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ARPGs are more complex in the sense that they require you to develop a proper strategy. You need to understand all key mechanics to get through different stages of the game. Our Thymesia Wiki can help you understand these features and make rapid progress in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Thymesia was released on August 18, 2022, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch (cloud-based version).
  • Thymesia was developed by a Taiwanese company called OverBorder Studio and published by Team 17.
  • According to the developers, Thymesia can be beaten in 7-9 hours, but this may vary depending on the player’s skill and playstyle.
  • There is no specific information on the total number of missions in Thymesia, but as an action RPG, players can expect a variety of quests and tasks to complete.
  • Thymesia is an action role-playing video game, with gameplay heavily influenced by the Souls-like subgenre.
  • Thymesia received a rating of 3.5/5 from eXputer, who praised certain aspects of the game but criticized its world design compared to other games in the genre.

Thymesia is an ARPG that was developed by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17. The game was released on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows. It was also created on Unreal Engine 4, which means that it offers the players a lot in terms of graphics and gameplay. 

Similar to other games in the genre, like Bloodbourne and Elden Ring, Thymesia offers the players a plethora of quests to complete. Each quest requires you to traverse the beautiful open world and complete a series of tasks. You also battle and defeat different powerful bosses along your journey.

Additionally, the game also includes amazing weapons, talents, and potions, among other features that can help you along your journey. You can use these items to give yourself an advantage in different situations.

However, before you can use these items, you must learn how to acquire them. This is where our Wikipedia can help you out. Our wiki features a series of guides and tier lists that will give you all the necessary information regarding the game. The guides on our wiki include the following;

Thymesia Review

Reviews are one of the most important types of guides in the world of gaming. They help you make up your mind regarding whether you should buy a game or not. These reviews cover all the important details regarding a game that will help you make the right decision.

Our Thymesia Wikipedia also includes an in-depth analysis of the game. It talks about all the important things regarding the game, including its inspiration, story narrative, and gameplay. The review also provides a rating for the game while considering all these factors. You can find the review below;

A Beginners Game Guide

If you decide to get the game, you must learn about different mechanics right away. You need to understand how to use different features included in the game to start on the right foot. A beginner’s guide can help you out immensely when you start your journey in the game.

Guides like these tell all you need to about the game at the starting point. They talk about important mechanics like weapons, enemies, talents, collecting memories, and how to level up your character. Beginner guides ensure that you have all the necessary information regarding the game from the start to improve your overall experience.

Tips & Tricks To Survive

Similar to the beginner’s guides, the tips and tricks guide can help you out at the later stage of the game. These guides are essential in the sense that they provide you with different ideas regarding how to strategize in the game. You can use these guides as your pathway to get through different stages of the game.

Our Thymesia Wiki also includes a Tips and Tricks guide. The guide provides all players with different strategies to take their game to the next level. It talks about important things like the combat system, the health split, balancing stats, and much more.

Choosing The Best Weapons

The Scythe Plague Weapon in Thymesia

Weapons are really important in Thymesia. You can use different weapons at different stages of the game based on the situation. Having a good weapon ensures that you will get through swarms of enemies and bosses with ease.

However, picking the right weapon can be difficult, particularly if you are new to the game. So, if you are having difficulties choosing the right weapon, we have got you covered. Our wiki includes a guide that talks about the best weapons in the game. It talks about different weapons like Scythe, Greatsword, Blood Blade, and many more.

Picking The Best Talents

talent tree
The Deflect Talent Tree

Picking the right talents helps you set a great base for yourself in the game. It allows you to choose a direction for your character in terms of what you want to focus on. Once you have selected a talent tree, you can strategize and build your entire game around it.

Thymesia features a total of 6 different talent trees. Each of these trees focuses on different attributes. Some of these talent trees are focused on offense, while others allow you to build a more defensive character. You can learn all about these talent trees in our guide below;

Understanding Game Mechanics

Similar to other popular ARPGs like the Soul’s series and Final Fantasy, Thymesia includes a list of unique game mechanics. These mechanics help the game stand out when compared to other games in the genre. You can use these mechanics at different stages of the game to give yourself an advantage.

However, before you can use these in-game features, you must understand them. Understanding these features will help you determine the best strategy to use them in the game. Using these mechanics properly can help you make rapid progress in the game.

Our Thymesia Wiki includes different guides that can help you understand these mechanics. These guides tell you all you need to know about these features, including how to acquire and properly use them. They include;

Defeating All Bosses

boss fight
The Hanged Queen Boss Fight

Boss fights are a major part of Thymesia. The game includes a plethora of amazing boss fights. Each boss provides the players with a new challenge that they have to face.

You need a proper strategy that ensures that you will defeat a boss. Every boss in the game has a weakness. These weaknesses can be exploited to ensure that you take them out as early as possible.

Additionally, you can also use specific weapons against specific bosses. You need to think about all these factors before you decide to square up against a boss. This is where our Wikipedia for Thymesia can come in handy.

Our wiki includes a list of boss fight strategy guides. These guides tell you everything you need to know regarding a boss. They also provide comprehensive strategies that you can implement that turn the boss fight into a cakewalk. These guides include;

Unlocking All Endings

The Chaotic Power Ending (The Bad Ending)

Thymesia includes multiple endings that you can unlock. These endings are based on different actions you perform in the game. They can also be triggered by making specific decisions in certain areas of the game.

There are a total of four endings in the game. Out of these four endings, one is bad, two are neutral, and one can be considered a good ending. You need to combine different cores to unlock these endings.

However, unlocking these endings can be difficult as you are required to complete a series of steps. Our wiki includes an endings guide that you help you unlock all the endings in the game. The guide all four obtainable endings. It also discusses the different steps that you need to perform to unlock them.

This concludes our Thymesia Wiki. More guides and tier lists will be added as soon as we find more areas of the game to cover. Till then, Stay Tuned!

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