Cuphead Bosses Tier List: All Ranked

We have ranked all the Cuphead Bosses in our Cuphead Bosses Tier List in specific tiers.

Although Cuphead bosses are famously challenging, they are among the most creative, mechanically astounding, and artistically stunning adversaries in all video games. Studio MDHR expertly created these foes, and they recently gifted us with a tonne of brand-new difficult battles as part of The Delicious Last Course Pack. Since we’ve had more than a week to devote to the DLC, we thought it was time to create a comprehensive tier list of all the Cuphead bosses.

Key Highlights
  • Players get more than 40 Cuphead Bosses divided across different categories based on forms–standard game bosses, mini-bosses, and Delicious Last Course Bosses. 
  • The ranking of Cuphead Bosses closely links with the aggression each option packs against the mightiest of Cuphead players. 
  • The Phantom Express, Dr. Kahl’s Robot, Grim Matchstick, Chef Saltbaker, The Devil, and Rumor Honeybottoms are the most worthy options in the Cuphead Bosses collection. Players really need some intelligent tactics to defeat these. 
  • Cuphead bosses that tend to get knocked down in just a few tries include Phear Lap, Mangosteen, Mr. Wheezy, Pirouletta, and Chips Bettigen. A single slash is registered, and these will go crumbling like a house of sand. 
  • The more deadly a Cuphead Boss, the better the gaming experience you get; therefore, don’t miss on options graded higher in the tier list.

Here’s a summary of the Cuphead Bosses Tier List:

Cuphead Bosses Tier List Ranking Table
S-TierPhantom Express, The Devil, Dr. Kahl’s Robot, Chef Saltbaker, Grim Matchstick, Rumor Honeybottoms, Beppi, The Clown, Esther Winchester, Wally Warbles, Cala Maria, Werner Werman, Djimmi The Great, Mortimer Freeze, The Howling Aces, Hilda Berg, Sally Stageplay
A-TierAngel And Devil, Moonshine Mob, Glumstone The Giant, Captain Brineybeard, Baroness Von Bon Bon, King Dice, The Bishop, Cagney Carnation, The Knight, Ribby and Croaks, The Root Pack
B-TierPip and Dot, Goopy Le Grande, The Queen, The Rook, Mr. Chimes, Hocus Pocus, Tipsy Troop, The Pawns, Phear Lap, Mr. Wheezy, Mangosteen, Pirouletta, Chips Bettigen

Tier List Breakdown

The Cuphead Bosses Tier list will include every main boss from the standard game, every mini-boss, and every Delicious Last Course Boss, along with the details of the hidden boss battle. We’re looking at at least 40 bosses in all.

Just bear in mind that everyone will have a somewhat different experience with the game; thus, the rating is entirely subjective. The bosses you beat in a few tries may just be the ones you thought to be the hardest, and vice versa.


Cuphead Bosses Tier List S-Tier

Cuphead players might face the harshest adversaries on the whole battlefield in S-Tier. They are highly aggressive and possess several cunning maneuvers that might astound you as your in-game health swiftly depletes. To defeat these adversaries, you need a clever strategy and good charms.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot

Even with the DLC bosses, Dr. Kahl’s Robot is the toughest Cuphead boss in the Tier List. The first part of his aerial combat is pure agony, so much so that the second phase seems to have been designed to be simple to allow you some breathing room.

RoleRobot( Automation ), Mad scientist( Dr.Kahl )
LevelJunkyard Jive!
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetLaser beam, Screw shotgun, Magnet, Hand energy cannon, Homing bomb, Red gum

But don’t worry, since things pick back up when the battle practically becomes a gunfight in phase three. All of the aerial boss battles are challenging, but this one is wild. If you can defeat it, give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

Chef Saltbaker

Chef Saltbaker, a new Cuphead boss released along with The Delicious Last Course, should not be confused with Chef Salt Bae. He is the DLC’s last boss, so anticipate a challenging battle. Additionally, this fight must rank among the most uncomfortable in the entire game—yes, even more, unpleasant than the Esther battle.

RoleBaker, Hidden Main Antagonist
LevelA dish to die for 
MovesetSugar cubes, Lime slice, Berry barrage

In the first phase, Chef Saltbaker tortures helpless food while hurling everything at the player except the kitchen sink. He is an evil boss. From then, things just become creepier, but I don’t want to give too much away because you should witness the battle for yourself.

Grim Matchstick

It would be an injustice to say that Grim Matchstick is one of the Tier List’s toughest Cuphead bosses. It’s usually difficult to win fights that involve a lot of platforming, and it’s no different. Things are made worse by the fact that you are battling in the sky and that everything is continuously changing.

RoleDragon, Hydra
LevelFiery Frolic
LocationInkwell Isle Two
MovesetMeteor, Tail Poke, Eye ripple, Nostril fire, Fire bubble & marchers

Even if you had been facing a mediocre boss, let alone one as powerful as Grim, it still would have been challenging. Even while his attacks aren’t the most bizarre, you’ll see them in the game when paired with the harsh nature of the game, and they’re enough to make the battle into a nightmare.

The Devil

The Devil, Cuphead’s ultimate boss, comes up next. He spends the majority of the first stage sitting on the throne since he is so sure of his abilities. When you possess extraordinary magical abilities, such as the ability to convert your face into a gigantic spider, we suppose you may sit back and unwind.

RoleDevil, Owner of Inkell Hell Casino, Main Antagonist
LevelOne hell of a time
LocationInkell Hell
MovesetPitchfork call, Ram rampage, Spider stomp, Serpent Slither, Flame trap, Demon Summon, Bat bomb

The third phase is the hardest of the lot, so we advise storing up the Super for it. There will just be one platform left in the final phase, and there won’t be anywhere to flee, making it even more challenging for some players. However, by phase four, The Devil is reduced to just a few hit points and loses health swiftly.

Phantom Express

Hats out once more to MDHR for creating these amazing boss battles. In this encounter where you must confront the occupants of a ghost train, imagination is at an all-time high. The battle takes place on a rather narrow platform, which makes it particularly harsh because you’re locked there the entire time.

RoleExpress train
LevelRailroad Wrath
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetEye for an eye, Skeletal slam, Blazin’s beams, Fire flurry

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for running the platform. The last portion of the struggle must stand out as the most unforgettable since, in addition to being challenging, you are battling a train that trudges like a horse—appreciation to whoever had the brilliant concept.

Esther Winchester

Oh my God! Undoubtedly one of the most creative and unsettling Cuphead bosses is Esther Winchester. In the first part of the fight, the player faces off against a real cowgirl, but in the third phase, when she transforms into sausages and starts throwing steaks at you, things become crazier.

RoleCow, Corrupt Sheriff, Sausages
LevelHigh-Noon Hoopla
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetSnake oil shooters, Cactus catch, Suck them up!, Pepper shooter

Esther is so tenacious that, in phase four, even after changing to a tin of meat, she continues to battle. You have to admire that spirit of resistance. The battle with Esther Winchester certainly deserves to be among the top ten in terms of complexity.

Wally Warbles

A cuckoo bird enclosed inside a cuckoo clock is named Wally Warbles. Oh, and from the looks of his fights, he’s a little too insane. Phase one first appears to be rather simple because all you need to do is avoid some eggs and sporadic finger bullets.

RoleBird, likely a woodpecker
LevelAviary Action
LocationInkwell Isle Two
MovesetScrambled shot, Trigger finger, Feather spiral, Trash talk, Heart attack, Pillapse

But as soon as Wally begins frantically flapping his wings and scattering feathers everywhere, you know danger is imminent. He needs to be extremely precise to avoid getting hurt by the feathers, especially when he repeats the attack. The other two stages are somewhat simpler, but they are by no means a stroll in the park.

Cala Maria

One of the game’s most exquisitely rendered and endearing boss battles has to be Cala. Cala Maria is among the most challenging Cuphead bosses in the Tier List, so be careful not to be sidetracked by the siren. Due to Cala’s large health reserve, the battle only has three stages, yet each phase drags on for an eternity.

RoleMermaid, Gorgon, Siren
LevelHigh Seas Hi-Jinx!
LocationInkwell Isle three
MovesetGhost pirate belch, Fish squish, Companion call, Stone gaze

Gaining extra health will help you in your battle because many things in the area might harm you. You’ll undoubtedly take some hits before the fight is over because Cala can immobilize the player in phases two and three.

Beppi, The Clown

A truly high-class fight is about to begin! It’s one of those battles that, when you see someone else play it, seems like a lot of fun. However, if you decide to play it on your own, you’ll quickly discover that Beppi isn’t all fun & games.

RoleClown, Balloon, Chair Swing
LevelCarnival Kerfuffle
LocationInkwell Isle Two
MovesetBumper crash, Dog-Balloon summon, Merry-go-round swing

Although the initial phase is admittedly rather simple, the battle becomes increasingly difficult as it progresses. There are a total of four of them. You’ll probably begin to dislike clowns, merry-go-rounds, balloon animals even funfairs in general by the time it’s over. Oh, and let’s not even begin to talk about those annoying penguins.

Rumor Honeybottoms

The Rumor Honeybottoms battle was intended to make us anxious. And what about that? It serves just as intended, so congratulations to MDHR. But seriously, it’s one of the rare fights in which the platform itself is more annoying than the actual battling since you have to leap from place to place the entire time.

RoleQueen Bee, Sorceress, Fighter Plane
LevelHoneycomb Herald
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetCalling police force, Sphere spell, Bee missile, Buzzzsaw uppercut

Without a doubt, Rumor Honeybottoms is indeed a challenging boss, particularly during the third stage, but it’s the platforming that constantly irritates me.

Djimmi The Great

Even while it’s not very challenging compared to some others, the battle with Djimmi the Great will nevertheless leave you completely frustrated. When Djimmi takes out the treasure chest containing one of three things, the first stage truly sets the tone about what to anticipate.

LevelPyramid Peril
LocationInkwell Isle Two 
MovesetMagic chest, Skull shot, Eyeballs, Turban, Gem beam

Restart if you obtain the jewels; the suffering is not worthwhile. After then, there are at least four more phases, each of which is more unpleasant than the previous one. It is possible to bypass phase four. However, it will make phase four harder.

The Howling Aces

Featuring The Howling Aces, the boss battle where you get to wrestle with actual dogs, Cuphead offers aerial dogfighting one whole new meaning. The first two stages are full of all kinds of ridiculous stuff, such as a bulldog pilot firing a cat cannon and puppies with jetpacks shouting at you.

LevelDoggone Dogfight
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetPhase 1: Tennis ball, Bone tattoo, Yarn ball, Fire hydrant missile

Phase 2: BOW/WOW, Letter

Phase 3: Giant paw wall, Laser ray, Screen flip, Bowl slide


It’s all a tonne of fun. The third phase, in which the Chinook dog turns the entire screen, is unquestionably the most exciting, as it puts your spatial awareness to the test. It’s without a doubt one of the DLC’s greatest moments, and the remainder of the battle isn’t too bad either.

Hilda Berg

The very first Cuphead boss battle that caused our pulse rates to spike while we were playing the game was with Hilda Berg. The bosses on the first Isle are not quite as difficult to defeat as one may anticipate from the game’s beginning. However, Hilda Berg is not truly like that.

RoleBlimp, Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Crescent-Moon
LevelThreatenin’ Zeppelin
LocationInkwell Isle One
MovesetHA, Tornado breathe, Storm-Caster, Summon UFO, Spawn star

This boss encounter contains a lot of stages and is the game’s first aerial boss battle. A few of the stages are randomized, much like the battle with Baroness von Bon Bon, so you never know what to anticipate. The final step, though, is unquestionably the most challenging because of those bothersome UFOs. Those things annoyed us a lot.

Mortimer Freeze

From beginning to end, the Mortimer Freeze fight is quite tense and requires a lot of movement. If you can avoid the icicles in the first phase, it’s not too bad because Mortimer’s other two strikes are sluggish and obvious. Stage 2 becomes a little more difficult, but it’s phase three that you should be on the lookout for.

RoleIce Wizard, Cult Leader
LevelSnow Cult Scuffle
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetWhale slam, Icicle drop, Card shot, Eye shock

You’ll have to defend yourself from four distinct kinds of assaults while battling on a platform that is continuously shifting. As if it weren’t horrible enough, the boss suddenly zips from one half of the battlefield to the other.

Werner Werman

The Werner Werman boss battle is like a weird Tom & Jerry cartoon. The name of the endearing mouse in Cuphead is German since the British during World War One nicknamed the Germans “Jerries” (while the Germans called the British “Toms”).

RoleRat Soldier/Mechanic
LevelMurine Corps
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetCherry bombs, Scrap attack, Charge attack, Flame cannons, Bottle caps, Ghost orbs

Putting away the fun details, the stage is the primary reason Werner Werman is so highly ranked. You must engage Werner in a tight space with little margin for mistake. During the struggle, especially during phase two, things might become cramped. To win, you’ll need both talent and accuracy.

Sally Stageplay

Where things truly pick up steam is Isle Three. Every boss around here will put some sort of test on your abilities, including Sally Stageplay. Though in our opinion, she should still not be taken lightly. Smashing a chandelier on Sally’s husband will start a four-phase conflict with some possible hidden phases.

LevelDramatic Fanatic
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetParasol corkscrew, Fan trap, Flying kiss, Warp, Baby’s bottle, Windup toy, Meteor, Lightning, Big wave

Interestingly, whether or not you trigger the hidden stages, the first part of the battle is undoubtedly much tougher than the second. If you can make it through the first half, you shouldn’t have too much problem getting through the second.


Cuphead Bosses Tier List A-Tier

Bosses in the A-Tier are more composed than those in the S-Tier. Even though these units also specialize in doing a lot of damage to the victim, most players will still be able to defeat them because of their obvious flaws.

Moonshine Mob

One of The Delicious Last Course’s funniest combat scenes is the one between the Moonshine Mob.  The fake “Knockout” in phase 3 is fantastic and likely resulted in the deaths of several unsuspecting gamers.

RoleMobsters, Police officers
LevelBootlegger Boogie
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetPhase 1: Web bomb, Fly call, Caterpillar kick

Phase 2: Music beam

Phase 3: Tongue lash, Scuffle ball

Phase 4: Voice-wave


Captain Brineybeard

It’s understandable why many people consider the Pirate to be the most obnoxious Cuphead boss. At first glance, the battle appears to be straightforward, but then you find that you are also up against the captain’s ship.

RolePirate Captain 
LevelShootin N’ Lootin
LocationInkwell Isle Three
MovesetOcto shot, Sea summon

Oh, and you have to contend with a variety of marine animals as well as a bothersome barrel that hovers over you during the entire battle. However, despite being divided into three parts, phase 1 seems to go on forever, which is the most frustrating part of this situation. However, unlike other boss battles, there are no bizarre changes.

Baroness Von Bon Bon

Baroness von Bon Bon, the loveliest Cuphead boss ever, is up next. It’s tough to rank the battle because the complexity can change, but the A-Tier on the Cuphead Bosses Tier List looks acceptable. Before confronting you, the baroness will have you battle three of her five devoted peasants.

RoleRuler of Sugarland 
LevelSugarland Shimmy
LocationInkwell Isle Two
MovesetCotton clouds shotgun, Whippet activation, Head throw

The game distributes the adversaries at random, and some of them are more difficult to defeat than others. Depending on each player’s luck, some individuals will find the fight to be harder than others. On the plus side, you can count on the last stage to always be the same.

Glumstone The Giant

In The Delicious Last Course Expansion, Glumstone is one of the first enemies you’ll face. He makes a wonderful first impact as he calls forth herds of geese using his whistling nose and unveils the gnomes that live in his mouth and manufacture potions.

RoleGiant, Mountain
LevelGnome Way Out
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetGeese xing, Hammer slammer, Hat cannon, Spiky hats, Fas clouds, Sack toss, Bone spit

Everything is so strange and amazing. Phase one has a lot going on; however, phases two and three are a little calmer. Overall, the combat is entertaining and just mildly challenging.

Angel And Devil

There are zero secret bosses; however, the main game does feature a few secret phases. Thankfully, The Delicious Last Course DLC gave us access to a hidden boss battle. At first glance, this battle appears to pit you against two foes at once, but since the player is unaffected by Angel’s strikes, you only need to think about the Devil.

RoleDemon, Angel
LevelOne Hell of a Dream
LocationGravestone Puzzle
MovesetFireball, Halo ring, Flame column, Water column

It’s preferable to keep your back to the angel unless necessary because the Devil will constantly face the player  Although the hidden boss fight is a little challenging, it only has one phase, so if you work out the attack patterns, it shouldn’t take too long to defeat.

Cagney Carnation

Due to its look, Cagney Carnation is unquestionably among the most recognizable Cuphead bosses and can be found at the ending of Isle One. Even though the flower monster only has two phases, both of them are rather challenging.

RoleCarnation Flower
LevelFloral Fury
LocationInkwell Isle One
MovesetGatling seed plant, Lunge lurk, Magic hands, Thorn roots, Pollen toss

You’ll need to leap between levels often in phase one while avoiding bullets that are dropping, boomerangs, and other hazards. Despite Cagney’s assaults becoming more rapid, phase two is, fortunately, simpler; thus, when you can survive past it, you should be good to go.

The Bishop

The Bishop comes next on our tier list of Cuphead bosses. Some may disagree, but in our opinion, it is the game’s toughest mini-boss. To throw out candles throughout the battle, you must bounce about a lot while avoiding bells.

LevelThe King’s Leap
LocationInkwell Isle Four

The Bishop may be smacked until all the candles get extinguished, but you will only be able to land one blow before the head rebounds and begins igniting candles once more. Repetition is key. Although we adore the aesthetic of Bishop, the actual battle may be a real pain.

Ribby and Croaks

Bosses in Cuphead usually come in pairs. These specific boxing frogs have a lot of tricks under their sleeves, and they make up this particular pair—alternatively, gloves. The actual fighting begins in phase 2 when the frogs encircle the player and launch simultaneous attacks.

RoleFrogs, Martial artists, Slot machine 
LevelClip Joint Calamity
LocationInkwell Isle One
MovesetThrowin’ punches, Bouncy balls, Frog fan, Fiery firefly, Loaded coins, Tiger trouble, Snake eyes, Bison burner

The first stage is a bit of a warm-up. The third stage is also nothing to sneeze at, but as long as you don’t get sidetracked by how bizarre it is, you shouldn’t have too much problem passing it. For two Isle One bosses, Ribby & Croaks are rather challenging, but there are still far greater challenges to face.

The Knight

Traditionally, knights charged into combat on horses, but in Cuphead’s universe, it appears that knights are horses. Maybe this one is, at least. Fighting The Knight is similar to playing a fighting video game. You don’t have to fear strange objects flying across the screen because it is a 1v1 combat taking place in a little arena.

LevelThe King’s Leap
LocationInkwell Isle Four
MovesetSword swing, Dash, Up-thrust, Taunt

The Knight is a physical fighter who uses a blade and guard while alternating between a variety of strikes. He has a singular weak point that you must continuously smack to harm him, as is customary for video games. He is among the most intriguing DLC bosses, despite not being the hardest battle.

King Dice

In terms of difficulty, King Dice is among the harshest Cuphead bosses if all of his minions are engaged in the battle. Although they are not very challenging to handle alone, when they come together, they provide the player with an extremely severe challenge.

RoleManager of Inkwell Hell Casino, The Devil’s Right-hand Man
LevelAll Bets are Off!
LocationDie House, Inkwell Hell
MovesetCard brigade

King Dice, though, isn’t all that powerful on his own as we are rating them separately here. Even though there is just one phase to the combat, time and accuracy are still necessary. The battle is easy after you find out how to smack the cards without receiving damage.

The Root Pack

The Root Pack is the sole alternative if you don’t want to confront Goopy Le Grande as your first Cuphead boss. These veggies are a tiny bit more difficult to defeat. The fight’s potential to bypass the second stage and open a hidden phase is arguably its most intriguing feature.

LevelBotanic Panic!
LocationInkwell Isle One
MovesetDirt ball, Tears, Homing carrots, Psychic beams, Spinning around 

The third phase becomes significantly more difficult if phase two is skipped while it speeds up phase one a little. You now have to deal with Horace Radiche, a new foe with a vegetable motif.



These kinds of bosses are not particularly dangerous or careless. Although they still have strong offensive skills, experienced players may easily outperform them. B-Tier Cuphead bosses may be defeated almost swiftly by even rookie players. These bosses are rated as being relatively simple to defeat and lack any notable action show.

Goopy Le Grande

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Goopy is one of the easier Cuphead bosses, given that he is one of the game’s opening bosses. The majority of the first stage will be spent dodging Goopy’s bouncing strike while sporadically dodging his blows. Aside from Goopy’s size and increased range, phase two is almost identical.

RoleSlime, Gravestone 
LevelRuse of An Ooze
LocationInkwell Isle One
MovesetBouncing, Punch, Grave slam

The third stage, though, calls for patience above everything else. Although the fight with Goopy Le Grande isn’t extremely challenging, it’s a perfect monster to introduce new players to the game. Likewise with the following one.

Mr. Chimes

Another Cuphead boss who you’ll run with at the casino before facing King Dice is Mr. Chimes. And this one could wind up challenging you in the end. The duel is rather unusual since it entails matching together different pairings of cards in a memory game.

RoleCymbal-banging Monkey Toy, Clawing Machine Price
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetMusic notes

Mr. Chimes won’t let you begin battling him until you’ve located at least a single pair, but be careful—he fights back and has a variety of health points.

We rank the cymbal monkey greater than the remaining casino mini-bosses in the Cuphead Bosses Tier List because the Mr. Chimes encounter can go on for quite some time, especially if you’re terrible at memory games.

The Rook

One of the least captivating Cuphead bosses on the Cuphead Bosses Tier List is The Rook. Although the boss’s design is fairly outstanding, the battle itself isn’t particularly memorable. You’ll spend the whole fight deflecting pink heads that spawn out of The Rook’s grindstone rather than facing the monster head-on.

LevelThe King’s Leap
LocationInkwell Isle Four 
MovesetSkull launch, Head launch, Ground fireball 

To send each head flying toward the boss and harm him, you must strike it several times. The complexity level of the battle is ultimately still pretty low, even though it’s simple to make a mistake and get hurt by the heads yourself.

The Queen

Due to the overwhelming amount of objects that fly across the screen while the Queen is being fought, she is one of the DLC mini-bosses that is most frightening. Although it might be challenging to avoid her primary attack, mastering the pattern just only a few trials.

LevelThe King’s Leap
LocationInkwell Isle Four

Her second attack is significantly simpler to combat, in contrast. Since you can’t aim at her directly, you’ll need to make excellent use of the Parry Slaps once more to shoot the cannons as well as deflect the secondary attack.

Pip and Dot

The next casino mini-boss, or should We say bosses, is up. You’ll have to battle the dynamic domino pair Pip and Dot while on the run. The ground itself is the most painful since you have to keep jumping over spikes and avoiding assaults.

LevelAll Bets are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell
MovesetTwenty-Sided die, Domino bird

Even though Pip and Dot’s assaults are sluggish and well-telegraphed, if you’re not paying attention, they still have the power to hurt you. Pip and Dot are rather simple to handle by themselves.

Tipsy Troop

You have to adore the way most of these bosses are designed. Three alcoholic beverages are known as The Tipsy Troop team together to try to take out the player. Each one of the three beverages has a distinctive assault, and while those attacks aren’t very noteworthy when taken alone when combined, they become a bother.

RoleAlcohol Beverages 
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetRum spillage, Olive bat, Whiskey waterfall 

Fortunately, stopping one of the attacks by the three also stops one of these inebriated rascals. One of the rare times when a boss battle gets easier and easy is in this situation. The opening phase of the combat, when all of them are attacking, is all you need to be concerned about.

Phear Lap

If we had to place Cuphead bosses according to how well they looked, Phear Lap would unquestionably be considerably higher. You are not only beating a dead horse, but you are also receiving presents directly from the horses’ mouths while doing so at a racing track.

RoleSkeletal Spectral Horse
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetExploding present box

Although it’s said that you shouldn’t look a present horse in the mouth, you should surely make an effort to stay away from the presents that come from Phear Lap horse’s mouth. You get the point.

We are sure there are a few additional puns, and sayings tucked somewhere here. This boss battle is undoubtedly one of the best-designed ones, even if it may not be the hardest.

Mr. Wheezy

In real life, smoking may be fatal, but in Cuphead, smoking can be fatal. Or at least Mr. Wheezy, who represents it in person. Although not very difficult, the cigar mini monster travels about a lot, and his spinning fireballs may be extremely bothersome.

LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetFireballs, Teleport

Additionally, anytime Mr. Wheezey teleports among ashtrays, so you must avoid cigarette bats. Compared to the previous fights we’ve discussed thus far, this one has more going on, but Mr. Wheezy should provide a relatively minor obstacle to a skilled Cuphead player.

The Pawns

Throughout The Delicious Last Course, you’ll encounter many mini-bosses with chess-related themes, including these individuals. The Pawns are the least formidable bosses and may be eliminated quite quickly if you are skilled at Parry Slapping.

LevelThe King’s Leap 
LocationInkwell Isle Four 
MovesetDrop and run
Hitpoint80 ( Each pawn has 10)

The entire combat consists of slapping and leaping because you can’t shoot The Pawns. The battle is essentially simple by Cuphead standards, although being occasionally irritating.

Hocus Pocus

We’ve all witnessed magicians pulling a bunny out of a hat, but what if those bunnies were magicians in the first place? You could get something similar to Hocus Pocus, then. The player is surrounded by a perimeter of rabbit skulls as part of the mystical bunny’s onslaught, which is only one of his many cunning moves.

RoleRabbit Magician 
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetRabbit skull ring, Cards suit line

Chips Bettigen

The next character is Chips Bettigan, and by this point, you’re undoubtedly beginning to see a trend. We have no choice but to rank the mini bosses at the bottom because the majority of them are weaklings. To be honest, a couple of the mini-bosses can be fairly difficult, but Chips Bettigan is not one of them.

RolePoker Chips, Cowboy 
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetChip stacks


Another of King Dice’s goons is Pirouletta. The little monster has just one attack, but she also dances across the area from corner to corner and will crush you to oblivion if you’re not cautious. When she dances, Parry is the recommended route to take.

RoleRoulette Wheel 
LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetDance, Roulette Balls

Using the Smoke-Dash charm will be significantly easier than slamming the poker chips, though. With the charm in place, Pirouletta will be easy prey for you to defeat quickly.


One of Cuphead’s nine mini-bosses you must fight before taking on King Dice is Mangosteen. Compared to the primary Cuphead bosses, all of them are rather simple to defeat, although Mangosteen is undoubtedly the worst of the group.

LevelAll Bets Are Off!
LocationInkwell Hell 
MovesetAbstract Orb

The small boss just has one attack, which is easy to avoid, and his supporting billiard chalks are also not particularly dangerous. If you’re skilled, this fight shouldn’t last more than 20 to 30 seconds.

Cuphead Bosses Tier List Criteria

Nearly all of the bosses were graded in our Cuphead Bosses tier list based on how challenging they are and how much of an intense Cuphead experience they provide, before those that are more easily outclassed and lack spectacular maneuvers, ones with the most legendary manifestations of action and movement are assessed.

To compare all the bosses that lurk in Cuphead, our crew conducted extensive online research. Only then did we begin grouping them all into tiers. We also took into account feedback from seasoned Cuphead players who have completed the game to include all of the bosses and as much detail about them as possible.

Both experienced, and novice players make up our staff, and we are all eager to educate our readers on the most recent game-related news. We accomplish it by actively playing the game personally, and Cuphead is no exception.

This Cuphead Bosses tier list was created with the least amount of favoritism possible. The most reliable information was presented to you after a great deal of time was spent on it.

Tier lists have been a matter of personal opinion, and it is still the case today. As a result, we invite you to continue the conversation on the Cuphead bosses in the comments section.

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