Darkest AFK Tier List: All Characters Ranked [February 2024]

We have the Perfect Darkest AFK Tier List that will help you decide which units are the finest in Darkest AFK for you to play as.

The Darkest AFK Tier List rates all heroes and provides information on the finest characters in the game who will bring the highest value over time. There are several heroes to select and use, but not most of them are effective. There will always be heroes who exceed the others.

Key Takeaways
  • Darkest AFK includes 33 units categorized as Damage Dealers, Tanks, and Support, representing different creature species or races like Archdemon, Satyr, Goblin, etc.
  • Unit ranking in Darkest AFK is based on their power potential and in-game contributions.
  • Top-performing characters in Darkest AFK are Lilith (Archdemon) and Morrigan (Vampire) among Damage Dealers, Zoryg (Unknown) and more.
  • Weaker characters in Darkest AFK are Drogo (Halfling) among Supports, Gabriella (Human) in Tanks, and Sir Joseph (Human) as a Damage Dealer.
  • Strong characters excel in various team compositions and metagame scenarios in Darkest AFK.
Darkest AFK Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Class S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Damagers Lilith (Archdemon), Morrigan (Vampire), Zik & Zak (Unknown), Zi’uk (Goblin), Ridael (Elf), Agra (Orc) Avalon (Ancient), Chas (Human), Drowzet (Drow) Tiara (Elf)  Violet (Human), Sir Joseph (Human)
Tank Zoryg (Unknown), Rabba (Ogre)  Ingrid (Human), Airon (Elf), Tomas (Human), Kuldjar (Dwarf)  Condrat (Human), Tao (Human), Ghorm (Dwarf) Larion (Human), Gabriella (Human)
Support Tilion (Satyr), Nur’zak (Goblin), Marylee (Ancient)  Rose (Human), Rigz Ash (Orc), Harumi (Human) Brina (Dwarf), Ja Van (Elf)  Selina (Human), Drogo (Halfling)

Comparison Between Darkest AFK Characters

Hero TierRace Class
Zik & ZakSUnknownDamager
Rigz AshAOrcSupport
Ja VanBElfSupport
Sir JosephCHumanDamager

What Is The Darkest AFK Tier List?

This Tier List features all Darkest AFK characters. Use it to evaluate which are most beneficial. Each of them has been included in the tier list based on how powerful each one is in the game. With S-Tier being the top and C-Tier being the lowest, each competitor is rated between S and C. Now, let’s start.


Darkest AFK Tier List S-Tier

The top-tier, S-tier units on our list of the Darkest AFK tiers work well with the majority of team configurations and meta settings.

These adaptable options are highly powerful in the present market, making them the greatest option to invest in. The S-Tier troops in Darkest AFK should be your priority if you’re looking for something very beneficial.

Zi’uk S Goblin Damager
Lilith S Archdemon Damager
Ridael S Elf Damager
Morrigan S Vampire Damager
Rabba S Ogre Tank
Zik & Zak S Unknown Damager 
Marylee S Ancient Support
Zoryg S Unknown Tank 
Agra S Orc Damager
Tilion S Satyr Support
Nur’zak S Goblin Support


Darkest AFK Tier List A-Tier

The Darkest AFK Characters listed here are normally worth taking into account, although they don’t have a skill set that is as diverse as the S-tier inhabitants. They are a great investment for all kinds of teams and ought to be a player’s priority if locating an S-tier unit appears to be tough.

Avalon A Ancient Damager
Chas A Human Damager
Drowzet A Drow Damager
Kuldjar A Dwarf Tank
Tomas A Human Tank
Rose A Humam Support
Rigz Ash A Orc Support 
Harumi A Human Support
Ingrid A Human Tank
Ingrid A Elf Tank



Darkest AFK’s B-tier characters aren’t the finest, but they perform admirably in most circumstances. For instance, you’ll observe that they excel in some game types while falling short in others.

However, when paired with the appropriate friends, the characters will show to be quite reliable. Playing to their strengths is all that is required. B-tier characters could be worthwhile to invest in when you’re first starting.



Rarely, in any situation or game format, can a character rated here prove beneficial. Even when controlled by the sweatiest of Darkest AFK players, the C-tier units either goof up as a result of their poor stat allocations or their skills isn’t as good.

Nevertheless, it’s usually advisable to avoid getting too close to these individuals. Individuals who are just getting started and are unable to locate anybody from the upper tiers may nonetheless favor these.

Top 5 Darkest AFK Characters 

Here’s what we think are the best heroes for the AFK challenges. We have highlighted at least one character from each class, so you know how to ace your preferred domain with style! 


Belonging to the ancient race, we found Marylee to be an absolutely enticing support character in Darkest AFK, who everyone should try to build at least once. She has excellent skills, including the Ice Shell, Freezing Vortex, and Tempest Wrath, to increase the ATK Speed of the allies while reducing enemies’. She also renders good frozen damage. 


With a nice set of skills that houses Under Protection, Flying Shield, and Protective Fence, Rabba is an excellent hero to start with. This Ogre tank functions like Larion except that he, fortunately, carries a decent amount of protective arsenal. He is primarily known for his ability to stun and deal 200% DMG to an enemy, as well as shielding the allies with the lowest Health.


Zoryg is hands down one of the best tanks of Darkest AFK as he is sturdy and scales pretty well per each level gain. The character also tends to pair easily with Tilion and Nur’Zak. 


Though not easy to go with initially, Zi’uk is acknowledged as a great investment in Darkest AFK. Given his Goblin race, the hero is an extremely sound damage dealer thanks to the onboard skills: Invisibility Cloak, Poisoned Dagger, and Deadly Blade. 


This Archdemon Damager renders sufficient damage to knock back even the most formidable enemy. Lilith has also got decent enemy debuffing and is pretty reliable, given her ability to sustain longer (compared to most other damage-oriented heroes in the game). Her top skills include the Kiss of Death, Infernal Cold, and Strike of Silence. 

Basic Mechanics Of Darkest AFK

The game is still won by strategy, and as the game progresses, the challenge increases. You’ll need all the support you can get, so we’ve included some advice below to help you progress through Darkest AFK as easily as possible, including how to rank up your characters, acquire diamonds, and more.

  • Finish campaign levels
  • Equip items on your characters
  • Rank-Up your characters
  • Login every day for Freebies
  • Inspect Daily offers for Diamonds
  • Open chests to obtain rewards
  • Use skills while they are not on cooldown
  • Create a team with a good balance
  • Use diamonds to unlock the royal pass
  • Keep an eye on the fountain

Use Skills While Not On Cooldown

Even though the game mostly unfolds on its own, players must still press a few keys to perform skills as they come off cooldown. Utilize your skills whenever possible. In this game, skills have a lot of strength, especially in the beginning when one skill may instantly kill an adversary.

Rank-Up Your Characters

You might have collected some new characters to aid you in your mission after completing a few levels. A tank that has a sizable shield and also an archer who can defend against long-ranged strikes are two examples of these heroes.

If you choose to level these characters up, you should be aware that they can get stronger. The stats of your characters also increase as they level up, enhancing their abilities. To rank up your character, spend the purple shards and gold coins you’ve won by beating a stage in the game.

Create A Team With A Good Balance

New characters are among the early rewards you start receiving as soon as you begin completing the game’s various levels.

You can add these characters to your team to increase damage output and hasten level completion. The aforementioned listed talents and abilities are only a few of the many that each one of these characters has.

Complete Levels To Get More Items

The game features many stages, each of which has its very own set of levels; therefore, finishing each level is important. You can progress through at least up to four levels in the early stages. When you complete each level, you’ll get equipment and other stuff that will be useful to you later in the game.

Equip Your Characters With Items

In addition to resources and new characters, you’ll see that you also get new goods as a prize. Depending on the character you are, you can equip these things. While tanks are often clad in armor and have a massive shield, archers are typically outfitted with bows as well as some leather clothing.

Make New Weapons

You may build new weapons to arm your squad with in addition to putting together your team, leveling up your heroes, and discovering the game’s expansive universe.

As you play the game, you may gather materials to create new weapons. Check out the prints for each gun, and don’t forget to give your main characters access to them.

Complete Campaign Quests

A fantastic narrative is presented throughout the campaign of Darkest AFK. Additionally, the campaign features a collection of quests with a variety of tasks and goals. You can gain prizes for completing these objectives, including a few diamonds, gold coins, new equipment, and characters, among others.

Keep An Eye On The Fountain

There are times throughout the game’s levels when you come across a fountain. When your team chooses to investigate the fountain, it receives a random effect.

While you would hope to receive benefits such as an increase in attack and defense, there is a potential that your team would be cursed and get weaker defenses and attacks, which might leave them exposed.

Open Chests To Obtain Rewards

Chests are among the finest gifts I’ve obtained from finishing tasks and the campaign in the game. Once you go a certain distance in the game, chests are frequently awarded.

The best rewards are rare things, but some chests also include random rewards. Rare items frequently have strong stats, which make them effective against foes. These boxes occasionally also contain diamonds, which are used to buy other in-game elite goods.

Inspect Daily Offers For Free Diamonds

The premium currency utilized in the game for individuals who wish to invest real money is called diamonds. These diamonds may be used to access a variety of game elements, such as specific goods, powerups, and characters. It may also treat you like a VIP.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can always go through the free diamond deals that are posted every day. 

Use Diamonds To Get The Royal Pass

Once you’ve amassed enough diamonds, you may either use them to upgrade your squad or to get the Royal Pass. Similar to the battle pass seen in many other games, the royal pass allows you to earn special gifts by accruing experience via gameplay.

Login Every Day For Freebies

In addition to the chests or daily deals, there are additional rewards for returning every day. Diamonds, money, and uncommon equipment that you may utilize for your characters can be found as part of these freebies. You’ll win the grand prize if you keep signing in and playing regularly for around a week.

Tier List Criteria

This tier list was developed using the same method that eXputer has always used to develop all of its tier lists. It took a lot of deliberation and work to make The Darkest AFK Tier List, which aims to benefit both emerging and established players.

Both the outcomes of the game and each incident-based option were assessed by our group. Not to mention that during it all, we had help from professional gamers who, using their vast expertise, continually provided their thoughts on what makes the ideal Darkest AFK squad.

The tier list may be used by players to swiftly make wise selections by allowing them to understand the respective performance of the various characters in the game. It’s acceptable if a few of you disagree with any aspect of our ranking because each user prefers to exhibit their playing style.

However, we promise that a large portion of our list is built on famous beliefs. Given our always-available comment sections that are open for constructive debate but closed to criticism, we constantly work to maintain this.

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