Brave Frontier Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2022]

Brave Frontier is an excellent mobile game that can hook you for hours with how vast this game is. If you are on gold ghost hunting, or you want to get through the maintenance period, then you are at the right place. Our Brave Frontier Tier List is tailor-made for all kinds of players of this acclaimed video game.

Many Gacha games on the mobile platform have tried to replicate which Brave Frontier, as one of the earliest pioneers of this genre, did in 2013. The developers have improved their system till the point that there are too many characters; which mind you is not a bad thing and it shows the level of dedication of the developers for a mobile game. It has seen loads of changes and to perfect this system you need to be able to choose the right units, according to your need and we are here to help you with that.

Brave Frontier Tier List

We have divided the units of the game into six groups. Where the strongest characters are in the S group and as you go down in descending order, the units become weaker. With the F tier having the weakest units from the game.

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The Best Character in Brave Frontier
The Best Characters in Brave Frontier

The S Tier has the most powerful units from the game. They have abilities that make them almost invincibles. If you have played brave frontier before, you would be aware of the importance of defense, damage, and buffs. It is very rare for a character to checkmark all of them but the ones in our S Tier have boosted abilities in all of them.

We will be describing each character in the S Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List as they are very important but after this tier, you don’t need much explanation in the other tiers, as either they are worse alternatives of these characters or characters that are of low to no value in the game.

InokoFireIf you love art, then very few can match that of Inoko. A character with the correct use of enhancements and leveling up can have a beautiful monster up your sleeves in the game. She is named the Boorish Beauty for a reason, but don’t fall for her beauty if she is an opponent in the game.
AziusFireThe best fire mitigator in the game in our opinion, there are others like the Annette and Aesys that can somehow have more value if you are short on resources. If you have the ability then go for Azius, whom you can get from the summoning. This character who is passionate about his work and helping his people will surely not let you down and will be a loyal unit to your force.
Desert Paradise NyamiFireFor many players, she was not as good as Mugen, and still, many players go for Mugen but in 2022, with the self-spark move up her sleeve, Desert Paradise Nyami is a far better option. With a body scan that is perhaps the best in the game, this beautiful character will crack you up with her sense of humor.
AesysFireAfter over 30 summons we were not able to get Aesys, which shows the rarity of this character. Our only option was to buy some gems and get her. The rate at which summoning her is increasing with each passing day is contrary to her character’s love for the mortals, she ain’t easy to get hold of. But if you do, then this majestic goddess of the horizons is a cheat code in the game.
CayernaFireIf you have been playing brave frontier for a long, then you must know that Cayerna was considered to be broken because of how overpowered she was. This is a big advantage for you in the game but there is one big drawback with her, it is very hard to evolve her.
AschaFireBest to deploy her as a fire top nuker and as a leader of your force. The ability to alleviate to a boot makes our claim stronger. The 40% BC reduction to all units under her is a big plus point of her as a leader. She will surely lead your team, unlike the ones who never lead her to the path to her home.
RhyneFireIt was very hard for us to decide which one of Inoko or Rhyne would be part of our brave frontier tier list’s S-Tier and thus we decided to add both to it. They are very similar in nuking and both in our opinion are a bit below the best fire nuker in the game. The DBB of Rhyne is certainly a cheat code and with her crocodile smile by your side, you will conquer many.
Ken KanekiLightA perfect replacement for the nuker on your team. Ken Kaneki is again one of those characters considered to be broken but mind you, it took us 60 pulls to get Ken Kaneki, at one point it was easy to pull him but not anymore. This half-ghouldom is the best light nuker in the game and there are no doubts about that from our side.
SidonieLightA character all about the buffs. The most lethal thing in the game if deployed correctly. The buffs that Sidonie will elevate your unit is the bb spark/spark damage/revive ubb and doom removal sero. Peter and Chizu are a good alternate to Sidonie and one can debate they are better but for us, the damage that Sidonie has nullifies the competition between them. The supernatural mishap that brought Sidonie into existence will bewitch you with her abilities in the brave frontier game.
PtahLightAt the inception of the world, Ptah was born and no one except him was there. With the design of the spear that Ptah is holding, we might have made a tier above this one especially for him, but it was not possible. The sphere effect is added to all the BB and SSB and also it boosts the SP. Many players have found a way to spam the SBB with Ptah and it has eased their time in the game.
HakuzoLightDo you see Chloe on the S Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List? No! The once famous Chloe was dethroned by Hakuzo when he was released. A lead that will give extra perks to your team. He is particularly good for raids and almost impossible to beat if your supporting units compliment him.
AvynLightAfter Ken Kaneki, Avyn is the best light nuker and they are very hard to set apart. You might be wondering why both are in the S Tier, but mind you besides being a light nuker and an alternative to Ken Kaneki she has the leadership skills that he lacks. In the grand quest, you can get her sphere to further evolve her, all and all a must-have character if you are looking for a light nuker who is a good leader as well.
PeterLightPeter is one of those characters on our Brave Frontier Tier List that you might be indifferent about because there are the likes of Hakuzo, Chizura, and Ken, who are very popular and there is already a surplus of recasters in the light but the reason he is part of our S Tier is because of Peter’s triple attacking ability and despite being very valuable he is very easy to get.
Yasna ArmaitiEarthTwo years back if you asked me who my absolute favorite female character from the brave frontier was, it would be Yasna, in this time a lot has changed but she still holds a place on my S Tier, not as lethal as she once was because of the master of the hunt elgif but not that worse to downgrade her tier because of the array of boosts in her pocket. Her LS and ES make Yasna an all-rouunder.
TarokEarthTarok might be cursed but surely he will not be a reason for bad luck for your team if you use him correctly. This spar-ewd he is perfect for your earth raid squad and is a very good nuker as well if you can’t get hands-on the rarer ones. The reason he is part of the S Tier because of how easy it is to get him. 
Sun-kissed TilithEarthImagine the number of pulls it took us to get her? You won’t believe it, 4 pulls only but it doesn’t mean she is the usual weak under 5 pull character, she is as good as kranus gate because of the boost her leadership brings plus she is free from the heavily criticized doom effect.
OsirisEarthThe greatness of Osiris lies in his pumped-up defense stats. Half of my squad in the game was wiped by the opponent in no time but the self spark and the defensive stats of Osiris made it possible for me to hold on for longer than I deserved. He was broken when he first came out, because of the self spark ability but now many characters in the brave frontier have it but the reason he is on the S Tier, because of the deadly combo of his boosted defense and the spark. Mind you, it is very hard to summon Osiris.
HypaeaEarthA perfect alternative to Osiris, and can be summoned very easily. It took us only 8 pulls. The best thing about Hypaea making her part of our prestigious tier is the 100% damage reduction to one of the units, the spark of Hypaea over the years is not as deadly as it once was but if used with a good strategy it is only second to Osiris’ spark.
AlphieEarthAlphie is perhaps the most underrated mitigator in the game, and players often overlook her. This is one of the main reasons she is part of the S Tier for us, on top of that her leadership skills in our opinion are best for the value in the game, he has surely learned the leadership skills from Emperor Yu.
SashaEarthAn overpowered Nuker, who wouldn’t want that, ok unless you already have a bunch of them. If not then Sasha is a great option, but be aware it took us 32 pulls to finally get her, rare; yes she is pretty rare. Despite Sasha being one of the best Earth leaders, you should never make the mistake of putting her in a light team.
NicholasEarthThe 220k attack cap is very annoying, if it was not there then he would be our top Earth character on our Brave Frontier. This cap would have been an absolutely valid point to put him on a tier below, but with the way the game is playing recently, such valuable leaders, and the boost they bring, promoting him to the S Tier was our only option.
AoifeWaterAoife bonds very well with Tsovinar and Hakuzo in the game, with any or both of these characters paired with her you will surely have a great water team. Aofie with her leadership skills will be a great advantage for your team, but she can be a great character to bring the best of the likes of Savage Lion and others in the game. This means she is not just restricted to water but can also be paired in other teams, like a light team, and the big reason for her being on our S Tier.
HildaWaterGoing on a raid? Need a water character, then Hilda is perfect for you with her double attack abilities and the overpowered BB that she has. The 220k attack cap is very annoying again but the reason she is here is because of being the only water character worthy of being taken on a raid don’t forget she has a 220k damage cap, which in a way nullifies the 220k attack cap.
Meryl & MillyWaterFor some, Meryl & Milly has everything one would want from a water character and we couldn’t agree more. Thus rightfully she is part of the prestigious S tier. The offense that she has is not something one expects from a water character. The combo water attack is perhaps one of the deadliest in the game when executed in the right way.
ThotWaterPulling her was very easy for us, 3 pulls only. A perfect nuker and the best water LS in the game. You wouldn’t want to miss out on her for the values she provides despite being so easy to pull. This is the prime reason for her inclusion on the S Tier. 
GaleneWaterFor Galene we have a tip, try to have multiple Galenes on your squad to be able to get the best out of her, yes there are too many water nukers but the edge that she has on other water nukers is her 200% boost to attack and 100% boost to max HP of your units when she is the leader. She goes well with another type of character as a leader, not just the water teams.
GiseleWaterThe purging effects and the 3 pulls it took us to summon her are the reasons behind her inclusion in the S Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List. With an amazing SP built the caretaker of the guilds of Orebus is a very handy character. 
SerinWaterPicking Serin on your team is tricky, if you have the right platform for her then she is amazing. But if you don’t then vice versa. She has amazing raw damage but lacks attacking buffs for which you need another character also she doesn’t self-spark easily thus you will need a character who is great at self spark.
InaraWaterWater is bombarded with the nukers and it is pretty annoying. One of the main reasons for including her in the S Tier was because she is a good water character and being a nuker is not the prerequisite of that. With a 400% EWD and the amazing miti judging she is a no-brainer if you can pull her, it took us 30 pulls though, so not that easy.

Vohu is the best at refilling all the items that you exhaust in the game, including the hero crystals, crezent dews, and fujins. If you have the strategy to level up characters faster with money then Noxa can come to your aid, and on top of that, he has amazing DBB skills. We suggest you not rely on him for nuking though as he lacks those abilities. We found him to be best in an all dark squad.

SetDarkOne of the best leaders in the game if you are looking for a great lead in the dark. She has amazing buff sparks which is a rarity in the dark character, she is not a nuker but her abilities almost makes her a nuker which is a plus and it makes her very interesting and rare and rightfully so she is part of the S Tier.
Noxa DarkIf you have a Rhyne lying around then Noxa is perfect for you. The best thing about them is the synergy between them and these will surely aid you in your conquests. You can easily get a Noxa from a free gate and is a great all-around character. 
OrochiDarkA free unit with a triple attack? why wouldn’t one want that? Orochi is part of our S Tier solely because of the abilities and stats he has despite being a free character. It is like buying an Xbox Series S which can give you a 1440p experience in games by spending less than $300, the only difference is that Orochi is free.
EvieDarkIt took us 40 pulls to finally get her, but don’t worry, it is not the reason she is part of the S Tier of our Brave Frontier Characters List. The SP costs of using her enhancements are just too good and give a great value. One can use her in a team if you are short on sp.
LegatoDarkLegato is a great character if you are looking for an action UBB for your dark team. The best nuker according to us in the dark, Legato can mitigate and nuke simultaneously which is a big plus point and lead to his place on the S Tier.
KirkeDarkMany find him to be a disappointment and you will be very surprised after seeing him in our S Tier but there is a concrete reason behind it. Kirke first of all is an Omni character and most of them are amazing, and he is no different despite the wrong perception he has in the eyes of the gamers. Kirke has an amazing BB spark that has been fixed and now it is on SBB, and many gamers are not aware of that.
Ma’atThunderSummoning her is not a piece of cake and it can take well over 40 pulls to finally have her, at least it was the point when we did that. She is a very hard catch and has somehow become an obsession for the players who are new to the game. This rarity is the reason she is part of our S Tier of the Brave Frontier Tier List.
ParisThunderThe lore that Paris has will defiantly bewitch you and will be a menace for your opponents. Being a triple attacker now, her abilities are further given a boost, and is a great meta leader while on top of that she is a nuker. In PVP battle, she will give your team buffs that will critically damage your opponents, a must-have thunder character.
NimrahThunderA goddess that you can get in like 5 pulls. We tried on two different accounts and on both, it took us 5 pulls, which was surprising considering the beefed-up abilities that she has. In comparison to her alternative, which is the Tevarius summoning her is very easy and the difference between them is negligible thus she made the cut on our S Tier over him.
UkieThunderThe honors of being the first extra action UBB thunder character belongs to Ukie. She gives extra buffs to all allies in the game. This can be a great boost to the thunder characters in the game, who are neglected by the developers, and sometimes they are of no use against the likes of Deku.
EchoThunderOn our Brave Frontier Characters List, this might be the most controversial character as he seems very basic but if you use him as a leader he stands out in this regard overall thunder characters, which is something that these characters lack.
VashThunderVash has been followed by destruction and chaos all his life but when you bring him to your team, then the destruction awaits the opposition. Very easy to summon, he seems overpowered and one of those characters who are glitched and can act like a cheat code, thus him being on the S Tier made sense to us.
MiriamThunderA triple attacking mitigator, can you imagine that? Go back and read that again, a triple attacking mitigator. Wow! There is no further justification needed on why she is on this tier.
VranaThunderThe second last character on our S Tier. She is the most useful thunder character in RC7 and to combat darkness, against whom even the powerful thunder characters suffer. Her UBB will be your go-to thing to elevate your team with spheres.
ToukaThunderThe last character of our S Tier. Touka is a perfect nuker, with triple sbb. The reason she is here, is because of the rarity of Touka. It took us more than 60 pulls to get her, and she is a rare character. You need the luck of gods to even get a whiff of her and certainly, we have had it on that day. 


Brave Frontier Tier List
The Above Average Characters

If you can’t get hold of the characters in the S Tier then the ones in this Tier are not bad. They are a good replacement, and even in some departments, they can outdo the units from the A Tier. Think of it as a flagship Android phone, it can outdo an iPhone in some departments while iPhone is regarded as the king of the smartphone market. Many people are happy with Android phones and the same analogy applies to the comparison between the S and the A Tiers.

Juzo Suzuya, Czorag, Svalinn, Zeis, Yamori, Yan & Yuan, Seria, Annette, Roy, Amus, Ultor, Kyo, Marianne, Natalame, Gortius, Blaze, EllieFire
Vanila, Kelsa, Allanon, Kranus the Argent. Fionna, Persenet, Aurelia, Karna Masta, Chloe, Sero-Anya, OdinLight
Gwenevere, Teresa, Baiken, Wannahon, Dranoel, Limilnate, Zeruiah, Elaina, Ulagan, Andaria, Bayley, Lydia, Vektor, S’eljah, NagidEarth
Wintia, Sae, Rene, Kahiki, Charlie. Vail & Vidron, Haile, Tridon, Galea, Utheria, Kawab, Faelan, Sennie, VikkiWater
Lancelot, Fatal Ruffles Vanessa, Ciardha, Keres, Berserk Ezra, Xenon,  Saskya, Gwyll, , Saya, Kranus, , Ensa-Taya, Savei, Noel, , Semira, Nyami, Shion, Alza Masta, Kielazar, Kielezar, , Lico,  R&R, Dismal Omen Luro, TheodorDark
Bonnie, Cleria, Cerise, Khepratum, Zedus, Fennia, Whitefang Kisrai, Sheriff, N’an Wang Mu, Silvie, Tevarius, Zelion, Chryssa, Mikael, Long, Kassia, Ydra Thunder


Average Character in Brave Frontier
Average Characters

The B Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List is certainly not the best characters in the game and the units are way below the characters in the S and A tiers but they are certainly not useless. These characters are not boosted in terms of abilities like the ones in the tiers above but they can be used very wisely and partnered with the characters from the upper tier to achieve success in the brave frontier.

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Ludero, Azurai, Kagiya, Feng, Rain, Owen, Laressa, Arus, Brigadier Buck, Morgana, Zegstia, Ruby, Sun Tse, Rugahr, Emberheart VyrrFire
Ceulfan, Sefia, Krantz, Kyria, Lilith, Enile, Alan, Joshua, Linasera, Lukroar, Juno Seto, Gabriela, Lauda, Lucius, Maxwell, Regil, SolosLight
Avani, Bjorn & Linlin, Dion, Eriana, Nia, Mordlim, Libera, Nyala, Faelan, Hisui, Ophiucus, Shu Tsukiyama, Edea, Honoka & Hisa, Fei & Fang, HetepheresEarth
May, Viviane & Orah, Sheena, Lofia, Karl, Rickel, Ilm, Lasswell, Tsovinar, Medina, Isniel, Elimo, SignasWater
Feora, Cardes, Illucen & Illumina, Neferet, Grahdens, Katerin, Merlin, Neviro, Yuura, Ebony & Enid, Zephyr, GaltierDark
Tate & Tama, Razak, Mordred, Ragra, Jireid, Ordine, Rhoa, Crash, Ewan, DaltiskThunder


Brave Frontier Tier List
The Below Average Tier

You are playing a PVE or a casual match? Go ahead and use these characters but if you are a competitive player then we won’t recommend these characters. They are to be the last resort if you can’t get characters from the upper-tier during special events and quests that require loads of grind but if you are casually playing, then these characters as mentioned earlier are good enough and thus they are part of the average tier of our Brave Frontier Characters List.

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Barion, Heartstringer Guinne, Michele, Adel, al-Akqat, Lava, Mariano, Dillith, Baelfyr, Korzan, Agnia Afla, GlennFire
Quentin & Quinn, Carlos, Leo Whitefang, Carroll, Reseus, Kira, Mora, Sirius, Zekt, Segrud, Rinon, Ark, Spirited Beast Ni’enLight
Frigg, Gandrei, Felice, Daros, Rozalia, Zelnite, Phileine, Leona, BaroEarth
Mariela, Florence, Vaisal, Selena, Holia, Lumis, Savia, AuberiWater
Shida, Zenia, Toki, Feeva, Lunaris, Yggdrasil, Ragina, Yggdrasil, Zero, Lilly Matah, Dirk Rezo, Velma, Johan, Elza, Zekuu, Zero, Mifune, ZalvardDark
Vashi, Gilgamesh, Behemoth, Gilbert, Loch, Becstain, Eleanor, Shera, Lid, Kanon, BeiorgThunder


D-Tier gacha game characters
Acceptable Characters for beginners

If you are new to the game, then you should use these characters to get to know the mechanism of the game and to make a strategy. Experienced players often use these in low-profile matches against players who are new to the game. Our team is playing Brave Frontier since 2013 and we usually pick the characters from the D Tier of our Brave Frontier Tier List to test a plan for a big event.

Mai Shiranui, Rahotep, K & K, Avant, Claire, Kulyuk, Jakra, Alessa, Valen, Malef, Vargas, RengakuFire
Lara, Miku, Ionia, Jack’O, Amadream, Izuna, Zellha, Gaston, Agress, Atro, Janice, Mel, Garrel, Diastima, LogiLight
Gyras, Mariletta, Terry, Mariletta, Zevalhua, Terry, Divine Armor, Quaid, Arboreal Glaes, Freed, Lanza, Lanza, Serge, LanceEarth
Hugh, Zalts, Kula Diamond, Garrett, Camilla, Stein, Azalea, Kitsu, Zeleste, Arsom, Melord, Belfura, Tazer, Asto, CottonWater
Kafka, Sonia, Kalon, Kikuri, Mizo Dorte, Alice, Xie’Jing, Haido, Zeek, Iori, IhsirDark
Hallelujah, Rize, Balgran, Licht, Benimaru, Marlo, Eerikki, Eze, Rayla, DraegarThunder


Weakest Characters in gacha game
The Weakest Characters

Just like in school, the grade F was the worst grade in your class. The same is the case here, the units that are part of the F Tier are the most useless units in the game, and avoiding them will make your life easier as they significantly decrease your chances of winning in the game. They are the polar opposite to the units in the S Tier, with very low damage, defense, and buffs.

Barbara, Lyonnesse, Adriesta, Griff, Sol, ShuraFire
Raquiel, Estia, Elphelt, Athena AsamiyaLight
Daze, Nimune, Dessit, Ragzbyul, MiellEarth
Amu Yunos, Astrid, Verne, Iris, Charlotte, Colt, AzamiWater
Mard Geer, Magress, Gregor, Luina, RamlethalDark
Zora, Ky, Viktor, Silas, FizzThunder

Brave Frontier Tier List Criteria

It is not easy to rate all the characters in the game as they are constantly updated and it is hard to keep up with it, updating this tier list will also take time, as playing the game and getting to know what each update has brought takes a lot of time. This is solely based on our time in the game. We have ranked the characters based on the value they provide in the game.

The criteria in our Brave Frontier Tier List that we set, was how rare the abilities of the characters were in their elements, the rarity, and the best value with respect to pulls they provide, and above all how they fared in a mismatched team and combated against characters of the other elements in battles.

Why Trust Us?

A dedicated team was constantly engaged in the game, testing and trying many characters. Since it is a game where the smallest of details mattered, our team even looked at the history of the characters and tried to see how they have improved over the years or have been downgraded. The level of dedication and attention to the smallest details makes us very trustworthy and we are sure that if you are a long-time player of Brave Frontier you will agree with us on the majority of the tier list.

This is all you need to be aware of, we hope our tier list has added some value to your life and we hope it helps you have smooth sailing while playing the game, next time.

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