Thymesia Varg: Boss Fight Strategy & Weapons

Thymesia is the all-new Souls-like game that everyone has been waiting for. Despite being short, the game has a few boss battles. One of the main bosses includes Thymesia Varg, who we will be discussing in this guide today. It is best to know about his moveset and fighting strategy.

Key Takeaways
  • Varg is a boss in Thymesia, who appears twice in the game; as the tutorial boss and the third storyline boss.
  • He wears heavy armor and has a Guts-like broad sword which is heavy and can deal massive damage to the player.
  • Varg has an average move set and is slow but deals a lot of damage with his attacks.
  • The first phase of his moveset in the tutorial and the story boss fight is fairly easy for players familiar with Souls-like games.
  • The second phase (only appears in the story fight) of his moveset in Hermes’ Fortress is more aggressive and faster.
  • The Bow is the recommended plague weapon to use against Varg due to its long-range and decent damage.
  • Strategies to use against Varg include staying away from him and deflecting his attacks in phase 1 and using the Bow in phase 2.

Who Is Varg In Thymesia?

Varg is a bit different than most bosses. Varg appears in the game twice. Once as the tutorial boss of the game and the other time as 3rd storyline boss. Varg is like most Souls-like tutorial bosses. He wears heavy armor that is damaged in places. His helmet is damaged, and sometimes his eyes can be seen shining through it.

Varg carries a Guts-like broad sword that has immense weight. He uses this sword to crash you both in the tutorial and later on in the game. You can instantly die if you aren’t careful with your moves.

During the tutorial, you can find him with Urd, another boss in the game. They stop you from going any further. You can find him once again in the Hermes’ Fortress. Both times he is a very tough boss unless you play smart. That is why we will explain exactly what you need to do. 

Varg’s Moveset

Varg has a very basic moveset. Varg has a very heavy sword and armor, which is why he moves much slower than most enemies. His moveset mostly contains slow attacks, but all these slow attacks pack a punch, so you must be aware of his moveset.

Phase 1 Moveset (Tutorial)

varg tutorial
Varg when he appears in the tutorial.

Varg, like all other Thymesia bosses, has 2 phases. The first phase is fairly easy, and if you are familiar with the Souls’ games, then it’s a walk in the park. The first phase is also the tutorial boss. Once you have defeated his phase 1, you will immediately lose to one of his special moves. 

Being adorned with heavy armor and carrying a huge sword comes at the cost of Varg’s speed. But all his attacks deal a lot of damage. That’s why you should know the following moveset.

  • Slash: A simple slash attack. In Varg’s case, it is a heavy slash because of his sword.
  • Double Slash: Two slashes in succession. He does a 180-degree swing in either direction and then swings it upwards instantly.
  • Back Dash: Varg dashes away from you to get some space for you. 
  • Running Stab: Varg runs up to you and stabs you. He first runs up and then lunges his sword forward towards you.
  • Stab: If you are close to Varg, he will simply make a stabbing attack.
  • Overhead Slam: He swings his sword upwards and then slams it down. He can chain it with a simple slash. 
  • Leaping Slam: Varg jumps up and slams his sword on the ground trying to crush you if you’re in his way. 

Phase 2 Moveset (Hermes’ Fortress)

varg hermes
Varg when appears in Hermes’ Fortress.

In the tutorial, you only get to face Varg’s phase 1; no matter what you do, you can’t go to phase 2. However, when you reach the end of Hermes’ Fortress, you can find him there. Once you find him there, you need to fight his first phase to unlock the second phase. 

The second phase is the same as the first one but different in its own ways. This time around, Varg is much, much faster and also is much, much more aggressive than phase 1. Varg in phase 2 can do something extra. He can now chain all of his different attacks in all different manners. 

There isn’t much added in phase 2. The most prominent change is a special attack. Varg first charges up and then grabs you. Then he picks you up and slams you into the ground. Finally, he swings his sword up and slams it onto you. This will always be his first attack whenever he goes into phase 2. 

Plague Weapon Recommended Against Varg

Bow varg
Plague weapons menu showcasing the Bow.

There are a total of 22 plague weapons in Thymesia. These weapons vary in many different ways. Some are close-range. Some are heavy damage dealing, and others are very fast attacks. But the best one to use against Varg will, without a doubt, be the one and only “Bow“.

The bow is one of the best plague weapons in the game. It is a very good weapon in general. It has decent damage, plus it is a long-range plague weapon. This means you can gain some distance when you use it. That is also why it’s the best one to use against Varg.

Varg is very slow, but his damage is very high. That is exactly why the bow is perfect for you to use against him. You can run away from him so that he can’t reach you, and then you can attack with your bow and deal damage.

Strategies To Use Against Varg

As mentioned earlier, Thymesia Varg is a slow boss compared to other bosses like Urd. But because he is slow, his attacks deal a lot of damage too. That is why it is important to keep some distance from Varg while you are fighting him. 

In phase 1, try to deflect most of his attacks. All of them are easy to parry. Because they are so easy to parry, it is recommended that for the first phase, you should stay aggressive. Try to get as many hits as possible in any window of attack you get. You can easily defeat him by doing this.

Phase 2 gets a bit tricky. Because he is much more aggressive than he was in phase 1, he will chain as many attacks as possible. Because of that, you will need to maintain some distance from him. The one attack that must be avoided is his special. As soon as he charges up, run away from him. That will give you enough window to use your bow and deal more damage. This way, he can easily be beaten. 


That was it for the Thymesia Varg Boss guide. Varg is a bit tough for newcomers, especially if you haven’t played any souls game. That is why this guide is just for you. Let us know in the comments what you think about the game and this boss fight.

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