence.

chapter 8
Finding Tarot Cards in the Quarry

On reaching the Hackett Estate, Laura will feel herself getting transformed into a werewolf as a result of Max’s bite. They make their way through the manor exploring tunnels and cellars. Back in the lodge, the trio of Kaitlyn, Abi, and Dylan find Emma. There could be two scenarios here that we will leave the fans to explore.

Ryan, on the other hand, will find Jacob and will have to make the ultimate decision to help him or leave him. There would be puzzles to solve, after which the chapter would end. Don’t leave anything behind, or you will miss out on all the trophies such as the hard pass trophy in The Quarry.

Chapter Nine: The Matriarch

After chapter eight, you will be more or less aware of what you have to do next. Chapter nine will make you take a firm decision that will determine the fate of the characters. The most important chapter in The Quarry is definitely chapter nine, as the choices we’ve made before will now come as consequences in front of us.

the quarry chapter 9
Don’t miss out on any clues!

Chapter nine involves a lot of showdowns, and the first will happen in the Scrapyard. Dylan and Laura will have a conversation while they make their way through the forest. We will also scene a cutscene of Emma and Abi at this point. 

After this, we will shift to Laura and Ryan and see the Hackett family assembles. They will try to attack Laura and Ryan. Your job is to survive and make the right choices. The chapter will end as we see both of them trying to escape.

Chapter Ten: Bricks and Mortar

We will see everything being put to an end as we approach the finale. The chapter will start with Max sitting near a campsite. On going towards the docks, a cutscene will get triggered, and you will have to either stay or swim to the shore. Now we will see Kaitlyn and Dylan, who would have to face a werewolf. A chase will begin with a lot of QTEs coming your way, so be prepared.

chapter 10 of the quarry
Ending it once and for all

Then we will see Laura, Ryan, and Travis in a car. A werewolf will attack you after a few moments, which will trigger another QTE. Now you will make your way towards the end of the game. What happens next? Find out yourself by playing The Quarry!


Whatever choices you make in the chapters will ultimately determine the ending you get. The character endings of each counselor will vary in the end. Not all of them will be able to survive in the end. And if you don’t pay much attention, there is a chance that no one will.

All of the nine playable characters will have different endings. They could be alive, infected, or dead. Abi is the only character that won’t get infected regardless of the choices you make. There are 186 different endings, as claimed by the developers. So you can play the game as much as you like with different choices to see where it leads.

This concludes our guide on all the chapters in The Quarry and a brief description of each of them to give you an outlook on the horrors that the game holds.


The spiritual successor to Until Dawn and Dark Pictures Anthology, The Quarry is another classical horror game similar whose story is similar to Friday the 13th. The Quarry has a lot to offer; from finding clues to locating evidence and learning the rewind system to revive dead characters, the game has an exciting journey for you to take on. In different chapters of the game, you will come across various tarot cards in The Quarry to help you find clues. 

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