Artery Gear Tier List: BEST Characters [2023]

Our Artery Gear Tier List ranks all heroes in the game based on their performance and effectiveness in the fights.

In Artery Gear Tier List, we have ranked all heroes in the game based on the chances of their success. Artery Gear is a mobile RPG game featuring Anime girls that hold themselves against the fights. The chances of winning the fights are highly dependent on the characters you choose to play with. It is important for players to know which characters will lead the path to victory.

Key Highlights
  • There are about 47 playing units in Artery Gear, each given a specific role as per their specialties. These roles include Tank, Attacker, Balance, Strategist, Shield, and Healer. 
  • Every Artery Gear character is ranked based on its success rate determined after hours of playing and mass preference, while versatility in performance across roles is also considered. 
  • The best Artery Gear characters are Shyura, Morris, Alice, and Sirius, while Senha, Tony, Neisa, Angelica, and Dean are the weakest of the horde. 
  • Artery Gear is one of such games that get way too influenced by character choices; therefore, picking the best options is your only bet towards victory.
Artery Gear Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
AttackerSirius and ShyuraRuri, Chihaya, Suriel, Ginga Milvus, and GhostMichelle, Phantom, Shinobu, Hokuto, Cindy, Kanna, Grace, Goya, Rosemary, Verbena, and CoraxShinonome, Onean, Chitose, 04, and Senha
StrategistAliceQuinnKagari, Roko, and TimyFoxy, Caroline, Iberis, and Tony
HealerMorrisHearinKomachiDiancht and Neisa
Balance Nio, Benny, Teufel, and LydiaAngelica
TankCathy, Maika, and DellaDean

It becomes extremely challenging for players to pick their character from a wide range of available characters, but we have sorted out everything for you. We have ranked characters on the basis of their performance, starting from S Tier, followed by A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. 

Artery Gear Tier List Breakdown

  • S Tier: The best characters with the best skills in the gameplay come under this Tier
  • A Tier: The Tier contains the best heroes but is less competitive than the ones in S Tier
  • B Tier: The heroes who have average skills as compared to S and A Tier
  • C Tier: The least skilled heroes are ranked in C Tier

Read the guide below, ranking all characters with their rating and role, so you can pick the best one for you while fighting the enemies. You should smartly make the choice of players, as the entire game experience and your victory will be impacted by the choice. 


Artery Gear S Tier
S Tier Heroes

The four heroes that are ranked in S Tier include Shyura, Sirius, Alice, and Morris. You can never go wrong in your fights while playing using these four heroes. The specification and rankings of these heroes are mentioned below. 

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
ShyuraAttacker5 StarsSannoha
SiriusAttacker5 StarsSapphire
MorrisHealer4 StarsPure Heart
AliceStrategist4 StarsThe Time

Here are the stats for all the S-Tier picks:

CharactersHealthAttackDefence Speed


Artery Gear A Tier
A Tier Heroes

The A Tier contains characters with remarkable capabilities, and they are usually the ones leading to victories, but the chances are a bit low as compared to S Tier Heroes. 

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
GhostAttacker5 StarsShadow Blade
QuinnStrategist5 StarsStrike Falcon
GingaAttacker5 StarsByakko
HearinHealer5 StarsWolf Instructor
MilvusAttacker5 StarsBoost Raptor
SurielAttacker5 StarsLa Mort
ChihayaAttacker4 StarsIchinoha
RuriAttacker4 StarsSieran

Here are the stats for all the A-Tier picks:



Artery Gear Tier B
B Tier Heroes

B Tier Heroes with their ranking and specification are mentioned below in the table to make the choice of character easier for you.

The table below includes characters in B Tier with 5 Stars.

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
LydiaBalance5 StarsCestus
CindyAttacker5 StarsInvade Spider
HokutoAttacker5 StarsKokko
KagariStrategist5 StarsAstray Magenta
TeufelBalance5 StarsBlack Scorpion
ShinobuAttacker5 StarsKazame
PhantomAttacker5 StarsShadow Lance
BennyBalance5 StarsJoker Knight
MichelleAttacker5 StarsGalting Tiger

B Tier Characters with 4 Stars Ranking are in the following table.

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
CoraxAttacker4 StarsShadow Corvus
DellaTank4 StarsIron Dobbin
VerbenaAttacker4 StarsPyrope Knight
MaikaTank4 StarsGuren
RosemaryAttacker4 StarsAmethyst Knight
CathyTank4 StarsClaw Cat
GoyaAttacker4 StarsLe Diable

B Tier Characters with 3 Stars Ranking have been listed in the table given below.

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
NioBalance3 StarsLark
GraceAttacker3 StarsRapid Gazella
KannaAttacker3 StarsGuardian
KomachiHealer3 StarsThe Sakura
RokoStrategist3 StarsBasilisk
TimyStrategist3 StarsBlades Cat

Here are the stats for all the B-Tier picks:



Artery Gear C Tier
C Tier Heroes

The least skilled heroes are ranked in C Tier. A few characters with even 4 Stars ratings are also included in this Tier. Refer to the following table to learn more about C Tier Characters. 

CharacterRoleRankingSynonymous Hero
AngelicaBalance4 StarsOmphascite Knight
NeisaHealer4 StarsPrecursor
SenhaAttacker4 StarsMikanagi Orizuru
TonyStrategist4 StarsHammer Bunny
DeanTank4 StarsDouglasssii
04Attacker4 StarsFox
ChitoseAttacker4 StarsNinoha
AcaciaShield4 StarsAmber Knight
DianchtHealer4 StarsLifeline
IberisStrategist4 StarsLa Justice
CarolineStrategist3 StarsLa Justice
OneanAttacker3 StarsObserver
FoxyStrategist3 StarsEccentric
ShinonomeAttacker3 StarsAkanoi

Here are the stats for all the C-Tier picks:


Artery Gear Reroll

In case you do not like the character you are playing with, follow the steps given below to change your character. 

  • You can change your character by having a guest account and playing using it. 
  • After you are done with the tutorial in the guest account, you will be given a chance to select the hero you want to play with.
  • Here, you can select your favorite hero.
  • Later, you can link this with your main account and continue playing with the hero of your choice. 
  • You can also reset your account in the game settings to move back to the beginners’ steps.
  • You will be able to earn your favorite hero by repeating all the steps mentioned above. 

Artery Gear Tier List Criteria

While these character Tier Lists are primarily subjective, our team has spent a great deal of time and effort creating an unbiased Tier List. The characters were ranked after thorough research by playing the game and using secondary sources. 

Our team at eXputer has taken it on them to dive into this RPG’s characters roster to provide you with a neutral Artery Gear Tier List. This will be extremely helpful for you to make the choice of your character while playing the game. The ranking is directly influenced by each character’s performance in the game and their chances of success in the fights. 

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