15 BEST Thymesia Tips And Tricks

Just started playing Thymesia? Go through this guide to improve your gameplay significantly.

Most players know that tackling the adventures of Thymesia is no easy feat, so we are here to present the best Thymesia Tips and Tricks guide that will be enough for you to start as a beginner. Before getting into the main course, let’s discuss a bit about the newly released game! 

Key Takeaways
  • Here are some important stuff you should know while playing Thymesia:
    • The game features unique mechanics and terminologies, including two health bars (White Health and Green Health) that must be depleted to defeat an enemy.
    • To fight efficiently in Thymesia, players should adopt a two-strike strategy using both ranged weapons and claw attacks/combos.
    • It’s important to pay attention to the game instructions and tutorials to understand the mechanics fully.
    • Players should spread their stats evenly between Strength, Vitality, and Plague to enhance their overall stamina, offense, and defense.

Let’s hop into the must-know tips and tricks for Thymesia. But, before that, the first free tip we want to give you is to pay attention during the game instructions and tutorial. These instructions have important details you must understand to clear the level efficiently.

We will start the Thymesia tips and tricks guide by discussing its combat system, as it is the most crucial thing to learn in any RPG. Thymesia offers a unique combat style with its own mechanics and terminologies. Unlike most games, Thymesia offers two health bars, with each having a different role during combat and the healing process.
Fights and battles
Thymesia combat
In the game world, everyone is infected by the Plague, which acts as Armor for the enemies. In order to kill them efficiently, you have to break down the Armor first. This means that to fight efficiently in Thymesia, you need to adopt a two-strike system. First, with the ranged weapons to bring their guard down and cast the initial rift damage, and then the final blows by using claw attacks and combos.
The combat system in Thymesia is a bit unique but quite interesting. So, make sure to practice the two-strike strategy and fight off the sturdy monsters effortlessly without giving them a chance to heal up.

2. White Health And Green Health

As discussed earlier, Thymesia features a unique health system in which two bars are present, termed White Health and Green Health. In order to completely defeat an enemy, you need to deplete both of them before it gets healed up due to plague infections abilities.
Health Mechanism
White and Green Health
First, you must deplete the White Health Bar, which reduces Weapon Damage. Once you deal enough weapon damage on the enemies, it will start to leave wounds on the enemy, which are shown by Green Health Bar. The more injuries the enemy has, the more its health bar will be depleted.
Once you drain all the White Health, it’s time to deal with the Green health, which can be depleted through Claw Damage and Plague weapons. You cannot execute an enemy before depleting all of its green health.

3. Spread Your Stats Evenly 

Many Souls-Like games have a solo specialization build that allows your character to master only one of the many Stats available. However, in Thymesia, you have only three stats, namely Strength, Vitality, and Plague, so it is comparatively easy to spread your stats point evenly in each of the traits and progress them simultaneously.
It is optimal to reach a medium level in each of them rather than maximizing one trait only. Doing so will help you collectively enhance your Stamina, Offence, and Defense. By the time you reach 10 in all the stats, you may have to consider choosing either the Strength or Plague stat to upgrade further, as it requires a considerable amount of shards above that level.
Skills, talents attributes
Talents and stats
So, you can decide your primary stat according to your playstyle. The Strength stat will allow you to deal more damage with your melee weapon, while the Plague will enhance your claw abilities and energy reserves. If you are a melee player and use your Saber more often, investing in Strength will be optimal for you, but if you want to craft and upgrade your Plague weapons, then going for Plague stat is best.
4. Use Claw Wisely
In the next section of Thymesia’s tips and tricks guide, we will discuss the Claw mechanism. Claw is a crucial attack in Thymesia and mastering it is important to win battles. While upgrading your claw attack through talent points, you are offered to select among two options: You can either enhance your long claw attack, which is a bit slow but deals massive damage to sturdy opponents, or you can go for the short claw attack which is exceptionally fast for quick moves.

We recommend you upgrade your claw attack according to your play style. If you like to play a bit passive and want to take down opponents in one blow, we recommend you to go for a Long claw. However, if you are an aggressive player that wants to adopt an offensive playstyle, then you should invest in a short claw as it will assist you in chain attacks and extended combos.

5. Explore Landmarks

If you are an explorer who loves to go for exciting adventures in new places and face unexpected challenges, then the hidden places in Thymesia are going to excite you. Exploring Landmarks in the game is an optimal way to get used to the surroundings and gather resources.
All you need to do is navigate the marked locations on the map and explore the region. During your adventurous journey, you may have to face different monsters and creatures. Exploring is also a good way to farm as it is a great way to gather Memories, Treasure, and sometimes Generals. Furthermore, you can also find some shortcut paths while exploration, through which you can spawn back to Beacons or teleport to new lands upon death.

6. Use Your Plague Weapons

Thymesia offers unique types of weapons to fight against enemies; these are termed Plague weapons. The plague weapons are special equipment that consumes energy gained through claw attacks and use it to deal massive blows of damage.
If you have some Plague weapons in your inventory, make sure to use them in serious battles and fights as they possess some overpowered abilities. These weapons are most optimal against lethal enemies and sturdy monsters due to their high damage-dealing capabilities.
Thymesia Tips and Tricks
Plague Weapons
You can also upgrade your Plague Weapon to enhance its power and damage. The weapons can be upgraded by collecting different crafting items dropped by the enemies as loot. Once you have enough equipment, you can upgrade the weapon. You can also pick the plague weapon of your enemy once you defeat them.

7. Farm Efficiently

Farming is an important skill to master in any game, as collecting rare in-game items rewards you with different perks and benefits. In Thymesia, you can either do Skill Shard farming if you want better gear and equipment or go for XP farming to gain more experience points.
Skill Shard Farming: 
Skill Shards are in-game materials used to upgrade and unlock your Plague Weapons. These Shards are dropped from advanced bosses and high-level enemies. If you want to farm a certain type of Shard, look for the enemy who has the highest chance of dropping it. Then, you can load into the level in which the enemy is spawned, beat it down and get the shards as a reward.
You can repeat the process as much as you want by visiting the Beacon and quit out in order to initiate the process again.
Experience Farming:
In Thymesia, the Talent points max out once you cross level 25, but you can still continue to level up your Corvus. If you are going for experience farming, then you can do certain activities to boost your XP, such as completing the side quests, crafting and upgrading equipment, exploring landmarks, and fighting the side bosses. Doing all this will grant you extra experience points to boost your level.

8. Learn To Play Aggressively

Thymesia is a fast-paced game that relies on aggressive gameplay and offensive strategies. The enemies in Thymesia are sturdy with a considerable amount of health and usually appear in the horde. If you adopt a defensive playstyle rather than being offensive in a certain situation, you might get dominated by the never-ending waves of enemies.
The game mechanism is designed to keep you engaged in fights consistently. That’s why you do not have any block command but have multiple attacking buttons. So, keep your eyes open and look out for unexpected adventures within the infected kingdom’s lands.

9. Complete Sub Quests

Going for the sub-quests and side missions is a plus point in Thymesia as it rewards you with additional rewards and bonuses. Once you complete the storyline of a specific area, the game will give you an option to either proceed further or go back to the last landmark to complete its Sub Quests.
We recommend you to go for the sub-quests if you are not in a hurry to complete the main storyline, as these quests will give you plenty of valuable rewards and additional perks.
10. Craft And Upgrade Your Potions
Potions are the primary source of healing in Thymesia. Maintaining your health is important as you never know when you will have to deal with unexpected surprises. So, make sure that you have maximum potions accommodated in your inventory that can be used when needed.
Potions and healing equipment
 Potions can also be upgraded to enhance their abilities. You can upgrade your potions at Beacon, where you can increase your supply or do your experiments by mixing different ingredients. The better ingredients you use, the stronger potion you will obtain.

11. Utilize Your Memories

Learning the role of Memories in Thymesia has significant importance. Memories are attributes that act similarly to EXP points, received by defeating various enemies and monsters. Once you have gained enough Memories, it is recommended to utilize them by going to the Beacon, as you cannot accumulate more of them once you reach the maximum limit.
Thymesia Tips and Tricks
Memory Retrieved!
However, dying in Thymesia will lead to the loss of all the collected memories. However, you can claim your memories back by going to the death spot. If you die again before reaching the spot, then all of your memories are permanently lost. So, try to save up on them and utilize them timely where needed.

13. Don’t Underestimate Feathers

Feathers are a secondary ranged parry system that is used against high-tier enemies due to its powerful damage. During aggressive battles, players often forget to utilize the abilities of feathers. So, make sure that you do not make that mistake and use them where needed.
Feathers can always be used to parry, but more importantly, they also serve as a ranged attack. Since the enemies in Thymesia heal up if they are not taking damage, they might teleport away to initiate their healing process. If you throw feathers, it will prevent the enemies from healing up again.

14. Make Sure To Level Up

The ultimate way to gain more abilities and powers in Thymesia is by leveling up. Once you increase your level, you can utilize your Memories to convert them into Attribute Points. The Attribute points are used to upgrade various perks such as Energy, Damage, and HP.
Increase your level
Level up
Every time your level is increased, you also receive some Talent Points, which are arguably more critical than Attribute Points, as they are used for unlocking new combos, chain attacks, defensive moves, and passive bonuses. Going through each Talent and drafting a plan to progress your character respectively is very crucial, as every move can significantly change your character’s skillset.

15. Break Down Barriers, Buckets, And Boxes

The last section of the Thymesia tips and tricks guide will discuss the bonus loot and items. Thymesia is full of hidden chests and treasures that lie within random Boxes, chests, and barrels. So whenever you see wooden structures lying in your path, make sure to give them a hit to break them down, as they might reward you with valuable items and equipment which you can use to upgrade your armory and weapons.

That concludes our Thymesia tips and tricks guide. As the game is newly released, there are so many things to be explored yet. So, invest your time in the game and get used to its different mechanics, and once you know your whereabouts, you can surely defeat any level flawlessly.
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