Thymesia: How To Respec All Stats

Play with those stat points and level up your attributes!

Thymesia offers a total of three stats to level up, so you can manage and upgrade them evenly as you progress through the game. But, if you wish to enhance your abilities exceptionally in a particular stat, you may need to respec the stats for that purpose. So, today we will learn about how to respec in Thymesia and which items are necessary for performing it.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can level up three different stats in Thymesia, these are.
    • Strength.
    • Vitality.
    • Plague.
  • However, in grinding games such as Thymesia, players would want to Respec (reset) their stats from time to time.
  • In order to Respec, players need to obtain a rare item called the Forgotten Feather.
  • The Forgotten Feather can only be obtained by defeating higher-tier enemies and advanced bosses in the game.
  • Once the Forgotten Feather is obtained, players can go to their inventory and select “Use Forgotten Feather” to reset their levels and attributes.
  • Players can then reallocate their Talent Points by navigating the talent tree.

Why You Should Respec In Thymesia

In order to fight off infected enemies and sturdy bosses efficiently, the game offers you different ways to level up and enhance your capabilities by increasing your Stats and best Talents in Thymesia. You must always be prepared for the unexpected challenged and powerful enemies you encounter during your exciting venture. In order to face all the challenges and scary enemies that stand in your way, you need to be ready for the upcoming hardships. 

Thymesia Attributes
Level up!

Out of many ways to get stronger in Thymesia, one optimal way is by upgrading your stats and spreading your points evenly among the available three stats to get the most out of them. However, to exceptionally enhance your abilities in one specific stat, you need to respec your stat points. Here is how you can do it.

How To Respec In Thymesia

In order to respec in Thymesia, you need to get a special item termed as Forgotten Feather. The Forgotten Feather is a rare item in the game that can only be received by killing higher-tier enemies and advanced bosses in the game.

How to respec in Thymesia
Talents and Stats

In each level, there are a very limited number of enemies that drop Forgotten Feathers as a loot reward when you defeat them. Because of its rarity, you might have to go for some hunting and target only specific areas and creatures in order to get your hands on them.

The game will reward you with Forgotten Feather for the first time when you will defeat the first primary boss of the game, after which you will also unlock the ability to respec your stats in Thymesia.  Once you have got your hands on the item, go to inventory and select “Use Forgotten Feather,”. Doing so will reset all your levels and attributes. Once you have done that, you can now draft your build again according to your preference. 

Respec Related Things To Consider

Thymesia only features three attributes to degree up; name Strength, Vitality, and Plague, so you do not have to go through strenuous efforts in order to cope with them all. If you are just willing to reallocate your Talent Points only, then there is no need to utilize a Forgotten Feather. All you need to do is navigate the talent tree and customize it however you like. 

We hope that after going through the article, your confusion regarding the Stats and respec in Thymesia is clear. Make sure to invest proper time in the game, as it will help you understand its mechanics and make you better at it.

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