BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Use a slew of unique and stylish characters to destroy opposing teams in BlazBlue Central Fiction.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction has a total of 36 playable characters in the game, which makes it difficult to choose some. Not all characters are equal, so we decided to make a BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List for players to make selecting characters easier for them. We will rank all 36 characters available in the game in 5 tiers S, A, B, C, and D.  So, let’s get started right away without wasting any time.

The latest major update of BlazBlue was released on March 8, 2022. That update brought a high-quality online netplay environment for the game. After that, an emergency patch was released on July 19, 2022, to resolve a vulnerability in the game system. This tier list is based on the up-to-date patch. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are around 36 characters in BlazBlue Central Fiction.
  • In S Tier, Izanami and Izayoi are the best picks as they have the highest Score, FA, and UN.
  • A-Tier characters are a bit harder to use than S-Tier characters, so they require more skill.
  • B Tier characters can be useful, but using them is even harder than using A-tier characters.
  • Using C Tier and D Tier characters might not be worth the effort as they require much practice and skills.
  • The worst character in the game is Noel, as she doesn’t even have a single favorable match-up.

SCarl Clover, Rachel Alucard, Nine The Phantom, Izanami, Litchi Faye-Ling, Izayoi
AAzrael, Hakumen, Nu-13, Mu-12, Jin, Kokone, Mai, Lambda, Jubie
BRelius, Es, Valkenhayn, Celia, Hazama, Platinum, Tsubaki, Hibiki, Arakune, Sunsaoo, Amane
CNaoto, Iron Tager, Kagura, Taokaka, Bang
DRanga, Terumi, Bullet, Makoto, Noel Vermillion

Summary of the stats for all the characters: 

Carl CloverS186.8252
Rachel AlucardS187.1244
Nine the PhantomS193.9272
Litchi Faye-LingS184.7233

S Tier

BlazBlue S Tier Characters

S Tier characters are undoubtedly the best characters in the game. These characters are on the top because of their abilities. This means that by using these characters, players can dish out some massive damage with some characters. On the other hand, some characters might have insane versatility or defensive power. 

Carl Clover186.8252
Rachel Alucard187.1244
Nine the Phantom193.9272
Litchi Faye-Ling184.7233

Carl Clover

Carl Clover is the current wielder of Nox NyctoresDues Machina: Nirvana. Despite being young, he is extremely powerful. He is a great pick; that’s why he is at the top of the S-tier of BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List.


  • Carl can be teamed up with different characters.
  • He has enough strength to beat most of the other characters.


  • Carl is fragile and can succumb to his wounds.
  • His strength can be amplified, but the consequences would be pretty harsh.

Rachel Alucard

Rachel is a Vampire, and her get-up is pretty similar to a gothic girl. She is elegant yet extremely rude.


  • Rachel can regenerate most of the damage taken by her.
  • She has complete control over the wind, which helps her to fly. She can teleport too.
  • Rachel’s ability, Slave Red, can take control of someone’s mind.


  • Rachel’s ability, Slave Red, has limits as she couldn’t affect Amane  Nishiki.
  • There’s a limit on her teleport ability too.

Nine The Phantom

Nine is a beautiful woman who is known as Great Magister Nine. She was one of the six heroes.


  • Nine is able to create massive speels that are limited only by her imagination.
  • Nine can prevent opponents from coming closer by generating lighting around her body.
  • Nine also is able to teleport at great distances.
  • She can heighten her senses to the levels of a beastkin.


  • Despite being extremely powerful, Nine is not immortal.
  • Nine can be easily manipulated when her sister is involved, and her rage can lead to mistakes.


Izanami was known as the Imperator of the Novus Orbis Libranium. She is the divine of the Origin and the Embodiment of Death.


  • Izanami is immortal because not even the Immortal Breaker can kill her.
  • The attacks are complex and difficult to block.
  • Izanami can temporarily float.


  • Izanami can be absorbed by others who have fragments of The Origin’s soul.
  • Saya can stir up her emotions.

Litchi Faye-Ling

Litchi is a doctor who formerly worked under Sector Seven. She is also well-known in Kagutsuchi.


  • Litchi Faye-Ling can switch between her fists and staff, and her acrobatic ability is unmatched.
  • Litchi has more combos and overall moves.


  • Litchi’s staff gives more reach but less combo.
  • Litchi’s fists give her a shorter reach but more combo.


Izayoi is the alternate form of Tsubaki Yayoi. She is a noble who uses her status to bring positivity.


  • Izayoi is the only person who can use Zero-Type Izayoi, which gives her access to the Immortal Breaker.
  • Izayoi has high Ars Magus.


  • Izayoi can be easily manipulated.
  • Izayoi can’t kill those who have the Power of Order.

A Tier

BlazBlue A Tier Characters

A-Tier characters are strong, but of course, they would not be as strong as the characters in the S-Tier. Still, some people use the characters from A Tier and dominate the game. But that would require some skills. That being said, using characters from this tier would be the best option for those players who have pride in their skills. Anyone can choose these characters as long as they know how they work. Then it all comes down to practice.



Azrael is an extremely muscular man who is a criminal, and he is well known for his monstrous strength.


  • Azrael’s power denies physics.
  • He can tear through dimensions with only his hands.
  • Azrael has unlimited endurance.


  • Azrael can struggle against some well-trained characters.
  • Sector seven attached a collar to Azrael.


Hakumen is the former leader of the six heroes. Also, he is the former wielder of the Interfectum Malus: Ookami.


  • Hakumen is immune to Seithr and has incredible physical power.
  • Every time Hakumen is struck, he summons a little shield-like symbol in front of him and fires a counterattack.


  • Hakumen’s abilities can be useless can some opponents.


Nu-13 is also known as the Sword of Haze. She is a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device who is modeled after Saya.


  • Nu-13 is completely immune to the effects of Seithr.
  • There are no limits to the black blades she can produce with her ability.
  • Nu-13 is extremely fast.


  • Nu-13 can be angered easily.
  • Nu-13 can’t fight evenly against the strongest.


Mu-12 is known as Kusanagi and the Sword of the Godslayer. She is physically identical to Noel Vermillion.


  • Mu-12 can fight some of the powerful opponents.
  • Most of her moves keep the opponents at bay.
  • Mu-12 can boost good close-range pressure and can get out of opponents’ pressure.


  • Mu-12 doubts herself too much.
  • Against strong opponents, a sacrifice would be a must.


Jin Kisaragi is also known as Hero of Ikaruga. He is one of the main characters in the series, but in the game, he is not that much strong.


  • Just Jin’s presence can create snowflakes in the air.
  • Jin’s skills are great, and he utilizes them in iaijutsu style.


  • Jin is not easy to play. Some skills and practice would be required to play him.


Kokone is a cat girl as she is half-beastkin. She is an important member of Sector Seven and the daughter of two of the heroes of the six heroes.


  • Kokonoe can control gravity with a small device.
  • Koko is extremely skilled in combat.


  • Her gravity-manipulating ability doesn’t last so long.

Mai Natsume

Mai Natsume made her way into our BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List due to her unique play style. She is the heiress to the Duodecim’s Hazuki family and the current wielder of Gallia Sphyras: Outseal.


  • Mai Natsume has a unique play style.
  • Mai can enter a mode that can enhance her attacks and speed.  
  • Vampires can be killed by Mai with Immortal Breaker.


  • Not everyone would like her different play style.
  • Mai doesn’t work against some of the strong opponents.


Lambda is another unique character. She is Boundary Interface Prime Field Device and can be pretty fun to play.


  • Lambda can overwhelm her opponents with a myriad of blades.
  • With the help of Idea Engine, Lambda is immune to Phenomenon intervention.
  • Lambda is strong in close-range combat.


  • The play style is a little challenging to understand.
  • Lambda is indeed immune to Phenomenon intervention, but this ability is unstable.


Jubie is a two-tailed cat-typed beastkin who was formerly known as Mitsuyoshi. He was one of the six heroes and was also known as One-Eyed Lotus.


  • Jubie can block massive attacks with his paws like Kuma from One piece (not exactly, but somewhat similar).
  • He can resist the effects of Musashi.
  • Jubie can launch fireballs and counter the opponent’s attacks.


  • Jubie can’t effectively use Ars Magus.
  • Playing with Jubie can be a little annoying sometimes.

B Tier

BlazBlue B Tier Characters

The best thing about BlazBlue is that even B Tier characters are useable. These characters might struggle against the top-tier characters, but still, skilled players can use them. But if another skilled person is using a higher-tier character, then there would be some problems as they would exploit some weaknesses.

Characters ScoreFAUN
Es178.416 12

Relius Clover

Relius Clover has one of the most unique designs, and he was formerly known as the Mad puppeteer. He was the leader of the Ten Sages and was famous as The One.


  • Relius marionette can be used as an offense as well as a defense.
  • Reilus Colver can counter most of the techniques as he is highly knowledgeable.
  • Relius’s drive makes Ignus attack while he can move freely. His attacks also include marionette arms and gears.


  • Relius doesn’t have much weakness, but he can be defeated by higher-tier characters.


Es, short for Embryo Storage, is a short girl with amber eyes. She is a Prime Fiel Interference Manifestation created by Souichiro Unomaru.


  • When her drive is used, she leaves trails of energy behind her sword swings which can cause damage.
  • Es can be really fun to play with.


  • Many characters can overpower Embryo in terms of strength and speed.
  • Some of Es’s attacks are complicated.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is one of the coolest characters in the game, which was formerly known as Silver Wolf. He is a demi-human and a loyal servant of Rachel Alucard.


  • Valkenhayn can transform between a human and a wolf.
  • As a wolf, Valkenhayn becomes extremely fast, and his dash attacks are massively increased.


  • As a world, Valkenhayn loses the ability to guard.
  • Valkenhayn would struggle against many characters from the higher tier.

Celica A. Mercury

Celica Ayatsuki Mercury, also known as the Sister, was the younger sister of Nine the Phantom. She is one of the few people who master healing sorcery.


  • With her ability, she can nullify Seithr around her.
  • Celica can do three combos with little effort with her drive.
  • Whenever Celica lands a combo, she heals.


  • When Celica’s ability is used to nullify Seithr, she won’t be able to use magic or Ars Magus.
  • Celica would not do well against characters from higher-tier.


Hazama is an artificial human who has narrow eyes, and it seems like they are always shut (this makes him look cool, though).  He was the captain of Novus Orbis Librarium and the former vessel of Yuuki Terumi.


  • Opponents can’t really predict Hazama easily as he is a stealth-type character.
  • Hazama’s gameplay is really cool.


  • Hazama can be a little complicated to play with as he is a B-Tier character in this BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List.
  • Celica A. Mercury can weaken Hazama.

Platinum the Trinity

Platinum is an artificial human where two souls reside, the first one is Luna, and the other one is Sena. She also had the spirit of Trinity Glassfille, which created the Trinity of Platinum. 


  • Trinity can create hammers, frying pans, boomerangs, bombs, baseball bats, missiles, traps, and a large cat-like club disguised as presents which can deal pretty massive damage to opponents.


  • Platinum’s gameplay isn’t really that eye-catching, as she is a pretty boring character.
  • Platinum the Trinity is the weakest of the wielders.

Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki Yayoi’s character design is extremely beautiful. She is a soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium and the heiress to the Duodecim’s Yayoi family.


  • Tsubaki has access to the Immortal Breaker.
  • By using Phenomenon Intervention, Tsubaki can effectively blind observers.


  • Tsubaki can be defeated by higher-tier characters easily.
  • Immortal Breaker can’t affect those who have the Power of Order. 

Hibiki Kohaku

Hibiki Kohaku would remind players of characters from Attack of Titan, like Levi, Mikasa, or any other sword wielder, as the swords are the same. He is a captain of Novus Orbis Librarium.


  • Hibiki’s abilities as an assassin are unmatched.
  • Hibiki Kohaku can create a shadow clone of himself to distract the opponents. Also, he can physically replace it as a feint.


  • The design is not that attractive as compared to other characters.
  • Many other characters can overpower Hibiki.


Arakune probably has the creepiest design in BlazBlue Central Fiction. he is a monster who roamed the sewers of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.


  • Arakune can change its shape and body will.
  • Its movements are extremely hard to predict.
  • It can attack the opponents until they are cursed.


  • Arukane can’t fight against the character that is difficult to keep up with. 
  • The play style of this character is pretty boring.


Susanoo is a God of destruction, and one of the sank shin. He is the brother of the Amaterasu Unit and Tsukuyomi Unit. 


  • Susanoo can unlock or power up one of the eighth special moves when the attack connects.
  • Just with movements, Susanoo can deal massive damage.


  • As Susanoo is inside a Unit, he feels his soul’s discomfort.
  • Susanoo can’t do well against high-tier characters as he requires so much skill and practice.

Amane Nishiki

From the design, Amane Nishiki looks like a really badass person, and his species are unknown too. He is the current Onlooker of the world. Players often mistake him for a woman.


  • Amane Nishiki can use opponents’ skills against them with his grace.
  • Most of the shields and guards can be pierced by Amane’s ribbons.
  • He can resist the Sorcery Spell, Red Slave.


  • Practice and skills are needed to play this character.
  • Amane is not much compatible with other characters.

C Tier

BlazBlue C Tier Characters

C Tier characters are not the weakest, but they surely would require a lot of practice and skill. They might asl struggle against the characters from the higher tier, so mastering characters from C Tier might just not be worth it. Still, if any player is looking for a challenge, they can select a character from the C Tier of BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List. 


Naoto Kurogane

Naoto Kurogane is the servant of Raquel Alucard. He is also the heir to the Terumi branch of the Amanohokosaka Clan. Moreover, he is the main protagonist of BlazBlue: Bloodage Experience


  • Naoto Kurogane can create various weapons to fight enemies.
  • Naoto can see the life force of every living thing and can read the runes.
  • Despite not being a vampire, Naoto can regenerate.


  • Naoto can only regenerate whenever Raquel Alucard is with him.
  • Without Raquel, Naoto’s right arm disintegrates back into the blood. 
  • His opponents can predict Naoto.

Iron Tager

Tager, also known as the Red Devil, is an agent of Section Seven. His appearance would make him look like a dumb person with just brute strength. But in reality, he is extremely gentle and intelligent. 


  • Iron Tager can bring opponents close with his Drive.
  • With Kokone Tager works very well.


  • He is slow as compared to other characters.
  • Despite being slow, his strength isn’t something to brag about.

Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura Mutsuki, also known as Balck Knight, is a colonel in the Novis Orbis Librarium. He looks like a hero from a typical isekai anime. 


  • Kagura’s Drive helps him access several stances.
  • Dark energy can be manipulated by Kagura in a few forms.


  • Kagura can be somewhat useless against opponents from the higher tier.
  • Kagura underestimates his opponents way too much.


Taokaka is the guardian of the village below the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. She is a Kaka who likes steamed meat buns.


  • Taokaka can dash at lightning speed, thanks to her drive.
  • She can detect the presence of people with the help of an unknown sense.


  • Taokaka can struggle against many high-tier characters.
  • The character design isn’t that impressive. 

Bang Shishigami

Bang is the leader of the ninja from the Ikaruga Federation. He is tall and muscular and has an X scar on his face which makes him look cool.


  • While doing a Drive attack, Bang can block almost every physical attack.
  • Bang can move at a fast speed.


  • Despite being fast, Bang is not unpredictable.
  • Bang is not as strong as other characters

D Tier

BlazBlue D Tier Characters

D Tier characters are the weakest among all characters in BlazBlue, so we do not recommend using them.  Some characters in the D Tier might have cool abilities, but their weaknesses just can’t be overlooked. So, it’s better to choose characters from a higher tier.


Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna is the main protagonist of the BlazBlue series. He is a tall, muscular man and has different eye colors. He is known as the Grim Reaper. Moreover, he is the brother of Jin Kirasagi and Saya.


  • Every time a drive attack is successfully landed Ranga restores his health.
  • Ranga has complete mastery over Azure Grimoire.
  • He has an endless supply of Seithr.


  • Ranga’s attacks can be nullified by some characters.
  • Ranga relies too much on Azure Grimoire. 

Yuuki Terumi

Yuuki Terumi is the main antagonist of the BlazBlue Series. He has a very creepy design, but that is not the only reason why he is in the D tier of BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List. 


  • On a successful hit, Yuuki’s drive will give him a tremendous amount of heat.
  • Yuuki can drain his opponent’s heat.


  • The design is creepy, and the gameplay is also not that good.
  • Yuuki can be nullified by some characters.


Bullet is a mercenary who belonged to the mercenary Squad before it was completely destroyed by Azrael. She is a human and likes spicy foods.


  • Bullet can increase the level of her heat-up, which allows her to do more special moves.
  •  More distance can be traveled with a dash when the heat-up level of Bullet is increased.


  • Bullet is weaker than almost all the other characters.
  • This character is not very fun to play with.

Makoto Nanaya

Makoto Nanaya is a soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium. She is a squirrel-type demi-human and a spy for Sector Seven.


  • Makoto has great physical power.
  • Makoto is gifted with the Power of Order.
  • Some massive long-ranged blows can be delivered by Makoto.


  • Makoto is so weak compared to other characters.

Noel Vermillion

Noel vermillion is one of the main cast of the BlazBlue series, and she is the former Lieutenant of the Novus Orbis Libranium. Moreover, her character is kind of unique. 


  • Noel has the Power of the Eye, which helps her to reserve her opponents on extraordinary levels.
  • Noel has the power to view the memories of others by only touching them.
  • She can merge with others who share a part of The Orgin’s soul.


  • Noel cannot view the memories of others by touching them on will.
  • Noel has little control over her emotions.
  • The gameplay isn’t that impressive, as she is not even picked by most of the players.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Tier List Ranking Criteria

We have ranked all the characters in BlazBlue Central Fiction from S-D Tier with their score, FA and UN. Those who don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry. We will explain them right away.

  • The score is the sum of all match-up values for a particular character.
  • FA is the total number of favorable match-ups for a particular character.
  • Un is the total number of unfavorable match-ups for the particular character.

The tier list might contain some personal preferences as we have played the game ourselves, but in the end, the characters are ranked purely on the basis of their abilities. So, this tier list will help to select a team that will help to clear the game. 

That is almost everything a player would want to know in order to create a perfect team in BlazBlue Central Fiction. Players can choose characters based on their preferences, too, but the ideal choice is to select from S and A-tiers. Moreover, players can follow this subreddit for the latest BlazBlue Central Fiction news and discussions. For ranked matches.

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