The Quarry Rewind: How To Unlock, Use & Save Others

Your choices in The Quarry influence characters and their deaths but you can revive them with the Rewind system so let's see how to do it.

Most characters in The Quarry represent an integral element and role in its gameplay. They are the main driving force of the narrative, and your choices can affect them and their demise too. However, you can learn how to use the Rewind System of The Quarry and save them from their deaths.

There are a total of 9 playable characters in The Quarry. They can be potentially killed off in the story in several unique ways. It is where the rewind system can be a life-saver for your favorite characters of The Quarry.

Key Highlights
  • The Quarry features a death rewind system that allows players to revert choices and resurrect characters in crucial parts of the story.
  • The rewind system can be unlocked by buying the Deluxe Edition content or by completing the first playthrough of the game.
  • Using the rewind system changes the story and puts the player back where each character died.
  • The Death rewind feature allows players to revive characters in The Quarry with a total of three lives.
  • The rewind system can be accessed from the main menu under the accessibility screen.
  • There are restrictions to the death rewind system, including potential game-breaking rules that can cause frustration and loss of progress.
  • The death rewind system has divided opinions among the game’s community.

What is The Rewind System in The Quarry

The Quarry Rewind
The death rewind system can be unlocked and accessed in a couple of unconventional ways.

The rewind system is incredibly useful to use in during your time with the game. During the most crucial parts of the story, there will be several points where these nine main characters can die. The game’s mechanic allows you to revert your choices and resurrect them without any additional worries to notice.

Although your only cause for concern might be the limited chances of using this Rewind system in-game. Players should mainly be focused on the fact that using these rewind changes will put them back in the story depending on where and how specifically each character died. So you should be prepared for that change.

We will briefly go over conditions and some warnings before you proceed to revive these characters. You should just know that reviving them reinsures more attempts to get scenarios or encounters in the story of them.

Players will notice that the game features a variety of choices that may or may not impact its overall narrative. These choices will modify each character’s personality traits in both positive and negative ways.

So the rewind system is a completely new mechanic by Supermassive games. It was not present before in their previously released games. It is quite a welcomed addition by fans of these types of games where you may regret your choices or actions.

How to Unlock the Rewind System in The Quarry

Deluxe Content The Quarry
One of the ways to unlock death rewind in The Quarry is by virtually buying the deluxe content DLC.

Now that we discussed the mechanic in short detail let’s see how you can unlock and rewind deaths in The Quarry with this system. There are relatively two methods to unlock the feature so let’s look at each one.

The 1st method might seem unconventional, but it allows you to unlock and access the rewind mechanic instantly. Players will need to buy or upgrade to The Deluxe Edition content of the game. The method will let you acquire a rewind system as soon as you boot up the game, as well as unlock extra features like Movie Mode.

However, the given frustration of having these kinds of features locked behind some paywall is understandable. It is still a viable way for people who are willing to spend extra cash on these features so they can easily use them. There is not too much backlash on the method as the next one is a fairly standard and surefire way to unlock it.

The 2nd method Involves you completing your First Playthrough of The Quarry to be able to unlock and use the Death Rewind system. The procedure is pretty self-explanatory given that it is the kind of game best played in a manner where you don’t have prior knowledge of anything about its narrative or spoilers.

Whichever way you might unlock it, the rewind system can be later accessed through the main menu. Once the mechanic has been unlocked, it can be enabled by going to Options and then under the accessibility screen. You will notice it working once a character may die, and it will ask you to “Retry” with the lives displayed.

The Conditions of the Death Rewind System

The Death rewind feature is an excellent tool for a game where repeated playthroughs are essential to see everything that it may or may not offer to you. Some players have felt that locking the feature might have been unfair to its player base. We encourage you to play the game completely blind for the optimal way to enjoy it.

However, there are some slight conditions that you need to be informed about before you jump into the game. First of all, The Quarry applies the rule of you having only three lives to use to be able to revive characters.

At first glance, this might seem sufficient enough for you. Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that these are the total amount of lives for your entire playthrough. Which honestly might seem jarring for newer players.

You will want to make most of your actions and choices count for every single encounter of the game. Preferably you will want to use the death rewind system to revive your favorite characters in case they may die.

The death rewind is not your typical “Get out of Jail” free pass which can be infinitely used in a time. You will have to live with certain choices and actions that you make throughout your experience of The Quarry.

Choosing the “Use a Life” option will take you back to the instance of their death. So we highly recommend you keep these conditions in consideration when first attempting to resurrect a character.

Restrictions of The Rewind System

Unfortunately, the death rewind aspect is not a perfect mechanic to exist in The Quarry. It has certain implications that sometimes break the game immersion for some players. Most of the game’s community has divided opinions on the matter. Regardless of which, the feature has some minor restrictions to keep in mind.

Most Importantly, this rewind system has some game-breaking rules to revive your characters. There will be certain times during beginning sections where resurrections will take you back to the choice made before eventual character deaths.

However, later on, that would not seem to be the case since death rewind will make larger gaps to fulfill requirements for resurrecting people. According to one user on Reddit, they had chosen to revive a character at the very end of their playthrough only to be put back to the earliest parts of the game.

It completely derails any motivation of the player and their desire to continue their playthrough. Since each subsequent playthrough lasts for about 8-10 hours, so losing progress like that is incredibly disorienting to see.

It is unclear whether Supermassive will address the issue later on as they release patches and updates to its game in the future. So with that, you have been warned of these restrictions that might cause frustration.

This concludes our guide on the death rewind system of The Quarry. The game is out now for last-gen consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It is also released for next-gen consoles, including PC, on SteamIf you have any further questions related to our guide, let us know in the comments below!

The Quarry is the latest interactive game in the Horror/Thriller Genre. It was developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K studios. They are also the creators of the acclaimed Dark Pictures Anthology series. Since the game is also based on a Teen Slasher Drama, The Quarry is a spiritual successor to PlayStation’s exclusive, Until Dawn.

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