Thymesia Potion Crafting: Upgrades, Types & Recipes

In our guide we will look into all the things you need to know for crafting potions in Thymesia.

As soon as Thymesia was released, it became an instant fan favorite, and why wouldn’t it be? It has everything required for it to be a spectacular game. After all, you can make potions in the game; if that is not the hallmark of an epic game, we do not know what is.

Key Takeaways
  • Healing in Thymesia is challenging and requires the consumption of potions, which can be dangerous if not done correctly.
  • Crafting and upgrading potions are important in the game to improve their effectiveness.
  • To craft potions, players must have an open ingredient slot and can add herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme for additional benefits.
  • To upgrade potions, players must visit a beacon, pay for resources, and increase their capacity, healing, and ingredient limitation.

How Potions Work

In Thymesia, healing is a challenging process, similar to trying to find the right pair of jeans. We all know the struggle!

The game necessitates the consumption of potions, which can be disastrous if the cap is accidentally popped or if you are hit in the face with a scythe covered with disease. It must be done, yet doing it could be fatal.

Even drinking your lifeline right up does not work when players initially begin. Most gamers, after playing the game for a little time, have one particular thought. Well, what is that? We can all agree that Thymesia’s healing is a little shady.

The thing is, you do not have a lot of options, but that is not even half of the issue. What’s more, is that they don’t heal well enough, and more frequently than not, you will sneer at the level of your health bar both prior to and following drinking it. It is utterly ridiculous! Crafting and upgrading are important in the situation. So let’s now look into Potion Crafting in Thymesia.

How To Craft Potions

Steps to take to craft potions in thymesia
How to craft potions in the thymesia world.

In Thymesia, there are various ways to improve potions outside just purchasing alchemy enhancers (we will look into the alchemy enhancers in a bit). It is much more efficient to accomplish it through crafting than it is just to upgrade your potions.

Before continuing, we would encourage you to have a look at our Thymesia Tips And Tricks; it will help you become a pro at the game.

Moreover, In Thymesia, there are various ways to improve potions outside just purchasing alchemy enhancers. It is much more efficient to accomplish it through crafting than it is just to upgrade your potions. Your potion must have an open Ingredient Slot in order to be able to create a new one. Accessing an ingredient slot becomes an essential result when you are upgrading.

You can incorporate a herb like parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme into a slot that is vacant. Each of them will provide an additional benefit, which could be stat boosts, energy restoration, or enhanced healing which will actually nullify the true Healing improvement.

One thing we would like to suggest to you is that you always be on the lookout for different ingredients, and they will help you a lot throughout your game, trust us on this one!

Upgrading Your Potions

How to upgrade potions in thymesia
Upgrading your potions in the thymesia world

Okay, so this goes without saying, but You must improve your potions if you want them to be effective. It is simple to upgrade potions by visiting a beacon, paying resources, and increasing their capacity, healing, and ingredient limitation. In fact, it is the simplest, most obvious method for gaining longevity while exploring Thymesia. 

So let’s now look at each of these elements separately. This is because while you are playing the game, there is no confusion left!


You might have somewhat of an idea about how capacity might be very important in the game. When plates upgrade their capacity, the supply of potions shall rise by one with each upgrade, up to six. It is very helpful when you are going against bosses.


Okay, so how does each upgrade affect your healing? Well, the answer may shock you! So be prepared to have your minds blown away. Each and every upgrade you make will massively increase the amount of healing a potion can do. Name something better than that, and we will wait!


Your ability to add more Ingredients to your potions will rise with each Upgrade, up to a maximum of three. We must have you all excited to get your upgrade. But sadly, we will now have to burst your bubble. The thing is that, just like everything else in the game, it is not as simple as it may seem. So what is the catch?

Well, the Alchemy Enhancers are required for upgrades. However, they are only accessible in the game’s most difficult areas. Do not worry; we will not leave you hanging. So let’s now look into how to find those pesky Alchemy Enhancers.

Where Can You Find Alchemy Enhancers

Generals toss Alchemy Enhancers to the ground. These foes are Thymesia’s mini-bosses, and they are extremely challenging to defeat. Each one is a struggle, but conquering them will result in a drop of an Alchemy Enhancer. This really is sufficient justification to both confront and constantly pursue these people. 

Generals are more prevalent in later regions, but you can significantly boost your potions’ potency, especially at the beginning if you search and finish sub-quests. By the closing of the second sector, you can actually succeed in maxing up every stat on the potion.

Now that we know everything about the ifs and buts of potion crafting in Thymesia let’s now look into the types of ingredients you will need to make them. After all, if you do not have the herbs, there will be nothing to craft.

Where Should You Look For Ingredients

In contrast to Alchemy Enhancers, ingredients are more frequently dropped by the regular enemy. It urges for you to seek out Generals and raid their corpses.

Nevertheless, the biggest contrast with ingredients is that they have unpredictable stats. You might be boosting your healing in varying quantities, based on the Sage Sprig. It enables looking for stronger versions of ingredients that are far more interesting, and it requires the continuous execution of Generals.

Main Types Of Potions That Can Be Crafted

In the game, there seem to be three different kinds of potions that you can get by defeating different enemies. However, these all are upgraded independently and have somewhat distinct effects.

Standard Your starting point is the standard potion. It excels in all areas, and there are no drawbacks.
Long Each drink of the potion takes more time, but it restores more health. It can be obtained by eliminating Odur.
FastThe potion has less health, but it is consumed more quickly. It can be achieved by eliminating the Hanged Queen.

Lastly, let’s look into all the different potion recipes that you can craft while playing the Thymesia game. Try to remember them because they will help you through the game!

Types Of Potion Recipes

NameIngredients What the potion does
Pain ReliefRosemary + Clove + LavenderIt will reduce damage taken by 10 Percent.
CirculationFennel + Oregano + CloveIt helps in the recovery of 5 HP every second.
RefreshingFennel + Oregano + Mint It helps to recover three energy every second.
Warming UpBlack Pepper + Garlic + Basil It helps Increase damage by 10 percent.
SweatingMint + Black Pepper + Cinnamon It will help players gain one stack of the offensive buff.
Focus Rosemary + Mint + ThymeIt helps Increase Memory Shard drops by 10 percent.
Four Thieves Vinegar Rosemary + Sage + Thyme Increases max health by 100.


We hope our guide was able to aptly answer your question about Potion Crafting in the world of Thymesia.

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