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Cross Summoner R is a recent addition to the gacha realm but has excelled since, thanks to its lavish storyline and massive character cast. This may be exciting for many but might also freak out most players, for whom we have a comprehensive Cross Summoner R tier list ready!  

Key Highlights
  • The Cross Summoner R gacha game houses 30 playable characters to uplift its already mesmerizing storyline. 
  • The in-depth ranking of Cross Summoner R characters is based solely on in-game performance and stats execution analyzed across multiple battlefield situations. 
  • As far as the best Cross Summoner R characters are concerned, look no further than the powerhouses like Asuka, Arik, Bormea, Sassafras, Mira, Alwin, and Rorche. These characters do not require a lot of investment and still pay back highly significant in terms of fighting. 
  • If not them, you may choose the other contestants of the 30-unit roster but be super cautious of choosing Fortis, Leicester, or Eric. They fall severely short in providing stats, even enough to have you on the battlefield for a decent amount of time. 
  • For the fast-paced mechanism of Cross Summons R, prefer only to choose the best options, or you will be caught up in a huge mess.
Cross Summoner R Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-Tier Asuka, Bormea, Alwin, Sassafras, Arik, Mira, and Rorche 
A-Tier Luschut, Irina, Brazos, Saizou, Sharifah, Scherzo, Rabad, Rill, and Reid 
B-Tier Jack, Karen, Lamia, Luna, Matoi, Ruzha, Verginita, and Yuugiri 
C-Tier Rasheed, Victor, Lyrica, Momohime, and Johann 
D-Tier Fortis, Leicester, and Eric 

Because not all characters are fit for a winning team yet also not utterly useless, Cross Summoner R deserves a deep ranking breakdown. Considering that, our tier list will rate all in-game units from the heights of the top tier S and all the way down to the bottom one, D. 

This will give you a definitive idea of who’s worth your effort and who’s worth ignoring. Also, our Cross Summoner R tier list will be highlighting its top contestants in order to acquaint you with the most deserving picks.  

Cross Summoner R Tier List

all tiers cross Summoner R
Cross Summoner R Tiers Ranking

As mentioned before, our Cross Summoner R tier list will be descending through five tiers ranked based on the best to worst criteria. There’s no worst category; instead, we prefer calling the low tiers not-so-useful. 

This is because of the game’s unique mechanics that leave none too lackluster to be classified as worst. Nevertheless, don’t go crazy after the low-tier characters just yet, as they are still not the most ideal. That said, here’s how each tier goes so you know who to choose: 


As with all tier lists, the S-tier of our Cross Summoner R hierarchy also houses the most strong and most beloved choices of the game. The absolute must-haves listed below shine incredibly in general terms without demanding hefty assistance from the players’ side. 

We highly recommend boarding these units to experience the best of strengths, abilities, and skills put forth by Cross Summoner R. Players thinking of a reroll is even more advised to unlock at least one of these, if not all. 

  • Asuka
  • Bormea
  • Alwin
  • Sassafras
  • Arik
  • Mira
  • Rorche


The Cross Summoner R tier list characters here are also one of the most solid choices on offer. Though these may have a couple of minor flaws that push them a tier down from the top cream of the cast, A-tier dwellers can still be your best bet for winning. 

Their overall skills aren’t as sturdy as the S-tier characters, but who cares until A-tier employers can still outperform most opposing units? Try placing the above-average picks of this tier in strategically formed teams of relevant synergies to make the most of them.

This way, you will also be able to clear off the A-tier characters’ minor drawbacks while hailing them nearly as the S Tier peers. That said, A-tier characters of our Cross Summoner R tier list are:

  • Luschut
  • Irina
  • Brazos
  • Saizou
  • Sharifah
  • Scherzo
  • Rabad
  • Rill
  • Reid


Clearly not as extraordinary as the ones you just came to know about, but B-tier characters are worth having onboard. They are definitely the above-average picks of the cast who’ll effectively support the rest of your team while also watching their back through tense situations. 

Due to their accessibility, there’s a huge chance that you’ll have to resort to a B-tier character team in your initial Cross Summoner R journey. Though that’s perfectly fine given the potency on offer, it’s recommended to replace them as soon as you find an S-A-tier character. 

  • Jack
  • Karen
  • Lamia
  • Luna
  • Matoi
  • Ruzha
  • Verginita
  • Yuugiri


This is the tier where players will start seeing a real drop in performance. C-tier characters show obvious failings in terms of abilities, sometimes either due to their kits that don’t sit well with the latest meta or their hefty learning curves. 

Either way, characters of the C-tier will give a hard time to rookies in competing with most opponents. Consequently, we recommend they stay away from this tier as much as possible. 

Veteran gacha experts, however, have a choice of steering clear of these buddies or taking the challenge of molding them in their ways. Anyways here’s what the C-class of our Cross Summoner R tier list looks like: 

  • Rasheed
  • Victor
  • Lyrica
  • Momohime
  • Johann


The D-tier fellas of our tier list ain’t utterly worst but extremely incapable of doing well on the field. Expert players might pull out at least enough grade performance, but that’s too hardly possible. Conclusively, all players, whether new or old, should avoid these units: 

  • Fortis
  • Leicester
  • Eric

Best Characters of the Cross Summoner R Tier List 

best of Cross Summoner R
Best Characters of Cross Summoner R Tier List

Now that you are done with the tier list of all Cross Summoner R characters, it’s time we acquaint you properly with the best. These are the characters that definitely deserve aspiring players’ special attention and are worthy of getting into your winning teams. 

While you are at it, you need to understand that we have obviously not mentioned every Cross Summoner R unit here. Instead, only the top stars of the game are included in order to highlight their types and traits, so you know what the best choices are on the list. 

Keep these must-read best characters’ insights forever in your mind, and believe us, you won’t face any difficulties forming a sturdy and always-winning Cross Summoner R team.


This character has simply mastered rendering over-time-damage attacks as well as direct damage hence hailing as the perfect all-in-one DPS of our Cross Summoner R tier list. Asuka first very disguisedly primes the entire swathe of foes by debuffing their shield and then takes them all with a sudden blow. 

Her highly fatal residual damage then does the remaining job of taking the fortunate enemies who had fled. This way, Asuka is one of the few independent Cross Summoner R units that in no way require any kind of support from their allies. 

The brilliant DPS character will easily unleash her full potential while damaging and weakening the opponent like never seen before. Needless to say, board Asuka ASAP if you are looking for a solid DPS unit in Cross Summoner R.


A tough competition for Asuka, we must say. That said, this buddy is almost as powerful as Asuka hence restricting us from announcing the number-one unit of our Cross Summoner R tier list. Hence you can consider any of the two ss the mightiest as per your choice. 

Anyways, Alwin can be accessed in a less amount of utility than Asuka despite providing greater damage and the most special bounty of all–crowd control effects! He is a caster in Cross Summoner R but can also play the supporter’s role thanks to some AoE-type stunning effects onboard. 

What’s the most interesting part of the stun effect, however, is that it can be rendered to an entire opposing horde, stopping each unit from doing anything for up to 2 sec. Apart from stunning enemies, Alwin can pelt them with severely damaging ice shards, so they whittle down in no time. 

That proves how amazing of a DPS potential all employers of Alwin will be getting. If you are a player who prefers a more pure damage team that’s filled with CC-focused units, go with Asuka. Otherwise, the GOAT Alwin is for you, as he is more about over-time damage rendering and strategic debuffs.


Though there are a couple of worthy caster choices on our Cross Summoner R tier list, Rorche is by far the most interesting one. Imagine giving a slightly more versatile touch to Alwin, and that’s exactly how Rorche is. 

However, players should expect more utility than damage in this case (don’t worry about stunning, as it’s still there!). Anyways, Rorche can still deal quite enough damage to get you par critical game missions while also effortlessly getting rid of stuns. 

The character even knows how to bind effect and inflict additional damage to stunned foes. That said, Rorche’s kit manifests an awesome blend of self-utility, damage, and of course, team support, thanks to the CC on offer. 

Keep Rorche with any combination, and you will see him thriving no matter what. What’s more? This character is the easiest to unlock compared to the rest of the horde. Meaning you can win one heck of a character from the very beginning of your Cross Summoner R journey with absolutely no challenge.


Here comes another incredibly potent Cross Summoner R tier list contestant worth having in a winning team. Sassafras is dedicated to performing mostly single-target hits with awesome ferocity. The character is especially known for its agility and the ability to swell her critical rate to an extent where outnumbering high-value units becomes a piece of the pie. What makes Sassafras a unique fighter, however, is her focus on auto damage attacks. 

Players especially like the nifty feature as they will no longer face the stress of growing old waiting for Sassafras’s attacks to cooldowns (biggest bounty for a gacha fan, we must say!). Anyways this opens the need for ally supporters who can greatly help by buffing Sassafras’s damage. 

So, yeah, we won’t say Sassafras is as self-sufficient as Asuka or many other best units of the tier list, but that doesn’t make her any weaker. In fact, that’s hardly an issue, given how much a player is still getting from Sassafras. 

All in all, the raw damage rendered via the auto-attacks capacity makes her pretty powerful on her own already. It’s just that one can make it destructive if coupled with proper buffs. So plan that out before unleashing Sassafras and see how swiftly your team moves up the conquering charts! 


Apart from her acute versatility (more on that later), Bormea is another best character known for her straight damage attacks. She also equips a couple of extra impacting skills to make all her hits as fatal as possible. 

This way, not only will Bormea’s aggro affect the foes closest to her but also give on-stage ones the worst time of their lives. That said, Cross Summoner R players looking for someone best in terms of AoE damage should end their search here, as Bormea is the best contender then!  

Bormea is also an excellent choice for rerolling if you ask us, given how smoothly she swipes the stage opponents off. Equally smooth can you progress through the game’s storyline with Bormea onboard. 

However, all that’s nice until you are a PvE person. Bormea is seen relying a little too much on skills which consequently disables her in silencing incoming hits hence also restricting her magic potential. 

Conclusively, the hell-like powerful Bormea from the PvE meta is very easy to shut down in PvP. Therefore, some players would be better served by staying away (the PvP-focused ones, we mean). 


This is currently the best tank on our Cross Summoner R tier list. Rabad has an extremely robust CC for lovers of an immediate offense playstyle. He has also got one of the most solid self buffs than any other in Cross Summoner hence the ability to cripple his foes in no time.

Rabad is also quite potent in terms of powering his resistances, thanks to the fact that his every skill is coupled with solid secondary components for boasting purposes. To give you an ever deeper insight into Rabad, he also possesses an Alwin-style ability to rush and stun his enemies. 

He has both AoE and single-target modes and is familiar with dishing strong area debuffs which later slow down the target’s attack speed and movement. Not amused yet? Well, Rabad has skills to protect allies from any incoming harm too! 

 All in all, this character has got everything an aspiring tanky team player might ever want and will also round your party as a full-fledged guardian. 


While you might already be touched by Rabad, the GOAT tank on our Cross Summoner R tier list, Sharifah is another tank selection worthy of your attention. For a start, Sharifah is a hybrid kind of option as she perfectly combines her tanking specialty with some of the support abilities she has. 

Players employing Sharifah will also be surprised to see the mix being further topped by some debuffing skills, too, making the character an extremely cool choice. This way, teams that are confused about whether they really want a tank or not can take advantage of the fact that Sharifah is so much more than being just that. 

Teams can employ Sharifah like a guarding unit, as well as reap a bit of her enemy weakening skills and powerful status effects. That said, we highly recommend this interesting character against combinations that heavily depend on magic casting. 

This way, employing teams will be able to drastically shatter the opposing party’s magic defense, making way for the other characters to attack the now vulnerable opponent. Furthermore, Sharifah will help by rushing and stunning foes. 

Moreover, she knows how to strengthen her defenses by improving her block rate and, of course, resistance. What’s even surprising is that the defense-improving capability isn’t just restricted to her. Sharifah can extend the boasting capacity to all her allies, redeclaring her support role potency for the team.


This is a DPS character of the list, which, though not as extraordinary as Asuka or Alwin, performs fairly decently in whatever she does. With Arik, players will have a great time effortlessly singling out critical figures from opponents.

Arik does this via a series of well-placed arrow attacks, which makes her a unique DPS character, if not the best. Players will be able to deal a ton of damage, consequently achieving massive target suppression; however, there’s only limited AoE potential on offer.

Meaning one will not be able to see Arik sweeping off entire hordes of foes from sight, but that’s not too problematic till her singing attacks are still onboard. Also, players will find Arik easily soloing waves of weaker opponents, if not the tougher ones, which we think is enough to hail her as a worthy asset for the team. 

Also to mention that this character is also familiar with stunning the enemies for more than a couple of seconds. However, this ability tends to fail usually; hence it is advised not to rely too much on that. 


Though a caster unit of our Cross Summoner R tier list, Verginita will prove a much better support unit than that. She offers a restricted AoE potential; however, her unique transforming ability does the job of filling any gaps.

By transforming, we mean Verginita can actually turn enemies into vulnerable, harmless little beings for up to 6 seconds. Your foes will essentially be unable to chargeback, and what more does anyone ever want? That said, it’s probably the strongest crowd control abilities any Cross Summoner R team has ever been served with, and certainly the coolest one too!

Employ Verginita to experience hee transforming skill easily turning a losing situation into a winning one no matter how tough the opponent is. 

All in all, this character can be one heck of cool addition to your team but don’t forget the low AoE that won’t let her carry you for long. But that’s ok since you’re still getting the masterpiece transformation magic plus Verginita’s powerful CC. 

So yeah, she will do decent in PvE as well as PvP, if not great, and will deal with swathes of weaker bosses, if not the strong ones. Needless to say, Verginita employs lightning power as a replacement for AoE to do all the damage. 


Did you find Sassafras amazing above? Well, then, you’ll also like this character from our Cross Summoner R tier list. We’ll say she is a more limited version of Sassafras, except for the fact that there’s still a bunch of swift auto-attacks onboard and one nifty addition of weapons. 

They are not just any weapons, but special throwing ones that, though aimed at one target, can bounce to several others, dealing a series of damage in no time. Also, the weapon stock gives Yuugiri incredible AoE skills that pair perfectly with a couple of basic attacks onboard already!

For instance, Yuugiri can easily inflict heavy damage dealing a bleed effect for 2 seconds upon landing critical hits. All in all, those looking for a budget DPS should definitely consider Yuugiri in their list as she’s an SR pick and comes in an unbelievably low trade from the gacha.

Most probably, players will, fortunately, be able to obtain her in one of their initial pulls. We will advise you to hold her in that case until you find some other best Cross Summoner R tier list character. However, in the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy the ‘light’ Sassafras-style performance, as it’s totally worth it. 


As you might have already sensed, our Cross Summoner R tier list has been skipping the healer type up until now but not anymore. We have finally come across Jack and hence can not resist sharing everything about him with you. 

Though he’s not an S-grade unit (probably because the current meta just doesn’t value healers over offense styles), Jack is one of the best-dedicated healers of the cast, we must say. 

The game’s got only five similar units as of now, and indeed Jack is the only one worthy of getting ranked here (except another–Karen). This is thanks to Jack’s reliable, more impactful healing skills that, for the least, can recharge HPs of nearly every ally until the unit is on the field himself. 

The utility is further combined with a couple of Jack’s other nifty buffs that greatly improve a teammate’s healing received and ATK. Consequently, one can deem Jack as not only a master of healing but a buffing machine too! 

What’s more? Employing players are also offered a decent passive that will automatically summon a solid shield in front of the target whenever Jack deals a critical heal. 

And seeing as how Jack is all about healing and nothing more, the shield will be required pretty often. Conclusively, Jack is for the team that has already got big attacking beasts onboard who require the best healing support and sometimes help in buffing. 


Here’s another healer on our Cross Summoner R tier list who deserves your attention. While Jack offers somewhat a hybrid between healing and buffing, Karen only does things that are necessary to keep her teammates alive.

She’s the best in case you want someone to look after your valuable units’ health but don’t expect anything more. That said, you will be getting a massive collection of team healing abilities to assist all types of allies anytime and anywhere.

If you ever get your hands on Karen, we will suggest you keep her as a crutch till you find better support, for instance, a more versatile healing choice like Jack or any DPS option.  

Final Thoughts

Our Cross Summoner R tier list took you through all the characters on offer, ranked them based on what’s the popular gamers view in the air, and highlighted all the worthy ones. 

Needless to say, a player’s priority should always be characters belonging to the S-tier, but that should not stop them just there. Opinions always tend to differ hence allowing you free will in picking your best fits from some other rank, even the lower one too! 

That said, it’s always possible that a lower-ranked character who isn’t usually deemed well by the majority might go against the usual norm to prove strong, just in your case. That’s exactly why we advise our readers to try out units of whichever tier they like. 

At last, each of you is unique, and so can be your choices. So, that’s all about the Cross Summoner R tier list that we wanted to share with the hope that it will solve most of your character-finding dilemma, not all. 

Cross Summoner R Tier List Criteria 

To curate our Cross Summoner R tier list, we used the same recipe as we did for the rest of our posts—extensive research and 100% reliable information. As a general code of conduct for ranking, every unit of the game’s cast was scrutinized as well as their utilities were strategically weighed. 

For that, eXputer collaborated with multiple players of different play styles and referred to many Cross Summoner R community platforms. Obviously, gathering popular views isn’t always enough, so our personal experience was also employed (we spent hours flipping the current meta for you!). 

All in all, the above hierarchy is what was then produced with the effort. Though, of course, we will advise choosing your companions from the higher tiers, you will never be discouraged to employ the ones you like. 

This way, you’ll always have a free hand to explore and enjoy in whichever style your heart wants, and that’s exactly what we aim for. Summing up, deem our tier list only as a template for finding yourself the most suitable unit AND not as a final verdict. 

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