Disney Mirrorverse Tier List: BEST Guardians

Our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List Ranks All The Characters in "Tiers"

A Disney Mirrorverse victory depends on knowing which characters work best for your squad. So we’ve created a Disney Mirrorverse tier list to make defeating the Fractured a breeze. A brand-new action role-playing game for mobile devices from Kabam.

Disney Mirrorverse stars a tonne of heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar films as they fight to save the Mirroverse against enemies known as Fractured. It might be difficult to decide which Guardians are ideal for your squad when there are so many to pick from.

It involves more than simply selecting your favorite character; you must also consider their stats and skills. The advantages and strategic possibilities in a battle for each character affect their ranking.

This list may be used to decide which characters are appropriate for use and which ones shouldn’t be used.

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List Breakdown

Decide carefully since having a powerful character on your side will help you win the game! Our Disney Mirrirverse Tier List is based on the tiers listed below

  • S: The Strongest Guardians
  • A: Strong Guardians
  • B: Slightly Inefficient Guardians
  • C: Underpowered Guardians
  • D: Weakest Guardians


Disney Mirrorverse tier List S-tier

The S-tier of the Disney Mirrorverse tier list contains the best and most powerful characters. This tier has the guardians who are the most useful and effective of all the tiers.

Mr. Incredible

You might think that he is just a Tank, but Mr. Incredible serves as both your tank and your DPS. The Guardian is the benchmark for all melee and tank units in the game since he is immune to knockback, hits hard, and is tremendously mighty.

He obtains a Kinetic Charge for each second he maintains his Heavy Attack. Damage resistance is raised by 1% for each charge. If stunned, frozen, or rooted, he forfeits all Kinetic Charges. His strong attack deals with a 50% probability of Kinetic Knockback.

It has the power to knock the adversary further back and stop special abilities. Each Kinetic Charge raises the likelihood of it by 5%. Only once every 10 seconds may the Kinetic Knockback effect take effect.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is the only unit in the game that can increase your team’s attack while reducing your opponents’ Defense. Due to his ability to trivialize most of the game’s content, the lanky skeleton takes the spot on the S-Tier of the list of Disney Mirrorverse characters.

Additionally, he excels in healing and removing opponent boosts. His powerful attack depletes the target’s one attribute boost. Jack heals 2.5% and gives all teammates a 10% attack buff for 10 seconds if an ally removes an enemy’s buff.


Maui is your man when you need a damage absorber. His entire kit is designed to improve his defense and to share part of it with your teammates.

No one performs the role of a typical tank better than Maui, despite his lack of damage output. Maui receives a 10% defense boost if an opponent receives a buff. Maui has a 50% chance to receive a 10% Defense Buff from his core ability when he uses a heavy attack on an adversary.

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Minnie Mouse

The game’s weakest melee unit, Minnie Mouse, has been improved upon to rank among its finest. She has the same crazy stacking attack boosts that Ariel does. She may not be as versatile as Ariel, but she has the added ability to boost her defense, giving her the much-needed survivability as a melee DPS.

When Minnie strikes her target, she receives a quantity of Heartfire Charges proportional to how many Buffs the target enemy has. Each heart fire charge provides 10% attack and 10% defense. If Minnie strikes a new target, Heartfire Charges are dropped and refilled.

Minnie gains 10% attack bonuses for the remainder of the battle when she hits her target, with Basic Attacks having a 20% probability and Heavy Attacks having a 100% chance of doing so.

Hiro Hamada

Hiro’s kit depends on being connected to his comrades to increase both survivability and the effectiveness of buffs. He significantly enhances the synergy of other Hi-Tech allies, making them more effective at healing and armor than traditional allies.

While Hiro is present in the fight, attribute buffs on him and his friends become 10% more potent. At the beginning of the battle, Hiro connects with an arbitrary ally. Hiro and that all are protected from 25% of the damage from special abilities when connected.

Anytime, Hiro can manually link to his nearest buddy by using a Heavy Attack. When Hiro is attached to an ally who is below 50% HP once every encounter, that ally heals 0.75 percent every second for 8 seconds.


Due to how high her self-ATK boosts may stack, The Little Mermaid is also one of the game’s top damage producers. She has an extremely potent Special Ability in addition to being a reliable source of DMG debuff removal.

She was the preferred melee option for Seafaring and Royalty Towers, and therefore even with her nerf, she still merits being at S tier. Ariel has a 35% chance every 2 seconds to remove one harmful debuff from herself. Ariel receives a 12% attack bonus each time a damaging debuff is removed from her.


For a ranged unit, Zurg is surprisingly durable. Despite having fewer sources of ATK boosts than other Guardians, he makes up for it with his heavy attack’s high rate of fire, which also provides a steady stream of critical strikes.

Another straightforward but possibly game-changing source of CC is his Signature Ability.

Zurg enters Rapid Fire mode when holding the Heavy attack, automatically using Basic strikes twice as quickly as usual. He receives a 25% defense buff when in rapid-fire mode.  Each time Zurg enters Rapid Fire Phase, he receives a 20% concentration boost that lasts for the duration of the mode.

Mickey Mouse

Due to his ability to get along with just about everybody, the Disney representative is also one of the greatest support Guardians in our Disney Mirrorverse tier list. As long as your team is consistently using their special abilities, Mickey will reflect damage, empower teammates, heal allies, and stun foes.

Every 5 seconds, Mickey receives a Stellar charge, which each increases his attack by 10%. Mickey earns a Stellar Charge for 5 seconds each time an ally performs their special ability.

Mickey activates his Mirror Shield enhancement for 10 seconds each time he obtains a Stellar Charge and has three or more charges, deflecting 20% of incoming damage as Direct Damage back at his attacker.


Disney Mirrorverse tier List A-tier

In the A-tier, we have guardians who are strong but have a few small defects. They are extremely powerful and valuable despite being lower than the S-tier characters.

Scrooge McDuck

The companion of all ranged troops in the game is the richest fictional individual ever created. Scrooge‘s buffs concentration is more than anybody else on our list of Disney Mirroverse tier characters, and he works well with characters that have on-critical hit effects.

He produces coins that give him a 10% increase in concentration. Scrooge always produces a coin when he unleashes his powerful strike. Scrooge generates a coin if his heavy attack succeeds in hitting a target.

Every time an adversary is defeated, a new coin is generated. His heavy attack only affects one target and deals Knock Back damage rather than Push Back.


Woody doesn’t have the highest DPS, but he’ll increase the damage your squad as a whole does significantly. It’s really easy to offer your team a significant ATK increase and heal them just as much as support units when his Signature Ability triggers.

Woody possesses Heavy long-range strikes in addition to close-range Basic assaults. A warrant that lasts for 5 seconds is placed on an enemy target when Woody strikes it with a Heavy Attack. A warrant prevents an enemy from receiving or giving an attribute benefit.

A fresh warrant cannot be issued to an enemy before the previous one has expired. Woody’s Heavy Attack projectile can only hit one target at once, but its Push Back effect is three times stronger.


Thanks to his ricochet and Special Ability, Tron is perhaps the best character in the game for hitting multiple foes. As his Special Ability improves with additional sources of attribute debuffs, he also blends in quite nicely with a variety of setups.

Tron’s Heavy Attack hits many adversaries and does 150 % damage. He has a 50% chance to receive an 8-second focus bonus worth 20% on Basic Attacks. For 10 seconds, critical strikes from heavy attacks result in a defense debuff of -10%.

Evil Queen

The Evil Queen makes extensive use of her capacity to poison her adversaries. Her Talents increase the threat of poison by bestowing highly severe debuffs on those who are poisoned—a great option for eliminating bosses.

When the Evil Queen attacks, there is a 15% chance on Basic Attacks and a 20% chance on Heavy Attacks that she will poison her opponent for 10 seconds, delivering 10% damage every second.

When the Evil Queen deals poison to a victim, they are also dealt a Heartsbane Charge, which amplifies all poison damage dealt by all sources by 10% each. Damage from the Evil Queen’s Basic Attacks is reduced by 50%.


Baymax provides his teammates with armor and acts as a moving AoE DEF boost. He does a good job at keeping your squad healthy, so keep your pals near (and opponents even closer to shock them). Other team members nearby receive a 25% defense buff, thanks to Baymax. He has poison and wound immunity.


This melee Guardian depends on building up DoT on the opposition. He loses a lot of efficacy when you encounter Disney Mirroverse foes that are skilled at removing debuffs. Scar deals a wound on a Critical Hit that lasts for 20 seconds and does 10% damage every second.

Frank Wolf

Since the duration of Frank’s special ability, Dense Foliage, is greater than its cooldown, it is always active, giving your team beneficial boosts and your irritating enemy debuffs.

Due to the way his debuffs operate, he is significantly more powerful against opponent troops who use ranged weapons or critical hits.

60 percent Resistance to the effects of Wound, Poison, and Shock is provided by Frank’s thick bark hide. Frank receives a 10% Defense Buff at the start of the battle and if he takes a Critical Hit. All Defense Buffs from Frank’s Core Ability is removed if he contracts Burn.


Prince Ali is a trained assassin who deals with Wounds when he backstabs opponents. The debuffs he may cause, such as stunning and making foes miss, should not be undervalued, even though his damage might not be as great as that of other melee units in the A-tier.

He deals with a Wound causing 25% Damage every second for 4 seconds when he strikes an adversary who is not facing him. Aladdin deals an extra hit that deals 50% more damage when he dashes through a wounded foe.

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Gaston’s arsenal is based on wounding opponents, which he can frequently do with heavy attacks. Gaston is an excellent source of damage and removing defensive boosts as long as your opponents are wounded. His skills more than make up for the fact that his talents aren’t as strong.

His heavy attacks cause a Wound on their victim, which lasts for five seconds and deals 20% damage every second. He increases his critical chance by 15% while his victim is under the effects of a Wound. If his victim receives a Wound, Gaston’s Critical Hits remove one Defense Buff from them.

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie may not be as tanky as other tanks, but he specializes in debuffing foes’ ATK, which may stack rather heavily and improve the team’s overall durability.

He sends bugs to chase the adversary after every four hits. Each bug causes a -10 percent Attack Debuff on the assaulting adversary that lasts until Oogie Boogie is eliminated.

The following Attack Debuff only lasts 6 seconds if the opponent target has four Attack Debuffs stacked on top of each other.

Judy Hopps

In addition to being able to help your team with root and stun, Judy is a great pick to increase your team’s total damage by applying DEF debuffs to foes every time she crits. When Judy’s Root Grenades land a Critical Hit, they cause a -10 percent Defense Debuff that lasts until the end of the battle.

The ability has a 20-second cooldown and is activated on critical hits if the adversary has three or more defense debuffs. She receives a 15% Critical Chance Buff for 3 seconds each time she performs a heavy attack. When she strikes a hostile target, this Buff is also taken away.


Although none of the Towers are currently appropriate for Anger, he can boost his ATK to insane levels. He excels at striking targets hard and adding a little burn to the mix.

Burn does not affect him. Anger receives a 5% attack boost each time an adversary makes an appearance. Anger burns all opponents, causing 10% damage every second for two seconds when he obtains 4 or 8 attack buffs.


Disney Mirrorverse tier List B-tier

The Guardians in the B-tier are mediocre fighters who are neither exceptionally good nor very awful. Disney Mirrorverse B-tier characters are acceptable but lack the strength of those from the A and S tier lists. They can still succeed in most situations if you play them correctly.

Snow White

Snow White comes first. Every 5 seconds, the scythe-wielding princess earns Thorns Charge, which increases her DEF and may be used as a cost to damage opponent melee and tank units.

She is poison-immune. She receives a Thorn Charge every five seconds, and each one boosts her defense by ten percent.

When Snow White has a Thorn Charge active, if a melee attacker or a tank hits her with a Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Thorns deliver 100 percent damage to them. She has a 5% chance with her Heavy Attack of causing a Wound that does 10% damage every second for 5 seconds. The likelihood is increased by 10% for each stack of thorns.

Donald Duck

Given his complete absence of any supportive skills, Donald functions as sort of a one-man show, switching between tank and DPS whenever you utilize his Special Ability.

On the good side, he can at least be used in the Hi-Tech and the Seafaring Towers. A 10% possibility exists that Donald will receive a 10% defense buff for the duration of the battle each time an adversary strikes him.

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Goofy may stun enemies in addition to doing potentially enormous damage with his Special Ability by piling ricochets from critical hits. Additionally, his abilities can enhance the positive consequences of his critical hits, such as wounds or purges.

The enemy target receives an armor block for 10 seconds from basic critical hits. Goofy has a 20% chance to receive a 25% Critical Chance Buff for 2 seconds for each Heavy Attack he performs.


With her Special Ability, the frying pan user specializes in burst DPS and deals enormous damage. She may not be as consistent as the other melee troops further up in the tier list, but generally, she’s still a reliable damage provider.

Rapunzel receives a 10% Attack Buff after completing four consecutive Basic Attacks. These Buffs are eliminated once Rapunzel utilizes her unique power.


Tiana is an exact match for the function of a conventional healer. She is a fantastic healer who can reliably remove debuffs. She may also add some burn to her foes.

A 50% chance exists that when Tiana’s Heavy Attack is unleashed, a Cleanse Buff will be acquired, automatically removing itself to remove the subsequent damaging debuff or stun. Tiana receives a 10% Attack Buff for 10 seconds each time she or an ally removes a debuff.


When tanking against a single target, Ursula is quite effective. Since tanks frequently encounter several foes, you essentially need a specialized healer to prevent Ursula from dropping dead.

Every second during battle, Ursula deals a -2-5 percent Attack debuff to every adversary she fights. If Ursula changes her target or goes away from it, the afflictions are lifted.

Ursula’s Binding Contract causes a character to receive a 10% defense buff whenever their special ability is used.

Buzz Lightyear

Melting away enemy armor is Buzz Lightyear’s specialty. Additionally, the shock debuff he can quickly apply allows him to provide reasonable DoT.

Buzz’s Basic Attacks cause enemy targets’ armor to be reduced by 5%. Buzz’s heavy attacks have a 60% chance to deal 5% shock damage per second for 5 seconds while removing -25% armor. Buzz receives a +50% Focus Buff after a dash that lasts for 2 seconds.


Mulan’s Kit is not bad at all. She is quite resilient and has a special ability with enormous destructive potential. Her abilities aren’t particularly impressive, but her standard strikes have a handy broad arc of impact.

All adversaries may be struck by Mulan’s basic attacks in a broad arc in front of her. Mulan’s heavy attacks give a 30 percent defense boost for 6 seconds if she has no defense buffs.


Sulley’s Special Ability makes him a fantastic knockback source. What makes him useful as a tank is his armor. Now, if only his Special Ability had stun at 100% rather than 50%. Sulley obtains 20% more armor-based protection. Each battle encounters opening moments.

Jack Sparrow

Everybody’s favorite pirate is a rather situational healer who can heal for enormous quantities but needs stacks of curse charges to do so. He may not be as reliable and useful as Tiana, but he more than makes up for it by being a viable option for both Leader and Seafaring Towers.

As long as Jack Sparrow has fewer than three curses, he receives a curse charge every five seconds. When doing and taking damage, Jack Sparrow has a 7% chance of gaining a Curse charge.


Maleficent is a fantastic DPS unit since she possesses one of the greatest damage multi-target Special Abilities in the game (when you take the burn into account). She has some strong abilities and provides a little amount of DEF debuff.

She is unaffected by Burn. Her basic and heavy critical hits cause a 50 percent shock and a -5 percent reduction in defense for the duration of the battle. For 10 seconds, Heavy Attacks cause a -5 percent Defense Debuff.


After the most recent patch, Genie is much more viable. In addition to possessing a massive, 4-second stun each time it activates, his Core Ability renders him momentarily unkillable three times during each fight.

The only thing stopping Genie from moving up in the Disney Mirrorverse tier list is his weak Traits. It is in addition to their survivability he provides the squad with his Core Ability. Genie obtains 25% more armor each time he receives the Indestructible Buff.



The C-Tier of the Disney Mirrorverse tier list contains the game’s weakest characters. If you are seeking top-tier characters, they are not good enough for you to play because they perform below moderately.

These characters are not recommended since they don’t provide much to your squad and have a higher chance of dying in battle than other guardians.


Stitch is fairly gimmicky and inconsistent in his damage because of the way he plays, which demands him to alternate between his several forms. At the same time, Metallic Stitch is resistant to Wound and Stunt and possesses a 25% Defense Buff.


When a ranged unit attempts to be a tank, EVE is what follows. It’s not ideal because her kit depends on being struck by melee or tank foes. EVE is in an odd situation because she has no reliable sources of damage or boosts for her assaults.


Baloo’s Core Ability is a little too unpredictable to trigger and be useful, despite his buffs making him better now. With just about every other tank in the game, you’ll still be better off.


The way Anna attacks the adversary is by accumulating elemental sources of DoT. On paper, it looks nice, but it takes too long for the impact to accumulate.


Burn is a significant contributor to Hades’ damage. His special attack has the ability to do a great amount of damage because it will be used again if an adversary is killed. Beyond that, he continues to be primarily situational.


As a support unit, Belle is about as one-dimensional as they get. She is a decent healer, but that is all. For the duration of the battle, Belle gives each ally a 10% defense buff at the start of each battle.


Sadly, the ice queen doesn’t have the same effect like the one in the movie. Her Special Ability just lacks the strength that many other Special Abilities have, while her Core Ability acts a little too slowly.


Hercules’ melee unit damage simply takes too long to accumulate. He is very deficient when you consider the limitations of his Core Ability and the quality of his Special and Signature Ability.

Mike Wazowski

Mike is a somewhat mediocre healer. His heal is rather weak and quite constrictive overall, despite the fact that it may be performed frequently due to its short cooldown. Mike isn’t a wise pick in prolonged battles because he’s one of the weakest healers in the Disney Mirrorverse Tier List.


Sorry, Brave fanatics, but Merida might be the most entry-level ranged weapon you can get. She just doesn’t have the same ranged units’ usefulness, damage, or self-buffing abilities.

Captain Hook

In Disney Mirrorverse, damage-dealing melee units are mostly required. In this regard, Captain Hook performs substantially worse. The pirate is not a suitable fit for his profession given those factors and his low chance of survival. Perhaps the worst character on the Tier List.

Ian Lightfoot

Ian just lacks the consistency and effect to support his team as much as the majority of the other supports in the game due to a poor heal and a gimmicky technique to empower his squad. He is not a good pick; that’s why we put him at the C-tier of our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List.

Tinker Bell

While her Special Ability is active, which would be around half the time throughout a fight, Tinker Bell is a mediocre damage dealer, but she is terrible without it.

Tier List Criteria

Our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List required much time and worked to create. It was thoroughly investigated what each character needed to succeed in the game in terms of skills and abilities. To help newcomers select the best Guardian for them, the Tier List was made.

Additionally, based on a character’s combat prowess and battle potential, we attempt to create tier rankings that are as accurate as possible.

The main objective of our list is to highlight the most impressive characters in the game based on their relative strength and prowess. Which characters are favored by you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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