Thymesia Odur Boss Fight: Phases & Move Set

Learn how to beat one of the first bosses in Thymesia, Odur, using the best tactics, talents, and weapons

As Thymesia is a Souls-like game, it isn’t surprising that many of the bosses in the game are challenging. The first ever real boss that you face in Thymesia, Odur, has given a lot of players some trouble. That is why this guide will discuss everything you need to know about Odur and how to beat him with ease!

Odur is the ringleader of the bizarre circus scattered among the treetops of Sea of the Trees. Your fight with him begins at the very end of the level, and his fast tricks, illusions, and swordplay are enough to be stuck in a frustrating loop of dying over and over again. On top of that, he has two different phases, making the fight even longer.

Key Takeaways
  • Odur is a boss which players get to face in Thymesia, he has two phases during the battle that players need to be aware of.
  • Odur’s first phase is easier than Phase Two in Thymesia.
  • Odur’s first phase move set includes a Card projectile, a 3-hit combo, a double kick teleport, a dash counter, and a kick counter.
  • The main strategy that players can adopt for the first phase is to be aggressive and lock Odur in a combo loop.
  • Phase Two of Odur in Thymesia is trickier as the attack patterns are different and it’s harder to trap him in a combo loop.
  • The move set in Phase Two includes a card throw, multiple card throw, a 3-hit combo, and a 5-hit teleport combo.

Odur Phase One

Phase one of Odur in Thymesia
Thymesia – Odur Phase 1

The first phase of Odur in Thymesia is relatively easier than the second one. In fact, you can pretty much cheese him if you know what to do. The boss is susceptible to getting stuck in a combo loop where he gets narrowed down to just two moves out of his total move set.

Move Set

Despite being able to narrow down the moves to just two attacks, you should still know just what Odur is capable of unleashing if you’re not careful. That is why we’ve gathered his entire list of attacks and how you can counter them.

Card ProjectileThe boss will throw two cards with magical power at you that can chip away a lot of health.The attack is heavily telegraphed and can be avoided by dodging towards Odur or to the sides.
3-hit comboTwo back-to-back sword/cane attacks followed by a twirl that leads to a stabbing attack capable of staggering you.The first two sword attacks don’t deal much damage and can be deflected. But you must avoid being hit by the stab at all costs by either deflecting or using Long Dodge to get out of range. The attack has a pretty elaborate animation, giving you enough time to counter.
Double Kick TeleportOdur will kick you twice and follow up with a sword attack. He then teleports and dashes away.This attack is quite tricky as it’s hard to punish and the most you can do is just try to avoid taking damage. Odur pauses momentarily before unleashing the two kicks, giving you enough time to prepare to deflect or just dodge out of the way.
Dash CounterOnce the Counterattack Gauge is full, Odur will deflect all of your attacks and strike back. One of his counterattacks entails him dashing/teleporting backward, following up with a forward dash and two sword slices.Although the attack seems overwhelming, it is extremely easy to deflect it and punish Odur with your own combo. As soon as he moves away from you, there will be a pause, allowing you to get ready to deflect twice as soon as he moves towards you and strike back.
Kick CounterAnother one of Odur’s attacks after his Counterattack Gauge fills up is an upper slash followed by a heavy kick capable of chipping away a lot of your health and staggering you.  The kick can be trickier to deflect, but when you know what to do, it’ll be a lot simpler. As soon as he deflects your attack, he will wind up his attack by taking a wide stance and will come at you with his sword/cane. Deflect this and then immediately follow up with another deflect to counter the kick successfully.

All of these attacks are part of the first phase. The second phase does get trickier as some of these attacks change, and more attacks get added to the list.


Critical Attack
Thymesia – Odur’s Critical Attack

The main strategy for the first phase is to be as aggressive as you can so that you can lock Odur in a chain of combos. When he’s stuck in the combo, he doesn’t have any other option but to use one of his counterattacks which would either be the Dash Counter or the Kick Counter, as mentioned earlier.

It doesn’t matter which of these attacks Odur comes at you with because you can deflect both of them once you know the timing (which is also mentioned above). And as soon as you deflect, you can catch him back in another combo and keep attacking him till he counterattacks. Rinse and repeat, and you should be done with the first phase with ease.

In case Odur breaks out of the loop, which is very rare, he might use his 3-hit combo. If he does that, you should step back and let him complete the combo. Doing so should reset the attacks, and you can dive right back in with your combo loop.

Odur Phase 2

Phase two of Odur in Thymesia
Thymesia – Odur Phase 2

The second phase of Odur in Thymesia is where it gets trickier. Unfortunately, you cannot get him in a combo loop as efficiently as in phase 1. He does get trapped for 2-3 loops Odur tends to break out of the loop more often in phase 2 than in phase 1 by simply teleporting away.

Move Set

The attack patterns for Odur are quite different in phase 1, which makes it more challenging as you might’ve gotten used to the timings in phase 2, but now you’ll have to change up your strategy slightly.

AttackDescription Counter
Card ThrowSame as the first phaseSame as the first phase
Multiple Card ThrowInstead of throwing just one card, Odur will throw multiple; usually, 3.Timing is tight for this attack due to the sheer amount of cards thrown. But you can still counter it the same way as a single-card throw by dodging towards Odur or towards the side.
3-Hit ComboSame as the first phaseSame as the first phase
5-Hit Teleport ComboOdur will vanish and dash backward. After he reappears, he will dash toward you with three heavy sword attacks. After a momentary pause, he will unleash two more diagonal sword attacks that will be faster than the previous attacks.The easiest way to get out of this devastating combo is to dodge to the side as soon as Odur dashes toward you. But you can deflect all of the attacks; just make sure to press the deflect button quicker for the last two attacks.
Dash CounterThe Dash Counterattack is almost identical to the attack from the first phase. However, there will be one additional sword attack after the first two attacks.You can counter the attack the same way from the first phase; just make sure to account for the additional attack.
Kick CounterThe kick counter starts off the same way as the one in the first phase. But he can then follow it up with a three-kick combo, ending with a heavy stagger.The timing for the first part of the attack is the same as the one from the first phase. After that, Odur will take a pause, and you can actually interrupt his attacks if you attack him during the pause.
Critical AttackOdur will flash green and will also have some firework-like sparks near him. Then he will attack you with a downward sword attack that extends forward in a giant line.Like most critical attacks, you can interrupt it with a feather throw or use the Step Jump to cancel the attack and land an aerial attack.
Ultimate AttackOdur will flash red, and there will be a distinct noise as well. It will be followed up by him dashing towards you, and a cutscene will play out where he’ll attack you and take away around 300 health.Unfortunately, you cannot deflect, block or feather the attack. However, as soon as you notice him glowing red, expect him to come at you in a straight line and get ready to dash left or right, anywhere but out of the straight line.  

There are a lot of new attacks, but the most devastating attacks must be the critical and ultimate ones. They can immediately end your run if you’re not careful of them.


Ultimate attack of the boss
Thymesia – Odur’s Ultimate Attack

As mentioned earlier, there is no exact cheese-like strategy for the second phase of the fight with Odur in Thymesia. Your aim should still remain to be as aggressive as you can be. That is because when he gets more distance, he’ll try to keep you away using his cards while he heals up his wounds.

Additionally, when Odur creates too much distance from you, he likes to use his critical or ultimate attacks, which can be tricky to avoid. So, you need to try to close the distance each time he steps away from you.

Recommended Gear

Like many boss fights in the game, there are a few weapons and talents that tend to work better. Here are some of our recommendations to help you have the best chance against Ordur in Thymesia.


Because Odur is one of the first few bosses, you might not have that much gear or be able to unlock that many talents. But some of the earlier talents in the game can make a lot of difference if you choose them correctly.

Short Claw

Although Long Claw tends to be great in many cases, you’d actually be better off going with Short Claw. That is because, in phase 1, we want to lock Odur in our combos, and Short Claw has some of the best combos out there.

Additionally, the stack of offensive and the 10HP heal per hit can really help you out when you’re trying to take down Odur’s health.

Long Dodge

Long Dodge tends to take more time to recover after the dodge, but you also get a lot more range as compared to Short Dodge. Most of Odur’s attacks tend to have enough time for you to recover with the Long Dodge, which is why it can be used instead of the Short Dodge.

Furthermore, attacks like the Critical Attack or the Ultimate Attack have a lot of range. That is why the Long Dodge is crucial in getting out of their way.

Step Jump

Step Jump is a must-have talent to deal with Odur’s Critical Attack in Thymesia. It can completely interrupt the attack and allow you to follow up with your aerial attacks.

Additionally, you should definitely get Plague Wounds to increase the amount of time that Odur takes before healing and Precise/Reckless Deflect, as you’ll be deflecting quite often.


There are a bunch of plague weapons that can be used against Odur. The Hammer is great for interrupting Odur’s attacks and starting up a combo. It’s also a good way to close the gap, especially at the start of the second phase.

Feathers are your friends throughout most boss fights, especially when trying to interrupt those critical attacks. But if you want to try other weapons, you can try the Halberd or Flying Daggers.


Odur isn’t exactly an optional boss, so you’ll have to fight him regardless to reach the ending of the game. But if you’re interested in knowing what the rewards for your efforts are, they’re the following:

  • Odur’s Core
  • Alchemy Enhancer
  • Forgotten Feather
  • Miasma Skill Shards
  • 2500 Memory

With that, you know everything about defeating Odur in Thymesia. As he’s the first actual boss, it’ll definitely take you some time to get acquainted. But keep at it, and you’ll eventually learn his moves and defeat him in no time!

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