Dislyte 3 Stars Tier List

Dislyte is a brand new gacha RPG game by Lillith games, A company behind AFK arena. The game involves mythological elements in a futuristic environment done creatively. Dislyte features stunning visuals and fantastic gameplay with a vast roster of Espers to choose from.

The game offers immersive turn-based combat gameplay where players would be required to manage a team of five. So, we curated the Dislyte 3 star Espers tier list to help create your teams. On the subject of RPG gacha games, consider checking out our Genshin Impact Tier list.

Since Dislyte has a wide variety of Espers, knowing the worthy additions to your team becomes essential. Choosing Espers that perform well will be helpful in combat. We have ranked various Espers in this tier list depending on their potential and abilities.

Since 3-star characters are more accessible to obtain than four stars or five stars, more players can utilize them in their gameplay free of any cost. We also curated a tier list ranking all Espers in Dislyte

S-TIER Espers

Dislyte 3 Star Espers Tier list

These are the best 3 star Espers in Dislyte. They barely have any flaws, and you would not be disappointed by their skills and potential in combat. It is recommended to have at least one of these on your team. 

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is an excellent Esper who can attack, heal, and support. With her skill ‘Stardust,’ she can inflict immense damage to the enemies equal to 100% of the total attack of Ye Suhua. The Stardust ability may also reduce the enemies’ attack for two turns. The ‘Star Dancer’ skill would increase the defense and attack of all your allies.

Ye Suhua can also heal your team when you are in a bind during combat. With her Astral Guardian Ability, she can heal any of your teammates by 20% of their maximum HP while also granting them invincibility for a turn.

With such amazing abilities and potential, Ye Suhua is one of the best 3 star Dislyte characters in our tier list that you should not miss out on. It is recommended to use her as a support to aid you during tough battles.


Freddy is as much of a beast in combat as he looks. The intimidating-looking Wolf Esper can inflict significant damage and wreak havoc on the opponents. Freddy also has the potential to inflict a lot of critical attacks. If you want a great DPS, consider Freddy an excellent choice to be on your team. 

His skill ‘Claw of Greed’ can deal massive damage to the enemies; the effect of this skill is increased when his HP is lower. Freddy’s crit rate would increase, and he would attack, ignoring 20% of the opponent’s defense. With his ‘Wolf Strike; skill, he can buff up his attacks to inflict tremendous damage. In addition, His skill ‘Thrill of the Hunt’ can wreak havoc on enemies as it would inflict damage equal to 240% of the attack.


Zelmer is a 3-star Esper who can deal with a series of furious attacks incapacitating your opponent. Her skill ‘Beast Attack’ can attack an opponent twice with a chance of reducing their defense for two turns. Players can also transfer a debuff status to an opponent with Zelmer’s skill ‘Hunter.’

What defines Zelmer as a furious character is her dangerous skill, ‘Scarlet Tides.’ The skill can significantly inflict immense damage to the enemies when they are weakened. This fierce character deserved its spot in the above ranks of the Dislyte 3 star tier list.

A-TIER Espers

Dislyte Unky Chai

While not as strong as the S-Tier, these Espers are not to be underestimated as they are second to none and can perform exceedingly in combat. 


Melanie can prove to be a deadly character in Dislyte. Her skill ‘Fatal Gaze’ can inflict significant damage; this skill might also inflict SPD down and debuff an opponent. Melanie can also decrease an opponent’s AP and inflict petrification, rendering your opponent helpless. Her skill ‘Queen of the Night’ can deal severe damage along with a chance of reducing an opponent’s AP significantly.


Q can be a great choice if you want an Esper that is good at both damage dealing and debuff. With his Lover’s Curse’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ skills, he can deal good damage with a chance of inflicting defense down and attack down. His skill ‘Joke of the Aether’ can inflict massive damage on multiple enemies. His excellent DPS and support skills granted him a spot in A-tier in the 3-star Espers tier list


Not many Dislyte 3-star Espers have a destructive potential as great as Chelmers. This Esper can inflict tremendous damage, though most of his skills require players to sacrifice some of their HP. To make him functional in combat, it is recommended to have a few healers on your team.

Both Chelmers’ ‘Gold Ray’ and ‘Gold Pulse’ skills can deal impressive damage at the cost of his HP. If you do not want to spend too much of his HP, Chelmers’ ‘Vita Lightbeam’ skill is great at damage dealing while also having a chance to cause the diseased stat on your opponent.

Unky Chai

Unky Chai is a well-balanced character with both his offensive and support skills. His skill ‘ Under the Moon’ can inflict good damage while increasing your AP by 25%. Furthermore, he can also boost the attack of your teammates.

Unky Chai’s Passive skill can be handy because it would significantly increase Espers’ critical rate. The crit rate increase is random, and any two Espers in your team would get the buff at the start of every turn. Critical attacks are essential if you want to inflict significant damage to your opponents.

B-TIER Espers

Dislyte All 3 star espers

These Espers are not as extraordinary compared to other higher-ranked Espers. Still, they may be a good choice if you do not own any characters from the above tiers. 


Chang Pu is an excellent healer in Dislyte. Her ‘Restoration’ and ‘Prayer of Renewal’ skills can provide great healing. Her healing potency can be helpful in combat, especially while taking down difficult bosses. Moreover, with her ‘Orb of Vaxar skill,’ she can deal decent damage and reduce the AP of your allies.

Tang Yun

Tang Yun has various skills in his profile that can quickly destroy enemies. He performs well when it comes to handling single opponents. Moreover, Tang Yun can deal significant damage if his pursuit triggers after using his skills. With his skill ‘ Iron Polearm,’ he may also stun his opponent for a turn in addition to triggering pursuit. His great passive damage potential makes him an excellent Esper in our Dislyte 3 star tier list


Jeanne is a great 3-star Esper for damage dealing. Her ability ‘Punk’ would deal 30% of damage scaling on her attack; the skill would attack enemies three times with a slight chance of inflicting a stun on the opponents. She can also shoot multiple enemies with her skill ‘Cool Rhythms.’ Moreover, her skill ‘Beat Burst’ can inflict good damage along with imposing a stun on your opponent for a turn while also debuffing them. 


Hall can act as a good DPS and support with his versatile game style. His ‘Arrow of Eternal Solitude’ can inflict significant damage with a chance of reducing an opponent’s attack. Moreover, he possesses a more vital skill, ‘Silent Night.’ The skill can deal impressive damage equal to 160% of Hall’s attack. Furthermore, you may also reduce an opponent’s defense and inflict poison for two turns. 


Lauren is an excellent Esper in Dislyte that can act as a nurse and fantastic support for your team. She can heal your teammates while boosting their AP, aiding you in combat. Her Skill ‘Leap frog’ can also inflict good damage and may inflict special defense down stat on your opponents.

Lauren’s excellent support skills make her worthy of having a place on your team. Her skill ‘Brush of Vitality’ would cause Lauren to sacrifice her own HP to heal allies. It can be a bit of a bummer, and players might have a tough time managing HP.


Leon is a decent DPS possessing skills with great damaging potential. Besides damage dealing, some of his skills may also inflict an opponent with debuffs and status effects. Moreover, his passive skills would allow players to transfer their debuffs to the enemies. His extraordinary skills make him a fantastic B-tier character in this Dislyte 3 star characters tier list

His ‘Coldhearted’ skill can inflict tremendous damage with a high chance of inflicting disease on your target. Furthermore, Leon’s skill ‘Deadly Sear’ can crush your opponents as it would damage your opponents equal to 250% of Leon’s attack. Moreover, the skill will also cause the sear effect on the opponents for two turns.

C-TIER Espers

Dislyte 3 star tier list

These Espers have limited potential in both combat and support. They are not viable and functional in combat. However, they may work well in your team, depending on your builds. 


Berenice is overall a weak character when it comes to dealing with damage. Though, her skills can provide support by reducing the opponent’s defense and AP. However, most of her support functions are limited as opponents are less likely to be inflicted by them. With her skill ‘Moon Dance,’ she can provide a shield for your characters that might be helpful against strong opponents.


Bardon is not a strong character when it comes to combat or support. However, he can provide your team with a few great defense buffs. With his Light shield skill, he can deal a decent amount of damage and may stun an opponent. He can also inflict massive damage that scales on his attack and defense.

In addition, he can deal good damage with his Rise to Honor skill that can boost the defense of all teammates for two turns. However, since the def up ability would only last two turns, Bardon is not the best choice for support.


David acts mainly as a DPS with a few debuffing functions. Though his potential is limited, he was placed in C-Tier in our Dislyte 3 star tier list. His skill ‘Roundhouse Dance’ can inflict decent damage with a chance of reducing an opponent’s attack for two turns. His other skills can debuff, stun an opponent and inflict minimal damage.


Brynn is a decent character that can provide great support in combat. With her ‘Rock n Roll skill,’ she can boost all allies’ attacks for two turns. Moreover, she can also inflict good damage on the opponents. Her ‘Advent of the Goddess skill’ can deal 250% damage depending on Brynn’s attack while also imposing a freeze on opponents for one turn. You can attack the helpless opponents while they are frozen effortlessly, though it’s a bummer that it lasts only one turn.


Helena can be a decent healer for your team, though better options are available for healing. In addition to her limited healing potential, she can deal decent damage with her skill ‘ Poetry’ and ‘Downfall.’ These skills also have a chance of debuffing your opponents and reducing their AP.

Li Ao

Li Ao can offer a lot of debuffs that can weaken your opponent. These Debuffs may allow you to take your enemies down easily. However, his damage-dealing potential is poor, and his performance is lacking in combat. With his Binge ability, he can restore his hp while inflicting low damage, though this skill has a chance of removing all opponent’s buffs. With his Uncaged Beast ability, he can devour opponents for up to two turns.

Bai Liuli

Bai Liuli is not as much of an intimidating character as she looks. She can inflict a decent amount of damage, though most of her support functions are limited. Bai Liuli can debuff the enemies with her passive skill. Furthermore, she possesses a skill ‘Incorporeal’ that can steal an opponent’s buffs that may prove handy in combat.

Dislyte Tier List Criteria

The Dislyte 3 Star Esper’s tier list was created after playing the game for countless hours. We also did thorough research into various Esper’s skills and potential in combat. Our tier list was created because many veterans and rookies would depend on 3-stars since they are the easiest to obtain in the game. The strengths and weaknesses of each Esper were highlighted to justify their rankings.

We strive to create as unbiased tier lists as possible depending on the character’s potential in the field. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team invests a lot of time, effort, and experience to judge a character’s potential and divide them into ranks accordingly. Since you are interested in Dislyte, consider checking out our AFK arena tier list.

That’s all about our Dislyte 3 star tier list; which Espers are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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