Dragalia Lost Tier List: Best Characters & Weapons [2023]

Want to ace the thrilling Dragalia Lost meta but unsure how? Our Dragalia Lost tier list will assist you in making a superb team!

With a charming gacha experience and many robust adventurers, Dragalia Lost is one of the best free-to-play action JRPGs in town. The game’s unique retro-styled action play strongly emphasizes in-game character teamwork and intelligent human-dragon bonds for early triumph. But because not every character helps unleash the fullest of Dragalia’s vibrant world, composing the best team is not easy. Don’t fret, though. Our Dragalia Lost tier list guide will help!

Key Highlights

  • The game offers up to 180 characters, eight weapon types, and up to 90 dragons. 
  • Character ranking is based on teamwork ability and the potential to form human-dragon bonds in the current game meta. Skill Set and power rating aren’t overlooked either.
  • Dragalia Lost characters that fulfill each criterion and are fit enough to get you through the end-game include Dragonyule Malora, Nobunaga, Chrom, and Marth. 
  • Characters that you should be skipping in team compositions are Francesca, Philia, Zace, Vida, and Laxi.
  • To make the Draglia Lost feat even more achievable, players are advised to pair their best characters with the strongest in-game dragons. Such as Gala Cat Sith and Gaibhne.
  • Equally important are weapons for each character. We suggest getting a hold of these: The Scent, Piercing Beast, Subjugator, Fury Crux, Bejeweled Dagger, Forever Sky, Fungus Bow, or the Knight’s Sword. 
  • In the race of Dragalia Lost Wyrmprints, The Jewels of the Sun takes the highest position. 

Here’s a summary of Dragalia Lost Tier List ranking Characters:

Dragalia Lost Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
TiersFlameLight WaterWindShadow 
S-Tier  Marth, Chrom, and Nobunaga Dragonyule Malora, Zhu Bajie, Mitsuhide, Gala Luca, Peony, and Gala Prince  Jiang Ziya, Gala Elisanne, Mitsuba, and Valerio  Sylas, Hawk, Tobias, Gala Leif, and Lowen  Grace, Gala Cleo, Forte, Bellina, Gala Alex, and Linnea
A-Tier  Ezelith, Rena, Nadine, Gala Mym, Emma, and Halloween Lowen  Albert, Hunter Vanessa, Hildegarde, Sharena, Alfonse, Halloween Elisanne, Chitose, Yachiyo, and Fleur Hunter Sarisse, Tiki, Yurius, Lily, Eugene, Lazry, Pipple, Elisanne, and KarinaValentine’s Melody, Lin You, Wedding Elisanne, Victor, Akasha, Addis, Su Fang, Noelle, Joachim, Ranzal, and MelodyNefaria, Delphi, Lathna, Heinwald, Natalie, Summer Verica, Ieyasu, Curran, Valentine’s Addis, Kleimann, Durant, Botan, Cleo, Patia, Althemia, and Rodrigo
B-Tier Valentine’s Hildegarde, Student Maribelle, Mikoto, Chelsea, Hunter Berserker, Halloween Mym, Megaman, Ramona, Gala Sarisse, Naveed, Vanessa, Karl, Verica, and XaniaLucretia, Summer Cleo, Wu Kong, Annelie, Sha Wujing, Vixel, Summer Luca, and Xiao LeiSummer Julieta, Laranoa, Xander, Summer Celliera, Dragonyule Cleo, Gauld, Thaniel, Halloween Odetta, Nurse Aeleen, and OrsemMaribelle, Kirsty, Wedding Aoi, Gala Ranzal, Louise, Dragonyule Xainfried, Wedding Xania, Templar Hope, and Musashi Sazanka, Yaten, Audric, Sazanka, Alex, Aldred, Vice, and Erik 
C-Tier  Lea, Sinoa, Valentine’s Ezelith, Serena, Xuan Zang, Aoi, Renelle, Alain, and Joe  Julieta, Odetta, Hanabusa, Ryozen, Fritz, and Amane  Luther, Renee, Summer Ranzal, Zardin, Jurota, and Rex Ku Hai, Nicolas, and Johanna Berseker, Orion, Taro
D-Tier Laxi, Melsa, Yuya, Yuya, Marty, Aurien, and Valentine’s Orion  Felicia, Halloween Althemia, Elias, Norwin, Rawn, Estelle, Hope, Malka, Halloween Edward, Malora, Irfan, Linus, and Raemond  Dragonyule Xander, Dragonyule Nefaria, Waike, Ricardt, Pietro, Cibella, and Jakob  Pia, Aeleen, Sophie, Francesca, and Philia  Norwin, Zace, Edward, and Vida 

Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

Here is the complete tier list of all characters in Dragalia Lost. We have mentioned the adventurers first, and in the later part of this tier list guide, we have also included related tier list information. 

Here are the complete stats for best and characters and weapons:

Character NameTierWeaponElementRarity
MarthS TierSwordFlame5 Star
ChromS TierSwordFlame5 Star
NobunagaS TierBladeFlame5 Star
Dragonyule MaloraS TierDaggerLight5 Star
Zhu BajieS TierAxeLight5 Star
MitsuhideS TierDaggerLight5 Star
Gala LucaS TierBladeLight5 Star
PeonyS TierWandLight5 Star
Gala PrinceS TierSwordLight5 Star
Jiang ZiyaS TierStaffWater5 Star
Gala ElisanneS TierAxeWater5 Star
MitsubaS TierDaggerWater5 Star
ValerioS TierBladeWater5 Star
SylasS TierLanseWind5 Star
HawkS TierBowWind5 Star
TobiasS TierBladeWind5 Star
Gala LeifS TierSwordWind5 Star
LowenS TierStaffWind4 Star
GraceS TierStaffShadow5 Star
Gala CleoS TierWandShadow5 Star
ForteS TierLanceShadow5 Star
BellinaS TierDaggerShadow5 Star
Gala AlexS TierSwordShadow5 Star
LinneaS TierBladeShadow5 Star
EzelithA TierDaggerFlame5 Star
RenaA TierBladeFlame5 Star
NadineA TierLanceFlame5 Star
Gala MymA TierLanceFlame5 Star
EmmaA TierLanceFlame4 Star
Halloween LowenA TierStaffFlame4 Star
AlbertA TierSwordLight5 Star
Hunter VanessaA TierLanceLight5 Star
HildegardeA TierStaffLight5 Star
SharenaA TierLanceLight5 Star
AlfonseA TierSwordLight5 Star
Halloween ElisanneA TierLanceLight5 Star
ChitoseA TierWandLight4 Star
YachiyoA TierBladeLight4 Star
FleurA TierDaggerLight4 Star
Hunter SarisseA TierBowWater5 Star
TikiA TierDaggerWater5 Star
YuriusA TierWandWater5 Star
LilyA TierWandWater5 Star
EugeneA TierSwordWater5 Star
LazryA TierAxeWater5 Star
PippleA TierWandWater4 Star
ElisanneA TierLanceWater4 Star
KarinaA TierAxeWater4 Star
Valentine’s MelodyA TierAxeWind5 Star
Lin YouA TierAxeWind5 Star
Wedding ElisanneA TierSwordWind5 Star
VictorA TierBladeWind5 Star
AkashaA TierStaffWind5 Star
AddisA TierBladeWind4 Star
Su FangA TierDaggerWind4 Star
NoelleA TierWandWind4 Star
JoachimA TierBowWind4 Star
RanzalA TierAxeWind4 Star
MelodyA TierBladeWind3 Star
NefariaA TierBowShadow5 Star
DelphiA TierDaggerShadow5 Star
LathnaA TierLanceShadow5 Star
HeinwaldA TierStaffShadow5 Star
NatalieA TierBladeShadow5 Star
Summer VericaA TierStaffShadow5 Star
CurranA TierAxeShadow5 Star
Valentine’s AddisA TierBowShadow5 Star
KleimannA TierWandShadow4 Star
DurantA TierBladeShadow4 Star
BotanA TierLanceShadow4 Star
CleoA TierStaffShadow4 Star
PatiaA TierLanceShadow4 Star
AlthemiaA TierWandShadow3 Star
RodrigoA TierSwordShadow3 Star
Valentine’s HildegardeB TierStaffFlame5 Star
Student MaribelleB TierWandFlame5 Star
MikotoB TierBladeFlame5 Star
ChelseaB TierBowFlame5 Star
Hunter BerserkerB TierSwordFlame5 Star
Halloween MymB TierLanceFlame5 Star
MegamanB TierWandFlame5 Star
RamonaB TierAxeFlame5 Star
Gala SarisseB TierBowFlame5 Star
NaveedB TierSwordFlame5 Star
VanessaB TierAxeFlame4 Star
KarlB TierSwordFlame4 Star
VericaB TierStaffFlame4 Star
XaniaB TierWandFlame3 Star
LucretiaB TierWandLight5 Star
Summer CleoB TierBowLight5 Star
Wu KongB TierDaggerLight5 Star
AnnelieB TierLanceLight5 Star
Sha WujingB TierLanceLight4 Star
VixelB TierStaffLight4 Star
Summer LucaB TierAxeLight4 Star
Xiao LeiB TierWandLight3 Star
Summer JulietaB TierAxeWater5 Star
LaranoaB TierBowWater5 Star
XanderB TierSwordWater5 Star
Summer CellieraB TierSwordWater5 Star
Dragonyule CleoB TierDaggerWater5 Star
GauldB TierLanceWater4 Star
ThanielB TierStaffWater4 Star
Halloween OdettaB TierSwordWater4 Star
Nurse AeleenB TierStaffWater4 Star
OrsemB TierDaggerWater4 Star
MaribelleB TierWandWind5 Star
KirstyB TierLanceWind5 Star
Wedding AoiB TierDaggerWind5 Star
Gala RanzalB TierSwordWind5 Star
LouiseB TierBowWind5 Star
Dragonyule XainfriedB TierWandWind4 Star
Wedding XaniaB TierStaffWind4 Star
Templar HopeB TierSwordWind4 Star
MusashiB TierBladeWind4 Star
SazankaB TierAxeShadow5 Star
YatenB TierSwordShadow5 Star
AudricB TierSwordShadow4 Star
AlexB TierDaggerShadow4 Star
AldredB TierBladeShadow4 Star
ViceB TierDaggerShadow3 Star
ErikB TierAxeShadow3 Star
LeaC TierSwordFlame5 Star
SinoaC TierWandFlame4 Star
Valentine’s EzelithC TierBowFlame4 Star
SerenaC TierSwordFlame4 Star
Xuan ZangC TierLanceFlame4 Star
AoiC TierBladeFlame3 Star
RenelleC TierDaggerFlame3 Star
AlainC TierLanceFlame3 Star
JoeC TierBowFlame3 Star
JulietaC TierAxeLight5 Star
OdettaC TierSwordLight4 Star
HanabusaC TierBladeLight4 Star
RyozenC TierLanceLight4 Star
FritzC TierDaggerLight4 Star
AmaneC TierWandLight4 Star
LutherC TierDaggerWater4 Star
ReneeC TierDaggerWater4 Star
Summer RanzalC TierBladeWater4 Star
ZardinC TierSwordWater3 Star
JurotaC TierBladeWater3 Star
RexC TierAxeWater3 Star
Ku HaiC TierSwordWind4 Star
NicolasC TierWandWind3 Star
JohannaC TierAxeWind3 Star
BerserkerC TierSwordShadow4 Star
OrionC TierDaggerShadow4 Star
TaroC TierBladeShadow3 Star
LaxiD TierBladeFlame4 Star
MelsaD TierDaggerFlame4 Star
YuyaD TierDaggerFlame4 Star
MartyD TierSwordFlame3 Star
AurienD TierStaffFlame3 Star
Valentine’s OrionD TierSwordFlame3 Star
FeliciaD TierStaffLight4 Star
Halloween AlthemiaD TierStaffLight4 Star
EliasD TierBowLight4 Star
NorwinD TierBowLight4 Star
RawnD TierBowLight4 Star
EstelleD TierStaffLight3 Star
HopeD TierStaffLight3 Star
MalkaD TierLanceLight3 Star
Halloween EdwardD TierBladeLight3 Star
MaloraD TierBowLight3 Star
IrfanD TierDaggerLight3 Star
LinusD TierAxeLight3 Star
RaemondD TierSwordLight3 Star
Dragonyule XanderD TierWandWater4 Star
Dragonyule NefariaD TierBowWater4 Star
WaikeD TierBowWater3 Star
RicardtD TierStaffWater3 Star
PietroD TierAxeWater3 Star
CibellaD TierLanceWater3 Star
JakobD TierLanceWater3 Star
PiaD TierLanceWind4 Star
AeleenD TierLanceWind4 Star
SophieD TierStaffWind3 Star
FrancescaD TierDaggerWind3 Star
PhiliaD TierBowWind3 Star
ZaceD TierLanceShadow3 Star
VidaD TierDaggerShadow3 Star

S-Tier Characters

Tier-S Dragalia Lost Characters
Dragalia Lost Characters Tier-S

This Dragalia Lost tier houses all the best-performing adventurers of the current game meta. You’ll see most S-tier members in almost every experienced Dragalia player’s roster. With their solid skillset and high power ratings across the board, these characters will make your end-game content easier. You can also make up a good Dragalia Lost reroll tier list with them if coupled with a few characters of the A-Tier.

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Dragalia Lost AdventurerWeaponElementRarity Power 
Dragonyule MaloraDaggerLight5-Star
Zhu BajieAxeLight5-Star
Gala LucaBladeLight5-Star
Gala PrinceSwordLight5-Star
Jiang ZiyaStaffWater5-Star
Gala ElisanneAxeWater5-Star
Gala LeifSwordWind5-Star
GraceStaffShadow 5-Star
Gala CleoWandShadow5-Star
Gala AlexSwordShadow5-Star

A-Tier Characters

Tier-A Characters
Dragalia Lost Characters Tier-A

Dragalia Lost adventurers under this category aren’t as strong as the members of the S-Tier, but they are still worth adding to the team. They are robust enough to help your team compete well and offer massive stats. Also, A-Tier characters aren’t usually unattainable like the S-ones, even if you are short on summons. 

However, what makes them end up outside the top tier is their inflexibility to fit in new roles, ultimately affecting their overall utility rate. Hence, A-Tier occupants are an excellent choice for specific team compositions but may not excel in all.

Dragalia Lost AdventurerWeaponElementRarity Power 
Gala MymLanceFlame5-Star
EmmaLance Flame4-Star
Halloween LowenStaffFlame4-Star
Hunter VanessaLanceLight5-Star
AlfonseSword Light5-Star
Halloween ElisanneLance Light5-Star
Hunter SarisseBow Water5-Star
Valentine’s MelodyAxeWind5-Star
Lin YouAxeWind5-Star
Wedding ElisanneSwordWind5-Star
VictorBlade Wind5-Star
Su FangDagger Wind4-Star
JoachimBow Wind4-Star
Summer VericaStaffShadow5-Star
Valentine’s AddisBowShadow5-Star

B-Tier Characters

Tier-B Characters
Dragalia Lost Characters Tier-B

These characters perform just fine. Though they don’t possess any mind-blowing strength, B-Tier adventurers of Dragalia Lost still offer a satisfactory filler role in some settings. They are decent for beginners to try luck with and might even shine in specific compositions that match their skill set.

Dragalia Lost AdventurerWeaponElementRarity Power 
Valentine’s HildegardeStaffFlame5-Star
Student MaribelleWandFlame5-Star
Hunter BerserkerSwordFlame5-Star
Halloween MymLanceFlame5-Star
Gala SarisseBowFlame5-Star
Summer CleoBowLight5-Star
Wu KongDaggerLight5-Star
Sha WujingLanceLight4-Star
Summer LucaAxeLight4-Star
Xiao LeiWandLight3-Star
Summer JulietaAxeWater5-Star
LaranoaBow Water5-Star
Summer CellieraSwordWater5-Star
Dragonyule CleoDaggerWater 5-Star
Halloween OdettaSwordWater4-Star
Nurse AeleenStaffWater4-Star
MaribelleWand Wind5-Star
Wedding AoiDaggerWind5-Star
Gala RanzalSwordWind5-Star
Dragonyule XainfriedWandWind4-Star
Wedding XaniaStaffWind4-Star
Templar HopeSwordWind4-Star
ErikAxe Shadow3-Star

C-Tier Characters

Tier-C Characters
Dragalia Lost Characters Tier-C

Characters under the C category are below-average performers who drain time and in-game resources more than what they actually give. Pick these adventures for your team only when you have no other choice left. 

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Dragalia Lost AdventurerWeaponElementRarity Power 
LeaSword Flame5-Star
Valentine’s EzelithBowFlame4-Star
Xuan ZangLanceFlame4-Star
Summer RanzalBladeWater4-Star
Ku HaiSwordWind4-Star

D-Tier Characters

Tier-D Characters
Dragalia Lost Characters Tier-D

Only a massive upgrade by Nintendo (Dragalia Lost maker) can make the D-Tier characters worthy of playing with. As of now, this group of adventurers is clearly unfit for any team composition you intend for.

Dragalia Lost AdventurerWeaponElementRarity Power 
LaxiBlade Flame4-Star
Valentine’s OrionSwordFlame3-Star
Halloween AlthemiaStaffLight4-Star
EliasBow Light4-Star
Halloween EdwardBladeLight3-Star
Dragonyule XanderWandWater4-Star
Dragonyule NefariaBowWater4-Star

Similar Dragalia Lost Tier List 

Besides mentioning the characters tier list, we have come up with other similar tier lists related to the game.

The Dragon Tier List

Dragon Tier List
Dragalia Lost Dragon Tier List

Though the mighty adventurers of the game are enough to amuse Dragalia Lost players, there’s one more critical group of adorable yet incredibly strong elements. Dragons are who we are talking about! In JRGB Dragalia Lost, teams must have excellent human characters paired with suitable dragons. Such a strategy offers competing groups a better chance to evolve to their fullest.

To assist you in forming the right human-dragon pairs in Dragalia, here’s a quick overview of all the effective dragon choices you have. All units are separated by their usability in tiers S to D.

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Dragalia Lost Dragon TiersDragalia Lost Dragons
S-TierGala Cat Sith, Gaibhne, Gala Mars, Craidhne, Gala Thor, Vayu
A-TierApollo, Shinobi, Freyja, Popstar, Siren Dragonyule Jeanne, Azazel, Halloween Maritimus, Long Long, Tie Shan Gongzhu, Siren, Leviathan, Ariel, Cupid, Dreadking Rathalos, Nimis, Pazuzu, Horus, Tie Shan Gongzhu, Konohana Sakuya, Epimetheus
B-TierAndromeda, Corsaint Phoenix, High Midgardsormr, High Mercury, High Zodiark, High Jupiter, Cerberus, Ramiel, Prometheus, Gilgamesh, Arctos, Marishiten, Takemikazuchi, High Brunhilda, Chthonius, Zephyr
C-TierJuggernaut, Jeanne d’Arc, Ifrit, Garuda, Kamuy, Summer Konohana Sakuya, Poseidon, Nidhogg, Yulong, Styx, Liger, Simurgh, Nyarlathotep, Phantom, Vodyanoy
D-TierBarbatos, Hinata, Bronze Fafnir, Sylvia, Ebisu, Gloom Drake, Unicorn, Gold Fafnir, Tsumuji, Cinder Drake, Hikage, Peng Lai, Maritimus, Poliahu, Pallid Imp, Moon Drake, Parallel Zodiark, Fubuki,  Silke, Gust Drake, Silver Fafnir

The Weapon Tier List 

Weapon Tier List
Dragalia Lost Weapon Tier List

In Dragalia Lost’s action play, each character is to equip a specific weapon type. Although weapons don’t influence an adventurer’s style and action potency, it’s still crucial to understand each’s usability. Moreover, a clever weapon strategy may boost your team’s strength and the character’s HP. 

The tier list below groups the eight main Dragalia Lost weapons types into three grades according to their versatility and power.

Types of Dragalia Lost Weapons1st Tier2nd Tier3rd Tier
SwordKnight’s Sword, Wind Apogee, Hefty Ingot, Knights’ Grace, Hero’s SwordBroadedge, Ensorcelled Sword, Gilda Sword, Gram, Flame Apogee, Hauteclaire, Blade of GloryBlazing Blade, Rainbreaker, Grassrunner,  Crimson Cry, Wingblade, Durandal, Levatein, Zex’s End, Dainsleif, Inferno Apogee
StaffForever Sky, Staff of Life, Staff of Grace, Cane of Soul’s Repose, AurachantStaff of the Horned Snake, Flamechant, Twilight Harbinger, Otherworldly BoughScendecipher, Endless Demise, Bracing Waters, Ashchant, Ark Voyager
BowFungus Bow, Composite Bow, Executor, Nitralica’s KotoMachine Bow, Frostfungus, Accelerator DuskhawkMacabre Malediction, Stellar Pegasus, Flightfyre, Glacial Fungus
WandThe Scent, Latchkey, Wand of the Torrent, Wizard’s Rod, BeastwingConchoidal Rod, The Scream, Wavewing, Moonlight Rod, Chaotic HorizonOcean Monarch, Tsunamiwing, Accursed Vare, Oceandweller, The Second Scream
LancePiercing Beast, Trident, Pactspear, Leechspore Lance, Strong HalberdLance of the Innocent, Bubblespore Lance, Tidal Beast, Gae Bolg, Drill LanceCalamity Trigger, Abyssal Prize, Moonpiercer, Gale Spear, Flameserpent, Vortex Beast, Mistilteinn, Calamity Trigger, Ocean Lord, Triggerspore Lance
BladeSubjugator, Goliath Splitter, Dane’s Favor, Guardian SealSouleater, Villagelight, Scorching Edge, Crimson Steel, Crimson Shade, Masamura’s Pride, High ShamshirAnemone, Flametongue, Heavenwing, Chanzelian Blade, Skyrender
AxeFury Crux, Plain Axe, Victory Axe, Warrior’s AxeJuggernaut, Executioner Axe Strafe, The Tyrant, Halfling’s Broadaxe, Wave CruxHeavenwrath Gaze, Maelstrom Crux, Singing Cyclone, Radiant Swath, Crimsonclaw
DaggerBejeweled Dagger, Big Boy, Kris Naga, Mushroom Dagger, Hard Breaker, SlaughterlustWyrmfang, Bloodlust, Treasure of the Iron Rose, Chilly Crimini Dagger, Flaming Big Boy, Lover’s AllyQueensflight, Karlsnautr, Gorelust, Cruel Kukri

The Wyrmprint Tier List

Wyrmprints Tier List
Dragalia Lost Wyrmprints

In Dragalia Lost, players are granted unique card-like equipment called the Wyrmprints. Players can induce overhauled stats and abilities in a targeted adventurer with these possessions. The version 2.0.0 game update took the matter to an even higher level, enabling Wyrmprints to offer splendid customization and Affinity bonuses! Here’s another important Dragalia Lost tier list to help you deal with the exceptional Wyrmprint feature.

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Dragalia Lost Wyrmprint TiersDragalia Lost Wyrmprints
S-TierJewels of the Sun, Sisters’ Day Out, Mega Friends, United by One Vision, Spirit of the Season, Stellar Show, The Chocolatiers, Summer Paladyns, Kung Fu Masters, Forest Bonds
A-TierWily Warriors: Air & Crash, Levin’s Champion, An Ancient Oath, Castle Cheer Corps, Evening of Luxury, Flower in the Fray, Dear Diary
B-TierDestiny’s Hand, Fresh Perspective, Memories of Youth, New World Escort, Cleo’s Ruse, The Heroes Arrive, Lunar Festivities, Tough Love, Witch’s Kitchen

Dragalia Lost Tier List Criteria

After playing the game and gathering extensive research and opinions from experienced players, we’ve curated a well-worked list of Dragalia Lost main characters. We wanted to greet readers not only with the character tier list but also other tier lists associated with in-game dragons, weapons, and wyrmprints so you can wisely determine your best-fit accompaniers through Dragalia Lost’s deep storyline.

Why Trust Us

We have thoroughly played the game and have curated the tier list after that. Moreover, our tier list is not backed by our knowledge only but also contains opinions of other players we happen to gather from the web. We understand tier list rankings are always subjective, and that is why our hierarchy is open for discussion but unwelcome for criticism. 


To ace the versatile gacha-filled conquest of the Dragalia Lost, players need to know what units to invest in. With this Dragalia Lost guide, you are all set to optimize your game and team in the best way possible. 

Our Dragalia Lost tier list covers pretty much everything you need to know about the in-game adventures and elements. Want to get familiar with more games like Dragalia Lost? Check our Dragon Ball Legends tier list to fuel your enthusiasm for JRPG gacha games! 

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