Thymesia: All Endings & How To Get Them

This guide contains all of the possible endings in Thymesia, the Cores combinations for each ending, and their results

The fast-paced grueling action RPG with intricate plague weapon system game. You get to play with a mysterious character with the code name: Corvus in a Kingdom where death spreads easily. Thymesia has multiple possible endings, and here we have listed them all.

Key Takeaways
  • In Thymesia’s world of Hermes Kingdom, there are eight bosses to fight, but only four are needed to complete the main quests.
  • Each boss drops a unique item called a Core after being defeated, except for the final boss.
  • After defeating the final boss, players can combine any two cores to witness one of four possible endings.
  • There are three types of cores: Vile Blood, Fused, and Pure Blood.
  • NPCs in the game, Emerald and Aisemy, can provide information on cores and their uses.
  • The four possible endings are:
    • Chaotic Power (bad ending).
    • Blessing of Vile Blood (regular ending).
    • Hermes’ Answer (regular ending).
    • Assuage (good ending).
  • The Chaotic Power ending can be achieved by combining Fused or Corrupted Core with Pure Blood Core, or by combining specific boss cores.
  • The Blessing of Vile Blood ending can be achieved by combining Vile Blood cores to purify the Hermes Answer, but results in the player character becoming a murderer and a worse villain than previous bosses.

The main objective is to seek the truth by channeling your own memories, killing the enemies, and wielding the power of the disease. The game does not require long playing sessions to complete the game if you only focus on the main quests. In order to play all the possible endings, you will need to complete all the main story and side quests of every level.

For all the ending, you will be spending more time playing Thymesia. Moreover, you will also witness some endings that you may not like and some that will make you love the game. This guide on all endings of Thymesia contains spoilers, including the final boss. So, read at your own risk if you have not completed the game.

Ways of Getting All Endings in Thymesia

Thymesia: Ways of Getting All Endings
How to Get All Endings

In Thymesia’s world of Hermes Kingdom, you will come across a total of eight bosses. Among them, you only need to fight four bosses if your focus is to complete the game quickly by doing main quests. Apart from the final boss, all bosses drop a unique, essential item known as core in the game after you defeat them.

However, after defeating the final boss, you have the option of combining any two cores. Once you combine the two selected cores, you get to witness one of the four possible endings. Moreover, there are three different types of cores, and they are:

  • Vile Blood
    • Odur: The first boss.
    • The Sound of the Abyss: The second Royal Garden sub-quest.
    • Fool’s God: The third Sea of Trees sub-quest.
  • Fused
    • The Hanged Queen: The second story boss.
    • Mutated Odur: The final Sea of Trees sub-quest boss.
  • Pure Blood
    • Varg: The third story boss.
    • Urd: The Boss of the first Hermes Fortress sub-quest.

If you want to learn more about cores, don’t worry. An NPC who is hidden in various levels called Emerald and the inhabitant of Philospher’s Hill, who is a princess named Aisemy, will tell you about cores in the game.

The information they provide will be helpful for you in deciding which cores to combine for a special concoction to cure, create Hermes’ Answer, expand, or assuage the disease plaguing the Hermes Kingdom.

Thymesia All Endings

Thymesia: Core Options
Choosing Cores in Thymesia

There are a total of four possible endings in Thymesia, and among them, one is a bad ending, one is a good ending, and two are regular endings.

Chaotic Power: The Bad Ending

Chaotic Power The Bad Ending
The Bad Ending: Chaotic Power

You can get the Chaotic Power ending by combining the Fused Core or Corrupted Core with the Pure Blood Core. However, the ending will ravage the Kingdom, causing some people to become monsters, some to be cured of the disease, and transforming the remaining into grotesque: half-human and half-beast hybrids.

You can also use the following Core combinations to get the Chaotic Power ending:

  • Mutuated Odur’s Core + Odur’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core + Odur’s Core
  • Varg’s Core + Odur’s Core
  • Urd’s Core + Odur’s Core
  • Mutuated Odur’s Core + Fool’s God’s Core
  • Varg’s Core + Fool’s God’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core + Fool’s God’s Core
  • Urd’s Core + Fool’s God’s Core
  • Sound of the Abyss’ Core + Mutuated Odur’s Core
  • Varg’s Core + Mutuated Odur’s Core 
  • Urd’s Core + Mutuated Odur’s Core
  • Varg’s Core + The Hanged Queen’s Core
  • Sound of the Abyss’ Core + The Hanged Queen’s Core
  • Urd’s Core + The Hanged Queen’s Core
  • Varg’s Core + Sound of the Abyss’ Core
  • Urd’s Core + Sound of the Abyss’ Core

Blessing of Vile Blood: First Regular Ending

Blessing of Vile
First Regular Ending: Blessing of Vile Blood

If you combine both the Vile Blood Cores to purify the Hermes Answer. Then the Kingdom will find itself free of the plague due to the cure. However, the cure here means that more of humanity will be lost, and they will transform into even worse monsters than there were before.

You will see that Corvus: the player character himself, will get corrupted and become a murderer due to the Vile Blood. Moreover, he will become a villain far worse than all the bosses he fought earlier in the game, making this Thymesia’s second bad ending.

You can also use the following Core combinations to get the Blessing of Vile Blood ending:

  • Fool’s God’s Core + Odur’s Core
  • Sound of the Abyss’ Core + Odur’s Core
  • Fool’s God’s Core + Sound of the Abyss’ Core

Blessing of Pure Blood: Second Regular Ending

Blessing of Pure Blood
Second Regular Ending Blessing of Pure Blood

Combining the Urd Core with the Varg Core will result in a healthy cure for the plague. However, the cure will not turn the Kingdom into a better place. Rather, it will condemn the people to live in paranoia and power mongering. The men will simply replace the monsters.

Power of Cleansing: The Good Ending

Thymesia All Endings: Power of Cleansing
The Good Ending: Power of Cleansing

When you speak to Emerald regarding cores, he reveals Vile and Pure Blood is not inherently evil. Rather, they are meant to be formed together in order to make a larger and more complete whole. Therefore, after you face the final boss and combine the Mutuated Odur’s Core with The Hanged Queen’s Core, then not only will Corvus spread the resultant mixture all across the Kingdom, but he will also add more to it.

He will use his memory as an ingredient while trying to prove that the problem was alchemy as a whole. However, it is not like the plague wipes out completely; rather, it still is existent. The Hermes Kingdom citizens, however, have the ability to make their own decisions on whether they want to deal with the plague without seeking eldritch sources for miracles or not.


These are all the endings in Thymesia, and you might not be able to access some if you have not completed all the quests. The game does not require a lot of time, so we recommend you complete all the quests. Gain first-hand experience with all these endings if you haven’t.

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