Thymesia Hanged Queen: The Ultimate Guide

This guide discusses the strategy to beat Hanged Queen in Thymesia along with the list of all of her attacks.

After a crushing defeat by Varg and traversing through the Seas of Trees and Royal Garden, you will arrive in an arena filled with blood with an oversized bat hanging upside down. You know, for an arena with aesthetics like this, the boss itself won’t be that easy. In today’s guide, we will explain how to slay the Hanged Queen in Thymesia.

Key Takeaways
  • Hanged Queen is a boss in the game Thymesia, located at the end of the Royal Garden.
  • The boss fight takes place in a red-tinted arena and the Hanged Queen is a large bat-like creature.
  • The Hanged Queen is considered to be one of the easier bosses in Thymesia but still requires focus and knowledge of her attacks.
  • The Hanged Queen has only one phase and has several unique attacks, including:
    • Ranged Scream: a ranged attack where she inhales air and throws gusts of wind at the player. This attack is well-telegraphed and can be easily dodged.
    • Jumping Slam: a fast attack where she jumps into the air and slams headfirst into the player. This attack can be dodged or deflected.
    • Blood Nova: an ultimate attack where she jumps into the air and causes an explosion filled with fire and blood. This attack should be avoided by getting as far away as possible.
    • Bite: a fast attack where she tries to bite the player. This attack is difficult to dodge but can be deflected.
    • Wing Slam & Drag: an attack where she slams her wings into the ground and drags the player towards her. This attack can be dodged or deflected.
  • Players will earn 4566 Points after defeating Hanged Queen.

Hanged Queen Boss fight In Thymesia

Royal Garden boss
Hanged Queen during her starting cutscene

This oversized bat-like creature awaits you at the end of Royal Garden. As soon as you enter the arena, the greenish tint of Thymesia turns to red, perfectly setting up the atmosphere and tone of the boss fight. It’s hard not to get intimated by the Hanged Queen in Thymesia.

Luckily, Hanged Queen is one of the easier bosses, Thymesia, once you know how to encounter her healing gimmick and her other attacks. Furthermore, unlike Odur, she only has one phase. Speaking of bosses, also consider going through our Thymesia boss tier list.

That doesn’t mean she is a complete walk in the park. If you aren’t focusing, it won’t take a lot of effort for the Hanged Queen to make you a part of the river of blood she is standing on.

Hanged Queen Attacks

As mentioned above, Hanged Queen has only one phase, but it may last forever due to her gimmicks and unique attack pattern. Her attacks are fairly easy to understand and counter, but this is sometimes subjective, and we do not expect the encounter to be the same for everyone.

Hanged Queen has a couple of deadly attacks under her wing, which are explained below:

Ranged Scream

Ranged attack
Hanged Queen telegraphing her Ranged Attack

Ranged Scream is one of Hanged Queen’s main attacks in Thymesia. After taking some damage, Hanged Queen will fall back and start inhaling air. The air she is inhaling is visible and is a sign of an upcoming attack. Afterward, she screams at the top of her lungs while throwing gusts of wind at you.

These gusts of wind are clearly visible. Ranged Scream is a very well telegraphed attack and can be encountered very easily. The projectiles she is throwing at you aren’t as fast as you may think and can be easily avoided by dodging diagonally.

After she is done with the attack, she goes in a cooldown state for a while, allowing you to get close and deal some heavy damage. While you are at it, also consider going through our guide on Thymesia All Endings to learn how to achieve multiple endings in the game.

Jumping Slam

Hanged Queen’s Jumping Slam attack

“Jumping Slam” is one of Hanged Queen’s fastest attacks. Hanged Queen jumps into the air, stays there for a moment, and then slams headfirst into you. The attack has very obvious telegraphing and can be both dodged and deflected. The hitbox of Jumping Slam is as large as Hanged Queen herself, so dodging inward is not what we would recommend.

For Jumping Slam, our recommendation would be to deflect her attack instead of trying to dodge it. The deflect window of this attack is generous, and you will have higher chances of successfully deflecting her attack instead of dodging her.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to dodge this attack. If you press dodge just a moment before she lands, you will take no damage and will have enough time to punish her back.

Blood Nova

Hanged Queen’s Jumping Explosion attack in Thymesia

Blood Nova is Hanged Queen’s ultimate attack. She jumps into the air and wraps her wings around herself. This is an indicator that she is about to unleash her Blood Nova attack. After a couple of seconds, she will cause an explosion filled with fire and blood.

Since this is an explosion attack, deflection is out of the question. As soon as she starts the telegraphing, get as far away from her as you can because if you are in her range, no amount of I-frames will help you out of it. Long dodge is an ideal skill in this scenario and can get you out of her range quickly.


Telegraphing bite
Hanged Queen telegraphing her Bite attack

Bite is Hanged Queen’s fastest attack. She stops momentarily, rears back her head, and tries to bite Corvus instantly. This attack is one of the hardest to dodge, and our recommendation, in this case, would be to face her head-on and deflect her attack.

The deflect window of Bite is quite generous, but at the same time, it can take you a few tries before you nail the timing.

Wing Slam & Drag

Wing slam
The telegraphing of Hanged Queen’s Wing slam and Drag attack.

For the Wing Slam, The Hanged Queen remains on the ground and then slowly raises her claw and slams it down on your head. The slam is easy to dodge and deflect, but the real problem is her follow-up attack. After she slams her wing into the ground, she violently drags her wing into its initial position.

The timing of the drag attack is hard to pin down, and it’s not recommended to deflect her drag attack. Instead, dodge in the opposite direction to avoid her drag attack.


Hanged Queen healing herself

Bloodsucker is the gimmick attack we have been mentioning above and the reason her fight can get dragged. She flaps her wing to unleash a gust of wind, stunning you in the process, and starts drinking blood from the arena. During this phase, she will regenerate both her white and green health bars.

There is one and only way to counter Bloodsucker, and that is to attack relentlessly with your Sabre. Constantly attacking her will not limit her regeneration but also stun her. This will allow you to not only get her health back to the state it initially was but also deal additional damage as well.

Another thing we want to point out is that do not use claws on her whenever she is healing. Hanged Queen’s healing abilities are far superior to yours, and she will simply out-heal you if you use your Claws on her instead of Sabre.

Recommended Talents For Corvus

Talent Screen

Even though you can pretty much face her with whatever talents you have, there are still some talents we would like to recommend that can give you an extra edge during the Hanged Queen boss fight in Thymesia.

Long & Short Claw

Long & Short Claw are excellent Claw upgrades that we would recommend, not only for Hanged Queen but for pretty much every boss you will face in Thymesia. Short Claw is faster and helps in healing Corvus but is inefficient when it comes to executing combos and deals less damage overall.

Long Claw, on the other is exceptional for dealing high damage and chaining combos but has no utility like healing Corvus in the process. Both are great and are better than having an un-upgraded Claw.

Long Dodge

As soon as you start your adventures in the plague-ridden world of Thymesia, the first thing you are going to notice is the distance covered by your starting dodge. It’s small and not very efficient for most encounters. Long Dodge is one of the first skills you should unlock as soon as you start the game.

This not only allows you to avoid most attacks in Thymesia easily but also helps you in dodging Hanged Queen’s explosive attacks as well.

Feather Dash

Feather Dash is an excellent skill for closing distance. It allows you to teleport to the enemy who got hit by the feather. It’s a magnificent skill for chasing down Hanged Queen, who tries to keep a moderate distance between you and her.

Recommended Plague Weapons

Final Blow
Corvus delivering the finishing blow to Hanged Queen

For the Hanged Queen boss fight, you need to have weapons that are great in wounding or give you a boost in dodging. Two of our recommended plague weapons for Hanged Queen are mentioned below:


The Scythe can be bought by grinding Scythe Skill Shards in Royal Garden. These shards are usually dropped by farmers hanging around in that area. Scythe gives you healing abilities if, for some reason, you are unable to steal Hanged Queen’s Blood Storm ability with your claw.


Katar is a great plague weapon that highly improves your dodging ability. It can be obtained by doing the Sea of Trees subquest. Katar is great for avoiding Hanged Queen’s ranged attack and is a great alternative for Long Dodge if, for some reason, you don’t have your Long Dodge talent unlocked.

Hanged Queen Battle Strategy in Thymesia

Now, we know that just listing the attacks is not enough to beat a boss. There is always a clear strategy that you have to follow in order to triumph.

Below, we have listed some tips to beat Hanged Queen in Thymesia:

Avoiding Opening Charge

Start attack
Hanged Queen’s starting attack

Bosses in souls games are infamous for catching you off guard, and Hanged Queen is no different. She always starts off her fight with a forward charge attack. So be on your guard as soon you begin the fight.

Staying Aggressive

The biggest challenge of the Hanged Queen boss fight is covering the distance she repeatedly creates. Unless it’s a “Bloodnova” attack, your strategy for most of the fight should be staying close to her. Whenever you are not dodging or attacking, you should be sprinting towards her.

This is where abilities like Long Dodge and Feature Dash come in handy. Furthermore, staying close to her will force her to use her melee attacks more often than not, and if you manage to corner her, it becomes difficult for the Hanged Queen to fly away from you.

Dodging Through Ranged Scream

Whenever Hanged Queen is at a distance, she will fire sonic blasts at you. She inhales hair and through gusts of winds at you. Now, these attacks can be avoided if you dodge sidewards, but that is not the optimal strategy.

Whenever she starts shooting her sonic blasts at you, always run towards her and dodge diagonally. In this way, you can dodge the attacks as well as cover distance.

Being Cautious Of The Crystals

Red Crsytals
Hanged Queen growing Crystals out of her throat

Hanged Queen has the ability to grow crystals from her body. She uses the crystals to empower her, and whenever she has a crystal in her chest, her body slam attack will deal much higher damage. This attack can be easily dodged and gives plenty of room to punish back.

Halfway through the fight, she will summon her crystals, which are harmless, until she leaps into the air and turns completely black. This is an indicator of Hanged Queen’s Blood Nova or Jumping Explosion move, and her crystals aid her during this attack.


After taking down Hanged Queen in Thymesia, you will be awarded 4566 points, which will be enough for you to level up further. In addition to that, you will also gain Hanged Queen’s Core and Forgotten Feathers as a reward for beating her in Thymesia.

Rewards after defeating Hanged Queen in Thymesia

This concludes our Thymesia’s Hanged Queen Boss guide. Let us know about your encounter with the boss in the comments below.

Thymesia is currently available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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