DNF Duel Character Tier List: All Ranked [2024]

With the aid of the DNF Duel Character Tier List, learn which characters are the finest ones to utilise when playing DNF Duel.

The Fighting game DNF Duel is an offshoot of the Dungeon And Fighter series. You must have the greatest character if you want to win against everyone. To find the best character in DNF, you need the DNF Duel Characters tier list.

Key Highlights
  • DNF Duel offers a minimal yet very potent cast of characters providing only 19 Playable options (3 DLC Characters) of different base stats and characteristics. 
  • DNF Duel Character tier list ranks all options based on a variety of features associated with the character as well as the game mechanics. 

  • Falling pretty adequately on the detrimental ranking criteria, Berserker, Striker, Crusader, Swift Master, Hitman, and Troubleshooter are the best characters in DNF Duel.

  • The Ghostblade, Lost Warrior, and Inquisitor, on the split hand, are graded as the most compromised characters of the DNF Duel playable horde.

Before we begin, let’s check out the comparison between all DNF Duel characters:

CharactersClassBattle TypeGuardHPMP Regan Rate
Swift MasterMageGimmicky1150.0900.011.0
Battle MageMageStandard930N/AN/A
VanguardDemonic LancerStandard1200.01100.012.0
Dragon KnightKnightGimmicky1150.0930.012.0
Lost WarriorN/AGimmicky1250.01050.015.0

Now that we’ve gone through that, here’s a table consisting of our rankings.

DNF Duel Character Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers  Characters 
S-Tier  Berserker, Troubleshooter, Striker, Swift Master, Crusader, Hitman, Brawler, Battle Mage
A-Tier  Kunoichi, Grappler, Ranger, Vanguard, Spectre
B-Tier  Dragon Knight, Launcher, Enchantress
C-Tier  Ghostblade, Lost Warrior, Inquisitor

DNF Duel Character Tier List Breakdown

Every DNF Duel character is included in this Tier List. Find out which is most successful by using it. According to how mighty they are in the game, each of them is here on the tier list. Each fighter is allocated a rating between S and C, with S being the highest and C being the lowest. So let’s get started.


DNF Duel Character Tier List S-Tier

The S-Tier Fighters are almost always a wise decision. These fighters are the greatest in the DNF Duel, and you can rely on their abilities and damage output.


Crusader is the strongest DNF Duel character in our Character Tier List. Even more robust than Grappler, this behemoth transforms into a beefier fighter thanks to his awakening effect. Crusader is a fighter that causes enormous quantities of damage from a single, potent blow.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Priest Traps  1300 1130 12

Good range and Self-enhancing moves, create a wall to block escapes.

  • Great long-ranged attacks.
  • Extremely high damage.
  • Highest guard gauge and HP in the game.

  • Slow and sluggish normals.
  • A big body character makes him easier to hit in most scenarios.
  • MP skills require a lot of MP.

Swift Master

The quickest DNF Duel fighter in the Character Tier List is Swift Master. He possesses effective missiles, a fully charged Skill, and combo-expanding special attacks that give the impression that his onslaught never ends. Additionally, he has quick strikes that allow him to whiff-punish almost everything.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Mage Gimmicky 1150 900 11

Fast movements, can use MP Skills while airborne.

  • Great long-ranged, mid-ranged, and short-ranged moves.
  • Exceptional speed and mobility.
  • His neutral game is top-notch.

  • Low HP than other characters.
  • Low damage.
  • Risky pressure.


The ideal DNF Duel fighter for new players would be Striker since she is simple to handle and to entertain while you are first experiencing the game.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Fighter Melee 1150 950 50

Close range attacks, approach enemies easily, combo attacks.

  • Great short-range attacks and rush down.
  • High damage and great mobility.
  • Can cancel her invincible reversal.

  • Lacks in long-ranged moves.
  • The horizontal reach on her reversal isn’t great.
  • Not an easy character to master.


He does all of Hitman’s tasks more effectively. The Troubleshooter possesses longer-reaching MP Skills, the ability to deal white damage to himself, explosives for Okizeme and stress, traps for setups, and higher damage from fewer hits.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Agent Standard 1200 10i80 15

Easy-to-use attacks, set off delayed explosions, use moves to reduce HP to increase attack.

  • A great well-rounded character.
  • High damage on punishing unsafe moves.
  • Has great long-ranged as well as mid-ranged moves.

  • Platstyle relies heavily on the opponent he’s up against.
  • Low guard damage makes it easier for opponents to analyze his pressure.
  • Relies heavily on mana.


Berserker possesses some of the finest MP Special attacks in the game, deals a lot of damage, has long reach, fireballs, and tremendous combo potential from any low attack. He is difficult to punish, his strikes are difficult to avoid, and because of his capacity to deal white damage to himself, he regularly extends combinations.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Slayer Standard 1200 980 18

Easy-to-use attacks, ground techniques, sacrifice abilities for enhanced attacks.

  • A great choice for beginners as he is not that hard to learn.
  • Great pressure and normals.
  • Really good anti-air moves making opponents think twice before jumping.

  • Compared to the rest of the cast he’s rather slow and lazy.
  • The weak horizontal range on his reversal.
  • Lower health than other characters.


Hitman is talented in all areas. His powerful, invincible reversal attack, respectable damage, extended sword swings, respectable HP, and multiple-hitting strikes are all strengths. He isn’t very unique, but again the fact that he is reliable and competent in all areas keeps him in the S-Tier.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Agent Standard 1200 1020 12

Pressing and multi-hit moves, unique MP skills.

  • Excels in mid-range.
  • Great pressure with this instant overhead.
  • Has good neutral and mixups.

  • Doesn’t have good long ranged tools.
  • Weak against zoners.
  • Slow movement speed.


Brawler is an aggressive character having explosive power, weapons, and lockdown which he can use to corner his opponent. He excels in far-reaching moves. Not only does he have that but he can also burn and poison opponents. This makes him a great pick for someone who has an aggressive playstyle.

Class Battle type Guard HP MP Regan Rate All Skills
Fighter Gimmicky 1,050.0 1,050.0 15.0 Net Throw | Ground Tackle | Sand Splash | Needle Spin | Chain Jack | Blood Rage Chain | Explosive Hook | Cave In | Road To Hell | Venom Mine | Upgraded Poison Mine: Firelock

  • Great damage and reach on his moves.
  • Great defensive and offensive options.
  • Great durability.

  • Not as fast as other characters.
  • Lacks in mid-ranged attack options.
  • Burns a lot of MP.

Battle Mage

One of the newer characters added in DNF Duel. Her main game plan is to stay in mid-range as she greatly excels in that area. She has great range and pokes making it easier for her to pressure her opponents. She does not have that many good defensive options making her defense on the weaker side. 

Class Battle type Guard HP MP Regan Rate All Skills
Mage Standard 930.0 N/A N/A Falling Petal Farm | Blue Sky Beat | Fusion Chaser | Sky Beat | Meteor Assault | Chaser Generator/Chaser Shot | Chaser Press | Truth: Lightning Strike | Twinkle Smash | Apostle Smash | Quasar Explosion

  • Excels in the mid-range area.
  • Great poking moves which mostly leave her plus on block.
  • Has some great reaching invincible reversal moves.

  • Does not have that many good defensive options.
  • Weak defense.
  • Relies a lot on resources so requires resource management.


DNF Duel Character Tier List A-Tier

Characters from the DNF Duel Character A-Tier List are stronger than others and are solid performers for overcoming various opponents in your fight.


Vanguard uses no projectiles and is a zoner. He may make use of having the game’s longest-reaching melee weapon to pressure and whiff-punish his opponents. Additionally, when Vanguard gains access to additional mana, his lengthy, high-damaging combinations make him far too deadly.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Demonic Lancer Standard 1200 1100 12

Long-ranged moves, 4 stings moves, Special cancel techniques.

  • Great space control with his long-ranged moves.
  • Strong whiff punishes.
  • Very strong and safe pressure options.

  • Slow and sluggish normals.
  • High recovery on moves.
  • No strong reversal option.


Ranger can execute lengthy combinations and is a full-screen zoner. He uses sluggish regular attacks, some of which are missiles that fill the entire screen. You’ll be sent across the screen to another end of the screen by his regular combo ender.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Gunner Ranged 1150 980 12

Long ranged and wide area moves, Quick draw

  • Excels in mid-range with his fast projectiles.
  • Very strong pressure.
  • Great space control and neutral.

  • Low damage.
  • No solid anti-air options.
  • Risky character up close.


Grappler has 1050 HP, excellent damage, crazy command throws, and effective mix-ups. In DNF Duel, Grappler has a tremendously high health bar. He even possesses an air control throw that is effective against characters that are grounded and in the air. Like the majority of the cast, he has a variety of strong tools.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Fighter Grabs 1250 1100 18

Grabbing and Invulnerability moves, Charging and MP skills.

Unfortunately, he moves slowly and has a limited range for his basic attacks. Grappler must frequently attempt to get with his armored techniques to make up for it, but they are all quickly defeated by any low-hitting strike.

  • Very strong close range pressure tools.
  • High damaging and powerful grabs.
  • Strong mixups and efficient MP usage.

  • Slow and sluggish movement.
  • No good tools for approaching.
  • The shortest guard cancels in the game.


Kunoichi is quick, deals excellent damage, and may trap you in block stun for an excessive amount of time. She also boasts a double leap and an unbreakable reversal. She may push you, hurry you down, make set moves, or make you lose focus.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Thief Traps 1150 930 12

Burning stigma, MP skills, Airborne jumps and teleportation moves.

  • Great space control with attacks from every range.
  • High mobility with teleport and double jump.
  • Strong pressure.

  • A lot of unsafe moves on the block.
  • Needs spacing for most of her attacks to be safe.


A well-rounded character that excels in long-range attacks. She shines in aerial combat as well making her a formidable foe in the air. She can also convert any stray hit into a combo leading to a knockdown. She does have low damage on her combos which you should keep in mind.

Class Battle type Guard HP MP Regan Rate All Skills
Slayer Standard 950.0 950.0 15.0 Shadow Snake Attack | Double Shot | Deep Dusk | Nightfall | Booze | Rusty Nail | Hangover | Daredevil | Last Order | Wildflower | Shaker Blast | Blending Pain | Catharsis | Testament

  • Exceptional range in her attacks.
  • Excels in aerial combat.
  • Can combo off of any stray hits in neutral.

  • Has low damage.
  • Does not have a reversal but instead has a parry.
  • High recovery on her long-ranged attacks.


DNF Duel Character Tier List B-Tier

Fighters within the B-tier are average fighters who fall somewhere in the middle.


Fighters who play passively risk suffering severe chip damage from Launcher, a zoner character. Her strategy is to trap her adversaries in a block string or make them take a chance so she can get rid of them and pay out the resulting white damage. Her total damage is a little low, though. She lacks effective low attack combo routes.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Gunner Ranged 1150 950 12

Ranged and Multi-hit attacks, annihilate targets with high-tech weapons.

Inside a game where fighters don’t even need to approach you closely, Launcher’s advantages don’t appear all that amazing. Too many fighters can strike you with down+B and then begin a combination from half the screen away.

  • Very strong full-screen control.
  • Strong chip damage.
  • Great pressure from long-range.

  • High MP usage.
  • No strong tools for airborne enemies.
  • Slow movement in the air makes her vulnerable.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight can do a tremendous amount of damage if you have the right setup, even though her base damage initially is not that high. She is particularly difficult to block because of her long-reaching special techniques and high and low mix-ups.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Knight Gimmicky 1150 930 12

Easy-to-use attacks, Airborne  dash, Astra’s immobilizing attack.

  • Excels in close-range combat.
  • Great speed on her walk and run for approaching.
  • Very strong neutral control.

  • Heavily reliant on MP usage.
  • Weak range on most of her normals.
  • Gets burnt out more easily than other characters.


Enchantress is a character that can use various ranged attacks and MP stealing skills to defeat her opponents. She also has the ability to control her doll Madd for using her against the enemies for coordinated hit attacks. When she is controlling her doll, the MP automatically decreases, giving her even more time to use it.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Mage Gimmicky 1150 900 12

Ranged attacks, MP Stealing skills, Control Madd for powerful coordinated attacks

Enchantress’s dodge has reduced recovery which makes her invulnerable against the hits She has some decent damage attacks, but at the same time, she can be easily defeated as she cannot endure extreme pressure.

  • Strong ranged attacks.
  • Has the ability to steal her opponent’s MP while pressuring them.
  • Very strong mixups.

  • Heavy MP Usage.
  • One of the lowest HPs in the game.
  • Limited damage.



The DNF Duel Character C-Tier list character or Fighters are some of the worst performers, and these are the weakest and poorest characters. The more prominent characters defeat them.


The Inquisitor boasts extended block strings, several powerful standard attacks, a technique to deplete a target’s guard meter, and an unstoppable reversal. She possesses decent damage, a controlled dash, a diving kick, and strong damage.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Priest Traps 1150 930 12

Deals additional damage, Burn opponents with Incinerate, Restriction moves.

  • Excels in the long-range area.
  • Very strong pressure.
  • Great defensive options.

  • Heavy MP usage.
  • A risky character on offense against patient players.
  • Low HP.

Lost Warrior 

Lost Warrior is rather gimmicky. He doesn’t have particularly strong normals or an unbeatable reversal, though. Once you get to the Lost Warrior, he may be bullied, and others may find it simple to stop him from doing everything he wants if they are aware of his equipment.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skill
N/A Gimmicky 1250 1050 15

MP skills, Strong lockdown through time stop, contain moves that can switch sides.

  • Great damage.
  • Strong long-range moves and whiff-punishing.
  • Has a fullscreen tracking projectile.

  • Lacks in the mid-range area.
  • Slow and sluggish character.
  • Not the strongest pressure tools.


Ghostblade is a character who can cause massive amounts of damage from the majority of blows, much like Striker. Some of the game’s greatest long-reaching buttons are on this character. In addition, he possesses teleport and full-screen punishments, enabling him to be harmful wherever he appears on the screen.


Battle type Guard HP MP Regan rate Skills
Slayer Gimmicky 1150 950 12

Poking moves, attack in succession with ghost, Fast mobility moves.

  • Very strong neutral game.
  • Great whiff punishing tools which lead to high damage.
  • Use ghost for strong close-range pressure.

  • Heavily reliant on MP.
  • Low HP.
  • Weak defensive options.

Tier List Criteria

The DNF Duel Character Tier List took a lot of thought and effort to develop so that it could help both novice and veteran players by revealing relatively undiscovered game elements. Our team rated each occasion-based alternative as well as the outcome of the game.

In addition, seasoned gamers with a lot of experience were requested to rate each fighter fairly and (to the best of their ability) objectively. We do, however, anticipate that the tier list was enough for you to take full use of the game. Who are your top selections among the fighters? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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