Calibria Crystal Guardians Tier List: All Heroes Ranked [2023]

Learn about the strongest and weakest characters in our Calibria Tier List!

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is a new team-based mobile strategy RPG available for iOS and Android. With over 200 characters in its catalog, it can be quite intimidating to any new and experienced players. With unique and fun content and interesting card-based gameplay elements, a lot of new players have been enticed to play it. Due to how complex a lot of mechanics can be, they may need some guidance in starting out.

Key Highlights
  • Calibria: Crystal Guardians has a 200 large roster of characters which can be challenging to wrap your head around as a beginner.
  • Factions can impact the effectiveness of a character unit, so they need to be considered alongside the characters’ own ranking.
  • Using only S-Tier guardians does not guarantee you will be successful in a battle, so learning to work with characters’ niche uses, strengths and weaknesses is necessary to be great in battle.
  • Strategizing with your guardians’ unit is essential for being effective in Calibria: Crystal Guardians.
  • Being great independently is a lot more important for a character than being good support, as all characters can provide some level of support at least.
  • The strongest characters belong to the S-A tiers, having strengths that can completely outmatch their weaknesses while having an important place in Calibria: Crystal Guardians’ meta.
  • The weakest characters belong to the D-E tiers, being less worthwhile than all of their higher-tier counterparts due to lacking advantages and a poor place in the game’s meta.
  • The average skill characters are those belonging to the B-C tiers, having decent or good strengths coupled with equally matched weaknesses.

Here is the complete breakdown of our tier list.

SArchmage, Shaman, Yin, Odin, Monkey King, Lich, Succubus, Tyr
AMedusa, Heracles, Vampire, Artifact, Bone King, Spider Queen, Flame Spirit, Dao Lord, Zeus,
Abyss Queen, Asura, Hades, Loki, Poseidon
BCleopetra, Charon, Poseidon, Master Tao, Selene, Druid, Windwalker, Popo, Jungle Heart, Abyss Lord,
Demonic Swordsman, Cerberus, Harpy, Athena, Eve, Valkyrae, Lilith, Titan, Charon, Hattori
CArcanist, Dragoon, Elven Queen, Mountain King, Golem, Draconian Princess, Garuda, Noctura,
Troll Lancer, Iron Heart, Ogre, Whisp, Magic Witch, Genesis, Mikhael, Joan, Necromancer, Musashi
DMarquis, Holy Swordsman, Una, Phantom Wolf, Enchantress, Fallen Angel, Centaur, Lumi,
Deathknight, Destruction Idol, Thorn Spirit, Mummy, Ares, Yaksha, Lucifer
EPirate Captain, Mermaid, Anubis, Barbarian, Paladin, Shield Guardian, Angel of Death, Fortune,
Minotaur Chief, Genie, Pharoah, Shadow Wolf


Calibria: Crystal Guardians S-Tier

The S-Tier characters are the cream of the crop in terms of their stats, making them viable for most situations. This is why it’s essential not to switch them for any characters in lower tiers, as having them in your roster is always an advantage no matter what battle.

These characters are not only great independently but can also be the best support for the rest of their team. With perks and skills that directly benefit them alongside their teammates, S-Tier units are of immense importance in the Calibria: Crystal Guardians meta.

These characters are among the strongest few that Calibria: Crystal Guardians has to offer, many also having powerful weapons and abilities in their own right. This is why these characters are the most important to look out for.

Monkey KingDarkTank


Archmage is one the best characters that Calibria has to offer, with amazing base stats and an Attack role; he is an especially amazing independent fighter. He can even one-shot practically all the bosses in-game with the Curse from Shaman.


Shaman is a stellar guardian with equally stellar stats. He provides amazing support while being an Assist character while still being great independently. His Curse S3 allows Archmage or Tyr to one-shot bosses, making them a remarkable S-Tier unit.


Yin is a very powerful Attack guardian with high stats and equally high performance. He can one-shot all of the bosses in the Catacombs and Lair while using light and lawful units, making him incredibly useful.


Succubus is an incredibly powerful Assist guardian who’s mostly notably versatile in the Arena game mode. She increases the Attack and, ultimately, the damage output of her team while decreasing the enemy team’s defense. This makes her one of the best assist characters you can get.

Monkey King

Monkey King is a strong Tank guardian who is versatile for every mode and battle. His stunning skill at a chance of 100% can allow you a lot of leverage in many battles. He also has the skill of Atkbar reduction and passive increase to the team’s damage output, making him an exceptionally powerful character.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians A-Tier

The A-Tier characters are excellent choices in most situations. Though not on the same level as S-Tier characters, they are an important pick for most Calibria players. At some points, even being able to match or surpass S-Tier characters in specific niches or battles. They may not be as independent as S-Tier characters. However, they will usually provide great support to their teammates.

However, being great as an independent character is a very valuable skill compared to support. This is due to the fact that practically every character can support their team to whatever extent. Very few can provide the same individual advantage as S-Tier characters. Despite that, their strengths outweigh their weaknesses tenfold, making them, in many cases, as essential as their higher-tier counterparts.

Bone KingEvilAttack
Spider QueenEvilAttack
Flame SpiritEvilAttack
Dao LordLightAssist
Abyss QueenDarkAttack


A great character in independent PvE combat, Medusa is a great guardian that the game offers. With nice base stats and a role as an assist, she’s also amazing sturdy support for her team.


Heracles is a really good Attack character, acting as a damage multiplier. He’s great at farming points, though not as effective in sheer damage output as higher-tier characters.

Spider Queen

Spider Queen is an especially versatile Attack guardian, which can attack through enemy defenses and provides a great way to farm damage. Maxing out her stats makes her even more powerful, especially in Arena.


Vampire is an incredibly effective Assist character. He provides essential skills in PvE combat and also against other players in PvP mode.

Dao Lord

Dao Lord is a great Assist guardian who specializes well as an All-rounder in almost any situation or battle. He can be effective no matter what build you go for, making him an easy choice for your team. Though he may still be overshadowed by other higher-tier Assist characters, Dao Lord has carved out a solid position in the game’s meta, making him a worthwhile guardian.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians B-Tier

The B-Tier characters in Calibria are those who are strong in their own right. However, they are weaker than the higher-tier units for the simple reason that they’re less efficacious in many of the same battles as them. Though worthwhile in their own right, they truly shine with support from characters that can match many of their weak points.

They can cover their teammates’ weak points as support and do it well, making them viable in many situations. However, if we consider them by themselves, they would still have great weaknesses than their higher-tier counterparts, leading them to be less viable independently. Strategy is key with such characters.

Simply put, they’re less independent in their ability and may require support. However, they are nonetheless a great addition to your team’s roster.

Master TaoLawfulAttack
Jungle HeartChaoticAssist
Abyss LordEvilDefense
Demonic SwordsmanEvilAttack

Abyss Lord

Abyss Lord is a Defense guardian with a surprising trait of not being as adept in their defense capabilities as their attack. He has good base stats and is effective in fighting in the PvP arena while being adept enough in the PvE.


Selene is a really good Assist character, acting as a healer. She provides a good defense for her team, by being tuned to keep her team healed and in the battle for longer.


Popo is a great Defense character who’s skilled in his high Bleed against other characters, giving him great damage potential over time. Building him for Arena mode and against bosses is a great way of utilizing him and his large damage output over time.


Poseidon is a good Assist character who can reduce the cooldown of each turn he takes. This makes him incredibly effective for reviving teammates as soon as possible and gives him versatility in different game modes and battles.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians C-Tier

These characters don’t do too well in the meta but may have times when they shine. With a proper strategy in mind, they can be completely adept in their ability. As a support, they can be of great help. However, they will usually still be less adept even in a support role than their higher-ran counterparts. However, they’ll be hard to deal with in most situations because of their shortcomings. Nonetheless, they may still have their own specific nuanced skills that make them worth having in your team.

Elven QueenLawfulAssist
Mountain KingLawfulAttack
Draconian PrincessChaoticTank
Troll LancerChaoticAttack
Iron HeartEvilDefense
Magic WitchEvilAssist


Necromancer is an Assist guardian who performs adeptly in most game modes and battles. However, his damage and general stats are weaker than most higher-tier Assist characters. Nonetheless, he is still a decently useful guardian.

Iron Heart

Iron Heart is a Defense guardian who performs well in a full defense build in the arena, however, is a poor performer in other areas. He can be exceptional for this tier for PvP.


Mikhael is an Assist guardian who can act reasonably well in many battles. His ability to increase enemy cooldowns while decreasing his team’s makes him a solidly useful Assist guardian. However, his skills still pale in comparison to other Assist guardians.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians D-Tier

These characters may require a lot of support from their team while providing very circumstantial help in battles. In most situations, their use is very ineffective. However, they may still have situations where they could come of good use. However, it is unlikely for them to have great performance still. They’re still usable enough and have situations where they may be useful, making them above the lowest tier.

Holy SwordsmanLawfulAttack
Phantom WolfLawfulAttack
Fallen AngelChaoticAttack
Destruction IdolEvilTank
Thorn SpiritEvilAssist

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is an Attack guardian whose characteristics make him decent in a specific niche, though weak overall. He is well performing in Levi 10, but in any other game mode, he is far worse in performance than his higher-tier counterparts. Strategizing and making a solidly balanced unit is key with Fallen Angel.


Yaksha is a Tank guardian whose characteristics, though quite weak, go well in a unit consisting of Abyss Lord or Artifact due to burning effects. Overall, a poorly adept character that requires a strategy to make good use of.


Lucifer is an Attack guardian who is especially lackluster for a 5* character in the game. His skills pale in comparison to many other Attack characters the game has to offer, and so he does not serve that worthwhile of a position in the game’s meta. Nonetheless, he is still a serviceable guardian; it is just that, considering his rarity, that position is quite underwhelming.

Holy Swordsman

Holy Swordsman is an Attack guardian who, while effective in some circumstances, is surpassed in skill by practically every Attack guardian in the higher tiers due to their versatility. He is, however, a decent match against guardians with high Defense stats.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians E-Tier

The guardians in this tier are the bottom-barrel characters in the game’s meta. Many characters in this tier may even feel like a direct hindrance to have in your team. This is because their weaknesses may completely outweigh their strengths to be viable. Some characters here may still be useful enough, but most are not worth having on your team at all.

Creating a well-strategized team that can cover for their weaknesses can make them nonetheless useful enough not to be thrown away. Though make sure to check which characters work well with them, and it might work in your favor.

Pirate CaptainDarkAttack
Shield GuardianLawfulDefense
Angel of DeathChaoticAttack
Minotaur ChiefChaoticTank
Shadow WolfEvilAttack

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf is a weak Attack character whose place in the meta is low as his buffs easily get ignored/wasted in battle and who does not provide much support for his team.

Angel of Death

Angel of Death is an Attack character who especially lacks much prowess in its ability over higher-tier characters. However, it can be used as a good XP farmer until the player can find any other decently performing Attack guardian.

Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain is a poor Attack character whose stats and performance in battle, in general, are lackluster, to say the least. He has certain modes or battles in which he may be doing decently enough, but even then, a strong team is required to cover his weaknesses.

How To Receive Gift Codes?

Gift codes are a special part of Calibria which can be redeemed for in-game gifts and loot. The developers regularly publish codes on their social media accounts for different in-game and real-life events and occasions. Make sure to bookmark their socials to scout out any codes they may publish at any time.

How Do You Redeem Gift Codes?

First, launch Calibria and click on your Avatar at the top of your screen. This will bring you to a different window, from where you should click the Pack Code button and add your code. If it isn’t expired, you will be able to claim the prizes it has. If they are, simply wait for the social media teams to publish more gift codes, or check out fan pages like on Reddit or Twitter. Many websites may also have the codes published or listed, so be sure to scout out for them if ever the codes you were using were expired or you can’t find any codes on official socials.

Re-Roll Guide

Re-rolling in Calibria isn’t by any means a hard task! At the start of the game, you’re given quests to finish for large pack rewards such as gems, and scrolls. Check the starter perks chest and finish the quests that you see. Completing these quests gives you a lot of gems, and at the end, you’ll also receive a pack giving you even more gems. You can also see the ‘growth plan’ for more quests in Calibria.

Use your gems from these quests to buy mystic summon scrolls. Go to your summon menu, check the shop and spend your gems for a Mystic Summon Scroll Book. Then, you should go back to your summon menu and roll for a new character. If you don’t get your chosen character, you can repeat the process all over again. Rather than being hard, it’s more tedious. However, the grind is all worth it once you get the character you want!

Tier List Ranking Criteria

We’re basing our ranking on each guardian’s stats and sheer effectiveness in battle. Each individual tier also provides information on each guardian’s faction and role to make it greatly more definitive and useful for players.

Since factions can impact the effectiveness of your unit a lot by providing a crit rate increase and greater damage output, and defensive ability, it is of important consideration.

Since you can choose multiple characters in the game, using only S-Tier characters will not mean you’re going to have the upper hand in every battle. You would need characters that fit the niche of a battle as much as high-tier all-rounder characters.

Mechanics like factions and classes make it so that you have to think in strategy, as doing so provides you a great advantage even if your guardians are not the best. Having the best guardians but a bad strategy makes you weaker than someone with decent guardians but a great strategy! You should strategize and maintain a team that can make up for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s essential that you experiment with your team or unit to find out which guardians fit right with your play style. Make sure to consider the factions of your characters, for which you can always consult a list like this.

Why Trust Us?

Our team made this list as unbiased as possible by surveying other plays outside our team and checking forum opinions on characters. We checked other rankings and tier lists, as well as wiki listings to make sure nothing we were writing was wrong or biased.

Of course, we would still love to see opinions on our ranking. If you agreed with it or disagreed with it, we would love to see how you would rank the characters yourself. Any feedback, in general, is greatly appreciated, as it allows us to improve our work in the future.


Calibria: Crystal Guardians contain a plethora of powerful characters, so curating this tier list was an especially hard endeavor! Though the game may seem simple, the great number of characters and pool of statistics that surrounds them makes it all complex and mind-bending for many players. This is why we decided to create this list in the first place, to help out those players who find all this complicated.


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