Diablo Immortal Class Tier List: All Classes Ranked

Diablo Immortal Classes Tier List ranks all six classes based on their AoE potential, skills, and abilities to help players make a choice.

As most RPGs have a fairly balanced list of classes, Diablo Immortal follows the same pattern. There is no class in the game with the worst features that make it unworthy of being chosen by the players. The choice of the class is impacted by players’ preferences of gaming style to a large extent.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal offers 6 distinct classes
  • No class in the Diablo Immortal game is unacceptable. It’s just that it is not fit to serve most players due to being niche specific.
  • Keeping this in mind, the ranking of the Diablo Immortal Class is based on each class’s versatility of use. Classes that most playstyles can employ are ranked higher than classes with a restricted offer. 
  • Each Diablo Immortal’s class’s AoE potential, stun ability, and cooldown times were also considered before deciding the ranking.

  • Namely, Crusader and Barbarian are the most well-rounded classes in Diablo Immortal, while Monk and Wizard rank the lowest in the list as they are ideal for some situations only and not all.
  • The Necromancer class, on the other hand, also has a fair chance of ranking amongst the best Diablo Immortal Classes. It is the best for players who prefer playing solo with the added customization opportunity.

You must be wondering what is the point of a Tier List, then? Our Diablo Immortal Class Tier List ranking will not only benefit the players in understanding every class in detail but will also assist indecisive players in making a choice of class. 

We have also placed a focus on classes performing better in every aspect while ranking them. The classes in Diablo Immortal have been divided into three groups for this Diablo Immortal Tier List, S-Tier Classes, A-Tier Classes, and B-Tier Classes, with S-Tier classes outperforming the other two. However, having a deeper look at the features of every class, we came to know that a few classes supersede others for their extraordinary features.

The ranking does not show that other classes are unplayable, as features of all classes are very toned down in Diablo Immortal. While you are at it, consider reading our Salt and Sacrifice Class Tier List

Here is our tier list summarized. 

Diablo Immortal Class Tier List Ranking Table
S-Tier Crusader, Barbarian
A-TierNecromancer, Demon Hunter
B-TierMonk, Wizard

S-Tier Classes

Diablo Immortal S Tier Classes
S Tier Classes

These are the best classes in Diablo Immortal. S-Tier classes outperform every other class in their features. S-Tier Classes in Diablo Immortal are Barbarian and Crusader; they offer everything exceptional to other classes.


Barbarian is better than all other classes, as it does not have a very specific playstyle. Players that have no preferences for the class style can use Barbarian. Additionally, it is a class that offers everything in a toned-down way, even to beginners. If you are looking for the smoothest game experience without having any specific preference, then Barbarian is the class for you. 

Strengths of Barbarian

If we compare all classes of Diablo Immortal for their AoE, Barbarian is definitely a win. It offers players valuable skills and stun abilities and is extraordinarily mobile. Players usually dream of showing off an exceptional ability during the fight. Barbarian does this for you too.

You can pick up two axes, jump in the middle of the enemy, and tear them into pieces by moving as fast as a tornado. No other class will offer such a feature to fight the enemies.

Another reason that makes Barbarian come at the top of the list is the ease of playing, as Barbs are supposed to be easy and fun. Players will quickly grasp how the basics in Barbarian work, which is extremely useful. Later in the game, these basics will help to move on to solo content, group plays, and even PvP matches. 

Moreover, Barbarians cause absurd amounts of damage to not only single enemies but large groups as well. They have high defense and can survive most fights without the need for defensive adjustments to skill sets and gear.

Barbarians also unlock a variety of skills, making them the best fit for every situation and making the players survive the toughest of fights. 

Weaknesses of Barbarian

Barbarians have a pure melee play style which makes them take a lot of damage, but they are tough and agile enough to tackle these. The only few weaknesses in Barbarians are longer cooldown time that you smartly need to manage, and they also struggle with the single-target damage, but usually in the late game content. 

The benefits that the Barbarian class offers overshadow the little weaknesses it has. In short, you can never go wrong in Diablo Immortal if you pick the Barbarian class. You may also want to know more about Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build, so we have got you covered. 


Crusaders have the largest base health pool in the game, and some of their features protect them from additional damage. They have the ability to escape from situations they cannot make their way through. Additionally, if you are looking for a class to help you stay alive for a longer time, then Crusader is the one for you. 

Strengths of Crusader

Crusader offers abilities that are one of the best in Diablo Immortal, especially their AoE abilities. They offer stun abilities making them the best for PvP encounters and unrivaled in the fights. These are not important for the group content of the game, but you will notice what you are missing in group content when you are not playing using Crusader. Their group buffs simply make good teams great.

Crusaders have so much more to offer in every aspect of the game, and they top every other class while playing the solo content. No one will be expecting a crusader in the group content anyway. Its high defense and large HP pools make it the best fit for beginners, as it gives a large margin for mistakes. 

Crusader is the best choice for you if you want to play using a class that offers a high AoE potential, party buffs, and ease of playing. Although Crusader covers every aspect of the game and this is the best choice for so many players, it also has a few weaknesses mentioned below. 

Weaknesses of Crusader

Crusader has a longer than usual cooldown time, and players usually suffer because of this. Moreover, they are not the ideal choice for single-target damage. Manage to deal with cooldown time and compromise on playing with single-target damage.

You will be able to benefit from some amazing skills and features that Crusader offers in Diablo Immortal. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on Diablo Immortal Crusader Class to know more about it. 

A-Tier Classes

Diablo Immortal A Tier Classes
A Tier Classes

Demon Hunter and Necromancer fall into the A-rank of our Diablo Immortal Classes tier list. This does not imply that A-Tier classes have nothing extraordinary to offer. These classes can also be players’ best choice depending on their style preference, but they have a few weaknesses that make them rank after Barbarian and Crusader.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters lack AOE abilities which make them rank below many of the classes, but their other strengths make up for this shortcoming. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of demon hunters in detail. If you want to know more about Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Class, then this is an interesting read for you. 

Strengths of Demon Hunter

One interesting thing about demon hunter is that you can kill enemies so quickly that you will never notice the features that are missing in demon hunter as compared to other classes. Demon hunter excels at causing massive damage to bosses and enemies. 

Demon Hunter has the best single-target damage ability from a distance. They are better able to tear out enemies, as they can effectively operate from a longer distance. Demon hunters can melt through their target character in the recorded time, and this is one thing that demon hunters do better than other classes.

Weaknesses of Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters do not have AoE abilities, and it is far from being their best ability. The lag is expected from demon hunters when clearing groups, as it is not their specialty. They are super fragile, and players need to know how to move around in order to survive. 

Demon Hunters are more like one style of play, so it can sometimes get boring playing with demon hunters. If you want variety while playing, then you should go for some other class instead of demon hunters. The biggest weakness of demon hunters is PvP. Although demon hunters cause havoc in PvP, they lack the skills, abilities, and buffs.


The reason for Necromancer to fall somewhere in the middle of classes in ranking is their ability to be overpowered and liability simultaneously. The strengths and weaknesses of Necromancer are discussed below in detail. 

Strengths of Necromancer

Necromancer will make it easy to pass through the initial stages of Diablo Immortal. They are capable of producing much damage using their devastating AoE abilities and single-target attacks. The players who love playing with pet classes in other RPGs also love Necromancer in Diablo Immortal. 

Necromancers have buffs that they bring to the party and have the ability to fight in the group content of the game. Moreover, their ability to change from solo content to end game content makes them an appealing option for most players. They are also capable of topping the DPS chart in many fights.

Necromancers have access to magic and spells that enable them to protect themselves from a distance. Regardless of all these benefits that Necromancer offers, the following weaknesses make it a less attractive option than other classes. 

Weaknesses of Necromancer

The weakness that holds back Necromancers from potentially being on the list of best classes is that they are significantly immobile. Their minion contribution to the fight can offset the lack of evasive abilities, but it can sometimes become difficult to manage their minion capabilities during the battle.

There is no doubt that their stun abilities offer so much during the battle, but again the mobility issue holds them back from making it to the best classes list. Other classes always have something more to offer than Necromancer. Read more about Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build in our other guide. 

B-Tier Classes

Diablo Immortal B Tier Classes
B Tier Classes

The B-ranking Diablo Immortal Class tier list includes Wizard and Monk and are ranked after S-Tier and A-Tier classes. Although B-Tier classes also offer features that are ideal for some situations in the game, they are not the best fit for every situation. 


Wizard is ranked as a B-Tier class, as it offers very less in every aspect of the game. When it comes to counting the strengths of wizards, they are always lesser than weaknesses. Let us have a look at the strengths that Wizards offer. One of our guides entails Diablo Immortal Wizard build in detail.

Strengths of Wizard

In Diablo Immortal, Wizards have a resident spell slinger. This makes wizards capable of causing devastating damage, that too from a distance. This spell is extremely useful as it dishes out the enemies from a safe range without the worry of taking the damage. 

Wizards have AoE capabilities and also take down enemies as fast as possible. However, there are other classes doing the same task in a better way and with much higher AoE potential as compared to Wizards. 

Weaknesses of Wizard

The strengths of the Wizards seem less beneficial when noticing the weakness of even high-level wizards, unable to survive a few hits. In the battleground, players playing with wizards need to understand how to manage their cooldowns smartly. 

The biggest weakness of wizards is the longest cooldown times, which, too, are usually at the wrong times. For example, the skill cooldown may begin in the middle of the fight when you really need to use a certain skill.

Similarly, combo attacks may take a long time to refresh. Although refreshing the combo attacks may maximize the damage, it becomes an issue in the boss fight.

Players who have been playing Diablo Immortal for quite some time can use this class, as they will be well aware of the flow of battle. However, wizards are definitely not the class for beginners, which makes it rank low among other classes.


The classes are ranked based on the features that they offer, and it will not be wrong to say that there are a lot of things keeping Monk from becoming a list topper. You will get an idea about what Monk offers after the discussion of its strengths and weaknesses given below.

Strengths of Monk

Monks have defensive abilities that make them capable of taking excessive damage in a variety of situations. Players using Monk class will be able to jump in and out of the fight quite easily and provide protection to their teammates. There is no doubt that Monks are the best PvP Classes and have stun abilities to survive in these fights. 

Despite all these abilities, monks have more weaknesses, and they make it difficult to qualify Monk as a better class. The weaknesses of Monks are making players face trouble while fighting. This is one of the reasons why weaknesses overshadow their strengths in most cases. 

Weaknesses of Monk

Monks cannot take a lot of damage, although they are better than wizards at taking damage. Their lack of ability to take the damage is noticeable. It will not be wrong to say that Monk is a class that can become a problem for the players quite often.

Monks are a difficult class, and even the best Monk players will find it difficult to outperform other classes. They do possess the AoE abilities, but unfortunately, not too much. The AoE potential of other classes is much more than what Monk is offering in Diablo Immortal. 

If you are a player looking for the smoothest experience in the game, then you should definitely not pick Monk. It is not a class for you. You should pick S-Tier classes for a smooth experience. They are beginner-friendly and offer useful things in every aspect of the game.

Diablo Immortal Tier List Criteria

We have created the Diablo Immortal Classes tier list by investing a lot of time in not only research but also playing the game. We have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of every class to justify the rankings of these classes. Although rankings are completely subjective, we have invested a great deal of effort in creating an unbiased classes Tier List for you.

We have made classes of Diablo Immortal compete with each other based on AoE potential, stuns, abilities, and cooldown times during the fight and then decided the ranking.

The ranking of these classes is also based on the ease of playing for beginners, as S-Tier classes give a smooth experience to the players and are beginner-friendly, while B-Tier classes are the least beginner-friendly.

Why Trust Us?

We have been providing gamers with the best and most up-to-date Tier Lists there could ever be just to enhance their gaming experience. Our team at eXputer makes sure to provide users with the most up-to-date and unbiased Tier Lists by investing a lot of time and effort. Over the years, we have made sure to rank the classes, weapons, and gears in the game to help readers figure out the best choice for them. 

We have elaborated on every class in a way that you will be able to make a choice of class that goes with your gaming style. We at eXputer believe that the choice of class is an important step, as your gameplay experience depends on this selection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Diablo Immortal PVP class in July 2022?

Barbarian class is ranked the best in our Diablo Immortal PVP class tier list. With its uncanny and easy-to-master skills by beginners, the Barbarian class undoubtedly tops the tier list.

What is the best Diablo Immortal PVE class in July 2022?

If you are a PVE enthusiast, the Crusaders class is the best in our Diablo Immortal PVE tier list. You can fight multiple enemies while also defending your allies with this easy-to-master PVE class.

What is the best Diablo Immortal solo class in July 2022?

Want to play solo in Diablo immortal but can’t decide the best class? Well, our Diablo Immortal class tier list ranks the Case for the Necromancer as the best solo class mainly due to the level of customization of weapons and skills it offers during any challenge.

What is the best Diablo Immortal DPS class in July 2022?

Our Diablo Immortal class tier list ranks the Demon Hunter class as the best DPS class. The ‘Empowered’ skill will increase your attack’s damage, making it more potent than before.

What is the best Diablo Immortal Support class in July 2022?

We rank the Crusader as the best support class in our Diablo Immortal class tier list as it offers extraordinary AoE abilities while being easy to learn. It provides heavy blows to multiple enemies and offers resilience towards their attacks.

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