Thymesia Corvus: Best Strategy To Defeat Boss

This guide contains information about Corvus who is the main character in Thymesia along with his talents and the final fight

Thymesia is a fast-paced grueling action RPG game that has an intricate plague weapon system game. You get to play with a mysterious character in Thymesia named Corvus, who is battling with his own memories. If you are new to the game, consider reading our 15 BEST Thymesia Tips And Tricks guide to getting a head start. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, consider checking out our Review on Thymesia.

Key Takeaways
  • Thymesia is a game featuring Corvus as the main character.
  • To gain the upper hand in fights, Corvus can use parrying abilities and dodges, as well as throwable raven features to block larger foes.
  • Corvus gains access to talent points as he levels up, allowing players to customize his build.
  • Luck is an important talent that increases the drop rate of items from enemies, making it easier to level up plague weapons.
  • Plague Weapon Level 2 allows Corvus to carry a second plague weapon and switch between them during combat.
  • Long Dodge is a talent that allows for a longer dodge distance and grants a defensive buff when used successfully.
  • Healing Execution Level 2 is a talent that allows Corvus to heal when executing dazed enemies.

Who Is Corvus In Thymesia?

Thymesia: Corvus The Main Character
Corvus, The Main Character

Thymesia begins by putting you in the shoes of the main character, Corvus. Corvus’ job is to cleanse his homeland, the Kingdom of Hermes, which is plagued with no cure yet. Corvus will need to fight against a total of eight bosses if you also plan on completing the main story and side quests.

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The fights against different bosses will help Corvus in getting all the Cores in Thymesia. To make the battles against the bosses easy, you will definitely need the 10 BEST Thymesia Weapons to fight efficiently.

However, if you want to save time and focus only on main quests, then you will have to fight against four bosses. The downside of focusing on main quests only is that it will narrow down the possible endings that you can do in Thymesia. If you are curious about multiple endings, read our Thymesia All Endings & How To Get Them guide.

Since the citizens in the Kingdom of Hermes are turned into feral monsters, Corvus is the only hope due to his groundbreaking past in alchemy science. He used to ward off the plague and cure the inhabitants of the Kingdom. However, due to the rulers’ excessive pride, the alchemy was abused and turned out to cause the very thing it was meant to stop from happening.

Things would be easier in Thymesia if Corvus was not battling against his own psyche. He suffers from amnesia which makes the process of finding the cure for the plague more difficult. Many answers lie in Corvus’ memory, but he is unable to access it for some reason. You will find him struggling from it, but the more he unlocks his memories, the closer he gets to the cure.

Corvus, like other people in the Kingdom of Hermes, is a vulnerable man, but he has some special abilities. To gain the upper hand in any fight, he will need to use parrying abilities and dodges as well. Corvus can also use throwable raven features in order to block the larger foes.

Best Talents For Corvus

Thymesia: Best Talents for Corvus
Best Talents to Get for Corvus

Thymesia mainly focuses on reactive and super-fast combats. While playing Corvus, you will level up as your journey continues, and you will be able to make changes in his build. Once Corvus increases his base skills such as strength, plague, and stamina, he starts gaining access to talent points.

You will find memory shards throughout each level which will allow you to put points into a stat, giving you a single point till level 24. In Thymesia, you will find a lot of talents for Corvus. However, there are some talents that you should consider essential. We recommend you obtain those talents as early as possible in the game. For more details, consider reading the 24 BEST Thymesia Talents guide.


Thymesia: Luck for Corvus
Thymesia Talent: Luck

It is the talent that you should prioritize first for Corvus. It is located in the strategies tab of the Talent’s menu. Luck will help Corvus in leveling up his plague weapons by increasing the item drop rates from the enemies. You will find the Luck talent useful when you are against level 5 enemies with a plague weapon, and they drop an extended action.

The plague weapons that you get in the earlier part of the game, such as ax and knife, will find the extended actions very useful. They will help you throughout the game and level your personal favorites more effectively.

Plague Weapon Level 2

Plague Weapon Level 2
Thymesia Talent: Plague Weapon Level 2

In Thymesia, you will find the plague weapons to play a vital role. In the early stages, Corvus is only allowed to have one plague weapon while learning how to wield them. You will find the Plague Weapon Level 2 talent in the strategies section, and it is the upgrade option of the plague weapon.

The upgrade allows Corvus to carry a second plague weapon. You can easily switch weapons during the fight which will give less time to your opponents to react in the fast-paced combat. We recommend you get this talent as soon as possible so that you can play the game aggressively and effectively.

Long Dodge

Thymesia: Long Dodge Talent
Thymesia Talent: Long Dodge

Dodging is one of the essential skills in Thymesia. As you keep progressing, the bosses will fight smartly, and they will predict your next move. Once you upgrade the basic dodge, you will get two paths as an option while dodging. One is a short dodge, and one is a long dodge; the latter is considered more useful.

When you use the long dodge successfully, it grants you a defensive buff. Among the two buffs Corvus has, the defensive buff is hard to come, and the long dodge makes it easier for you. The buff can be stacked up to 5 and give a 2% bonus to damage resistance and attack power.

Healing Execution Level 2

Healing Execution Level 2
Thymesia Talent: Healing Execution Level 2

Corvus has an execution ability that he can use to kill the enemies that are dazed. Upgrading the talent twice in Thymesia will grant Corvus the ability of healing execution, which will help him keep going while exploring new levels. Killing a basic enemy using the healing execution will grant him 50 hp per execution.

The talent will definitely come in handy when you are up against a series of enemies, as you will be regaining health quickly. Apart from the basic enemies, killing mini-bosses and elite enemies will grant you 80 hp per kill. Killing a level boss will grant you a total of 100 hp once you execute them. The potions in Thymesia are limited, so using the healing execution will save you from the extra effort.

Saber Attacks Level 2

Saber Attacks Level 2
Thymesia Talent: Saber Attacks Level 2

Level 2 of the Saber attacks is crucial for Corvus. It enhances other talents of the Saber category and upgrades your basic saber combo from a mere 3 to 5 hits. If you are using the saber attack through a sharp or energized weapon, the extra two hits will result in deadly damage received by the enemy.

After the saber attack upgrade, the other branches depend more on your personal preference, but it is a must-have in your talents upgrading list.

Final Boss Of Thymesia

Thymesia: Final Fight of Corvus
Corvus’ Final Boss Fight

Once you have faced seven bosses, it is time for you to meet the final boss. Although, before we get ahead, this section contains spoilers. So, if you have not reached the final boss, read it at your own risk.

The ultimate and final challenge is with none other than Corvus himself. The final boss: Corvus, is far more difficult than any boss you fought previously. To overcome him, you will need to put in everything to reach the end.

Now the issue is that boss Corvus and the main character Corvus is the same. They think the same, and so they know each other’s moves. Although, since the main character Corvus does not have complete access to his memories, the boss Corvus is hard to deal with. The boss knows better than you, and he can trick you without you even realizing it. If you make a wrong move and expose yourself, he will not hesitate to slay you right away.

You might consider the boss Corvus to be an embodiment of you. All of his special moves, basic attack patterns, and movement are identical to yours. However, he is stronger and can take you out in a combo. He will not be pulling any punches in the fight; he got two phases and plenty of health.

Attacking Pattern Of Corvus

Previous bosses were easier; if you could not defeat them in a couple of tries, you would learn their attack patterns. However, Corvus has more attacks in Thymesia than any other boss. He has more combos and basic attacks than the last two bosses combined.

To understand his attacking pattern it will take you quite some time and rematches. Therefore, we have listed down all his attacks with explanations along with the techniques with which you can counter them.

Feather Dash

Corvus will throw a feather, after which he will dash straight at you while unleashing a sweep attack. To counter it, you have two options. The first one is when you see that Corvus is preparing himself to throw the Corvus, you do the same but before him.

You can first deflect the feather, prepare yourself for his incoming dash and then simply deflect his sweep attempt. The second method is quite difficult, but if you manage to pull it out, you will get the reward easily. It is to punish Corvus immediately.

6-Hit Combo

It is the combo you possess, and Corvus strikes it out six times. Each blow of the 6-hit combo deals serious damage to you. Moreover, the third and the sixth blow does even more damage. The good thing about the combo is that you have used it multiple times since the start, so you are well aware of the timing.

In Thymesia, there are slight delays in the first three attacks of Corvus. However, you will need to press the deflect button rapidly during his fourth and fifth attacks. The last attack is delayed, and if your timing is right, you will easily block the deadly attempt.

Dash Attack Combo

He might use the Dash Attack Combo, in which he will either dash towards you or around you. He will also use his dagger or sword, slashing upwards with a ‘V’ motion. Chances of him doing the dash attack combo are after he uses the 6-hit combo. It will be a delayed attack, then two rapid attacks, and ending with the last delayed attack.

It is tricky to counter the Dash Attack Combo, and you will have to pay full attention. The dash attack alone can knock you off unless you learn the tricky deflect window. After you get the initial dash attack down, you will have to do the same timing as the 6-hit combo.

2-Hit Long Claw Combo

Corvus’ best claw-based combo is the 2-Hit Long Claw Combo. The combo can catch dodges easily, and it is fast. It takes some time to learn its timing, as you will not see him use this attack often. Since the first attack has a noticeable wind-up, it is easier for you to deflect the first hit. However, the second hit takes a long time and can catch you by surprise.

7-Hit Short Claw Combo

You might have guessed it by the name, and it is the longest combo of Corvus in Thymesia. However, the hits are not as strong as they are in the 6-Hit Combo. The quality of the hits is low, but the quantity is high, so we don’t recommend you take the combo light. He will initiate the combo by first crouching a bit and then keeping his hands on the side to summon the claws.

The timing of the combo is easy to predict. He will attack with a delay between each attack two times, and the next three attacks will be in quick succession. The last two attacks of Corvus will come after a short delay as well. It is easy to deflect if you get the timings right.

Plague Spear

Corvus will thrust three times after summoning a Spear, and there will be delays between each thrust. It is easy to deflect because the timing does not require enough reaction time. It is the most used plague weapon of Corvus, so make sure you know how to dodge it.

Plague Scythe

He will summon a Scythe, after which he will do a delay and then slash diagonally. The weapon is difficult to deflect and possibly the second most difficult. The good thing about it is that the damage is not so high, although it has unexpected timing.

Plague Axe

Before slamming the Axe down on you, Corvus will summon an Axe and leap right at you. The timing is predictable as the attack is simply a standard jump attack. Deflect it timely and counterattack accordingly with a heavy blow.

Plague Bow

Corvus will fire a powerful arrow at you after summoning a Bow. You will not find Corvus using this attack as much as you might expect in Thymesia, and so it makes it harder for you to predict it. He will usually use it when you are at a distance, although he has other options as well, such as Long Claw and Feather Dash. In case he uses the plague bow, all you can do is dodge repeatedly to the side.

Critical Attack – Greatsword

Corvus will summon a Greatsword, and after a short delay, he will use it to strike you for massive damage. The attack doesn’t take much time, and it happens so quickly. You can take advantage of it by immediately using Step Jump or by throwing a feather to get an easy counter. However, focus on timing; if you commit early, then you will end up reducing a major chunk of your HP.

Critical Attack – Plague Hammer

He will summon a Hammer, which will gain momentum due to his spinning. After a short delay, he slams down the hammer, which causes massive damage. Even if you manage to dodge it by a slight distance, the Hammer will cause AOE damage, which will still deal you some damage.

The timing of the plague Hammer will vary. He might take a lot of time swinging the Hammer and delay the slam even longer, catching you by surprise. You can encounter the plague hammer critical attack in two ways. Either you can throw a feather, or you can get airborne by using the Step Jump.

Once you are airborne, you can counter the critical attack through a Claw Attack or with Sabre. The timing will be the same; all you need to do is wait for the spin to end and counter when the Hammer starts moving.

Phase Two Of The Final Fight

Phase two is more or less the same in the sense that Corvus does not get more aggressive or equips himself with better gears. However, he gains an alternative attack, and it is associated with all of his plague weapons. It causes more difficulty for you in dodging his damage-dealing attempts at you.


All in all, this guide will help you in your Thymesia’s journey till the end with Corvus. We recommend you upgrade his Talents as soon as possible, so your quests go smoothly. Don’t worry about the final boss fight; read Corvus’ abilities and how to counter them. In the first battle, you may find it hard, but then you will be ready to slay him easily.

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